Dominance Offensive


local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide(“LudoDomOffence”,’Dailies’, “Krasarang Wilds”, “Ludovicus”, “Horde”)
WoWPro.Dailies:GuideFaction(guide,1375) — “Dominance Offensive”
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

; Starting Questline
A Meet the Scout|QID|32249|M|62.92,28.18|Z|Vale of Eternal Blossoms|N|From Sunwalker Dezco, outside the Shrine of Two Moons.|
T Meet the Scout|QID|32249|M|8.74,64.37|N|To Scout Lynna.|

A The Might of the Warchief|QID|32250|M|8.66,64.45|N|From Garrosh Hellscream|
C Blood Guard Gro’tash|QID|32250|M|10.71,53.16|QO|2|N|Find Gro’tash, kill Alliance along the way.|
C Grizzle Gearslip|QID|32250|M|15.6,57.8|QO|3|N|Find Grizzle Gearslip, kill Alliance along the way.|
C Alliance Drones|QID|32250|M|8.6,64.4|QO|1|N|Kill Alliance to get your kill count.|
T The Might of the Warchief|QID|32250|N|To Garrosh Hellscream, standing next to you.|
A Domination Point|QID|32108|N|From Garrosh Hellscream, standing next to you.|
T Domination Point|QID|32108|M|8.42,64.06|N|To Signal Fire|
A Dagger in the Dark|QID|32251|N|Scenario from UI after a *very* long speech.|
f Domination Point|M|9.69,52.51|N|Get your new flight point from Kromthar.|

; Daily Quest Hub selection
A Gro’tash’s Quests|QID|*|NPC|67880|M|10.07,53.86|N|From Blood Guard Gro’tash. He gives Domination Point, Ruins of Ogudei, or Lion’s Landing. Skip if none.|
A Wanted: ???|QID|32222;32223|QID|32223|ACTIVE|-32235;-32449;-32450|M|12.8,56.7|N|From Bounty Board for quests at Bilgewater Operations? Skip.|

; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
; Daily Quests – Domination Point
; A Flash! Aaaaaahhhh!|QID|32235|M|10.07,53.86|N|From Blood Guard Gro’tash|
A Tear It Up|QID|32126|ACTIVE|32235|M|10.2,53.8|N|From Brolic|
A Death on Two Legs|QID|32123|ACTIVE|32235|M|10.32,55.69|N|From Shokia|
C Skyfire Gyrocopter X2|QID|32235|M|13.50,54.50;12.90,56.45;16.70,79.20;13.19,59.40;11.55,60.75;10.49,58.33|CN|QO|1|U|92019|N|Throw Molotovs at the copters while flying.|T|Skyfire Gyrocopter|
C Alliance slain|QID|32123|M|11.40,59.00;16.40,67.20;16.60,69.40;11.30,67.65;7.35,67.50;18.60,70.05;8.05,59.64;18.45,67.80;8.74,65.49;8.15,62.25;13.60,68.12|CN|QO|1|N|Kill Marines!|S|
C Alliance Supply Drops|QID|32126|M|8.26,66.88|QO|1|N|Look at the beaches and the docks.|
C Alliance slain|QID|32123|M|11.40,59.00;16.40,67.20;16.60,69.40;11.30,67.65;7.35,67.50;18.60,70.05;8.05,59.64;18.45,67.80;8.74,65.49;8.15,62.25;13.60,68.12|CN|QO|1|N|Kill Marines!|US|
T Tear It Up|QID|32126|M|10.2,53.8|N|To Brolic|
A All Dead, All Dead|QID|32127|PRE|32126|M|10.2,53.8|N|From Brolic|
T Flash! Aaaaaahhhh!|QID|32235|M|10.07,53.86|N|To Blood Guard Gro’tash|
A Another One Bites the Dust|QID|32128|PRE|32235|M|10,53.8|N|From Blood Guard Gro’tash|
T Death on Two Legs|QID|32123|M|10.32,55.69|N|To Shokia|
C Captain Brent the Black|QID|32127|M|12.80,75.75|QO|1|T|Captain Brent the Black|N|Kill!|
C The Defiant|QID|32128|M|12.33,75.58|QO|1|N|Click on the glittering barrel on the lower level and rear of the ship.|NC|
C Captain Mulkey|QID|32127|M|15.22,75.46|QO|2|T|Captain Mulkey|N|Kill!|
C Valor’s Edge|QID|32128|M|15.08,76.62|QO|2|N|Click on the glittering explosives on the lower level and rear of the ship.|NC|
T All Dead, All Dead|QID|32127|M|10.2,53.8|N|To Brolic|
T Another One Bites the Dust|QID|32128|M|10.07,53.86|N|From Blood Guard Gro’tash|

; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
; Daily Quests – Bilgewater Operations #1
; A Wanted: Lieutenant Ethan Jacobson|QID|32223|M|12.8,56.7|N|From Bounty Board|
A Storming the Beach|QID|32221|ACTIVE|32223|M|13,56.2|N|From Rivett Clutchpop|
A Krasarang Steampot|QID|32199|ACTIVE|32223|M|13.6,55.8|N|From Duke|
A Work Order: Lumber|QID|32138|ACTIVE|32223|M|13.6,55.8|N|From Boss-Lady Trixel|
A Universal Remote-Explode|QID|32238|ACTIVE|32223|M|20.6,58|N|From Bixy Buzzsaw|
K Lieutenant Ethan Jacobson|QID|32223|M|19,70.8|QO|1|N|Kill!|
C Shieldwall Forces|QID|32221|M|11.40,59.00;16.40,67.20;16.60,69.40;11.30,67.65;7.35,67.50;18.60,70.05;8.05,59.64;18.45,67.80;8.74,65.49;8.15,62.25;13.60,68.12|CN|N|Kill infiltrators!|
C Viseclaw Meat|QID|32199|M|15.20,59.00;20.20,56.60;25.20,57.80;27.60,64.80;16.85,55.35;17.05,57.40;21.30,54.40;25.68,63.70;27.05,59.52;27.02,61.88|CN|N|Kill Polluted Viseclaws.|
T Work Order: Lumber|QID|32138|M|20.4,58|N|To Zino “The Shredder” Quickchop|
A Stacked!|QID|32139|PRE|32138|M|20.4,58|N|From Zino “The Shredder” Quickchop|
C Shieldwall Mecha-Pounders|QID|32238|M|21.00,51.30;20.75,63.25;19.40,59.00;22.75,53.07;25.05,55.20;19.40,61.58|N|Use the remote and the kill!|U|91902|
C Domination Point Lumber|QID|32139|M|21.00,51.30;20.75,63.25;19.40,59.00;22.75,53.07;25.05,55.20;19.40,61.58|N|Pick up lumber and toss it to Goob.|
T Stacked!|QID|32139|M|20.4,58|N|To Zino “The Shredder” Quickchop|
T Wanted: Lieutenant Ethan Jacobson|QID|32223|M|10.07,53.86|N|From Bounty Board|
T Storming the Beach|QID|32221|M|13,56.2|N|To Rivett Clutchpop|
T Krasarang Steampot|QID|32199|M|26,58|N|To Sezik Steampot|
T Universal Remote-Explode|QID|32238|M|20.6,58|N|To Bixy Buzzsaw|

; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
; Daily Quests – Bilgewater Operations #2
; A Wanted: Chief Engineer Cogwrench|QID|32222|M|12.8,56.7|N|From Bounty Board|
A Bilgewater Infiltrators|QID|32214|ACTIVE|32222|M|13,56.2|N|From Rivett Clutchpop|
A Mystery Meatloaf|QID|32197|ACTIVE|32222|M|13.6,55.8|N|From Duke|
A Work Order: Fuel|QID|32136|ACTIVE|32222|M|13.6,55.8|N|From Boss-Lady Trixel|

