Complete Guide to Brewfest


Brewfest is a WoW holiday that takes place in late September. It is somewhat similar to the Earthly Oktoberfest, celebrating beer, food, and good times.

In WoW, the Brewfest event includes some silly games, lots of special beer and food, vanity pets, mounts, and a seasonal boss. There is also an hourly event outside the main capital cities for both factions, in which players must defend the Brewfest festivities from the Dark Iron dwarves. In addition, you may be able to get your hands on a special item that will transport you directly to the bar in Blackrock Depths, allowing for all sorts of old world fun.

This guide aims to take you through the events, items, and achievements associated with this fun holiday. Read on for your full Brewfest coverage!

Note: This guide is based on information from Brewfest 2009. It will be updated as information for Brewfest 2010 becomes available. Please leave a comment if you notice any discrepancies.

Table of Contents

  1. Quests
  2. Buff – Brewfest Enthusiast
  3. Mini-Game – Ram Racing
  4. Mini-Game – Barking
  5. Event – Dark Iron Attack
  6. Seasonal Boss – Coren Direbrew
  7. Seasonal Items
  8. Achievements


There are several different quests involved in this holiday, many of which are part of mini games or other events. They will be listed here, but the main description of how to complete them may be further down.

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Buff – Brewfest Enthusiast

At 6:15 AM and 6:15 PM server time, a short ceremony takes place on the Brewfest grounds. Anyone in the area will receive the Brewfest Enthusiast buff, granting a 10% XP increase for 2 hours. While not as easy to aquire as the Midsummer XP boost, this could still be useful for those leveling alts.

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Mini-Game – Ram Racing

One of the main goals of this holiday is to accumulate [Brewfest Prize Tokens]. This is primarily accomplished through the ram racing mini game. These tokens will be used to purchase most of the fun Brewfest gear that are needed for the holiday’s achievements.

Since the ram racing mini game is different for the two different factions, I will be discussing the specific routes and quests separately. However, I’ll go over the mechanics of the game here.

Overall goal:

The goal of the mini game is to make as many trips as you can between the questgiver and another NPC some distance away, delivering a keg of beer with each trip, in a time limit of 4 minutes. For each trip you make, the quest time will increase a little bit (30 seconds). Each trip takes around 45 seconds. And each barrel will reward you with two [Brewfest Prize Tokens].

How to do this:

You’ll be riding a ram, using the

[Ram Racing Reins]

    to increase the ram’s speed. Additionally, every delivery you make puts more time on the clock. But the ram will get tired, so you’ll need to pick up apples for it from the apple baskets along the way. The idea is to maximize your speed vs. the amount of time you spend getting apples to maintain that speed. This guide will teach you the best way to do that.

Using the [Ram Racing Reins]:

    • Set the reins to a hotkey, or make a macro like this:
/use Ram Racing Reins

Put this macro somewhere easily clickable. You use the reins to increase the ram’s speed. Since the route we will be using allows you to keep the ram at top speed at all times, you’ll want to spam this hotkey from the very beginning and keep spamming it until the quest timer is up.

Ram speeds and their effects:

    • The ram has four speeds: walk, trot, canter, and gallop. It can also enter a fifth state, exhausted. You can increase the speed by using the

[Ram Racing Reins]

    . The ram’s speed will gradually decrease over time, so keep spamming the reins to keep the speed high.

    • …… Walk – Moves at 43% run speed, recovers 4 fatigue per tic.
    • Trot – Moves at 125% run speed, recovers 2 fatigue per tic.
    • Canter – Moves at 200% run speed, costs 1 fatigue per tic.
    • Gallop – Moves at 285% run speed, costs 5 fatigue per tic.
    • Exhausted – Moves at 16% run speed, lasts for 15 seconds.

Ram fatigue, exhaustion, and how to avoid it:

    • Rams become fatigued based on their speed, as shown in the ram speed section above. During the Ram Racing mini game, you’ll be keeping your ram at the Gallup speed pretty much the whole time. That means your ram’s fatigue will be going up very quickly. If you fatigue reaches 100, your ram becomes exhausted, making it quite slow for 15 second. This is where the apple buckets come in.

Apple buckets will be sprinkled along the path of your delivery. The faction specific guides below will show where these buckets are and which ones you should hit for maximum delivery efficiency.

