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    Jun 6, 2018 @ 17:35 pm

    Alliance DrustvarAlliance Drustvar file is located [url=]here[/url] and has been done by Strek.I
    think you copied this out of the WTF file?  In the future could you
    instead copy and paste from the window that opens when you click on the
    save button on the recorder interface? 

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    Jun 6, 2018 @ 6:59 am

    Where’s the Alliance side?[code][“Drust Do It”] = {        [“zone”] = “Drustvar”,        [“author”] = “Mateus Freitas”,        [“nextGID”] = “”,        [“faction”] = “Alliance”,        [“guidetype”] = “Leveling”,        [“startlevel”] = 110,        [“endlevel”] = 120,        [“sequence”] = “A Drustvar||M||||nT Drustvar||M||||N||||nA The Vanishing Lord||M||||N||||nC The Vanishing Lord||Z||||QO||||N||||nC The Vanishing Lord||QO||||N||||nC The Vanishing Lord||QO||||N||||nT The Vanishing Lord||M||||N||||nA Signs and Portents||M||||N||||nA Fallhaven’s Curse||M||||N||||nC Questionable Offerings||QO||||N||||nC Questionable Offerings||QO||||N||||nT Questionable Offerings||M||||N||||nA Not the Bees!||M||||N||||nA Mind the Hives||M||||N||||nC Mind the Hives||QO||||N||||nC Mind the Hives||QO||||N||||nT Not the Bees!||M||||N||||nT Mind the Hives||M||||N||||nA A Simple Sacrifice||M||||N||||nC A Simple Sacrifice||QO||||N||||nT A Simple Sacrifice||M||||N||||nA Changing Seasons||M||||N||||nC Changing Seasons||QO||||N||||nC Changing Seasons||QO||||N||||nT Changing Seasons||M||||N||||nT Fallhaven’s Curse||M||||nA Teddies and Tea||M||||N||||nC Teddies and Tea||QO||||N||||nC Teddies and Tea||QO||||N||||nC Teddies and Tea||QO||||N||||nT Teddies and Tea||M||||N||||nA Kitty?||M||||N||||nT Kitty?||M||||N||||nA The Accursed Thicket||M||||N||||nA The Village of Glenbrook||M||||N||||nC The Village of Glenbrook||QO||||N||||nC The Village of Glenbrook||QO||||N||||nC The Village of Glenbrook||QO||||N||||nT The Accursed Thicket||M||||nT The Village of Glenbrook||M||||N||||nA Tea Party||M||||N||||nC Tea Party||QO||||N||||nC Tea Party||QO||||N||||nC Tea Party||QO||||N||||nT Tea Party||M||||N||||nA Seeing Spirits||M||||N||||nA Crypt Keepers||M||||N||||nT Crypt Keepers||M||||N||||nC Seeing Spirits||QO||||N||||nC Seeing Spirits||QO||||N||||nC Seeing Spirits||QO||||N||||nT Seeing Spirits||M||||N||||nA Split Party||M||||N||||nC Split Party||QO||||N||||nT Split Party||M||||N||||nA Looking For One More||M||||N||||nT Crypt Keepers||M||||N||||nC Looking For One More||QO||||N||||nT Looking For One More||M||||N||||nA Nooooope||M||||nT Nooooope||M||||nT The Waycrest Daughter||M||||N||||nA Standing Accused||M||||N||||nC Standing Accused||QO||||N||||nf Hangman’s Point||M||||N||||nT Standing Accused||M||||N||||nA The Woods Have Eyes||M||||N||||nA In Case of Ambush||M||||N||||nC In Case of Ambush||QO||||N||||nC The Woods Have Eyes||QO||||N||||nC The Woods Have Eyes||QO||||N||||nT In Case of Ambush||M||||N||||nT The Woods Have Eyes||M||||N||||nA Trial by Superstition||M||||N||||nC Trial by Superstition||QO||||N||||nT Trial by Superstition||M||||N||||nA A Pungent Solution||M||||N||||nA Once Bitten, Twice Shy||M||||N||||nA Harmful If