Elden Ring 100% Walkthrough – Part 2


Welcome to my 100% Walkthrough for Elden Ring.

This is Part 2 of my Walkthrough, I’ve decided to split it into several pages to make it more readable.

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Walkthrough Presentation
The Build
The Guide Format
Character Creation

Walkthrough episodes (Part 2):


On this page you will find:

  • A very compact text version of my guide that you can use as a roadmap
  • A very detailed Video Format, with timecodes for every key step and chapters to skip the parts which you don’t feel like watching. So I recommend to give it a try and to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to get the latest info first.

Elden Ring 100% Completion and Time spent


This is a REAL 100% WalkthroughI’m well over 1500+ hours of preparation for this guide to make sure not a single item was missed and to complete 100% of Elden Ring as efficiently as possible!

In this guide, I will of course show you how to unlock ALL Elden Ring Trophies / Achievements, but also:

  • Acquire ALL Items
  • Acquire ALL Weapons
  • Acquire ALL Armor
  • Acquire ALL Spells
  • Complete all the side quests
  • Expore every dungeon
  • Defeat every Boss and mini boss

But I will also provide many advice to become better at the game:

  • Basic Combat Mechanics and Tips
  • Advanced Combat Tips


If you enjoy this format, please check my other 100% walkthroughs:


The walkthrough

This is the ultimate guide to complete 100% of Elden Ring

This is more than just a Platinum Trophy guide, we’ll get everything.


  • All 42 Trophies including the Elden Lord platinum trophy
  • All 7 Great Runes
  • All Quest Lines, every NPC dialogues until the end of their quest lines
  • All 32 Flask of Wondrous Physiks Tears
  • All 20 Cracked Pots
  • All 10 Ritual Pots
  • All 10 Perfume Bottles
  • All 8 Memory Stones
  • All 3 Talisman Pouches
  • All Ashes of War
  • All Spirit Ashes
  • All Weapons
  • All Shields
  • All Bows and Crossbows
  • All Armor Sets
  • All Talismans
  • All Sacred Tears
  • All Golden Seeds
  • All 8 Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones (to upgrade 8 Unique Armaments to the Max)
  • All 15 Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones (to upgrade 15 Normal Armaments to the Max)
  • All Stonesword Keys (we’ll finish our 1st playthrough with 34 spare Stonesword Keys after opening every possible Imp Statues)
  • All 3 Mending Runes (for the alternative endings)
  • All Keys and Medallions
  • All 18 Larval Tears (for respec)
  • All 24 Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbooks
  • All 7 Armorer’s Cookbooks
  • All 8 Glintstone Craftman’s Cookbooks
  • All 7 Missionary’s Cookbooks
  • All 4 Ancient Dragon Apostle’s Cookbooks
  • All 4 Perfumer’s Cookbooks
  • All 3 Fevor’s Cookbooks
  • All 2 Frenzied Cookbooks
  • All 6 Whetblades
  • All 19 Maps


All incantations:

  • 6 Bestial Incantations
  • 4 Blood Incantations
  • 14 Dragon Communion Incantations
  • 12 Dragon Cult Incantations
  • 13 Erdtree Incantations
  • 4 Fire Giant Incantations
  • 9 Fire Monk Incantations
  • 5 Frenzied Flame Incantations
  • 6 Godskin Apostle Incantations
  • 9 Golden Order Incantations
  • 4 Servants of Rot Incantations
  • 15 Two Fingers Incantations


All sorceries:

  • 2 Aberrant Sorceries
  • 10 Carian Sorceries
  • 3 Crystallian Sorceries
  • 5 Death Sorceries
  • 2 Full Moon Sorceries
  • 20 Glintstone Sorceries
  • 5 Gravity Sorceries
  • 2 Loretta’s Sorceries
  • 4 Magma Sorceries
  • 7 Night Sorceries
  • 3 Primeval Sorceries
  • 5 Snow Witch Sorceries


Basically, we’ll farm everything, every Golden Rune, material or consumable will be found and looted if you follow this guide. You’ll finish your first playthrough with plenty of materials to do anything you want in your New Game+ or Co-op / PvP game after.


I’ve planned this guide to do everything in the most efficient order, so that we never hit difficulty walls and complete the full game with as little deaths as possible. Every upgrade that can help will be obtained at the right moment, you’ll be warned in advance of every ambush and trap, there will be an optimal strategy for each of the 170 bosses in Elden Ring.


  • If you’ve never played a souls game before, I guarantee you will Platinum this game without any problems if you follow my guide.
  • If you’re a casual gamer or 70+ year old with bad reflexes, I guarantee you will Platinum this game too.
  • If you’re a veteran souls player, I guarantee you won’t regret following this guide, it will save you a lot of time and you’ll probably learn a few tricks and hidden game mechanics.


We’ll start the game with a few basic combat mechanics, get some early upgrades and progressively add more tools to our arsenal and explore some advanced combat tactics as well as new game mechanics which only exist in Elden Ring.


The Build

We’ll start with a very simple quality build and keep it that way in the early game. We’ll be very powerful and kill our first two Shardbearers that way.