A Precious Resource|QID|32237|ACTIVE|32222|M|25.2,60.4|N|From Bixy Buzzsaw|
K Chief Engineer Cogwrench|QID|32222|21.6,51.2|QO|1|N|Kill!|
C SI:7 Saboteurs|QID|32214|M|18.00,56.50;26.55,61.65;15.40,57.75;19.55,59.00;25.88,58.77;21.50,54.75;19.68,62.16;12.53,60.45;11.40,64.94;23.68,55.95;9.88,62.35|CN|N|Kill SI7 if you can see them!|
C Mystery Meat|QID|32197|M|16.60,71.60;19.60,52.80;27.80,57.60;15.60,67.50;20.60,55.50;17.60,54.80;25.52,67.67;20.80,68.25;24.20,70.47;23.00,67.70;21.70,65.75;26.45,63.35;21.34,70.89;18.50,65.70;24.10,64.35|N|Kill wildlife to get the meat. Do you really want it from polluted animals?|
T Work Order: Fuel|QID|32136|M|25.4,60.4|N|To Grizzle Gearslip|
A Runnin’ on Empty|QID|32137|PRE|32136|M|25.4,60.4|N|From Grizzle Gearslip|
C “Distilled” Fuel Barrels|M|16.35,58.90;25.33,61.80;26.45,66.57;27.46,61.21;26.64,64.20|CN|N|Pick up Barrels.|
T Runnin’ on Empty|QID|32137|M|13.6,55.8|N|To Boss-Lady Trixel|
T Wanted: Chief Engineer Cogwrench|QID|32222|M|10,53.8|N|To Blood Guard Gro’tash|
T Bilgewater Infiltrators|QID|32214|M|13,56.2|N|To Rivett Clutchpop|
T Mystery Meatloaf|QID|32197|M|26,58|N|To Sezik Steampot|
T Precious Resource|QID|32237|M|25.2,60.4|N|To Bixy Buzzsaw|

; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
; Daily Quests – Ruins of Ogudei
; A The Ruins of Ogudei|QID|32449|M|10.07,53.86|N|From Blood Guard Gro’tash|
R Sparkrocket Outpost|QID|32449|M|10.19,54.81|Use the portal to get there.|
T The Ruins of Ogudei|QID|32449|M|76.32,34.07|N|To Belloc Brightblade|
A Taking Advantage|QID|32118|PRE|32449|M|76.32,34.07|N|From Belloc Brightblade|
T Taking Advantage|QID|32118|M|81.49,18.27|N|To Kaelis Sunsoar|
A Ogudei Quests|QID|*|NPC|68274|PRE|32118|M|81.49,18.27|N|From Kaelis Sunsoar|
; A The Spirit Trap|QID|32342|M|81.4,18.2|N|From Kaelis Sunsoar|
; A It Is a Mystery|QID|32344|M|81.4,18.2|N|From Kaelis Sunsoar|
; A We’re Not Monsters!|QID|32345|M|81.4,18.2|N|From Kaelis Sunsoar|
; A Legacy of Ogudei|QID|32120|M|81.4,18.2|N|From Kaelis Sunsoar|
; A Ogudei’s Lieutenants|QID|32343|M|81.4,18.2|N|From Kaelis Sunsoar|
; A Kick ’em While They’re Down|QID|32348|M|81.4,18.2|N|From Kaelis Sunsoar|

T The Spirit Trap|QID|32342|M|81.49,18.27|N|To Kaelis Sunsoar|
T It Is a Mystery|QID|32344|M|81.49,18.27|N|To Kaelis Sunsoar|
T We’re Not Monsters!|QID|32345|M|81.49,18.27|N|To Kaelis Sunsoar|
T Legacy of Ogudei|QID|32120|M|81.49,18.27|N|To Kaelis Sunsoar|
T Ogudei’s Lieutenants|QID|32343|M|81.49,18.27|N|To Kaelis Sunsoar|
T Kick ’em While They’re Down|QID|32348|M|81.49,18.27|N|To Kaelis Sunsoar|

; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
; Daily Quests – Lion’s Landing
; A The Time Is Now!|QID|32450|M|10.07,53.86|N|From Blood Guard Gro’tash|
T The Time Is Now!|QID|32450|M|75.8,34.4|N|To Shademaster Kiryn, via a portal if you bought one.|
A Hero Killer|QID|32135|PRE|32450|M|75.8,34.4|N|From Shademaster Kiryn|
A Worker Harassment|QID|32132|PRE|32450|M|75.8,34.4|N|From Shademaster Kiryn|
A Sentry Wards|QID|32133|PRE|32450|M|75.8,34.4|N|From Shademaster Kiryn|
A Good Luck, Have Fun|QID|32130|PRE|32450|M|75.8,34.2|N|From Zazzix “Toasty” Sparkrocket|
A We Require More Minerals!|QID|32131|PRE|32450|M|75.8,34.2|N|From Zazzix “Toasty” Sparkrocket|
K Thane Stonehearth|QID|32135|M|81,23.4|QO|1|N|Pull him onto the grass so he wont get help.|
C Peasant Slaughter|QID|32132|M|4.00,27.70;83.10,19.60;84.60,21.10;81.90,22.18;79.84,19.73;85.09,24.49|CN|N|Kill em!|
N Sentry Wards|QID|32133|N|This one is tricky. You need to go to three places and click on sentry wards to activate them while avoiding MOBS. Approach from the water and fly low to each destination.
C Docks|QID|32133|M|86.11,33.13|QO|2|N|Between the two docked ships.|
C Barracks|QID|32133|M|87.75,32.71|QO|3|N|Fight your way to the second floor.|
C Town Hall|QID|32133|M|86.27,25.56|QO|1|N|The lower floor, just as enter the building.|
C Animatable Stone|QID|32131|M|78.80,20.30;78.76,17.88|CN|Kill Engineers for their stone or find it on the ground.|
C Alliance Ears|QID|32130|N|If you dont have enough Extra-Waxy ears, kill humans!|
T Hero Killer|QID|32135|M|75.8,34.4|N|To Shademaster Kiryn|
T Worker Harassment|QID|32132|M|75.8,34.4|N|To Shademaster Kiryn|
T Sentry Wards|QID|32133|M|75.8,34.4|N|To Shademaster Kiryn|
T Good Luck, Have Fun|QID|32130|M|75.8,34.2|N|To Zazzix “Toasty” Sparkrocket|
T We Require More Minerals!|QID|32131|M|64.2,72.4|N|To Zazzix “Toasty” Sparkrocket|

; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
; Rep Related questlines
A Rise Of An Empire|QID|32256|M|10.39,53.71|REP|Dominance Offensive;1375;friendly;1000|PRE|32108|N|From General Nazgrim|
R Shrine of Two Moons|QID|32256|M|9.90,52.39|N|Talk to Tak-Tak for a ride over.|
T Rise Of An Empire|QID|32256|M|32.23,84.91|N|To Garrosh Hellscream, upstairs, past the bank to the left.|Z|903/2|
A Buried Secrets|QID|32242|PRE|32256|M|2.23,84.91|N|From Garrosh Hellscream|Z|903/2|
T Buried Secrets|QID|32242|M|20.95,15.59|N|To Fanlyr Silverthorn|Z|Vale of Eternal Blossoms|
A Voice of the Gods|QID|32257|PRE|32242|M|21,15.4|N|From Fanlyr Silverthorn|Z|Vale of Eternal Blossoms|
C Ancient Korune Tablet|QID|32257|M|18.10,11.87|N|Approach the statue and click it to awaken. Stay out of the silver pools and then loot it. Dont go far or it will re-freeze.|
T Voice of the Gods|QID|32257|M|20.95,15.59|N|To Fanlyr Silverthorn|Z|Vale of Eternal Blossoms|

