Cyberpunk 2077: All you should know about the apartments


Recent update 1.5 gave us new opportunities for a more comfy and homey playing time- now you can buy apartments and enhance and change the one you already have.

It’s not a secret that players are into the games not only for missions, kills, and quests, but also for the full-life experience in the other universe. And Cyberpunk 2077 is undoubtedly not an exception with its gloomy yet neon-lighted world.

So, what are these new apartments about, and what bonuses we can get from having them?

First, let’s talk about “renting”. Although it is called rent in reality you actually buy them(for the first plot act). Because you pay the price one time and can forget about the monthly payment. And you never lose your stash and apartment buffs due to nonpayment.

You can rent all four apartments but actually buy them you can only when you will pass the first game’s plot act(“Playing for time”). It will look like a new quest type named “Appartments”. Now you can become a proud owner of four apartments and also can become an interior designer for your old default one


Price ranges from 5,000 to 55,000 eddies and each of the apartments has its own way of uniqueness and objects you can interact with. Old apartment renovation will cost you 10,000 eddie each, so don’t rush with this one, and better try these apartments first. There are not many options for changes in the design: you can remake it in the dark theme, or light theme, or add some color blocks(6 variants of the coloration).

Bed, shower cabins, and coffee machines are not only cool objects that add a realistic feel to the game but also a buff that can be used. Each buff durates only for one hour, for example, sleeping will give you a “rested” status that gives +20% skill XP and restores your health.

The shower gives you the status “refreshed”(in the battle you get up to 60% health regeneration and increases further by 20% with the Regeneration perk)

Coffee time brings you “energized” status (+25% Max Stamina, +30% Stamina regen)

Ok, now let’s see what apartments we have.


Northside district(5,000 eddies)

The cheapest one is in the Northside district and will cost 5,000. Paying goes through the terminal near the door, if you have enough budget you just get the apartment.

The apartment description can be made in two words functionality and modesty. It isn’t big but it has a soul and history. The latter is literal. Near the bed on the nightstand is a chip that will tell us the story of the previous owner who was a netrunner. And it looks like the apartment with the history it features the Maneki-Neko small statue, boxing competitions prize, and a gaming machine( unfortunately non-playable)



Japantown district(15,000 eddies)

The second apartment is placed in a nicer district on the 5th floor. Its design is inspired by the oriental style. More individual approach with a spicy combination of Japanese, Chinese and Indian flavors and with an edgy cyberpunk vision. Low-rise wooden chests with the golden geometric element in the Chinese style. Candles in earthy warm colors, painted skulls, elegant vases, hookah, and bonsai tree(Japanese detail). And also a golden dragon statue that can hold incense that you can light(one of the interactive objects in the apartment)

Another interactive object is an electro-guitar that you can play. And blinds that you can open to see the view of the district from the 5th floor. Quite an individual place.



Glen district(40, 000 eddies)

On the 12th floor when the lift door opens you see a spacious apartment with a high ceiling and distinguished style. Made in pure loft style this place features dark metallic surfaces and wood elements( loft style at its finest). There are not many walls, but there are a lot of high windows that open an appealing and almost suffocating view of the city. Aquariums that are placed all over the place perfectly match the open space. Huge plasma, large sectional sofa in graphite velvet, metallic bar counter, and billiard. That is an interactive object, so you can play and show a middle finger when you lose.

The second floor has a shower and bedroom in a minimalistic style, where you can sleep and refresh.

On the other side, the stair leads you to the reading area with elegant stones, dragon statues, and books on the shelves. In the corner, you have an oversized armchair in smooth gray color which can be so nice to seat in and read… but unfortunately, you can’t do it. It is only decoration.


Central District(55, 000 eddies)

On the 8th floor, we have an apartment with a tendency to the past. A smooth classic renovated with the neon cyberpunk style. The roomy space in the dark red and woody palette is decorated with bamboo in the neon red lighting, abstract paintings illuminated by the light of the candles, and turntable music that you can turn on(interactive object). Bar table with whisky, ashtray, and cigarettes that you can smoke while watching through the panoramic windows on the palms in the central district. This jazzy apartment also has a traditional Chinese tea service with tea that you can drink. Also, it has a wardrobe, shower, bedroom, and of course arsenal.

If you still haven’t played Cyberpunk 2077, you’re missing out on one of the best game ever made. All the problems have been patched, there’s no reason to dive in an enjoy this gem. If you don’t have the time but still want to check out the new apartments, here’s a video of a tour of the Cyberpunk 2077 Apartments:

On the other hand, if you want to play cyberpunk 2077, know that the game is huge and filled with many secrets. If you don’t want to miss any of it, I highly recommend following my Cyberpunk 100% Walkthrough, which is the most comprehensive guide about the game out there. Enjoy!

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