Blood Elf guide: Part 1. 1-6


Hey! This is my first guide so it might be good… or not so good.
I tried my best to help you start with Blood Elf.
Anyway i didnt use any addons as many in here did Sticking out tongue but you can use them if you want.

Your class choose is your own so you can use any class that you want to but let me tell you,some classes have bit harder to do some things than others do but just forget that and do it your way. ok? good.

Oh and colors:
red means quest.
green means NPC (quest givers,merchants,etc)
blue Mobs (beasts,humanoids,demons,etc)
orange = items
purple = area,zone,city.
grey, i used it for dead NPC’s or Mobs.

Only 1 thing to do: kill Mana Wyrms until you level up.
get quest [Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle] go in to the house and go upstairs and from there get quests [Solanian’s Belongings] and [The Shrine of Dath’Remar] look down to the west and you see your next quest [A Fistful of Slivers]. What are you waiting for? Jump down and get it Laughing out loud Now you see other quest at other side of the house. Anyone looking? no. so just go accross the house and get [Thirst Unending] (From now on kill any Mana Wyrm you come accross with until you finish [Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle] and [A Fistful of Slivers] and don’t forget to use mana tap on them for [Thirst Unending].

And what to do? start moving to west among mountains until you see tower like building go there and read Shrine of Dath’remar. now walk to south to the fountain,there you see paper and green light coming from it. you maybe have to kill some tenders to get it but anyway go and get it! it is Scroll of Scourge Magic. follow road to the southeast(even when it forks)until you see pool like place on your map. now you surely have to kill tenders but anyway youre looking for orb: Solanian’s Scrying Orb
You should see scary Green crystal. you see it? great now get there and loot Solanian’s Journal

Now if you need to mana tap more creatures or you need Mana Wyrm kills or if you need more Arcane Slivers do it now! if youre not lv 3 yet grind on lynxes or tenders.
Finish [Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle] and get follow ups. Go Finish all your quests this made me ding! i hope it mades you too! i used about 5-10 minutes to get from lv 2-4 with this style xD
Remembe to sell and get your new skills and take [Unfortunate Measures] with you.
Head to west and start to kill any Springpaw Cub or Lynx until you finish [Unfortunate Measures].
Now head back to Magistrix Erona and turn in your quest and get follow up.
Head soutwest following road in a while you sould see
Lanthan Perilon talk with him turn in quest and get follow up [Aggression] now go to west,there you see Tenders and Feral Tenders start killing them for quest. Got enought kills? good, go turn that quest in and take follow up again. Head southwest until you see bridge to floating area with Arcane Wraiths in there name of this place is Falherien Academy.
while going highter,kill every Arcane Wraith or Tainted Arcane Wraith you come accross with and from Tainted Arcane Wraith get Tainted Arcane Sliver get quest from it and continue highter until you find Falendren The Banished he has some ”guards”nearby him so best way is to kill them first then attack him. kill him and loot his head. now if youre not lv 5 grind here or if you dont have enought kills,kill now Smiling after that use your Hearhstone.
head bit to the north until you find Arcanist Helion turn in your quest. remembe Lanthan Perilon? if not go to southwest from where you now are turn in your quest and get follow up. if im not wrong you should be about halfway to lv 6? it doesnt matter if youre over halfway but if youre under you should kill while traveling. Anyway follow the road first to southwest and when it forks go to the southeast. Accross a bridge you will discover Dawning Lane and see Outrunner Alarion turn in you quest and get [Slain by the Wretched].
Keep going to Southeast until you see Slain Outrunner with ? over him.
”talk” to him and turn in quest get followup [Package Recovery]. Head back to Alarion Tun in and accept [Completing the Delivery]. Now head to the southeast again until you reach Falconwing Square head to the inn talk to Innkeeper Delanie turn in and set your Hearthstone here. If you havent allready leveled up go grind on Wretcheds until you do.

End of this part.

Stay ready for next part.
Thank you and please give me some comments ^^ Bye!

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    May 22, 2007 @ 10:08 am

    InterestingFirst off it is nice to see a new guide at any time. Might want to type the guides out in Microsoft Word or some other program that uses Grammar and Spellcheck for tools. I find some of the wording throwing me off because I am not quite understanding what you are saying.

    It is nice to see other people attmept to do Guides though, read them, take what you can from them and move on! Honestly though from lvl 1-12/13 everything is pretty self explanitory, do all the quests you can in the starting area and grind a little. before the night is over you SHOULD be lvl 12 or 13 and heading your butt over to The Barrens!


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