A Someone You Should See|QID|32284|M|10.39,53.71|REP|Dominance Offensive;1375;friendly;5000|PRE|32257|N|From Messenger Grummle|
R Kun-Lai Summit|QID|32284|M|9.90,52.39|N|Talk to Tak-Tak for a ride over.|
T Someone You Should See|QID|32284|M|71.66,93.22|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|N|To Chen Stormstout, in the building.|
A Regeneration Takes Time|QID|32318|PRE|32284|M|71.6,93.2|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|N|From Chen Stormstout|
C Regeneration Takes Time|QID|32318|M|74,94|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|N|Up in the mountains. Sinester Needle and Summmit Sprite.|
T Regeneration Takes Time|QID|32318|M|71.6,93.2|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|N|To Chen Stormstout|
A Find Thrall!|QID|32319|PRE|32318|M|71.6,93.2|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|N|From Vol’jin|
R The Den|QID|32319|U|92510|N|Use the Hearthstone to get to Thrall in the Valley of Trials.|
T Find Thrall!|QID|32319|M|44.65,66.74|Z|Valley of Trials|N|To Thrall|
A The Horde Is Family|QID|32320|PRE|32319|M|44.4,66.6|Z|Valley of Trials|N|From Thrall|
C The Horde Is Family|QID|32320|QO|1|N|Escort Thrall and stay close. Mind the Kor’kron Soulbreaker that casts Curse of Tongues at the end of the ride.|
T The Horde Is Family|QID|32320|M|38.41,46.46|Z|Echo Isles|N|To Thrall|
A De-Subjugation|QID|32372|PRE|32320|M|38.4,46.6|Z|Echo Isles|N|From Thrall|
K Gul’tar the Subjugator|QID|32372|M|61.6,66.0|Z|Echo Isles|N|Kill Gul’tar the Subjugator and any Kor’kron along the way.|
C Kor’kron Overseers|QID|32372|M|41.20,46.20;44.60,53.60;48.80,62.40;56.20,66.00;57.00,45.60;57.40,47.80;48.40,56.80;58.65,61.65;61.00,65.30;48.20,54.20;43.17,46.65;45.75,47.88;51.20,51.70;58.20,50.80;48.00,50.40|CN|Z|Echo Isles|QO|1|S|
C Kor’kron Subjugator|QID|32372|M|50.40,43.60;53.20,63.00;59.40,51.60;47.50,58.20;49.50,48.10;58.50,61.90;49.60,55.90;46.25,48.30;57.40,52.60;56.50,55.60;50.40,65.80;50.72,51.80|CN|Z|Echo Isles|QO|2|S|
K Gul’tar the Subjugator|QID|32372|M|61.6,66.0|Z|Echo Isles|N|Kill Gul’tar the Subjugator and any Kor’kron along the way.|QO|3|
C Kor’kron Overseers|QID|32372|M|41.20,46.20;44.60,53.60;48.80,62.40;56.20,66.00;57.00,45.60;57.40,47.80;48.40,56.80;58.65,61.65;61.00,65.30;48.20,54.20;43.17,46.65;45.75,47.88;51.20,51.70;58.20,50.80;48.00,50.40|CN|Z|Echo Isles|QO|1|US|
C Kor’kron Subjugator|QID|32372|M|50.40,43.60;53.20,63.00;59.40,51.60;47.50,58.20;49.50,48.10;58.50,61.90;49.60,55.90;46.25,48.30;57.40,52.60;56.50,55.60;50.40,65.80;50.72,51.80|CN|Z|Echo Isles|QO|2|US|
T De-Subjugation|QID|32372|M|58.60,62.02|Z|Echo Isles|N|To Thrall|
; Use portal to return to Dom Point

A To Mogujia|QID|32190|M|10.39,53.71|REP|Dominance Offensive;1375;honored;3000|PRE|32372|N|From General Nazgrim. Note that once you start this quest line, no dungeons or LFR or logging out or the NPCs can get phased out. Get it done.|
R Kun-Lai Summit|QID|32190|M|9.90,52.39|N|Talk to Tak-Tak for a ride over.|
T To Mogujia|QID|32190|M|57,79|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|N|To Lor’themar Theron|
A Bloodlines|QID|32192|PRE|32190|M|57,79|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|N|From Lor’themar Theron|
A Ancient Guardians|QID|32191|PRE|32190|M|57,79|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|N|From Lor’themar Theron|
A The Korune|QID|32244|PRE|32190|M|57,79|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|N|From Lor’themar Theron|
C Ancient Guardians|QID|32191|M|56.15,78.65;59.70,72.90;58.45,75.51|CN|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|QO|1|N|Get them along the way.|S|
C The Korune|QID|32244|M|57.50,75.44;56.70,78.00;58.60,73.08|CN|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|QO|1|N|Get them along the way.|S|
C Bloodlines|QID|32192|M|58.2,71|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|QO|1|N|Get the codex from the Korune Spellweaver|
C Ancient Guardians|QID|32191|M|56.15,78.65;59.70,72.90;58.45,75.51|CN|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|QO|1|N|Get them along the way.|US|
C The Korune|QID|32244|M|57.50,75.44;56.70,78.00;58.60,73.08|CN|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|QO|1|N|Get them along the way.|US|
T Bloodlines|QID|32192|M|57,79|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|N|From Lor’themar Theron|
T Ancient Guardians|QID|32191|M|57,79|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|N|From Lor’themar Theron|
T The Korune|QID|32244|M|57,79|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|N|From Lor’themar Theron|