Swallowed||M||||N||||nC Once Bitten, Twice Shy||QO||||N||||nA Quill or Be Quilled||M||||N||||nC A Pungent Solution||QO||||N||||nC Harmful If Swallowed||QO||||N||||nC Quill or Be Quilled||QO||||N||||nT Quill or Be Quilled||M||||N||||nT Harmful If Swallowed||M||||N||||nT A Pungent Solution||M||||N||||nC Once Bitten, Twice Shy||QO||||N||||nT Once Bitten, Twice Shy||M||||N||||nA The Burden of Proof||M||||N||||nC The Burden of Proof||QO||||N||||nC The Burden of Proof||QO||||N||||nC The Burden of Proof||QO||||N||||nC The Burden of Proof||QO||||N||||nT The Burden of Proof||M||||N||||nA The Curse of Fletcher’s Hollow||M||||N||||nA Take the Bait||M||||N||||nA Mean Gulls||M||||N||||nA I Like Fish Guts and I Cannot Lie||M||||N||||nA The Reel Deal||M||||nC I Like Fish Guts and I Cannot Lie||QO||||N||||nC Take the Bait||QO||||N||||nC The Reel Deal||QO||||N||||nT The Reel Deal||M||||nC Mean Gulls||QO||||N||||nT I Like Fish Guts and I Cannot Lie||M||||N||||nT Mean Gulls||M||||N||||nT Take the Bait||M||||N||||nA Big Gulls Won’t Die||M||||N||||nC Big Gulls Won’t Die||QO||||N||||nT Big Gulls Won’t Die||M||||N||||nT The Curse of Fletcher’s Hollow||M||||N||||nA Clear-Cutting||M||||N||||nA Save Who We Can||M||||N||||nC Clear-Cutting||QO||||N||||nC Save Who We Can||QO||||N||||nT Save Who We Can||M||||N||||nT Clear-Cutting||M||||N||||nA Hope They Can’t Swim||M||||N||||nf Timbered Strand||M||||N||||nC Hope They Can’t Swim||QO||||N||||nT Hope They Can’t Swim||M||||N||||nA Break Them to Splinters||M||||N||||nA The Three Sisters||M||||N||||nA Charming the Lifeless||M||||N||||nC The Three Sisters||QO||||N||||nA The Great Sea Scrolls||M||||nC The Three Sisters||QO||||N||||nC Charming the Lifeless||QO||||N||||nC The Three Sisters||QO||||N||||nA A Revealing Missive||M||||nT A Revealing Missive||M||||N||||nT Charming the Lifeless||M||||N||||nT The Three Sisters||M||||N||||nA The Murderous Matron||M||||N||||nA Culling the Coven||M||||N||||nC The Murderous Matron||QO||||N||||nT Break Them to Splinters||M||||N||||nC Culling the Coven||QO||||N||||nC The Murderous Matron||QO||||N||||nA Break Them to Splinters||M||||nT Culling the Coven||M||||N||||nT The Murderous Matron||M||||N||||nA An Airtight Alibi||M||||N||||nC Break Them to Splinters||QO||||N||||nT Break Them to Splinters||M||||nT An Airtight Alibi||M||||N||||nA And Justice For All||M||||N||||nC And Justice For All||QO||||N||||nC And Justice For All||QO||||N||||nT And Justice For All||M||||N||||nA A Slight Detour||M||||N||||nA Gol Koval||M||||N||||nA Nooooope||M||||nT Nooooope||M||||nT Gol Koval||M||||N||||nA Deliverance||M||||N||||nT Deliverance||M||||N||||nA Rescue Rangers||M||||N||||nA Boned||M||||N||||nA The Hills Are Alive||M||||N||||nA Total Cairnage||M||||N||||nA Crypt Keepers||M||||N||||nC Signs and Portents||M||||N||||nC Signs and Portents||M||||N||||nC Signs and Portents||M||||N||||nT Signs and Portents||M||||N||||nA The Wayward Crone||M||||N||||nT The Wayward Crone||M||||N||||nA Witch Hunt||M||||N||||nC Witch Hunt||M||||N||||nA Cracking the Curse||M||||N||||nA Furious Familiars||M||||N||||nC Witch Hunt||M||||N||||nT Witch Hunt||M||||N||||nC Cracking the Curse||M||||N||||nC Furious Familiars||M||||N||||nT Furious