What’s so important about being efficient in ram racing?

    • Ram racing is really the only adjustable factor in determining how many prize tokens you can get per day. All the other daily quests are straight numbers. By maximizing the number of times per day you do this quest and the amount of deliveries you make, hence the amount of tokens you receive, you make it easier to buy the expensive items needed to get the brewfest achievements and get one step closer to the coveted violet proto-drake.

Of course, if you don’t care about all that, just relax and have fun with the ram racing!

General efficiency tips:

      • Turn with the mouse, not the keyboard. Really this applies to all of WoW, but *especially* something like this. A specific trick to try: once you get your ram running in the direction you want, you can change your view to the next direction you’ll need using the left mouse button. Then, when you are ready to turn, just hit the right mouse button and you’ll be instantly turned in the correct direction. You can practice this using auto-run – check your keybindings to find out how to use this.
      • Strafing. Strafing can be useful to avoid objects and complete the course more efficiently. I wouldn’t suggest trying to use it here for the first time, though – practice ahead of time. Like mouse-turning as opposed to keyboard-turning, strafing is a useful skill for general WoW as well as events like these, so learning to use it has lots of benefits.
      • Make sure you got the apple/barrel. Before you get too far away from the apple, barrel, or turn-in NPC, make sure whatever effect you were hoping for happened. It’s worth it to run back for apples if you miss one – an exhausted ram drastically reduces the amount of runs you can make.
      • Jumping helps. You can jump if you are about to switch from Gallop to Canter and get a few more seconds out of Gallop. More importantly, keep your thumb on the space bar and be ready to jump over any obstructing scenery.
      • Seconds count. Any tiny bit of time you can shave off your runs can and will help you.
      • Don’t sweat it. You are going to screw up, especially if you are just now learning. It’s okay, just keep trying to get as many tickets as you can.

For more tips and strategy, check out WoWiki’s Ram Racing Tips.


Opening up the ram racing quests:

To open up the repeatable ram racing quest, you first need to complete Now This is Ram Racing… Almost. Talk to Neill Ramstein outside Ironforge to get this. He’ll also give you There and Back Again, which is the first actual race, and you only need to deliver 3 barrels during this. Then he will offer you a gossip option to race again afterward and every 12 or 18 hours after that, the repeatable version of the quest. There is no way to know how long you have before the reset – you just need to check with the guy after 12 hours have passed. If he doesn’t offer the gossip option, you got an 18 hour reset.

The opening quest is very simple and simply requires that you use the [Ram Racing Reins] to get your ram to move at each of the different speeds for a few seconds each.

Alliance players should be able to get around 16 deliveries, for a total of 32 extra tokens each race.

Based on comments on Wowhead and WoWWiki, the best route for Alliance players appears to be as follows:

Route and strategy:

Keep the ram at a full gallop at all times. You will be skipping the first and last barrels, using only the two middle ones.

From the start, head directly to the barrel by the west side of the road by the small house. Go straight through here and run directly up the hill behind it.

At the top of the hill aim for the base of the barrel thrower. He has a huge range, so be ready to use the camera tricks described above to reverse directions fast. Head back to the house on the west side of the road and the barrel there.

After you are refreshed by that barrel, turn northeast. Aim for the left side of the sign post for the barrel on the east side of the road. Once refreshed, head towards the barrel catcher. Use the camera tricks to quickly reverse directions once you have delivered the barrel, which should happen right as you pass the tall flag in front of the tent.

You won’t be heading back to the signpost barrel, instead continue just like you did at the beginning and head to the barrel by the house. After that, simply repeat the course.

For more detailed information and other possible strategies, check out WoWiki’s Ram Racing Tips.


Opening up the ram racing quests:

To open up the repeatable ram racing quest, you first need to complete Now This is Ram Racing… Almost. Talk to Ram Master Ray outside Orgrimmar to get this. He’ll also give you There and Back Again , which is the first actual race, and you only need to deliver 3 barrels during this. Then he will offer you a gossip option to race again afterward and every 12 or 18 hours after that, the repeatable version of the quest. There is no way to know how long you have before the reset – you just need to check with the guy after 12 hours have passed. If he doesn’t offer the gossip option, you got an 18 hour reset.