A To the Valley!|QID|32376|M|10.4,53.8|REP|Dominance Offensive;1375;honored;6500|PRE|32244|N|From General Nazgrim|
R Kun-Lai Summit|QID|32376|M|9.90,52.39|N|Talk to Tak-Tak for a ride over.|
T To the Valley!|QID|32376|M|53.8,49.2|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|N|To Lor’themar Theron|
A Legacy of the Korune|QID|32379|PRE|32376|M|53.8,49.2|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|N|From Lor’themar Theron|
T Legacy of the Korune|QID|32379|M|53.8,49.2|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|N|To Lor’themar Theron|
A Clearing a Path|QID|32378|PRE|32379|M|53.8,49.2|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|N|From Lor’themar Theron|
T Clearing a Path|QID|32378|M|53.8,49.2|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|N|To Lor’themar Theron|
A Trapping the Leader|QID|32384|PRE|32378|M|53.8,49.2|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|N|From Lor’themar Theron|
T Trapping the Leader|QID|32384|M|53.8,49.2|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|N|To Lor’themar Theron|

A Echoes of Thunder|QID|32351|M|10.4,53.8|REP|Dominance Offensive;1375;honored;10800|PRE|32384|N|From General Nazgrim|
R Kun-Lai Summit|QID|32376|M|9.90,52.39|N|Talk to Tak-Tak for a ride over.|
T Echoes of Thunder|QID|32351|M|60.4,55.2|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|N|To Baine Bloodhoof|
A A Gathering Storm|QID|32352|PRE|32351|M|60.4,55.2|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|N|From Baine Bloodhoof|
C Sha-Touched Grunts|QID|32352|M|59.20,11.20;60.40,13.60;62.10,23.50;62.50,10.40;59.10,19.80;61.00,21.80;63.25,19.00|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|CN|Interrogate the grunts.|QO|1|
T A Gathering Storm|QID|32352|M|32,83.4|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|N|To Garrosh Hellscream|

A Get My Results!|QID|32329|PRE|32352|M|10.4,53.8|REP|Dominance Offensive;1375;revered;2700|PRE|32352|N|From General Nazgrim|
T Get My Results!|QID|32329|M|54,20.6|N|To Lor’themar Theron|
A What’s in the Box?|QID|32330|PRE|32329|M|54,20.4|N|From Lor’themar Theron|
T What’s in the Box?|QID|32330|M|91.2,37.4|N|To Lor’themar Theron|

A The Kun-Lai Expedition|QID|32370|M|10.4,53.8|REP|Dominance Offensive;1375;revered;10700|PRE|32330|N|From General Nazgrim|
T The Kun-Lai Expedition|QID|32370|M|60.4,55.2|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|N|To Baine Bloodhoof|
A Memory Wine|QID|32368|PRE|32370|M|60.4,55.2|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|N|From Baine Bloodhoof|
T Memory Wine|QID|32368|M|60.4,55.2|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|N|From Baine Bloodhoof|
A Ties with the Past|QID|32448|PRE|32370|M|60.4,55.2|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|N|From Baine Bloodhoof|
C Varatus|QID|32448|M|63.8,45.2|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|N|Kill the Conqueror for his Essence|L|93212|
T Ties with the Past|QID|32448|M|60.4,55.2|Z|Kun-Lai Summit|N|From Baine Bloodhoof|

A Insertion|QID|32326|M|10.4,53.8|REP|Dominance Offensive;1375;revered;10700|PRE|32448|N|From General Nazgrim|
T Insertion|QID|32326|M|40,50.4|N|To Fanlyr Silverthorn|
A The Darnassus Mission|QID|32327|PRE|32326|M|40,50.4|N|From Fanlyr Silverthorn|
T The Darnassus Mission|QID|32327|M|40,50.4|N|To Fanlyr Silverthorn|
A Victorious Return|QID|32328|PRE|32327|M|40,50.4|N|From Fanlyr Silverthorn|
T Victorious Return|QID|32328|M|10.4,53.8|N|To General Nazgrim|