Then we’ll use a single Larval Tear to respec and go a different route. We’ll be go heavy in INT and switch to one of the strongest weapons in the game, Moonveil, which will not only make us extremely strong in melee, but also have access to a range of Sorceries which will make us even more powerful and versatile.


About midway through our adventure, we’ll also acquire the most iconic weapon in all souls games: the Dark Moon Greatsword, which will make us even stronger. That’s the general path we’ll take, but there will be many other surprises and upgrades we’ll pick up along the way. We’ll of course use Summons, Ashes of war, Shields and strong counters. We’ll also use a bit of crafting in certain situations to use pots. And we’ll use Perfumes, which are incredibly underrated.


One of my goals was to showcase a very strong yet versatile character build, instead of a one-trick pony type of character. I wished I could have included more variety, such as Incantations and Dragon Communion Incantations, but it would’ve required more respecing to make this viable and keep our power curve above the enemies we encounter. So I kept it simple and focused primarily on making this build simple, efficient and most importantly: get us through Elden Ring without any painful hurdles such as dying 10+ times to the same boss or difficult area.



The Guide’s format


This is a double format Guide. There is a full video walkthrough AND a very compact text walkthrough.

The video walkthrough will contain more detailed combat tips, so I suggest you check them out.

Each video will have a list of timecodes with all the important moments in the episodes:

  • Timecode for each Item obtained
  • Timecode for each Combat tip and boss strategy
  • Timecode for each Important info given
  • Timecode for each Trophy obtained


All cut scenes and NPC dialogues will be included, but if you want to skip them it will be quite easy to do so: each video will be spilt into chapters, with clear labels so you can skip the parts you don’t want to watch or would rather watch on your own.


The text version of my Elden Ring walkthrough should also be quite useful, it is very compact, and whenever the direction or explanation isn’t detailed enough, you can always check the video to get a clearer direction.



Q: Will I get all trophies, including the platinum, if I follow your guide?

A: Yes of course. But much more than that. You’ll get everything you can possibly get in one playthrough. All items, weapons, spells, etc. Everything.


Q: Do I have to follow your character build exactly ?

A: No. You can follow this guide and do your own build and you’ll be fine. However, this is a very optimized guide and I believe the builds I use are extremely fun and powerful. Some strategies in the later part of the game are specific to my build, so you’ll have to find your own strategies if you don’t have the same skills / spells.


Q: Can I follow your guide if I’m on PC / PS / Xbox?

A: Yes. This guide works for ALL platforms.


Q: I love your guides! How can I support your work?

A: There are many ways to help me become a full time guide writer:

  1. ✅Subscribe to the channel
  2. 👍Like and comment every video
  3. 📢Share this walkthrough to your communities / forums / friends
  4. ❇️Leave a tip:


Q: Is there a way to get the Gesture: The Ring if I didn’t preorder the game?

A: Yes. You have to play co-op and defeat a boss with someone who preordered the game.


Q: Why don’t you enable the Martyr Effigy?

A: Because it’s a personal choice. Many players don’t want to play Elden Ring (or other Souls games) online, no co-op and no PvP. Once you enable a Martyr Effigy, there is no way to disable it. So it’s really a matter of preferences. If you don’t want to PvP or to co-op at a specific location, you should never enable that Martyr Effigy. Also, this guide is 100% focused on PvE. It’s not a PvP guide or a co-op guide. It’s actually everything but that.


Q: Are you also covering rare drops from farmable enemies?

A: No. The guide would be way too long. The only exception will be the Brass Shield because we’ll use it in our build and it’s probably the best shield in the game in terms of weight / strength requirement to Guard Boost ratio. None of the other farmable rare drops are necessary, because the best items in the game are guaranteed drops.

Character creation

Origin: Samurai

You can pick a different origin if you like, especially if you want to take a different path for your character build.

But in the end it doesn’t really matter, at high level those starting attributes won’t matter at all.

Let me tell you why Samurai is a good starting class:

  • Katana is an amazing weapon with great stats, innate bleed buildup and one of the best Ashes of War in the game
  • Samurai starts with a Longbow, which will be quite useful early on
  • The starting stats spread is perfect for our quality build and the unique weapon we’ll switch to soon.


Keepsake: Lands Between Rune is the best choice, it gives us some early runes to spend to have an easier start

  • Why not pick the Golden Seed? Because we’ll get plenty Golden Seeds early and reach the maximum amount of flask charges regardless. We’ll finish the game with 12 extra Golden Seeds, so it’s useless to pick this keepsake.
  • Why not pick the Stonesword Key? Because we’ll finish our first playthrough with 34 Stonesword Keys to spare, and that’s after opening every single imp statue.
  • Why not pick any other other item? Because we’ll get them all during our first platythrough anyway.