The opening quest is very simple and simply requires that you use the [Ram Racing Reins] to get your ram to move at each of the different speeds for a few seconds each.

Horde players should be able to get 10-12 deliveries, for a total of 20-24 extra tokens each race.

Based on comments on Wowhead and WoWWiki, the best route for Horde players appears to be as follows:

Route and strategy:

First of all, ignore the road. You are going to head straight for the second apple basket, which is located right at the entrance to the ravine between a tall rock and the ravine wall. You’ll travel between the tree and the graveyard to get there.

After you hit that basket, keep going until you get the keg thrown to you (you’ll see the chat message when he throws it, rely on this if there are multiple people running the race since you can’t always tell who he throws to). Use the camera tricks described above to turn quickly (IGNORE the basket behind the thrower). Run back to the basket between the rock and wall.

Once you’re fatigue resets, continue on off-road to the keg thrower. I usually have to run right on top of him to get the keg to throw – you’ll know when it throws because you’ll receive two tokens. Take a sharp right turn, head straight through the tent and hit the apple barrel right behind it. Turn right again and jump over the fence (not always necessary but it doesn’t hurt to do it and it keeps you from getting hung up on a post).

You should now be back where you began, just repeat this and you can easily get 10 and possibly as many as 12 or 13 runs.

For more detailed information and other possible strategies, check out WoWiki’s Ram Racing Tips.

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Mini-Game – Barking

The second mini-game for the Brewfest holiday also involves rams, but it’s significantly easier than the ram racing game. For the barking daily quest, you need to ride your ram around the capitol city and visit each of four different specific areas. When you enter that area, your character will automatically yell advertisements for the brewery you are barking for.

Each completion of this daily quest will reward 15 , which can be turned in for prizes. See the Seasonal Items section below to see what you can buy.

Ram Mechanics:

See the Mini-Game – Ram Racing section above for an overview on how the rams and the reins work.


The areas that you need to visit are pointed out on the maps below. Try to keep you ram at a canter the whole time. If your ram reaches 85 fatigue, allow it to slow to a trot until the fatigue is down to 75. This should allow you to complete the quest within the time limit. Once you complete the fourth barking objective, you can dismiss your ram and mount your normal mount to get back to the questgivers quickly

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Event – Dark Iron Attack

Every half hour, Dark Iron dwarves will show up and attack the festivities outside Orgrimmar and Ironforge. Successfully defending against these attacks (by throwing beer mugs) will allow you to pick up (and turn in) a daily quest which awards 10 . This is also the objective of the Down With The Dark Iron achievement.

Group Event:

    The waves of Dark Irons is too high and the rate of drinking beer too slow for one player to complete this by himself. Get help, make it a guild event, or advertise in trade when you want to complete this. Since the tokens are needed for achievements, there will probably be many people completing this daily at peak hours.


    Pick up a complimentary mug off the table and set it to a hotkey.

How to damage the Dark Irons:

    You damage the Dark Irons by throwing downing the beer and throwing the empty mug at them. Simply select a Dark Iron and hit your hotkey. The mug will randomly hit or miss, and this does not seem to be based on level or gear or anything else. Once you throw the mug, just pick one up off a table. You can stand right next to the table to do this, no need to run around.

Super Brew Steins:

    Occasionally during the even, the NPCs will place one of these giant mugs on the ground. Drink from it to gain a whirlwind buff that damages Dark Irons near you.

Completing the Event:

    Once the Dark Irons stop coming, you should be able to click on the gear they came in on to complete a daily quest and receive your tokens.

Tip! Turning off the “Full Screen Glow” effect in your video options should stave off the blurriness from being drunk, allowing you to see and navigate much better.

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Seasonal Boss – Coren Direbrew

IMPORTANT NOTE: You do NOT have to do the pre-quest in order to summon Coren, and you also don’t have to do it to pick up the keg he drops.

Coren Direbrew has been upgraded and tuned for level 80 players for the 2009 Brewfest. The items he drops have also been improved, and those will be added here when they become known. In addition to dropping some useful gear, he also drops two fun trinkets involving brewmaidens, a remote control that will take you to the Blackrock Depths bar at any time, any where, and two seasonal mounts, the Brewfest Kodo and the Brewfest Ram.

