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Hello I’m Brewmaster Fuzzball and welcome to this mining farm guide. There’s several ways how to make gold from mining. Most people consider it a long and unrewarding road, but I can tell you I’ve done this several times and I make about 2k gold in 3 days.

I’m a raider and therefor don’t have a lot of time to waste on farming. By following this manual it means I make enough money to pay repairs and buy flasks, gems, buff-food, etc.

At first this guide will take you several days work to stock up on materials. In the end it will be well worth the effort and changes from hard work into just 1 hour farming to stock what sold and transforming what didn’t.

The guide is divided in 2 parts first chapters are for those who never done farming. The second is some extra information and finishing touches.

Ready? .. here goes

Part 1 – Knowing the basics.

1. Know whats hot.

A lot of guides and people will tell you this and its a really easy step to do. You’ll need one of the following addons:

– WoWEcon (link) – WoWEcon will automatically update with a their own little update tool. It also allows you to add price information specific to your own server. It also scans the Action House for you.

– Auctioneer {link) – Auctioneer does pretty much the same as WoWEcon. The big difference is that both updating and scanning the Auction House will have to be done manually by the player.

Once you’ve scanned the Auction House you can pretty much name-search every ore and bar there is for a miner. This will tell you whats currently high in price and whats not. You can just mine whats needed and save the rest for better times.

If you have a bank-alt you can store your mined goods for later when mats are in higher demand. Keep in mind that although prices might be high, if there’s a lot of stock in the Action House, putting up your materials might be a bad idea.

2. Where to get it.

There is one and one addon only to use for this step.

– Gatherer (link) – This addon also has a download called GathererDB. You will need this to fill in the information for mining nodes and such.

In combination with the earlier mentioned addons you can now search nodes that are needed on your map, minimap and a hud-screen if you wish. This makes farming as easy as pie:

1. Search AH addon whats in high demand
2. Go to area
3. Fill bags.

3. Making a route.

Making a route in an area sounds simpler than it is. First of all to get the best you’ll always need to make sure the ore you need is in the area by using gatherer. Second area’s with multiple sorts of ore are always priority over those with only your selected ore. Besides that there’s 2 ways for plotting a route.

low-level routing

On low level items its harder to plot a route to ride. You can’t ride or fly from registered high level node to high level node (i.e. when farming for Titanium you can follow the titanium nodes and pick off any saronite as a bonus). The usual tactic here would be to find a highly concentrated area of ore and keep making small circles. Nodes usually spawn really fast on lowerlevels so should be back once all are farmed.

high-level routing

On high level items its easy to plot a route. Find the highest level node in the area and ride or fly there. When mined or passed over ride or fly to the next node. In between picking anything that you find.

4. Bonus materials

Although in some cases rendered useless the other materials you get from mining can still make a nice buck with the same rules as apply to ores and bars. If something just so happens to be in demand its good to have. Save up all the materials you find except gray items. All from white and up can be sold in example to someone leveling their skill or an alt.

Part 2 – Advanced knowledge

1. Using the Action House and your mats right

There’s some simple rules to follow here. Just follow these steps and your stuff should always sell.

1. Never make ores into bars – By doing this you have several benefits. People buyout for profession leveling. You could be the lucky one they ask to smelt them into bars for a tip.

2. Never put something up thats not worth at least 5g – If something isn’t in high demand it won’t sell. Example: The market for copper was currently at 18 to 20g. I ran a copper run for 5g bid 10g buyout per stack. Guess who sold out and who didn’t. Going below the 5g limit usually cuts in your profit and isn’t worth it. Remember … you can save the mats for later and save yourself having to farm and restock your bags.

3. Always double check your price – make sure that while playing the prices haven’t gone down. This way you guarantee buyout.

4. Always put mats on AH for a lower bid price than the lowest – No matter how high your buyout. If your bid price is lower than someone else his bid price. You’ll show up first in the list.

5. If nothing is on the AH go fishing – Don’t ditch all your goods on AH at once. Put one stack up and see what happens. If it sells try with 2 or raise the price. You’ll know eventually what sells and what price is too high.

6. Don’t overdo it – Making money off AH can be nice. But never put too much on the market all at once. You’ll flood the market and people will easily undercut you. Small amounts should do it.

2. Failsave on unsold items

Not all of this will always work. The list of demand on average is this. Herbs and Food > Enchantment mats > Gems > Ore and anything else. Sucks right? but doesn’t have to … there’s a failsave. What you’ll need to do is rather simple.