Familiars||M||||N||||nT Cracking the Curse||M||||N||||nA The Final Effigy||M||||N||||nC The Final Effigy||M||||N||||nC The Final Effigy||M||||N||||nT The Final Effigy||M||||N||||nA The Waycrest Daughter||M||||N||||nA WANTED: Rindlewoe||M||||N||||nf Fallhaven||M||||N||||nC WANTED: Rindlewoe||M||||N||||nT WANTED: Rindlewoe||M||||N||||nA To Market, To Market||M||||N||||nA The Northern Caverns||M||||N||||nh The Swine’s Larder||M||||N||||nT The Northern Caverns||M||||N||||nA Menace to Society||M||||N||||nA The Adventurer’s Society||M||||N||||nC Menace to Society||QO||||N||||nC The Adventurer’s Society||QO||||N||||nT The Adventurer’s Society||M||||N||||nT Menace to Society||M||||N||||nA Mistakes Were Made||M||||N||||nA Research Recovery||M||||N||||nC Research Recovery||QO||||N||||nC Research Recovery||QO||||N||||nC Mistakes Were Made||QO||||N||||nC Mistakes Were Made||QO||||N||||nC Mistakes Were Made||QO||||N||||nC Research Recovery||QO||||N||||nT Research Recovery||M||||N||||nT Mistakes Were Made||M||||N||||nA Terminal Degree||M||||N||||nC Terminal Degree||QO||||N||||nC Terminal Degree||QO||||N||||nT Terminal Degree||M||||N||||nT A Slight Detour||M||||N||||nA Yeti to Rumble||M||||N||||nA Salvage Rights||M||||N||||nC Salvage Rights||QO||||N||||nA If Bones Could Talk||M||||nC If Bones Could Talk||QO||||N||||nC Salvage Rights||QO||||N||||nC Salvage Rights||QO||||N||||nC Salvage Rights||QO||||N||||nC Yeti to Rumble||QO||||N||||nT If Bones Could Talk||M||||N||||nT Salvage Rights||M||||N||||nT Yeti to Rumble||M||||N||||nA Diversionary Tactics||M||||N||||nC Diversionary Tactics||QO||||N||||nT Diversionary Tactics||M||||N||||nA Unlocking History||M||||N||||nC Unlocking History||QO||||N||||nT Unlocking History||M||||N||||nA The Ruins of Gol Var||M||||N||||nC The Ruins of Gol Var||QO||||N||||nT The Ruins of Gol Var||M||||N||||nA The Order of Embers||M||||N||||nC The Order of Embers||QO||||N||||nT The Order of Embers||M||||N||||nA Take the High Road||M||||N||||nC The High Thornspeaker||QO||||N||||nC The High Thornspeaker||QO||||N||||nT The High Thornspeaker||M||||N||||nA WANTED: The Rime Huntress||M||||nC WANTED: The Rime Huntress||QO||||N||||nT WANTED: The Rime Huntress||M||||N||||nT Take the High Road||M||||N||||nA A Lesson in Witch Hunting||M||||N||||nC A Lesson in Witch Hunting||QO||||N||||nC A Lesson in Witch Hunting||QO||||N||||nC A Lesson in Witch Hunting||QO||||N||||nT A Lesson in Witch Hunting||M||||N||||nA Sharp Thinking||M||||N||||nA Changing of the Guard||M||||N||||nA Implements of Ill Intent||M||||N||||nA Hidden Dealings||M||||N||||nC Sharp Thinking||QO||||N||||nC Changing of the Guard||QO||||N||||nh Northwood Home||M||||N||||nC Changing of the Guard||QO||||N||||nC Changing of the Guard||QO||||N||||nC Changing of the Guard||QO||||N||||nf Arom’s Stand||M||||N||||nC Implements of Ill Intent||QO||||N||||nC Changing of the Guard||QO||||N||||nC Hidden Dealings||QO||||N||||nC Hidden Dealings||QO||||N||||nT Sharp Thinking||M||||N||||nT Implements of Ill Intent||M||||N||||nT Hidden Dealings||M||||N||||nT Changing of the Guard||M||||N||||nA A New Order||M||||N||||nC A New Order||QO||||N||||nC A New Order||QO||||N||||nT A New Order||M||||N||||nA The Road to