2:25 Gold Pickled Fowl Foot

3:10 3x Pickled Turtle Neck Stonesword Key

5:38 Wooden Greatshield

5:46 8x Mushroom

5:55 Furlcalling Finger Remedy

6:05 2x Smithing Stone [1]

7:30 2x Cracked Pot

7:45 Ash of War: Stormcaller

7:57 8x Kukri

8:20 3x Smithing Stone [2]

8:30 Trina’s Lily Smithing Stone [1] Golden Rune [2]

9:26 Manor Towershield

9:45 Smithing Stone [3]

10:09 Golden Rune [5] 5x Rainbow Stone

10:52 Arteria Leaf

11:15 2x Smithing Stone [2] Golden Rune [2]

12:05 3x Poisonbloom Rancorcall

13:43 Golden Seed Stonesword Key 8x Throwing Dagger 3x Smoldering Butterfly

14:07 Prince of Death’s Pustule

16:40 Pike Golden Rune [1] Golden Rune [2] Magic Grease 5x Smoldering Butterly Golden Rune [2] Golden Rune [4]

17:24 5x Kukri

17:50 12x Fire Arrow

18:03 “Prophecy Painting”

18:55 Smithing Stone [2]

19:25 Golden Rune [2]



4:57 Full Charged Combo

7:11 Big Pot Warrior

12:17 Ulcerated Tree Spirit Miniboss Strategy

13:01 Stay Close

13:11 Holy Blast

14:51 Pull Dog Solo

15:24 Courtyard Clearing



0:09 Change Armor

4:08 One More Parkour

10:09 Climb to Loot

10:16 Another Shortcut

10:25 Tough Fight Soon

14:18 Poor Rogier

18:03 Painting Riddle 2



19:30 Talk 3x to Nepheli Loux



6:13 Liftside Chamber



00:00 Gearing Up

00:53 Return to the Scion’s Building

02:48 Secret Loot

03:29 Final Parkour Loop

04:55 To the Liftside Chamber

06:28 Searching for Loot

09:38 Descent into Stormveil

12:17 Ulcerated Tree Spirit Miniboss Strategy

14:00 Secret Under Stormveil

14:43 Clearing the Courtyard

18:20 To Nepheli Loux

20:35 Episode End



From Rampart Tower

Time to upgrade our defense
Equip anything you have with better defenses but stay under Medium Load.
Parkour again (check video): this time drop down instead of jumping over to the broken tower, drop down again on planks below, then make sure you’re FULL HP before dropping down again, you’ll take fall damage.
Kill watcher and loot corpse:

  • Gold Pickled Fowl Foot

Walk the planks and ladder up, then drop down kill archer next to hanging dead troll. Open the locked door.
Go the other way to platform overlooking the banquet room where we killed the Grafted Scion earlier

  • Stonesword Key
  • 3x Pickled Turtle Neck

Drop down and take the elevator back up so you don’t have to clear everything again

Parkour again, take the same path we took earlier to go all the way down, until the small wooden bridge with 2 archers
This time jump down left to reach the courtyard

  • Wooden Greatshield (2nd floor of hut close to wall)

Northwest Sneak while huging right wall:

  • 8x Mushroom

Sneak up the stairs next:

  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy

Go west to corpse sitting over ledge:

  • 2x Smithing Stone [1]

Next door, Site of Grace: Liftside Chamber
Pull Lever
Take lift up, kill big pot guy and small pot guys:

  • 2x Cracked Pot

Northeast Kill scarab:

  • Ash of War: Stormcaller

Go up the left ledge and onto wooden scaffoldings:

  • 8x Kukri

Jump over to the ledge and parkour to reach secret area (check video)
Once you’re on the scaffoldings at the top, jump over to the next platform:

  • 3x Smithing Stone [2]

Southwest to the ruins siderooms:

  • Trina’s Lily
  • Smithing Stone [1]
  • Golden Rune [2]

Door west, until room with about 10 weak enemies, clear it:

  • Manor Towershield

(under stairs)

Northwest exit this room:

  • Smithing Stone [3]

Drop down a few ledges southwest:

  • Golden Rune [5] (corpse hanging over rampart, you might have to climb the ramparts to be able to loot, be careful)

Enter tower and out:

  • 5x Rainbow Stone

East to open door shortcut to Lost Grace: Liftside Chamber
Rest and spend runes if you’re close to a level. Tough Boss coming up soon.
Go back and jump a few broken roofs:

  • Arteria Leaf (guarded by bat)

Kill 2 other bats before going down (use Kukri or bow or any ranged attack)
East parkour down an arch:

  • 2x Smithing Stone [2]

Jump down a few more platform to reach the bottom:

  • Golden Rune [2]

Beat the rat family:

  • 3x Poisonbloom

Kill Blue Scarab:

  • Rancorcall

Before dropping down to next area, prepare for boss:
Ulcerated Tree Spirit
Before dropping down:
Flask of Physick
Apply Fire Grease (extra damage)

Keep Barricade shield up
Stay close to boss belly
Use Jumping R2 Attacks
Run away if he does his charged holy attack (you’ll see the light)
If he does his breath attack, go behind him and attack

  • Golden Seed

Loot everything

  • Stonesword Key
  • 8x Throwing Dagger
  • 3x Smoldering Butterfly
  • Prince of Death’s Pustule (further southeast)

Touch the Bloodstain near the giant face, it will show Sorcerer Rogier getting hurt.

