Earning Kurenai / Mag’har Reputation


Earning Kurenai / Mag’har Reputation

Background and Prerequisites
Probably one of the first things that comes into mind with all of World of Warcraft, is how things would look on you, and how much of a brag it would be to show off your latest Epic. One of the nicer looking mounts is the Kurenai / Mag’har‘s Talbuk Epic ground mounts, which is a cross between a Ram, and a Unicorn, shall I say.

This guide is to guide you on how you would earn your Kurenai / Mag’har reputation until Exalted to mount those bizarre creatures.
To earn the reputation, you will need to do a series of quests, and grind mobs, and/or turn in Obsidian Warbeads for reputation. There is a catch though. Those beads can be turned in to the Consortium as well. Though the reward for each 10 beads is 500 for Kurenai / Mag’har, and 250 for Consortium. I would advise to check the rewards for both factions, and decide whether or not to turn in these beads to whoever.

First off, I would advise you to hold off until Level 70 to do this process, as it makes things a lot quicker. You will be grinding level 64 mobs. Trying to grind these at under 70 is still doable, but you will probably spend twice the time. It’s your choice however.
Quests are the most rewarding for the work involved. Each related quest grants 500 reputation at least, some are 700. Some straightforward quests involving little work grant substantially less.

Follow this link: for a comprehensive list of Quests to complete. It has a list of related quests to follow. Obviously, you would be completing some of them as you level from 60 to 70. Some involve group work, and are impossible to solo at lower levels. Another reason to wait until 70 to complete it, as you can easily solo the Elite quests.
Players will start off unfriendly with Kurenai / Mag’har, and have to work up to Exalted.
Finish the quests to earn about 15000 reputation. It will be a breeze at 70.

This is where the guide kicks off. The quests are the easy part. The not so pleasant part is to grind mobs which grant 10 reputation each. Note that while you complete the quests, you will be earning reputation off mobs as well, so that is added toward your reputation count. After finishing the quests, you should be a little under Revered, or about half way, including all the mobs you destroy. And this is where your grinding journey starts.
It’s not going to be easy, but since when do good Epics come at an easy price?

The Grind
Once you have no more quests to turn in, you will have to resort to grinding mobs for 10 reputation each, and also handing in Obsidian Warbeads. Every 10 beads grant 500 exact reputation points, and is a relaxing way to earn those points. However, it is your choice to choose Kurenai / Mag’har or the Consortium. This guide assumes every bead looted goes towards Kurenai / Mag’har.

Every mob you kill in Nagrand will grant you reputation to Kurenai / Mag’har of value 10 each. If you do the mathematics, halfway until Revered is just 6000/12000. And after that comes 0/21000. That’s 27000 points we’re talking about, and that is 2700 mobs to grind kill. That’s a lot to kill. Though fear not, beads are handy. Each mob has a 33% drop rate of beads. Meaning every 30 mobs you kill will grant you 10 beads, and hence 500 reputation. Add that to the 30 mobs you killed, that gives you 800 reputation. Easy? Perhaps.

I grinded this with a 70 Holy Priest, and let me tell you, it was such a bore, I had to move my TV from the lounge into the room, with Lethal Weapon 4 in the background, and Uncle Benny’s laughing gas mishap to make my day.

I find that the Burning Blade Ruins is the best way to grind. I have tried other areas, and they were too crowded with other mobs, making pulling easier, and hence frustrating. Other mobs also involve spell locks, which further slow things down. Burning Blade Ruins seems the best place. The drop rate is excellent. Just a little over 35% for beads for me. The cash drop is decent. And the world drops are excellent too. I grinded all the way to Exalted from there.

The area involves a cave, and an open area. Players will move from outside to inside to grind mobs. The respawn rate is excellent might I say. The only downtime I had was through drinks. Once you enter the cave to clear, mobs will have respawned outside, once you finish with the inside.
Persevere, and you will finally reach Exalted.

Now the Mathematics
You all know that mobs grant 10 reputation each, and each mob has an assumed 33% drop rate. Combine 10 beads to give 500 reputation, which effectively means 50 reputation per bead.

Calculate your Exalted offset. Meaning the value left to grind. Say for example, you need 21000 reputation left.
The formula goes;

21000 = (50/3)*X + 10X

Where X is the estimated number to grind.
It works out to become;

21000 = 26.666666667*X
Bang that into a calculator, and work out an estimate of mobs to grind.
X then equals 787.5 number of ogres to kill. An estimate of course.
Drop rates vary, and depend on chance. But an average of 33% is a safe assumption. Like I said, My overall drop rate was a little over 35%. Though minute, It makes a good few hours of difference.

So therefore, after doing all your quests, you need to grind 788 mobs in Nagrand to become Exalted.
Don’t forget that you need to turn in the beads, as this guide accounts for them.

What I did was grind until 6000/21000, and by that time, I had 300 beads in my bags. I returned to Telaar (Alliance), and turned them in.

Tada. Grind it, and you will be Revered in no time.
Note: You need to realise that beads can only be handed in 10 at a time. So, make sure you complete 10 to hand in. There’s no point knowing you’re 450 away from Exalted with 9 beads in the bag, only to discover that you need 10 to complete it. Prepare yourself for that last bead.

And might i say, it is worth the grind to ride this colourful mount!

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    Sep 12, 2008 @ 12:46 pm

    Thanks for the comments. MyThanks for the comments. My first guide.
    I just received the mount, and was wanting to spread the joy.

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    Sep 12, 2008 @ 8:14 am

    Nice little guide, wellNice little guide, well done. I’ve edited a couple of typos, hope you don’t mind. You can see the changes I made by using the “revisions” tab.

    One thing you could improve is make your math formula clearer (I understood it perfectly, but most people hate maths :p). Make it so that the end formula ends up with X = … and clarify what exactly the result means (X = number of ogers you’ll have to kill obviously, but it might not be obvious to everyone, try to clarify that).

    In any case, good work.

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    Sep 12, 2008 @ 1:31 am

    two birds, one stone. justtwo birds, one stone. just grind out the 10 rep kills. and use warbeads for consortium. might need a FEW movies. but its worth it. the bag of gems each month alone pays for the time after a couple months. 😉

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