Corlain||M||||N||||nA Through the Old Roads||M||||N||||nA Really Big Problem||N||||nC Really Big Problem||N||||nC Rescue Rangers||N||||nC Total Cairnage||N||||nC Boned||N||||nC Total Cairnage||N||||nC The Hills Are Alive||N||||nT Really Big Problem||N||||nT The Hills Are Alive||N||||nT Total Cairnage||N||||nT Boned||N||||nT Rescue Rangers||N||||nA The High Thornspeaker||N||||nT To Market, To Market||N||||nA Save Their Bacon||N||||nA Big Bad Wolves||N||||nA Pork Chop||N||||nC Save Their Bacon||N||||nC Save Their Bacon||nA That’s Not My Fetish||nC Pork Chop||nC Save Their Bacon||nC Big Bad Wolves||nC Save Their Bacon||nT Pork Chop||nT Big Bad Wolves||nT That’s Not My Fetish||nT Save Their Bacon||nA Cured Ham||nC Cured Ham||nT Cured Ham||nf Trader’s Camp||nA Wicker Worship||nT Wicker Worship||nA Questionable Offerings||nT Through the Old Roads||M||||N||||nA Pieces of History||M||||N||||nA Honorable Discharge||M||||N||||nA Clear Victory||M||||N||||nC Pieces of History||QO||||N||||nC Pieces of History||QO||||N||||nC Pieces of History||QO||||N||||nC Pieces of History||QO||||N||||nC Honorable Discharge||QO||||N||||nC Clear Victory||QO||||N||||nC Pieces of History||QO||||N||||nT Pieces of History||M||||N||||nT Honorable Discharge||M||||N||||nA Drustfall||M||||N||||nT Clear Victory||M||||N||||nC Drustfall||QO||||N||||nC Drustfall||QO||||N||||nT Drustfall||M||||N||||nA To Falconhurst!||M||||N||||nA Saplings in the Snow||M||||N||||nC Saplings in the Snow||QO||||N||||nT Saplings in the Snow||M||||N||||nA Greenstalker||M||||N||||nC Greenstalker||QO||||N||||nT Greenstalker||M||||N||||nT To Falconhurst!||M||||N||||nA Breaking Hag||M||||N||||nA Spell Bound||M||||N||||nA Life Preserver||M||||N||||nC Life Preserver||QO||||N||||nC Life Preserver||QO||||N||||nC Life Preserver||QO||||N||||nT Life Preserver||M||||N||||nC Spell Bound||QO||||N||||nC Breaking Hag||QO||||N||||nT Breaking Hag||M||||N||||nT Spell Bound||M||||N||||nA Hold The Barricade!||M||||N||||nC Hold The Barricade!||QO||||N||||nC Hold The Barricade!||QO||||N||||nT Hold The Barricade!||M||||N||||nA So Long, Sister||M||||N||||nA Village Repair||M||||N||||nC So Long, Sister||QO||||N||||nT So Long, Sister||M||||N||||nA Bramblethorn||M||||N||||nf Falconhurst||M||||N||||nA WANTED: The Crimson Cutthroats||M||||N||||nA A Missing Master||M||||N||||nC Bramblethorn||QO||||N||||nC A Missing Master||QO||||N||||nC A Missing Master||QO||||N||||nT A Missing Master||M||||N||||nA Curiously Strong||M||||N||||nA Building Defenses||M||||N||||nT Village Repair||M||||N||||nC Building Defenses||QO||||N||||nC Building Defenses||QO||||N||||nC Curiously Strong||QO||||N||||nC WANTED: The Crimson Cutthroats||QO||||N||||nC WANTED: The Crimson Cutthroats||QO||||N||||nC WANTED: The Crimson Cutthroats||QO||||N||||nT Building Defenses||M||||N||||nT WANTED: The Crimson Cutthroats||M||||N||||nT Curiously Strong||M||||N||||nA A Weapon of Old||M||||N||||nC A Weapon of Old||QO||||N||||nC A Weapon of Old||QO||||N||||nT A Weapon of Old||M||||N||||nA Fighting With Fire||M||||N||||nT Bramblethorn||M||||N||||nC Fighting With Fire||QO||||N||||nT Fighting With Fire||M||||N||||nA Into the Crimsonwood||M||||N||||nT Into the Crimsonwood||M||||N||||nA Saving