  • Warp back to Lost Grace: Liftside Chamber


Back to the courtyard, lure the dog solo.
Kill the troll
Then kill all Ballista servants, Summon Skeletal Militia to help, try to take out the Sentinel before it blows the horn if possible

  • Pike
  • Golden Rune [1]
  • Golden Rune [2]
  • Magic Grease
  • 5x Smoldering Butterly
  • Golden Rune [2]
  • Golden Rune [4]

Go further down, killing 4 enemies:

  • 5x Kukri

Get back up to the courtyard, go southwest to 2nd Floor wooden shack:

  • 12x Fire Arrow

West room, examine the painting:

  • “Prophecy Painting”

East and up small stairs, kill sitting axeman:

  • Smithing Stone [2]

East through barricades:

  • Golden Rune [2] (bird ambush)

Southern door, talk 3 times to Nepheli Loux
== EPISODE 21 END ==







0:12 4x Smithing Stone [1]

0:24 Golden Seed Trina’s Lily

0:35 Smithing Stone [2]

2:50 1x Smithing Stone [2] 5x Smithing Stone [1]

3:35 Fireproof Dried Liver

3:50 Godslayer’s Seal Godskin’s Prayerbook

5:57 2x Trina’s Lily

6:20 Arbalest

8:20 Somber Smithing Stone [1] 2x Old Fang Beast Blood

14:34 Godrick’s Great Rune Rememberance of the Grafted

17:40 Shabriri Grape

18:50 Gesture: As You Wish



0:43 Pull Troll Solo

4:33 2x Banished Knights

5:45 Seek Cover

7:36 Lion Guardian Miniboss Strategy

9:50 Godrick the Grafted Boss Strategy



3:31 Rune Arcs

6:30 Hug Left Wall

7:03 Flask Upgrade

7:13 Level Up

14:53 Level Up

19:51 Alter Garments



15:41 Talk 2x to Gatekeeper Gostoc

18:04 Talk to Hyett

a “Give a Shabriri Grape”

19:02 Talk to Boc “Don’t tell me…”



6:56 Limgrave Tower Bridge

9:40 Secluded Cell

14:47 Godrick the Grafted



00:00 Luring the Troll

03:00 Imp Statue Fog Wall

04:10 To the Tower Bridge

07:00 Upgrades & Level Ups

07:28 Lion Guardian Miniboss Strategy

09:02 To the Shardbearer

09:50 Stormveil Castle Boss Strategy

14:53 Post-Boss Level Up

16:31 Continuing to Liurnia

17:55 Hyetta & Boc

20:38 Episode End



From room with Nepheli Loux
  • 4x Smithing Stone [1] (same room behind table)
Get out and find Erdtree Sapling:
  • Trina’s Lily
  • Golden Seed
North in between two houses on the right:
  • Smithing Stone [2]
Face north, bow pull and kill the two guys next to the troll
Lure troll to Maiden statue so he breaks it
Kill troll, loot statue:
  • 5x Smithing Stone [1]
  • 1x Smithing Stone [2]
Southwest In the courtyard, find path going to cellar, kill rats:
  • Fireproof Dried Liver
Use Stonesword Key
  • Godskin’s Prayerbook
  • Godslayer’s Seal
Exit, take a right and ladder up, follow the path until another ladder up to the area with the 2 Banished Knights
Deal with them, cross wooden bridge, use rubble to jump over the east wall.
  • 2x Trina’s Lily
Stick to the left and reach another rampart:
  • Arbalest
Drop down and run down the stairs, ignore enemies, stick to the left and enter the archway with statues, on the other side:
Site of Grace: Limgrave Tower Bridge
   Add charge to flask
Spend all runes, miniboss fight next
Stats goals:
VIG 35
END 25
DEX 35
STR 35
Prepare for Boss: Lion Guardian
Before engaging:
   Summon Skeletal Militiaman
   Flask of Physick
   Barricade Shield
   Guard Counters
  • Somber Smithing Stone [1]
  • 2x Old Fang
  • Beast Blood
Warp back to Liftside Chamber
Take the lift up, go to pot guys area, this time go all the way Northeast to Site of Grace: Secluded Cell
We’re about to face the final boss of this area and our first Shardbearer: Godrick the Grafted
Equip “No Skill” Shield
Hotkey Exalted Flesh
Touch Gold sign to Summon Nepheli Loux
Prepare for Boss Godrick the Grafted
Before entering:
   Flask of Physick
   Summon Skeletal Militiaman
   Use Exalted Flesh
   Let your allies get aggro
   Use L2 > R2 Combo
   Dodge his attacks, don’t block
Phase 1: until 50% HP
Phase 2: Dash straight for him to go under the fire breath, land a full charged R2 combo
Check video for full strategy
  • Godrick’s Great Rune
  • Rememberance of the Grafted
Site of Grace: Godrick the Grafted
Talk 2x to Gatekeeper Gostoc
Exhaust his dialogue. Don’t kill him.
Open door, run, drop down:
  • Shabriri Grape
Exit to Liurnia Lakes
Talk to Hyetta near Grace
   “Give a Shabriri Grape”
  • Gesture: As You Wish
Talk to Boc
   Don’t tell me…
   Alter Garments (check video for explanation about  its usefulness)
== EPISODE 22 END ==






