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This guide will cover the Horde quests in Uldum. I will cover 100% of the quests in the zone, with the exception of the dungeon breadcrumb quests. Please note that this is based on a play through of the BETA version of the zone. Things can and probably will change. I will do my best to maintain the accuracy of the quests and objectives until finalized in the live version.

Everything in this guide can be done solo unless I specifically state otherwise. All of the level 80+ zones in Cataclysm make very heavy use of phasing as you progress through the zone. Be aware of this if you are trying to get a group for anything, as they may not be in the same phase as you are.

You will need to be able to use a flying mount in this zone. You have been warned.

I highly suggest you make use of the built-in quest tracking on the world map. I will describe as best I can where the NPCs and quest objectives are, but the objective tracking on the in game map will show you precisely where to go in most cases.

Please post and feedback, errors, or suggestions as comments.

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Table of Contents


  1. Getting to Uldum
  2. Escaping the Neferset
  3. Aiding the Ramkahen
    1. Reconnaissance and Rescue
    2. Lobbying for Votes

Getting to Uldum


1. You should be in Orgrimmar and have the quest That’s No Pyramid!, which is the last quest picked up in Deepholm.

Go to the Valley of Strength in Orgrimmar. Find Belloc Brightcaller inside Grommash Hold. He is standing to the right of Garrosh.

2. Turn in That’s No Pyramid!. Accept the follow up quest Meetup with the Caravan.

3. Fly to Tanaris. Once you arrive in Tanaris, fly to Adarrah at Thistleshrub Valley. (30.5, 65.5)

4. Speak to Adarrah to turn in Meetup with the Caravan. Accept Easy Money.

To the left of Adarrah, hop on the camel named Lady Humps. Or at least try to. Enjoy the small cutscene.

5. Once you have control of your character again, you will find yourself inside the Lost City of the Tol’vir. Speak to Adarrah directly in front of you to turn in Easy Money.

You’ll be attacked by a guard, but he is easy to deal with.

Escaping the Neferset


1. Speak to Prince Nadum, who is chained to the wall behind the cages. Accept the quest Traitors!.

2. Get on your flying mount and head west, into the raised terrace. Find the Nesferet Frond at about (61.7, 71.1). Click on it and watch the short cutscene.

Once you regain control of your character, return to Prince Nadum.

3. Turn in Traitors!. Accept the two followup quests, Smoke in Their Eyes and Kavem the Callous.

4. Talk to Budd in the cage to the right of Prince Nadum. Accept Budd’s Plan.

5. As you complete the other quests, be sure to kill any of the Neferset you see until you have collected 6 Neferset Armor. The armor pieces can also be picked up in various places around this section of the city.

6. Head south. Enter the first building on your left to find Kavem the Callous. Kill him and loot the Neferset Key from his corpse to complete the quest.

7. Continue moving through this section of the city, using the Brazier Torch to burn bales of hay until you complete Smoke in Their Eyes. Also, make sure you have completed Budd’s Plan.

8. Return to the cages. Speak to Budd to turn in Budd’s Plan. Then turn in the other two quests to Prince Nadum.

9. Accept Escape From the Lost City from Prince Nadum. After the cutscene you will now find yourself in Ramkahen.

Aiding the Ramkahen


1. Enter the building directly in front of you. Turn in Escape From the Lost City to King Phaoris. (54.9, 32.7)

Accept Impending Retribution.

2. Exit the building and go to your left. Speak to Kurzel, the Flight Master, to learn the new flight point. (56.2, 33.6)

3. Mount up and head west, to Mar’at. Speak to Asaq to get the information the king wants. (49.6, 39.2)

4. Right next Asaq, talk to Mack and accept the quest Take it to ‘Em!.

5. Fly toward the Seal of the Sun King, which is just to the north of Ramkahen. (53.0, 27.7)

6. When you arrive, speak to Sun Priest Asaris. Be sure to select his dialog option to complete the quest objective.

7. Accept both quests Asaris offers you, Relics of the Sun King and Venomblood Antidote.

8. Head in the desert area north and west of the Seal. Kill Venomblood Scorpids and use the Antidote Vial on their corpses to drain the poison. While doing this, kill any Wastewater Outriders you see until you have collected 4 Relics of the Sun King

Return to Sun Priest Asaris when both quests are complete.

9. Turn in, Relics of the Sun King and Venomblood Antidote. Accept the new quests he now offers, The Bandit Warlord.

10. Warlord Ihsenn can be found among some ruins to the northwest, at (45.7, 16.2). Kill him to complete The Bandit Warlord.

Return again to Sun Priest Asaris and turn in the quest.

11. Fly southeast to the Tahret Grounds. You will find Nomarch Teneth there at about (60.3, 38.3). Speak to him to finish the final step of Impending Retribution.

12. Mount up and fly back to Ramkahen. Turn in Impending Retribution to King Phaoris. AcceptAl’Akir’s Vengance.

13. Fly to the Arsad Trade Post. You will find Prince Nadum there. Turn in Al’Akir’s Vengance. Accept the follow up quest now available, Minions of Al’Akir.

12. Next to Prince Nadum is General Ammantep. Get both of the quests he offers, Under the Choking Sands and The Prophet Hadassi.

13. The city of Orsis is just west of the trade post. As you go through the half-buried city, you will find Orsis Survivors in the sand. Click on them to rescue them. You will need to rescue 8 Survivors to complete Under the Choking Sands. While doing that, be sure to kill 6 Scions of Al’Akir.