Master Ashton||M||||N||||nA Odds and Ends||M||||N||||nC Saving Master Ashton||QO||||N||||nA Bittersweet||M||||N||||nC Bittersweet||QO||||N||||nC Bittersweet||QO||||N||||nT Saving Master Ashton||M||||N||||nC Bittersweet||QO||||N||||nC Bittersweet||QO||||N||||nC Bittersweet||QO||||N||||nC Bittersweet||QO||||N||||nC Odds and Ends||QO||||N||||nC Odds and Ends||QO||||N||||nT Bittersweet||M||||N||||nT Odds and Ends||M||||N||||nA A Little ‘Pick Me Up’||M||||N||||nC A Little ‘Pick Me Up’||QO||||N||||nC Shrine of the Storm||Z||||S||N||||nC Tidesage Council defeated||Z||||N||||nC Lord Stormsong defeated||M||||N||||nC Vol’zith the Whisperer defeated||M||||N||||nC Shrine of the Storm||Z||||US||N||||nC nil||Z||||S||N||||nA A Little ‘Pick Me Up’||M||||N||||nC A Little ‘Pick Me Up’||QO||||N||||nC A Little ‘Pick Me Up’||QO||||N||||nT A Little ‘Pick Me Up’||M||||N||||nA Deeper into the Woods||M||||N||||nC Deeper into the Woods||QO||||N||||nT Deeper into the Woods||M||||N||||nA Stopping the Grand Rite||M||||N||||nA Witch Way Out?||M||||N||||nA Controlling the Situation||M||||N||||nA Matrons of the Crimsonwood||M||||N||||nC Stopping the Grand Rite||QO||||N||||nC Stopping the Grand Rite||QO||||N||||nC Stopping the Grand Rite||QO||||N||||nC Witch Way Out?||QO||||N||||nC Matrons of the Crimsonwood||QO||||N||||nC Matrons of the Crimsonwood||QO||||N||||nC Matrons of the Crimsonwood||QO||||N||||nC Controlling the Situation||QO||||N||||nT Witch Way Out?||M||||N||||nT Stopping the Grand Rite||M||||N||||nT Matrons of the Crimsonwood||M||||N||||nT Controlling the Situation||M||||N||||nA In the Hall of the Drust King||M||||N||||nC In the Hall of the Drust King||QO||||N||||nC In the Hall of the Drust King||QO||||N||||nT In the Hall of the Drust King||M||||N||||nA Stick It To ‘Em!||M||||N||||nC Stick It To ‘Em!||QO||||N||||nC Stick It To ‘Em!||QO||||N||||nC Stick It To ‘Em!||QO||||N||||nC Stick It To ‘Em!||QO||||N||||nT Stick It To ‘Em!||M||||N||||nT The Road to Corlain||M||||N||||nA The First Watch||M||||N||||nC The First Watch||QO||||N||||nT The First Watch||M||||N||||nA A Weather Eye||M||||N||||nh Watchman’s Tower||M||||N||||nf Watchman’s Rise||M||||N||||nC A Weather Eye||QO||||N||||nC A Weather Eye||QO||||N||||nC A Weather Eye||QO||||N||||nC A Weather Eye||QO||||N||||nC A Weather Eye||QO||||N||||nT A Weather Eye||M||||N||||nA A Steady Ballast||M||||N||||nA Precious Metals||M||||N||||nA An Eight-Legged Curse||M||||N||||nA All Wrapped Up||M||||N||||nC Precious Metals||QO||||N||||nC All Wrapped Up||QO||||N||||nC An Eight-Legged Curse||QO||||N||||nT All Wrapped Up||M||||N||||nT An Eight-Legged Curse||M||||N||||nT Precious Metals||M||||N||||nA Digging for Scraps||M||||N||||nC A Steady Ballast||QO||||N||||nC A Steady Ballast||QO||||N||||nC Digging for Scraps||QO||||N||||nT Digging for Scraps||M||||N||||nT A Steady Ballast||M||||N||||nA An Improvised Arsenal||M||||N||||nC An Improvised Arsenal||QO||||N||||nC An Improvised Arsenal||QO||||N||||nC An Improvised Arsenal||QO||||N||||nC An Improvised Arsenal||QO||||N||||nT An Improvised Arsenal||M||||N||||nA Witchrending||M||||N||||nA To Have Loved and Lost||M||||N||||nA WANTED: Sister Lilias||M||||N||||nA Reclaiming Corlain||M||||N||||nA