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Hello all!

This is another blog entry to discuss an optional module for the WoWPro Addon, namely the Arrow/Coordinates.

Basically, we’ve always wanted to implement our own Arrow to be used in directing players to guide steps, without having to rely on other addons (like TomTom). The recent problems with the TomTom arrow not working on certain WoW maps (due to library problems) pushed me to work on this from now on. Besides, I’ve had some original ideas to implement in such an addon, that should be more useful to our guide/addon needs.

However, WoWPro addon should still be able to support TomTom (and likely TomTomLite, in the future) as long as those addons keep getting updated.

So, I’ll go over my ideas, but the purpose of this thread is to recieve feedback from the community.

Update: If anyone wants to design an arrow or suggest an image I could use (with the appropriate copyright), I’ll make sure Jiyambi gives you lots of karma points (the better the image, the more points). 😉 It doesn’t have to be the same kind of arrow TomTom uses, it just needs to be something that indicates direction.


Ideas (in no particular order)

  1. It should be able to accept coordinates to be mapped, in a very customized way, so the addon that calls the Arrow can provide different options, on how the coordinate mapping will be handled, etc.
  2. WoWPro Arrow should be able to handle easily multiple coordinate points.
  3. An arrow/pointer that can show easily the direction the player should follow (only working within the same continent).
  4. Built in with a list of different travel options between all the continents on WoW, with their positions well marked. So, if a waypoint leads you to another continent, the addon should be smart enough to point you to the boat/zep/portal/etc first, before sending you to the exact destination.
  5. We could extend the previous functionality by also providing different travel methods (like flypoint taxis) if, say, a waypoint is in a different zone within the same continent. For people with flying mounts, we could evaluate which would be faster, and so on. But this should take more time to develop.
  6. At first, I don’t think it’s necessary to provide visual points on the World and Minimap, given Blizzard’s implementation lately. But if we decide to allow this, I’d want the module to accept an icon image to be used to mark the maps. For example, our ‘complete’ step icon, the crossing swords, could then be used to provide the visual marking on the maps.

So, how about you guys? Any ideas? What are the options/interfaces you like or dislike in other Mapping addons? How do you think the arrow (or something like it) should look like? Someone suggested a HUD, but I think that’s too much like the minimap.


~ Silvann

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    Jan 16, 2011 @ 3:16 am

    You are in luck, I’mYou are in luck, I’m releasing the beta of this module in about an hour!

    The syntax is pretty much identical to the leveling guide syntax except:
    [list][*]You can list multiple QIDs on accept steps so that it will get checked off if ANY of those quests are accepted
    [*]All non-accept steps with a listed QID are treated as optional – they don’t display unless the user has that quest in their log

    Both of these changes were implemented to handle situations where a daily quest can be one of several quests.

    I’ll be posting a news update with info on how to download the daily module.

    Will be looking forward to seeing your guides! 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions or need help with anything!

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    Jan 16, 2011 @ 2:10 am

    ETA + offerWhat’s the ETA for the Dailies Module?  I just hit 85, looked around for a guide, and finding none was about to make my own.  I’d love to start building a regular guide for dailies if the Module is in the distant future.  The syntax looks simple enough and I have to other programmers in my guild who will help test.

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