BloodRush’s tips on making gold!


Hello, this is just some helpful tips on gold. Well I would like to say this really works well in outland.

Tip one!
Stack quests, Stacking quests isn’t just a good way to save on gold, but it’s a fast way of levelling up! Stack as many as you can!

Tip two!
Armour (Outland) Don’t buy armour off the AH, its stupid unless you really need it! You will find that the quest rewards are better than your average bargain at your local AH.

Tip three!
Working the AH, this is called “Working the AH” for a reason! For this I recommend the following add-ons… Auctioneer Advance or Classic . This will show you if it’s a good price or a bad one… This is useful… very useful! Okay, the trick is to buy low and sell high(er)… Isn’t hard, you will need some gold to start with though =P

Tip four!
Climb the tree, as I call it. This is easy… just sell all your greens, blues, and epics on the Ah… If you are a enchanter. You can disenchant the greens , but not the BLUES or EPIC!

Well that’s all… by using these simple tips you can make loads! I mean look at me… when I was buying off the AH and not selling again the most I made was about 50g at level 50-57 and then at 58 I got to outland and made about 300g quickly!

If you have any more tips please comment!

GoodLuck, Bloodrush96

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