Like most seasonal bosses, Coren Direbrew can be summoned once per day by each person in the party. The quest chain to summon him is as follows:

Getting there:

    Fly to Thorium Point in the Eastern Kingdoms and head southwest to Blackrock Mountain. Once inside, head along the path to where some rubble has fallen and a chain is stretched across the chasm. Run along the chain. There is a summoning stone here that works for level 80s since it is a raid stone. Descend down through the tomb and around the path. You will come to another chain, follow it across the lava. You’ll now be close to the level of the lava. Enter the cave and head north, and go through the portal into Blackrock Depths. Directly to your right will be some rubbly ground and some Mole Machine Consoles. Click on the console to be transported the Grim Guzzler, where Coren awaits.


    Coren is no harder than other level 80 non-heroic bosses. For fresh 80s he may be challenging, but for anyone who has gone through Naxx, he should be dead in only a few seconds with a full group. He can reportedly be duo’d with a tank and a healer, though at least one DPS is of course preferable. My guild does not use a healer at all for this boss, since he does zero damage to our tanks and only rarely damages the DPS. We are ToC ten-man geared, for reference.


  • Disarm: 4 second cast. 7 yard range. Deals 300% of his normal melee damage. Similar to whirlwind, disarms all players in range for 4 seconds.
  • Tauntable: Coren is tauntable.
  • Adds – Brewmaidens: Two special adds appear occasionally – Ilsa Direbrew and Ursula Direbrew.
    • Ilsa Direbrew – throws [Dark Brewmaiden’s Brew] into a players inventory. If not throw immediately, the brew will stun the player.
    • Ursula Direbrew – occasionally “barrels” the highest player on her threat list. Barreled players are blinded and cannot do anything.


  • Adds – Minions: Occassionally, Coren will summon a wave of weak minions which can be AoE’d down.
  • Mole Machines: These machines will pop up periodically and more adds will come out.


First, before starting the fight, have everyone make and hotkey the following macro:

/use Dark Brewmaiden's Brew

This will allow people to quickly get rid of the brew when one of the Brewmaidens uses it on them, preventing them from being stunned.

Focus on Coren, for the most part. Make sure everyone stays out of his melee range to avoid the disarm effect.

As long as everyone is careful about removing the brew when they get it, Isla and be safely ignored when she pops up.

Ursula needs to be dealt with in one of two ways. The easiest way is to have the DPS burn her down rapidly. Alternatively, a hunter or warlock pet can off tank her. Since she will only barrel the highest thing on her threat list, this will keep the tank from getting barreled. Regardless, the tank should not touch Ursula.

The smaller adds should be AoEd down when they appear, until Coren is below 30%. After that they spawn fast enough that it is more effective just to burn Coren and ignore the adds.


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Seasonal Items

Brewfest has lots of special seasonal items. Many are just consumables in the spirit of the holiday, such as beer or sausage. Others are more valuable and long-lasting, such as the vanity pet or mount. This section contains a list of all seasonal items and how to get them.

Collecting [Brewfest Prize Tokens]

    • Brewfest Tokens are needed to buy many of the special items for this holiday. These tokens may be obtained in several ways.

Note: If you want to complete all the achievements associated with this holiday in one year, you’ll need to collect a total of 350 tokens, or 550 if you plan on keeping the clothes.

You can receive tokens in the following ways:

      • 40  – Seasonal Boss – Coren Direbrew – For killing Diren Corebrew and handing in the quest. (Once only)
      • 40  – Pink Elekks On Parade – (Once only)
      • 10  – Chug and Chuck! – (Once only)
      • 10  – There and Back Again – (Once only)
      • 20-30  – Mini-Game – Ram Racing – 2 Tokens per delivery (up to twice daily, around 10 runs for Horde, 16 for Alliance, 12-18 hour cooldown since you started your last race.)
      • 15  – Mini-Game – Barking – Tokens for barking either brew within the city on the ram (daily, ride ram to 4 areas.)
      • 10  – Event – Dark Iron Attack – For defending against the Dark Iron attacks (daily, every 30 minutes the Dark Iron appear with their machines and attempt to steal the booze, you pick up the mugs on the tables and chuck it at them, if you successfully defend the beer, an item spawns in the middle that looks like a gear and you take the quest.)

All of these are described in more detail in their specific sections above.