A The Situation in Dalaran|QID|32402|M|10.4,53.8|REP|Dominance Offensive;1375;revered;18500|PRE|32328|N|From General Nazgrim|
R Dalaran|M|9.69,52.51|N|Talk to Kromthar for a ride. Whats wrong with a portal? Lazy General!|
T The Situation in Dalaran|QID|32402|M|64.2,48.2|Z|Dalaran|N|To Grand Magister Rommath|
A It Starts in the Sewers|QID|32403|PRE|32402|M|64.2,48.2|Z|Dalaran|N|From Grand Magister Rommath|
C Sunreaver Citizens|QID|32403|M|38.80,51.60;51.60,63.80;51.70,61.20;39.35,61.60;34.50,53.02;32.96,54.83;35.27,56.35;35.75,43.00;37.17,54.94;36.50,53.05;41.48,59.70;39.40,57.48;42.86,52.26;43.45,65.61;39.65,48.55|Z|Underbelly|CN|N|Tell the Citizens to flee the Underbelly.|
T It Starts in the Sewers|QID|32403|PRE|32402|M|64.2,48.2|Z|Dalaran|N|From Grand Magister Rommath|
A Violence in the Arena|QID|32404|PRE|32402|M|64.2,48.2|Z|Dalaran|N|From Grand Magister Rommath|
C Slay Silver Covenant|QID|32404|M|50.80,60.60;58.80,43.20;75.55,50.15;66.95,40.40;71.70,44.05;65.90,46.05;69.53,43.65;68.04,45.17;59.42,45.75;72.55,41.00;57.75,49.50;72.79,47.47;73.85,42.60;66.36,42.63;68.17,48.08;76.14,44.62;61.75,45.85;69.45,41.17;61.58,43.23;70.43,46.85;73.53,51.52;72.14,38.95;70.97,50.29;75.55,41.17;63.00,41.45;76.76,47.40;74.16,45.52;64.20,44.90|Z|Underbelly|CN|N|Kill Enforcers and Spellbows|
T Violence in the Arena|QID|32404|M|64.2,48.2|Z|Dalaran|N|To Grand Magister Rommath|
A Hand of the Silver Covenant|QID|32405|PRE|32404|M|50.4,48.4|Z|Dalaran|N|From Grand Magister Rommath|
K Sorin Magehand|QID|32405|M|61.4,14.4|Z|Underbelly|N|Kill him in the black market.|QO|1|
T Hand of the Silver Covenant|QID|32405|PRE|32404|M|50.4,48.4|Z|Dalaran|N|From Grand Magister Rommath|
A A Tactical Assault|QID|32406|PRE|32405|M|50.4,48.4|Z|Dalaran|N|From Grand Magister Rommath|
T A Tactical Assault|QID|32406|M|50.4,48.4|Z|Dalaran|N|To Grand Magister Rommath|
A The Silver Covenant’s Stronghold|QID|32408|PRE|32406|M|50.4,48.4|Z|Dalaran|N|From Grand Magister Rommath|
K Arcanist Rathaella|QID|32408|M|37,62.4|Z|Dalaran|N|In the Silver Enclave.|QO|1|
T The Silver Covenant’s Stronghold|QID|32408|M|50.4,48.4|Z|Dalaran|N|To Grand Magister Rommath|
A The Kirin Tor’s True Colors|QID|32409|PRE|32408|M|51.4,49.4|Z|Dalaran|N|From Grand Magister Rommath|
A Krasus’ Landing|QID|32410|PRE|32409|M|51.4,49.4|Z|Dalaran|N|From Grand Magister Rommath|
C Stormwind Troops|QID|32409|QO|2|S|
K Lieutenant Corwin|QID|32409|M|46.10,22.30;50.00,28.20;47.70,23.60;44.47,20.05;47.94,20.71;43.58,22.82;46.08,17.88|Z|Dalaran|CN|QO|1|
C Stormwind Troops|QID|32409|QO|2|US|
C Sunreaver Dragonhawks|QID|32410|M|74.50,40.65;73.50,45.35;74.30,51.05;72.18,49.24;70.70,51.08;68.83,40.90;69.25,49.08;76.05,48.98;76.51,44.38;72.42,39.48;70.99,44.74;67.51,44.71|Z|Dalaran|CN|N|Rescue the poor Dragonhawks.|
T The Kirin Tor’s True Colors|QID|32409|M|51.4,49.4|Z|Dalaran|N|To Grand Magister Rommath|
T Krasus’ Landing|QID|32410|M|51.4,49.4|Z|Dalaran|N|To Grand Magister Rommath|
A The Remaining Sunreavers|QID|32411|PRE|32409;32410|M|51.4,49.4|Z|Dalaran|N|From Grand Magister Rommath|
U Magister Hathorel|QID|32411|M|67.2,35|Z|Dalaran|U|93124|QO|3|N|Rescue by using the Tear of the Sin’dorei.|
U Uda the Beast|QID|32411|M|71,33.2|Z|Dalaran|U|93124|QO|1|N|Rescue by using the Tear of the Sin’dorei.|
U High Arcanist Savor|QID|32411|M|61,14.4|Z|Dalaran|U|93124|QO|2|N|Rescue by using the Tear of the Sin’dorei.|
U Magister Surdiel|QID|32411|M|58.4,26.4|Z|Dalaran|U|93124|QO|4|N|Rescue by using the Tear of the Sin’dorei.|
U Magistrix Vesara|QID|32411|M|65.2,23.6|Z|Dalaran|U|93124|QO|5|N|Rescue by using the Tear of the Sin’dorei.|
T The Remaining Sunreavers|QID|32411|M|51.4,49.4|Z|Dalaran|N|To Grand Magister Rommath|
A One Last Grasp|QID|32412|PRE|32411|M|51.4,49.4|Z|Dalaran|N|From Grand Magister Rommath|
K Mage-Commander Zuros|QID|32412|M|30,48.4|Z|Dalaran|QO|1|N|Kill and escape!|
R Silvermoon City|QID|32412|M|64.2,48.2|Z|Underbelly|N|Make you way back to the Underbelly sewer you came in by and jump!|
T One Last Grasp|QID|32412|M|54,20.4|Z|Silvermoon City|N|To Grand Magister Rommath|

