Class Quests



        • Priest Quest: Make sure you pick the Quest “Cenarion Aid” if you are a priest. You can pick it up at the priest trainer in either Orgrimmar (Horde) or Ironforge (Alliance). It is a chain of quests, the first three are easy to solo but the last requires you to kill Morphaz in Sunken Temple.Reward is good: Blessed Prayer Beads ( There are not too many good healing trinkets in the game so make sure you got this quest.
          (Thanks Front243 for the info)


        • Warrior Quest: Warriors should get the quest “Voodoo Feathers”; You’ll have to research the quest chain. Work towards this quest before going into the temple. The rewards are also pretty nice, especially for slow swinging warriors who depend on high crit%
          (Thanks Echoota for the info)


        • Paladin Quest: Paladins should get the quest “Forging the Mightstone” from Commander Ashlam Valorfist at chillwind camp in the Western Plaguelands. This quest involves defeating the six guardians and collecting their feathers (Amber voodoo, Blue voodoo and Green voodoo – 2x of each) and returning to Commander Ashlam Valorfist to recieve some pretty good rewards including a great paladin ring ‘Chivalrous Signet’. Thanks alot for the guides Jame, you’re a champion.
          (Thanks Barrett for the info)


        • Rogue Quest: The rogue quest “The Azure Key” could be added to your list. This quest is attained at Level 50 from Archmage Xylem in Azshara. It is the last leg of a 4 part chain quest. The final chain quest is to kill Morphaz. Some very nice blue rogue gear and xp is well worth completion of this chain series.
          (Thanks Shaulinn for the info)


        • Druid Quest: The last quest in the druid chain is: A Better Ingredient which you can get from Torwa Pathfinder in the entrance of Un’Goro crater (at the bottom), the chain starts at you’re druid trainer.


        • Mage Quest: The mage questseries starts with Archmage Xylem in azshara, the first is called Magic Dust, followed by The Siren’s Coral and ending in Destroy Morphaz.
          (Thanks Broc for the info on Druids & Mages)


        • Warlock Quest: Warlock Quest
          At level 50 you can obtain at a warlock trainer:
          -An Imp’s Request (If you are alliance)
          -Hot and Itchy (If you are horde)Now you need to go to Felwood and bring 1 Felcloth (buy it at auction or farm it from satyrs in Felwood) to Impsy which is at 41,45.Impsy will give you a follow up called The Wrong Stuff (both Alliance and Horde) where you need to collect:
          -10 Rotting Wood
          -4 Bloodvenom Essence
          The Bloodvenom Essence drops of the Tainted Ooze next to Impsy (the green pool)
          The Rotting Wood drops from Irontrees which you can find at 47,26 (all around there, look for big wanderers because they can drop more rotting woods at the same time.)
          After you finished The Wrong Stuff go turn it in at Impsy

          Now you well get the follow up called Trolls of a Feather which you need to do in Sunken Temple.
          The feathers drop from the six guardians called: Zolo, Mijan, Hukku, Loro, Zul`Lor and Gasher.

          After you completed Trolls of a Feather deliver it to Impsy and you can choosee out of 3 rewards:
          -Soul Harvester
          -Robes of Servitude
          -Abyss Shard
          -And 1 gold 55 silver
          -And 6350 XP

          In total for doing this quest chain which is not that hard you earn 3800xp + 5100xp + 6350xp = 15250xp and one of the most scythe looking staffs for warlocks (if you pick the soul harvester atleast).
          (Thanks to Sulimo for this thorough piece of information)






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