2:02 Treespear

2:30 Boltdrake Talisman

5:25 Ash of War Scarab Soft Cotton

6:53 Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot

7:09 5x Stormhawk Feather

7:25 Golden Rune [2]

9:00 Godrick’s Great Rune

9:1312:00 Brass Shield (rare drop)

12:46 Arsenal Charm

14:45 Crepus’s Black-Key Crossbow 20x Black-Key Bolts

15:05 Assassin’s Prayerbook

16:52 Rogier’s Rapier +8 19-58 MISSED ITEM: Gesture: Reverential Bow (you have to give the Invader a few seconds before attacking him, he’ll bow and you’ll get the gesture)

20:48 Taunter’s Tongue

21:05 Cipher Pata

25:02 Knifeprint Clue

20:45 Gesture: Rapture



2:42 3 Golems Miniboss Strategy

3:29 Staggered Golem

3:50 Another Stagger

4:12 Why Oh Why

4:32 Blocking is Possible

19:58 Defeat Invader



0:39 Long Episode

2:26 Limgrave Divine Tower

5:22 For the Loot

9:13 Brass Shield Farming 1

9:32 Brass Shield Farming 2

9:48 Silver Fowl Foot

10:24 Reset & Repeat

10:38 Check Your Inventory

10:50 Don’t Worry

11:05 Why Farm It?

12:04 Equip Great Rune

12:29 Upgrade Spirits

12:57 Upgrade Brass Shield

14:35 Stonesword Keys

15:47 Prayerbooks

25:30 Get Rid of Debuff

30:22 Remembrances



12:25 Talk to Nepheli Loux

12:50 Talk 2x to Nepheli Loux

15:37 Talk to Brother Corhyn

16:20 Talk to Sorcerer Rogier “I’ve defeated Godrick” “About the corpse under Stormveil” “About D” (2x)

18:57 Talk to D “About Rogier”

21:48 Talk to Smithing Master Hewg “About Prayer”

22:48 Talk to Fya “Let her hold you” “Talk in secret” “Do you know?” “About the Black Knifeprint”

26:00 Talk 2x to Enia, the Finger Reader “About Great Runes”




0:56 Liurnia Highway South

8:40 Divine Tower of Limgrave



00:00 Acquiring the Treespear

02:21 3 Golems Miniboss Strategy

05:15 Crossing the Gap

07:50 Activating Godrick’s Great Rune

09:13 Brass Shield Farming

12:00 Around the Roundtable Part 1

19:45 Mad Tongue Alberich Invader Strategy

21:31 Around the Roudtable Part 2

30:57 Episode End



From Lake-Facing Cliffs
Drop down from cliff northeast using the tombstones
North to Lost Grace: Liurnia Highway South
Southeast road to broken cart guarded by Troll:
  • Treespear (back of cart)
Warp to Lost Grace: Limgrave Tower Bridge
East on tower bridge:
  • Boltdrake Talisman
Kill the 3 Golems,  position yourself so the Golem Archer friendly fires
Run past the waygate, drop down to find:
  • Ash of War Scarab
  • Soft Cotton
Climb back up and take the waygate
Southwest, clear a few birds and loot corpses:
  • Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot
  • Golden Rune [2] (balcony to the left)
  • 5x Stormhawk Feather (end of bridge to the right)
Go the opposite way, enter tower, take lift to Site of Grace: Divine Tower of Limgrave
Upstairs, Restore the power of the Great Rune.
Warp to Gatefront
Farm the 4 guards wearing Brass Shields at the camp until you get it to drop for you.
Use Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot to increase drop chances.
It’s a rare drop. Some people get it on their first kill, some report farming it with no success 30minss. On average, I’ve always found one within a few minutes. This shield has the best Guard Boost ratio for its weight and Str requirement. The earlier you get it, the better.
If you hate farming, don’t bother and stick with our current shield, you’ll get other chances to get it from other enemies we’ll kill along the way.
Teleport to Roundhold Table
Rest at the table
Access “Great Runes” from the menu.
Equip Godrick’s Great Rune
Talk to Nepheli Loux
  • Arsenal Charm
Talk 2x to Nepheli Loux
Go to Roderika, upgrade:
Spirit Jellyfish Ashes +2
Skeletal Militiaman +2
Equip Brass Shield
Make sure this you’re still on Medium Load. If not, change some armor pieces.
Go to Smithing Master Hewg
Brass Shield +7
Go northeast downstairs, use Stonesword Key:
  • Crepus’s Black-Key Crossbow
  • 20x Black-Key Bolts
Use 2x Stonesword Keys on next fog wall:
  • Assassin’s Prayerbook
Go back to the round table
Talk to Brother Corhyn
  • Go to the balcony where Sorcerer Rogier is now since we defeated Godrick, exhaust all dialogue options:
I’ve defeated Godrick:
  • Rogier’s Rapier +8
About the corpse under Stormveil
About D (twice)
Talk to D
   “About Rogier”
Jump down off the balcony and defeat the invader NPC: Mad Tongue Alberich
  • Taunter’s Tongue
Northwest door, at the end of the rooms:
  • Cipher Pata
Go back to main room and take the exit teleporter
Go back to Master Smith Hewg who’ll find praying, talk to him:
   “About Prayer”
Talk to Fya
   “Let her hold you”
   “Talk in secret”
   “Do you know?”
   “About the Black Knifeprint”
  • Knifeprint Clue
Open inventory and use Baldachin’s Blessing
Examine the Knifeprint Clue (optional)
West door is now opened.
Talk 2x to Enia, the Finger Reader
   “About Great Runes”
Check her Remembrances Shop:
We don’t need the weapon rewards you get from Godrick’s Rememberance for now, but feel free to get either one of them, you can get the other one by duplicating this Remembrance at a Waling Mausoleum (that giant turtle building we stopped in Weeping Peninsula) or wait for New Game+
Alternatively, you can use this Remembrance to gain a large amount of Runes. If you don’t care about any of these weapons, you should do that. They are not tied to any achievement.
Touch the Two Fingers:
  • Gesture: Rapture
== Episode 23 End ==