A The Bell Speaks|QID|32398|M|10.4,53.8|REP|Dominance Offensive;1375;exalted|PRE|32410|N|From General Nazgrim|
T The Bell Speaks|QID|32398|M|55.8,34|REP|Dominance Offensive;1375;exalted|PRE|32108|N|To Malkorok|
A Breath of Darkest Shadow|QID|32399|PRE|32398|M|55.8,34|N|From Malkorok|
T Breath of Darkest Shadow|QID|32399|M|55.8,34|N|To Malkorok|



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    Jul 22, 2014 @ 21:27 pm

    RE: Window lockYup, I was going to ask if you had turned on auto-resize.Are you happier now?

  • img
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 6:24 am

    Window lockI have searched the settings until my fingers were blue, I can’t find where I can lock the window to the side of my right action bars. It keeps floating up and down. It does stay right next to the action bars horizontally, but it keeps moving the entire window vertically. By that I mean, not the expanding as new quests have more information the window grows to accomodate. The top and bottom of the window move. I position the top of wow-pro guide to be level with the top of my right action bars at the beginning of my session. During the session the top of the guide will grow to be level with my minimap and shrink to be middle of my action bars. So does the bottom of the guide, it will grow to the bottom of my screen and shrink to the middle of my action bars. That’s not the problem though. When I log off and back on, the top of the guide is next to my minimap and the bottom of my guide is at the top of my action bars. Is there some way to lock one or both to not move? What I would prefer is the top of the guide always be even with the top of my action bars and let the bottom grow and shrink as needed. I have tried the anchor point to be auto, bottom right, top right and center. None of these settings seem to make a difference as to the top of the guide not moving. I don’t see a setting to “lock” the display anywhere. Am I missing it? Maybe I just need to turn auto resize off. I’ll try that, but I do like it expanding to fit the quests with seven quests showing ahead. But, maybe, all I need to do is simply turn off auto resize and will have empty spaces at the bottom when the information isn’t so much as to fill it. Ok, thanks for letting me rant, I think I solved my own problrm. 🙂

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