14. Find Prophet Hadassi at (40.0, 40.5). Turn in The Prophet Hadassi and accept the followup, The Prophet’s Dying Words.

15. Head south to (39.9, 44.7). You will find the Sacred Receptacle inside the building there. Click on the Sand-Covered Hieroglyphs to turn in , The Prophet’s Dying Words. Accept Colossal Guardians.

16. The Colossus of the Sun is right next to where we left Prophet Hadassi. Click on the Colossus, which will cause him to attack you. Loot the Stone of the Sun from him once he is dead.

17. Head north, through the archway. You will find the Colossus of the Moon there. Click, kill, loot. Once you have the Stone of the Moon, return to the building housing the Sacred Receptacle.

18. Turn in Colossal Guardians and accept The Scepter of Orsis. Click on the now unlocked Sacred Receptacle to get The Scepter of Orsis.

If you have not done so, make sure both Under the Choking Sands and Minions of Al’Akir are complete.

19. Return to the Arsad Trade Post. Turn in Under the Choking Sands and The Scepter of Orsis to General Ammantep.

20. Turn in Minions of Al’Akir to Prince Nadum. Accept his followup, Send Word to Phaoris.

21. Fly back to Ramkahen. Turn in Send Word to Phaoris to King Phaoris. A short cutscene follows. When it is finished, find Prince Nadum just outside the building.


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    Jan 27, 2008 @ 18:15 pm

    Very nice guideTook my right around 6 hours to hit 12 and I was almost 13 when I completed the guide. The only thing I did that deviated was in Odyseus Landing if you are lvl 10 the cave to the west killing the warlord is a mission. I went back and killed him for the mission and so I could mine in there 😉

    Without stopping for the occasional mine and had I of not done that I would have completed about 30 min faster.

    Congrats I look forward to using your guides for some future leveling!

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    Nov 19, 2007 @ 9:18 am

    Did it!Great guide! Did the whole thing very quickly and didn’t have to consult thottbot. Only error I noticed was somewhere you said to go east but it was actually west (didn’t matter since I followed the coords and they were correct).

    Thanks for your work with the guide, couldn’t have leveled as fast without it.

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    Sep 5, 2007 @ 12:26 pm

    GoodGood 🙂

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    Sep 4, 2007 @ 13:35 pm

    Thanks for Quote: this oneThanks for [quote] this one is actually getting better than i trought in the beginning[/quote] 😀 thats good if you like it bit more now. And about that choosing thing its great! because our guides are having it done nearly same way, and some ppls don’t really want to have coords or dont want to install/know how. so they can choose this and with coords they can use Strands. That doesn’t really matter because at end you will be 12 🙂

  • img
    Sep 3, 2007 @ 20:49 pm

    why not keep bothYou could also both finish your guides, then the other users would have the choice between either Strand’s light weight heavy coord-based guide and this more detailed one by asze. I would link both guides in mine then.

    this one is actually getting better than I thought in the beginning, although there’s still little things to change once it’s done.

    you should both keep it up 🙂


  • img
    Sep 2, 2007 @ 23:34 pm

    I agree with all Sven’sI agree with all Sven’s pointers – maybe we should merge the guides and the three of us work on the ones already started? Might be better when you put it in the terms of what would be best for the guide-pool of WoW-pro 😛

  • img
    Sep 2, 2007 @ 13:10 pm

    Well…I know my English is weak but i was thinking to run spell check over it.. now thanks to you i told myself to start use it. 🙂 i’m going to fix it right away!

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    Sep 1, 2007 @ 17:37 pm

    GuideBesides there’s Strands Guide coming up, I noticed that your English language skills seem kinda weak, I found grammar and spelling mistakes spread all over your guide. I would strongly recommend running a spell checking program over it at least.
    Many parts of the text also seem far too long, like it’s faster to read the quest texts by yourself. I’d recommend cutting them shorter. Leveling Guides are meant to be short but precise to speed up the leveling process.

    [i]I just PM’ed you with examples and hints and tips to improve it.[/i]

    I also think there’s some false information here and there, but maybe I just think different.
    Example: There’s nothing against Human, Dwarfen or Gnome players to quest here in Azure- and Bloodmyst, as long as they aren’t Warlocks (only trainer on Kalimdor is in Ratchet) or Rogues (nearest trainer is in Darnassus).
    They just have to run to Ironforge or Stormwind and find a kind mage to portal them to the Exodar. I think it’s quite worth it because I found the exp/hour in Azure- and especially Bloodmyst higher than in the Eastern Kingdom’s alternatives AND because of the Bloodmyst quests you usually start the low 20’s with FAR better equipment. Only little downside is that you can’t take the final 3 quests in Bloodmyst if you’re no Draenei, but you can just skip them.

    Final point: Don’t write “Coord AddOn not so needed” and use coords in your guides then. 🙂

    [i]Don’t want to criticise you too hard, please just take them as kind advices to improve your style.[/i]


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    Sep 1, 2007 @ 13:13 pm


    In case you haven’tHello,

    In case you haven’t noticed yet, i’ve started building a Draenei guide and Sven is constructing a 12-20 leading on from mine. Feel free to contribute to my guide and you will be credited, or you could, of course, finish your own.

    Either way, good luck 🙂

    ~ Strands ~

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