Item List

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Like all world events, Brewfest has quite a few achievements associated with it. The meta achievement, Brewmaster, is part of the overall world event achievement, What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been, which awards a 310% speed violet proto drake. Consequently, completing these achievements is something many players are looking to do.

Note on Brewfest Tokens: To complete all Brewfest achievements from scratch, you will need to earn 350 , or 550 if you plan on keeping the clothes. Theoretically you can earn up to and over 1000, so this shouldn’t be too difficult, as long as you log on regularly to complete the dailies and do decently well with the ram racing. 100 are earned through initial quests. For Horde, around 65 are likely per day if you ram race twice and are pretty good at it. Alliance might earn 105 a day based on the same criteria.

Strange Brew


How To:

Check the Seasonal Items section for the NPCs which sell each brew. They are gathered around the Brewfest area, where the Dark Irons attack, and should be pretty easy to spot.

Useful Tip: The troll brew sellers only seem to sell their brew to people who stand behind the counter with them.

The Brewfest Diet


How To:

Check the Seasonal Items section for the NPCs which sell each food. They are gathered around the Brewfest area, where the Dark Irons attack, and should be pretty easy to spot.

Brew of the Month


Join the Brew of the Month club.

How To:

To join the Brew of the Month club, you need to buy the [“Brew of the Month” Club Membership Form] for 200 – the Seasonal Items about explains the different ways to earn these. You can then accept and turn in the quest which will activate this achievement. Each month from now on, you will receive a special drink in the mail that could do all sorts of fun things.

Drunken Stupor


Fall 65 yards without dying while completely smashed during the Brewfest Holiday.

How To:

This is identical to the Going Down?, only you need to be completely smashed. Good places to jump off include the Scryer terrace in Shattrath and the lift for Thunder Bluff. You can also use potions of slow fall, paladin bubbles, and similar things.



Kill Coren Direbrew.

How To:

You’ll find everything you need to know in the Seasonal Boss – Coren Direbrew section above.

Down With The Dark Iron


Defend the Brewfest camp from the Dark Iron attack and complete the quest, “This One Time, When I Was Drunk…”

How To:

You’ll find everything you need to know in the Event – Dark Iron Attack section above.

Disturbing the Peace


While wearing 3 pieces of Brewfest clothing, get completely smashed and dance in Dalaran.

How To:

First, you’ll need 350 – the Seasonal Items about explains the different ways to earn these. Once you have them, head to the Brewfest token exchanger and purchase a hat, chest-piece, and footwear of your liking. Equip them, head to Dalaran, and /dance!

IMPORTANT NOTE: you can sell the clothes back to the vendor within 2 hours for a full refund. So as long as you don’t care about keeping the clothes, you can spend these tokens on other items such as the Brew of the Month Club, pet, or keg.

Does Your Wolpertinger Linger?


Obtain a Wolpertinger pet.

How To:

The [Wolpertinger’s Tankard] is the reward from Catch the Wild Wolpertinger!. See the Quests section above for the details about the quest.

Have Keg, Will Travel


Obtain a Brewfest mount, or transform yours into one using Brewfest Hops.

How To:

For this achievement, I recommend farming Coren Direbrew for as long as you have patience (see Seasonal Boss – Coren Direbrew for details), since he drops the two epic mounts. However, keep 2  handy in order to buy some hops if, at the end of the holiday, you’ve been unable to obtain a permanent mount. Just make sure to use them before they expire!

Brew of the Year

PLEASE NOTE: This achievement is NOT required for the Brewmaster meta achievement.


Sample 12 beers featured in the Brew of the Month club.

How To:

Become a member of the Brew of the Month Club as described in the Brew of the Month achievement above. Then, each month, log on and check your mailbox to receive your brew. Drink each brew to complete this achievement. That’s right, it takes a whole year!

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    Two frost emblems you get for sure out of the bag, rest is random. Can be one of the following: [url=]Great Brewfest Kodo[/url], [url=]Swift Brewfest Ram[/url], [url=]Direbrew’s Bloody Shanker[/url], [url=]Tankard O’ Terror[/url] and [url=]Direbrew’s Remote[/url].

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    Sep 21, 2009 @ 12:48 pm

    On the US realms they areOn the US realms they are definitely there.

    On the EU realms it sounds like they are still not in the game, not sure why they would work on one set of realms and not the other though. Blizz is weird. Anyways I’ll add a note somewhere in the guide about that.

