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Since the newsletter for this month is going to be quite long, I’ve decided to move these once monthly community recognition articles to news posts of their own. So, here we go!


Member Spotlight: Bitsem

Bitsem has become an awesome member of the WoW-Pro team over the past few months. She’s contributed several “paper” guides including a new Durotar leveling guide. She was also a vital member of our beta addon guide writing team. However, I’d say her that her most important contribution to the site by far has been her awesome, positive attitude and the huge amount of support she has given to the other members of WoW-Pro. I joke by calling her the site’s cheerleader, but that’s only part of what she does around here. Sure, she can be counted on to show up with a supportive comment shortly after someone has been promoted – but she also answers questions for newbies, provides feedback on guides, and initiates awesome projects to make everyone’s lives easier, such as the addon troubleshooting page.

Thanks Bits, for making WoW-Pro an even better place to be!

Bitsem’s guides include:



New Moderator: Wkjezz

I am very pleased to announce that Wkjezz has been added to the ranks of WoW-Pro Moderators! He’s been a part of WoW-Pro for several years now, but has recently become a very active part of our community. During the weeks leading up to Cataclysm, Wkjezz went above and beyond what anyone could expect of a WoW-Pro contributor, working hard both in game to complete addon guide files, and here on the site to provide news updates and support in our addon chat room. Keep up the awesome work!


New Rank Shout-Outs


New Exalted Members


New Revered Members

New Honored Members

New Trusted Members

Thank you so much everyone for all of your hard work! This is the best community on the internet, hands-down. Keep it up!

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    Dec 11, 2010 @ 19:39 pm

    😀 Thanks Silvann! I lol’d!:D Thanks Silvann! I lol’d! Everyone is awkward their first time. With Pom-Poms, I mean.

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    Dec 11, 2010 @ 19:35 pm

    Aw! Thanks for the*blushes*Aw! Thanks for the compliments Jiya! I have to say that I would never have registered for the site, much less become an active member, if I hadn’t spent a long time observing the dynamic here. I used Jame’s paper guides for a long time and finally registered because I wanted to be able to rate up guides. lol.When I realized that the site really is run by volunteers, people who just want everyone to enjoy the game, I figured I’d give it a shot. Everyone was willing to answer my billion questions and teach me wtf the code meant, and still be nice about it. 🙂 I’ve not only learned things I never thought I would, but had a TON of fun doing it. I wish everyone could have experienced that final push before Cata. All the stress and craziness was tempered by humor and respect. Truly amazing. Thanks to everyone who has made not just the site, but my experiences here, amazing and FUN!Ugh. This is turning into a wall of text. Sorry, I’ve just come to appreciate how unique WoWPro and the Admins here are. You’re all ROCK STARS!!!Bits

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    Dec 11, 2010 @ 18:56 pm

    *Gets Pom-Poms and waves*Gets Pom-Poms and waves awkwardly*
    Go Bits! :p

    Congrats Bits, Wkjezz and everybody else who gained a rank!

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