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[Mage] Iceyterror’s 3.2 Mage AOE Guide

I recently started playing my level 72 mage after learning of some AOE grinding sites in Northend. I am not an expert on mages. I am just a casual player who loves to AOE when not following the WOW-PRO Leveling […]


Hairbo’s Night Elf Leveling Guide (13-20)

  Introduction Hello, my name is Hairbo. This guide is a continuation of Manovan’s Night Elf Leveling Guide (1-13), and it assumes that you have completed this guide. This guide is designed for Night Elf’s but all races can use […]


Disenchanting for Profit

When someone asks how to make more gold in WoW, there are generally two responses: do dailies and sell gathered mats on the AH. While these are good answers, they require you to take time to actually do dailies or […]


[Death Knight][Dual Wield] Shinke’s Guide to Death Knight Dual Wield DPS

INTRODUCTION Note: This guide is a revision of Eric’s original Dual Wielding Death Knight DPS Guide. With permission, I have revamped it for 3.2.2, using his original format (which is awesome btw) and my own text. The Death Knight is […]


[Death Knight][Blood][Gearing] Cracker’s Blood DPS Pre-Raid Gear Guide (For 3.2.2)

The following is a list of gear that can be attained without even touching a raid. Great for those of you that would like to raid but do not feel your gear is good enough yet, or just for those […]


[Hunter] Level 80 Hunter PVP Tips and Tricks

Hello everyone, I’ve decided to write a PVP guide for Hunters because after looking about on the web I’ve found various guides, tips etc that seem to be lacking in specifics, and I hope that this guide will help people […]


Gold Making Tips for the Casual Player

This guide is aimed at casual players who split their time between raiding, leveling alts, doing dalies and many of the other things that we do to pass the time. I personally have 3 level 80s with varying professions near […]


[Hunter] Leveling – Talents and Tips – (1-80) – Updated for 3.2

Hunter Leveling – Talent Build and Tips Original guide by Zerinj. Updated by Shizu. Table of Contents Talent Build Pet Choice Rotations Glyphs Useful Addons Talent Build On the way to 80 there is one Talent Build you should use, […]


[Mage] Sky’s Fire Mage Raiding Guide

Skynightwolf’ Fire Mage Raiding Guide Welcome! This Guide is intended for Mages who are interesting in raiding in Fire Spec, and covers a variety of topics fairly in-depth, please comment with any changes you believe should be made, your own […]


[Death Knight][Frost] Dual-wield Dps. Maximum dps. Patch 3.2.2.

Here it goes. A guide with some nice items, gems, glyphs etc. All for improving Your Death Knight! First update on a long while, Changed and updated for patch 3.2.2. I did spot another guide that is dual-wield too, i […]