Failsave 1 – Make sure you know someone with a crafting profession that uses ore and someone with Enchanting. From all the items that didn’t sell after several attempts (I usually use 2 attempts) you craft bars. Ask someone (or do it yourself) to craft items off of these. You can try to sell these items one last time. Sometimes you’re lucky and you can make some gold off of greens that you crafted.

Failsave 2 – If failsave one doesn’t work. Disenchant the items you crafted. There’s always a demand for enchantment mats and you can usually easily make money off of it.

Part 3 – FAQ

Q: Could you add common areas? I.e Elwynn = copper and I find Storm Peaks best for Saronite and so on

– I’ll see what I can do with a good list on nodes. It really depends on personal preference though. Some people will look in Gatherer and go “uuhgggg” when they have to mine in Loch Modan. Others will love it. So I want to leave it free for now for people to work with this guide and find their own hot spots. I might add those later if I find good ones between the comments.

Q: Sometimes bars can be useful. Especially for first <60 levels of your mining

– Bars can indeed be usefull. But I’d advise not to smelt more than 25% of your stock and making sure they will sell. I’ve too often had bad returns from AH cause my stock just didn’t sell. I’m not greedy so my prices are never ridiculously high, its just bad economics.

Q: If you’re mining, you may as well skin. It really helps!

– Feel free to add any farming ability to your arsenal. Skinning can be handy, herbing, enchanting. But this is a Mining guide and I leave it up to the player to do as they please with the rest.

Q: I’d remove was the 5G rule. 3G here and there from Copper really does add up in the long run

– Exact prices differ on each server. Thats why the 5g rule. Anything below isn’t worth your effort. Its better to save up the ore than to sell it for less. Remember this guide is for those who really play for the long run. Time is money. Saving time on not having to mine stuff thats in your stock might not make you money, but you can spend that time on gathering stuff that does sell.

Thats all. Hope you enjoyed the read. Any suggestions are always welcome and will be added if useful.
Kind regards and thanks for reading,

Brewmaster Fuzzball – Dragonblight (EU)

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    Jhaessyn Jardeath
    Jan 18, 2010 @ 19:07 pm

    Some good points here, and some not so goodI have been a devote follower of the mining and skinning gathering skills for money making at low levels and the higheer levels for that matter.

    I tried the Auctioneer add-on. I hated it. There was always a long delay while it scanned and updated. Some people will swear by it, but I just “search” whatever I’m selling, and sell at a low price. Not always the lowest price but near the low edge of pricing. Tip: set the starting bid lower than the lowest, your’s will show up first (even if the buyout is the same selling price).

    Routing has another bonus, achievement for areas. I have gotten most of my achievements for exploring just searching for nodes for mining. And shinning whatever thinks it can eat me or kill me. LOL

    Having several alts on many servers, I have found that a 5gp minimum is too high. Some servers, you are lucking to get 2 gp for stack of bars. And selling ores works best once the ore goes grey for you to smelt. Though I have sold bars after leveling to 70 and higher. Copper is always in demand on every server I am on.

    Have fun, it is only a game. Make friends, not enemies.

    To do is to be – Socrates
    To be is to do – Voltaire
    Do be do be do – Sinatra

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    Dec 12, 2009 @ 2:28 am

    Thanks for your inputThanks for your input Harper. I’m fine tuning the details as we speak and got someone else working with the exact copy of this guide as an extra test. I already know it works it just, but perfection is the key. On your tips I’ve added then to a FAQ on the bottom of the guide.

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    Dec 11, 2009 @ 23:57 pm

    This is a nice little guide,This is a nice little guide, useful for referencing. I’d add a few things, and change one thing entirely:

    – Add common areas. I.e Elwynn = copper and I find Storm Peaks best for Saronite and so on
    – Sometimes bars can be useful. Especially for first <60 levels of your mining - so when you come across Tin, you can definately use it!
    - Skinning. If you're mining, you may as well skin. It really helps!

    And the thing I'd remove was the 5G rule. 3G here and there from Copper really does add up in the long run, believe me 🙂

    But an otherwise enjoyable read, maybe add some colour to your text titles or something so it splits it up for the eye?

    "[i]Wise is the man who knows he does not know[/i]"...
    ...Or who knows why my mother keeps calling me.

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