1:08 Ash of War: Storm Wall

2:24 Hammer Talisman

2:37 Duelist’s Furled Finger Small Red Effigy

2:56 10+ Smoldering Butterfly

3:33 Ash of War: Golden Vow

3:35 MISSED ITEM: Somber Smithing Stone [1] (Dropped by a scarab up on the ruins a few steps north of the knight we just killed for Golden Vow)

3:47 Lance

5:53 Missionary’s Cookbook [2] (800 R) Stonesword Key (5000 R)

9:28 Larval Tear

10:40 5x Poisonbone Darts

12:22 2x Lightning Grease

13:28 Stonesword Key

14:08 Erdree’s Greatbow 10x Great Arrows

15:05 Erdtree’s Favor

17:55 Golden Rune [5]

18:47 Dragon Communion Seal Dragonwound Grease

19:40 Grave Glovewort [1]

21:44 Golden Seed Banished Knight Oleg



1:58 Invader

8:49 Runebear Miniboss Strategy

10:34 Chariot of Death

12:35 Ceiling Ambushes

13:03 Banished Knight Ghosts

13:31 Destroying the Damn Chariot

14:37 2x Grafted Scions

14:55 Stick to the Left

20:04 Ulcerated Tree Spirit Boss Strategy

21:06 Health Flask Tip



0:13 Upgrade Flask

3:35 Golden Vow

5:53 Patches’ Emporium

6:46 Why Thank You

8:22 Map Toggle

9:31 Larval Tear

9:55 Spend Runes

10:12 Avoid Poison Trick

22:07 Level Up & Episode End



4:30 Talk to Patches “About the Bandits” “That Chest” SITES OF GRACE DISCOVERED 8:10 Siofra River Well