  • img
    Sep 21, 2009 @ 11:28 am

    I took a quick peek and itI took a quick peek and it looks good 🙂 Tho, aren’t the Elekk and wolpertinger quests removed?

  • img
    Sep 21, 2009 @ 2:03 am

    Are you able to purchase theAre you able to purchase the Wolpertinger then? How are they making up for the 40 tokens the pink elekk quest gives? Not tryin to grill ya, just seeking info to put in the guide. Also, thanks for the tip. I’m continually checking mine, it’s been around 16.5 hours now so I’ll see if it is 18. Perhaps it randomly switches between the two reset timers? That would be irritating.

    [b]Update:[/b] Sure enough, I was able to do the run 18 hours after my first run. 11 deliveries too! 🙂

  • img
    Sep 21, 2009 @ 0:38 am

    timerThe timer is either 12 or 18 hours noticed since my friend and I did it almost at the same time and he could redo it ~12 hours later and I had to wait until ~18 hours later.

    and on another note the wolpetinger quest seems to be bugged on the EU realms and is not obtainable same with pink elekks.


  • img
    Sep 21, 2009 @ 0:00 am

    Buying Voodoo BeerLittle known fact – the members of the troll brewery will only sell you beer if you are behind the counter with them.

  • img
    Sep 20, 2009 @ 22:21 pm

    I used GIMP. I zoomed way inI used GIMP. I zoomed way in (400-800%) and used the eraser tool (after adding an alpha channel to make the thing transparent after erasing). I erased an outline around the mole machine, changing eraser sizes as needed. It was a very simple shape and a somewhat low-res, small image, so this was pretty easy and any goof-ups aren’t noticeable. Anyway, once I had outlined it with the eraser, I cam in the free select tool and traced the fat outline I had made. This selected only the mole machine, since the rest was transparent. Then I just copy pasted!

    There is probably an easier and more professional way to do this, but this method worked for me.

  • img
    Sep 20, 2009 @ 22:15 pm

    Great!Great guide, top notch!

    Quick question: How do you cut out images like that?

  • img
    Sep 20, 2009 @ 22:06 pm

    Ram Racing ResetIt appears my ram racing has not reset since I did it last night (12 hours ago) – and also has not reset like a daily quest. So I’m uncertain of the timer. If anyone finds out what the reset timer for this mini-game is, please comment.

  • img
    Sep 20, 2009 @ 21:43 pm

    Number of Tokens Needed Reduced!I just found out that you can sell back your Brewfest clothing. That means you only need 350 tokens to complete the achievement, as long as you don’t plan to keep the clothes. I’m adding this to the guide, but wanted to let people know of the change in case they had already read through it.

  • img
    Sep 20, 2009 @ 21:28 pm

    Awesome, hope the guide isAwesome, hope the guide is useful! The only one you will have trouble with is Direbrewfest, to kill Coren Direbrew since he is level 80. However, since you can enter the instance, if you get a team of guildies to run it with you, you should be able to complete that one too.

  • img
    Sep 20, 2009 @ 21:26 pm

    Ha, thanksHa, thanks 😉

  • img
    Sep 20, 2009 @ 20:30 pm

    Great guide (as usual)I wanted this, and Ji provides 😛 Thanks! Nothing for me to add, it’s all there. I’m going to try get as many achievements (although I am only lvl 63) as possible.

  • img
    Sep 20, 2009 @ 16:42 pm

    That’s all.

    (YES, THAT :jawdrop:

    That’s all.


    I’m amazed. Really. I can’t even imagine the time spent on this project.

  • img
    Sep 20, 2009 @ 14:29 pm

    Guide Released!Sorry that this is a few hours late. Hopefully it was worth the wait!

    Please let me know if there was anything I missed, there is a lot to this holiday! I looked at other sites for some guide like this and WoWWiki’s was the closest I found, but even it didn’t have everything I wanted to know in one place. I hope this is a useful resource to all those holiday buffs, achievement hunters, and fun lovers out there. Enjoy!

    [b]P.S.[/b] – do you guys like the banner? I’m pretty proud of it, it’s a hodgepodge of different brewfest images I found around the internet. I’m especially proud of the little mole machine, which I cut out of a screenshot myself 😉

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