Cyberpunk 2077: The State of the Game One Year Later


Cyberpunk was the much-anticipated title that came out in December 2020. Even though the developers promised a next-gen gaming experience, players could find game-breaking bugs that impacted gameplay. However, CD Project Red set out to patch the majority of the bugs and make the game enjoyable. Now, it’s been one year laters since release, and there’s more room for improvement. Still, the community appreciates the efforts, and it’s looking forward to discovering new DLCs that are coming soon. Hopefully, DLCs will answer some mysteries, such as the massive building outside the Night City. This article will first cover a couple of details and rumors about the building. However, it will then focus on examining the game’s current state in terms of gameplay quality, performance, storyline, bugs, and fixes. The game is now very enjoyable on most platforms and we recommend following our 100% Cyberpunk 2077 Walkthrough to enjoy this masterpiece to the fullest. But let’s dive into the details of what’s changed since the release!

Giant Casino building in Cyberpunk 2077

There are two scenarios about the mysterious Cyberpunk building that’s inaccessible. The first one is that it’s cut content from the game that developers didn’t manage to finish by release. The second rumor is that DLC content is slowly coming to the game. In either case, the de nederlandse online casino website visitors will love the news because it’s a casino. A series of quests and storylines will likely come to the venue. It will become accessible through an in-game tunnel that players can’t use at the moment. Given the style of the whole world, it’s missing a casino to paint the complete picture. But the question remains, what is inside?

What Can Players Find Inside?

So far, the whole area is completely unfinished. Therefore, it’s only possible to make assumptions about what will be inside once the developers decide to finish it. One thing is sure, plenty of storylines will occur right here inside the casino. There will be countless NPCs offering new side jobs and gigs.


CD Project Red is known for creating Gwent, its card game for The Witcher series. Therefore, there’s a chance that the developer might make a unique table game for the Cyberpunk 2077 world. You’ll probably be able to find various slots and table games, including poker, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. But we’re yet to see how everything will look and what the players can expect once they get inside the casino. At least, let’s hope they’ll make a card game at least as good as Gwent.


One of the most significant issues at launch was the gameplay of the game. While people had a lot of expectations, the game failed to deliver on essentials. That’s what has caused an outcry in the community. Especially in those who wanted to play the game on their PS4 systems. They couldn’t even load all of the textures and run the game. The result? The investors sued the developer, and all PS4 players received their refunds while Sony took the game off the PS4 store. That was a huge hit for the game.

Additionally, while it did run on other systems such as PC, PS5, and Xbox, game-breaking bugs crippled the game. Some even affected the main questline, making it impossible to finish. Therefore, the backlash was justified, as people spent money on an unfinished product.


We’re here over a year later to examine the results. One this is certain, after facing a lot of pressure from the community, the company quickly prioritized the things they’ve had to fix. The current state of the game is much better. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to say that things are perfect. Still, there are no more game-breaking bugs. Players can safely choose one of the “classes” the Street Kid, Corpo, or Nomad and begin their adventures throughout the Night City. They’ll be able to enjoy the campaign without significant bugs appearing. Still, they’ll notice one here and there.


The patches didn’t only fix the bugs, some of them adjusted the gaming experience for players. For example, driving vehicles was much more challenging initially. Now, it’s a much better experience, allowing players to have more fun as they drive throughout the city. That fix is important for a series of racing quests, which are more fun to play now.


The bugs were not the only problem of the game. There were plenty of performance issues that affected it too. As mentioned above, the most important one was the gaming experience, or to say, the lack of gaming experience on PS4 consoles. The fact that people couldn’t play revealed that the studio didn’t even bother to test the game on the console. On the other hand, PC users were experiencing many problems too. Some often found the game crashing on them, whereas others could get the game barely running despite having mid to high-end hardware. The company did a little bit of testing in this regard, and the game’s performance was also poor on PC.


There’s been a massive improvement in this regard over the year. The company successfully optimized the game for the PS4 systems. Additionally, those playing on PCs could see a significant increase in framerate, allowing them to enjoy the game even more. More importantly, PC users now experience far fewer crashes. That shows that the game developer spent some time dealing with the essential issues. Their decision was correct, as working on any new content first would be a slap in the face of the faithful community members. Fixing the game first showed their dedication to making it a better experience for all the players.


Even though some would argue that the storyline is not as good as it should be, that’s not true. With millions of lines written for the game, the story writers did a fantastic job bringing Night City to life with various gangs, NPCs, and characters. There are plenty of entertaining storylines overlapping to paint the state of the world in 2077 precisely. It’s one of the reasons why the game received a lot of praise despite being full of countless bugs.


The studio owes its writing team a favor, as the storyline kept most of the players glued to their chairs. Especially when the game launched.


There are no major changes when it comes to the storyline. The studio aims to release a free DLC in 2022, and we’ll then see where the story will go. There will be more changes in the coming years, as the studio plans to release multiple DLCs.


The goal of every game developer is to immerse its players into their virtual world. That keeps the players much more engaged and allows them to experience the game as if they were in it. When it comes to immersion in Cyberpunk 2077, the city’s storyline and design are powerful enough to draw you in and make you feel like you’re living in the Nigh City. Unfortunately, the experience is not complete once your character starts acting out involuntarily. It ruins the immersion experience and makes the game less enjoyable.


Is Cyberpunk more immersive a year later? Yes, it is! The game now has a significantly lower number of bugs, making it a better playing experience, which new players can confirm. Despite minor bugs popping up here and there, they don’t ruin the game’s playthrough experience. That will continue to improve as the developer keeps removing the bugs.

What to Expect in the Future?

If we take a closer look at the game’s current state, it’s clear that CDPR has committed to making it a memorable experience for all its players. That’s good news, as many developers abandon projects once they make a release and profit. However, CDPR wants to fix their reputation and prove they will fix the game completely.


We’ll likely see more new areas on the map with the coming DLCs. Additionally, structures like the spotted casino will likely become accessible.


Given there’s still room for improvement, the developer will keep fixing existing bugs while incorporating new game areas. We’ll have to remain patient and see what future updates will bring.


Exciting times are ahead for the world of Cyberpunk. The developer is actively working on adding new features and game content to continue enjoying the Night City’s lifestyle. Some of the new missions will likely occur in the Westerbrook casino. It’ll most likely become a part of the world with the next DLC, or the one after that. More updates are coming in 2022, when the studio plans to release free DLCs to bring more players to the game.


Even though the game’s launch didn’t go as intended, it still has a lot to offer. With the coming DLCs, it’s almost certain that the spotted casino in Cyberpunk 2077 will come to life and bring online casino enthusiasts to the game.


When it comes to bugs, the developers will completely remove them eventually. The studio has shown persistency in fixing all game elements, and they’ll remain on the same path in the near future. They know they’ve promised a next-gen gaming experience, and they’ll do their best to uphold their promise. Unlike before, purchasing the game is a sound recommendation.

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