00:00 Storm Wall Ash of War

01:58 Recusant Henricus Invader Strategy

02:42 Cleaning up Northern Limgrave

04:00 Visiting Patches

06:15 Teleported to the Mistwood

07:00 Down the River Well

08:39 Secret Runebear Miniboss Strategy

10:12 Fringefolk Hero’s Grave Walkthrough

20:04 Fringefolk Hero’s Grave Boss Strategy



== Clearing up Limgrave ==
Warp to Stormhill Shack
North to secret path as if you were going around Stormveil again, but this time after dropping down from the broken bridge, turn fight to find and kill a grey sacrab:
  • Ash of War: Storm Wall
Warp back to Warmaster’s Shack
North follow the path until big round building:
Defeat Invader: Recusant Henricus
  • Hammer Talisman
At the door:
  • Duelist’s Furled Finger
  • Small Red Effigy
Southeast to burning field with fire slugs:
  • 10+ Smoldering Butterfly (they respawn on reload, only at night)
Further southeast to square ruins, kill scarab on top:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [1]
East you should see a Godrick Spear Knight Rider, kill it
  • Ash of War: Golden Vow
Southwest jump off cliff to land on ruins:
  • Lance
Warp to Murkwater Cave:
Go back to Patches
   “About the Bandits”
    “That Chest”
  • Missionary’s Cookbook [2] (800 R)
  • Stonesword Key (5000 R)
Open chest, warped to Mistwoods (watch out giant bear)
East to Sofria River Well, go down to activate Site of Grace: Siofra River Well
We’ll be back here much later for a very important quest, we just wanted this grace activated.
Warp to Agheel Lake South
Face east, there’s a weak enemy up on the cliff.
Pop Flask of Physick then kill it, a Runebear will spawn
Check video for Runebear strategy. You must dodge roll forward into its hind legs / under its crotch, this is the safest spot.
  • Larval Tear (respec item)
Warp to Stranded Graveyard (starting area)
Use Stonesword keys to dispel the fog
   Don’t roll into the poison
    Check video for trick to lower poison buildup
  • WATCH OUT for spike chariot (check video on how to deal with it, it’s too hard to describe with words)
Go down the first slope until you reach the narrow slope, drop down to the right
Fight 2 Imps below,  move up, disable Fire Column downstairs
Ambush Imp in right alcove
At the Fire Column take left, ambush imp above door
Kill 2nd imp
  • 2x Lightning Grease
Go bakc and Northeast hallway down, you’ll reach a large room with a purple item in the distance, don’t go for it
Instead, drop down to a ledge below.
Drop down again to the rot swamp at the bottom
Take the stairs to a lift up
Get ready to face a Strong Ghost Knight, stairs up and to the left. Use Bloodhound’s Finesse.
  • Stonesword Key
Destroy the Chariot by shooting the rope holding one of the pots above.
Timing: wait for the sound of chariot bumping into the wall below you to shoot. (Check video to see exactly how)
  • Erdree’s Greatbow
  • 10x Great Arrows
Drop down and go down again until the narrow slope.
Drop down again like the last time
Make your way back to the large room with the purple item at the other end of the bridge
Dash to the item while sticking to the left side to avoid getting crushed by Grafted Scion who will dorp down from the ceiling
  • Erdtree’s Favor
Beat the two Grafted Scions or die to them, doesn’t matter.
If you surive, warp back to Stranded Graveyard
Go back to the narrow slope, this time don’t drop down
Take the item on the narrow slope:
  • Golden Rune [5]
Keep going down, then take the ramp up southwest, beat a bunch of shades, make your way to the top
Defeat a very strong knight, loot:
  • Dragon Communion Seal
  • Dragonwound Grease
Southeast all the way down, then northeast slope down, kill shades, loot corpse on the left:
  • Grave Glovewort [1]
Keep going until boss fog
There’s a Statue of Marika here so don’t worry if you die.
It’s the same Evil Tree we fought Stormveil Castle’s Catacombs
Prepare for boss: Ulcerated Tree Spirit
Before entering:
   Hotkey Jellyfish
   Hotkey Fire Grease
   Flask of Physick
    Summon Jellyfish
    Buff weapon with Fire Grease
    Stay in close melee on the sides
    Use L2 or Jumping R2
  • Golden Seed
  • Banished Knight Oleg
Warp to The First Step
Spend all runes, miniboss fight next
Stats goals:
VIG 35
END 25
DEX 35
STR 35
== EPISODE 24 END ==






1:35 Gesture: Bravo!

3:18 Golden Halberd

5:00 Arrow’s Reach Talisman

7:49 Aspects of the Crucible: Tail

11:31 Bone Peddler’s Bell Bearing

13:53 Blue-Feathered Branchsword

14:42 Warhawk Ashes

16:07 Gesture: Calm Down!

17:10 Gesture: Extreme Repentance

20:19 3x Cracked Pot (900 R) Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [2] (500 R) Missionary’s Cookbook [1] (1000 R) Telescope (500 R) (optional)



1:43 Tree Sentinel Boss Strategy

5:14 Crucible Knight Boss Strategy

8:08 Bell Bearing Hunters

8:29 Prepare the Combo

8:44 Mix Wondrous Physick

9:16 Spawning the Hunter

9:52 Still Not Showing Up

10:37 Bell Bearing Hunter Boss Strategy

12:11 Deathbird Boss Strategy

16:13 One More Gesture

17:20 Use New Gesture

17:30 Not Easy

18:02 That Didn’t Work

19:04 I Hate This



0:15 Flasks

0:26 Ashes of War

1:03 Golden Vow

8:08 Bell Bearing Hunters

11:35 Bell Bearing

11:44 Gear Change

14:28 2nd Painting Riddle

20:51 Merchant Kale



15:39 Talk to Patches

20:19 Talk to

Merchant Kalé “About Blaidd”



None this episode



00:00 Change of Gear

01:43 Tree Sentinel Boss Strategy

03:36 To the Top of Stormgate

05:14 Stormhill Evergaol Boss Strategy

08:08 Preparing for the Bell Bearing Hunter

10:37 Bell Bearing Hunter Boss Strategy

12:11 Deathbird Boss Strategy

14:20 2nd Painting Riddle

15:00 Confronting Patches

20:05 Back to the Church of Elleh

21:17 Episode End



From The First Step
      Allocate flask charges  6 / 2
    Select a Dagger you have the
reqs for, preferably the one with
the lowest weight
    Ash of War: Golden Vow
    Affinity: Any
Equip this Dagger to your 2nd
right-hand weapon slot
From now on we’ll start every
boss fight with an extra buff!
Golden Vow gives +12.5% Atk
and +7.5% Defense for 45s
It costs 40 FP though, that’s why
we just reallocated our Flasks
Go to where Varré was, read the message:
  • Gesture: Bravo!