Remembering the Fallen||M||||N||||nC Witchrending||QO||||N||||nC Witchrending||QO||||N||||nC Remembering the Fallen||QO||||N||||nC Witchrending||QO||||N||||nA Reeking Refuge||M||||N||||nC Reeking Refuge||QO||||N||||nT Reeking Refuge||M||||N||||nA Eating Through the Defenses||M||||N||||nA An Offensive Harvest||M||||N||||nC An Offensive Harvest||QO||||N||||nC Eating Through the Defenses||QO||||N||||nC WANTED: Sister Lilias||QO||||N||||nC To Have Loved and Lost||QO||||N||||nT WANTED: Sister Lilias||M||||N||||nT Remembering the Fallen||M||||N||||nT Witchrending||M||||N||||nA Barrier Buster||M||||N||||nA A Traitor’s Death||M||||N||||nT Reclaiming Corlain||M||||nT Eating Through the Defenses||M||||N||||nT An Offensive Harvest||M||||N||||nA Potent Protection||M||||N||||nT Potent Protection||M||||N||||nC A Traitor’s Death||QO||||N||||nC A Traitor’s Death||QO||||N||||nC Barrier Buster||QO||||N||||nT To Have Loved and Lost||M||||N||||nA Painful Memories||M||||N||||nC Painful Memories||QO||||N||||nT Painful Memories||M||||N||||nA Running Late||M||||N||||nC Running Late||QO||||N||||nC Running Late||QO||||N||||nT Running Late||M||||N||||nA From This Day Forward||M||||N||||nC From This Day Forward||QO||||N||||nT From This Day Forward||M||||N||||nA Blood in the Chapel||M||||N||||nC Blood in the Chapel||QO||||N||||nT Blood in the Chapel||M||||N||||nA The Lady’s Fate||M||||N||||nC The Lady’s Fate||QO||||N||||nC The Lady’s Fate||QO||||N||||nC The Lady’s Fate||QO||||N||||nT The Lady’s Fate||M||||N||||nA One Last Request||M||||N||||nT One Last Request||M||||N||||nT A Traitor’s Death||M||||N||||nA Hexed Hatchlings||M||||N||||nA Leaving the Nest||M||||N||||nC Hexed Hatchlings||QO||||N||||nC Leaving the Nest||QO||||N||||nT Hexed Hatchlings||M||||N||||nT Leaving the Nest||M||||N||||nT Barrier Buster||M||||N||||nA Break On Through||M||||N||||nC Break On Through||QO||||N||||nT Break On Through||M||||N||||nA Hexecutioner||M||||N||||nA Ruinous Rituals||M||||N||||nA To the Other Side||M||||N||||nA The Fall of Corlain||M||||nC To the Other Side||QO||||N||||nC To the Other Side||QO||||N||||nC The Fall of Corlain||QO||||N||||nC To the Other Side||QO||||N||||nC Hexecutioner||QO||||N||||nC Ruinous Rituals||QO||||N||||nT Hexecutioner||M||||N||||nT Ruinous Rituals||M||||N||||nT To the Other Side||M||||N||||nT The Fall of Corlain||M||||N||||nA Storming the Manor||M||||N||||nC Storming the Manor||QO||||N||||nC Storming the Manor||QO||||N||||nT Storming the Manor||M||||N||||nA Waycrest Manor: The Fallen Mother||M||||N||||nC Waycrest Manor||Z||||S||N||||nC Soulbound Goliath defeated||Z||||N||||nC Raal the Gluttonous defeated||Z||||N||||nC Lord and Lady Waycrest defeated||Z||||N||||nC Waycrest Manor: The Fallen Mother||Z||||QO||||N||||nC Gorak Tul defeated||Z||||N||||nC Waycrest Manor||Z||||US||N||||nC nil||Z||||S||N||||nh Snug Harbor Inn||M||||N||||nT Waycrest Manor: The Fallen Mother||M||||N||||nA Everburning||M||||N||||nC Everburning||QO||||N||||nC Everburning||QO||||N||||nT Everburning||M||||N||||nA House Waycrest||M||||N||||nT House Waycrest||QID||53109||M||73.80,25.11||Z||Tiragarde Sound||N||To Taelia.||”,    }[/code]

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