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[Druid] Bear Form AOE Grinding

This is my first guide that I had never meant to do. It started with a post to let the website know that you can now AOE grind with your druid and somwhow ended up with a guide lol. Because […]


[Resto] Cloud9’s Shaman Pre-Raid Gear Guide

Hello and welcome to my pre-raid gear guide for restoration shamans. This guide is dedicated to you shamans who have just turned level 80 and want to start raiding as quickly as possible. Well, before you can enter raid instances […]


[Gearing] How to gear you brand new Lvl80 Tank

Just hit level 80 and want to quickly gear up for tanking duties in Naxxramas or heroics? Don’t want to run 5-man instances over and over hoping for just 1 item to drop? There are several things you can get […]


2 Methods for Short Burst Gold Farming

Introduction I have been using a mixture of two strategies to make money recently; in the last couple of weeks I have financed two epic flying mounts and gained a nice amount of gold just to sit on. However I […]


[Death Knight] Heroic dungeon drops – DPS

Welcome, This is a list with all the gear for a Death Knight, from dungeons on Heroic mode. Including armor, weapons and jewelry. But, don’t assume every piece of gear you see here is the best you can get, this […]


[Death Knight] Gearing for Raids [Tank]

This is a list of the best pre-raid tank gear available to Death Knights. It include: BoE’s, reputation rewards and instance drops. I have also included a Gem List for what gems you should be using as a Death Knight. […]


[Mage] Lucifel’s Ulitimate Mage Guide: Chapter 1 Talents,Glyphs and Rotations

Chapter One of this three part series guide, will tell you about Mage Talents, Glyphs and Rotations for each Specialization. Choosing a specialization is totally up to you, what ever your play style is in game you should choose a […]


[Priest] Katrex’s Solo Priest Guide

Introduction Hello everybody, and welcome. This guide is in a small sense an extension to Jame’s leveling guide. However instead of telling you where to go what to do, it aims to help you shape you Priest so that you […]


[Paladin] Tannyr’s Guide to the “96969” Paladin Tanking Rotation

Purpose The purpose of this guide is to introduce, explain and illustrate what is often referred to as the “96969” Paladin tanking rotation. A practical method for using the rotation is provided as well as techniques for handling interruptions and […]


[Holidays] Love Is In The Air – wowhead comment collection

This is a very quickly put together guide for the holiday event “Love is in the air”. It is simply a collection of all the best bits of info from and 90% of it should be credited to Hunterios […]