Prepare for minibossTree Sentinel

Before engaging:
   Summon Jellyfish
   Flask of Physick
   Golden Vow
   Drink FP Flask

Let Jellyfish get aggro

    Use L2 > R2 Combos
  • Golden Halberd
Warp to Gatefront
Ride up through the gate, all the way up, then u-turn left and follow the edge to get back above the gate. Enter through a side door and beat two soldiers:
  • Arrow’s Reach Talisman
Southwest to beat Crucible Knight, possibly the hardest enemy in all Limgrave, so check video for the strategy
Before engaging:
   Flask of Physick
   Golden Vow
   Fire Grease
  • UAspects of the Crucible: Tail
Warp to Warmaster’s Shack
Wait until Nightfall. Bernahl should not be there, if he is there, wait until morning.
If he’s not there, it means a very tough enemy called Bell Bearing Hunter. will be in his place when you enter the shack.
It’s important to get the jump on this guy and get an early stagger, because once he gets going he rarely stops, very agressive one.
Check video for the strategy to kill it easily, all you have to do with follow a chain of moves.
Mix Wondrous Physick:
   Spiked Cracked Tear
   Strength-knot Crystal Tear
  Axe Talisman
  Radagon’s Soreseal
Equip Barricade Shield
Hotkey  Exalted Flesh
Before engaging:
   Flask of Physick
   Golden Vow (2-Hand the Dagger)
   Exalted Flesh
Engage combo:
Charged R2 > Charged R2  > Barricade >
Guard Counter > Stagger >
Critical Hit > Charged R2 > GG
  • Bone Peddler’s Bell Bearing
Also get the 3x Root Resin under the tree next to the shack
Note: if you struggle to kill this enemy now, there’s no rush, you can come back later
Re-equip standard setup
Mix Wondrous Physick:
   Greenspill Crystal Tear
   Strength-knot Crystal Tear
No Skill Shield
  Green Shell Talisman
  Radagon’s Soreseal
Wait until nightfall, go southeast/east go to ruins at night, defeat Deathbird:
  • Blue-Feathered Branchsword
Warp to Church of Pilgrimage in Weeping Peninsula
North to cliff end, find ghost to solve Riddle of Painting #2 – Prophecy
  • Warhawk Ashes
Warp to Murkwater Cave
Talk to Patches
  • Gesture: Calm Down!
Equip Gesture “Grovel for Mercy”
Equip Dagger, buff with Golden Vow
Attack Patches 3 times with Dagger (must not kill him)
Let him take your HP down below 50%, then use the “Grovel for Mercy” gesture
  • Gesture: Extreme Repentance
Now while still defending yourself (but don’t kill him), hotkey and use the “Extreme Repentance” gesture, until Patches becomes friendly again.
Note: all this is not tied to any Achievement, it’s just to get all the gestures. So if for roleplay reasons you don’t want to grovel before Patches, you don’t have to do it 😉
Warp to Church of Elleh
Talk to Merchant Kalé
   “About Blaidd
3x Cracked Pot (900 R)
Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [2] (500 R)
Missionary’s Cookbook [1] (1000 R)
Telescope (500 R) (optional)
Telescope is just for fun
We’re done  with Limgrave for now!
== EPISODE 25 END ==






0:49 3x Warming Stone

1:08 Academy Scroll

2:10 Glintstone Craftman’s Cookbook [1]

2:18 6x Smoldering Butterfly

4:52 4x Cuckoo Glinstone

5:20 Shabiri Grape Two Fingers Heirloom

5:42 Gold Rune [3]

7:27 Glintstone Craftman’s Cookbook [2]

8:29 Ghost Glovewort [2]

9:00 Smithing Stone [3]

9:08 2x Trina’s Lily

9:18 Ritual Pot

9:31 Golden Rune [3]

9:54 Wraith Calling Bell

15:08 Trina’s Lily

15:13 Dexterity-Knot Crystal Tear

16:40 Rya’s Necklace (Pay 1000 Runes)

17:48 Boiled Prawn (Purchase 1 from Blackguard)

17:59 Gesture: Spread Out

19:59 Volcano Manor Invitation



2:29 Giant Lobsters

7:15 Wait Until Morning

8:02 Revenants

8:14 Teleport/Poison Barf



14:02 One Day…

15:44 Mix Wondrous Physick

17:48 Boiled Prawn



5:55 Talk to Hyetta “Give Shabriri Grape” Talk to Hyetta again

10:30 Talk to Rya Hear the Request

11:55 Talk to Patches “Speaking of” “Talk” “What you spoke of before”

16:02 Talk to Blackguard “Give me the necklace” “Deal” Talk to Blackguard again “About Rya” Talk to Blackguard again “Talk”

19:13 Talk to Rya “Give Rya’s Necklace Back” Talk to Rya again.



7:07 Laskyar Ruins

11:42 Scenic Isle

15:40 Boilprawn Shack



00:00 Quick Liurnia Loot

01:19 Clearing the Outpost

02:33 The Purified Ruins

05:46 2nd Meeting with Hyetta

06:48 To Laskyar Ruins

07:34 Laskyar Ruins Revenant Fight

08:34 Clearing up Laskyar

10:10 Meeting Rya

11:22 Reunion with Patches

14:04 Dexterity-Knot Crystal Tear

15:29 Meeting Blackguard

18:40 Back to Rya

21:32 Episode End


Warp to Lake-Facing Cliffs
Southwest the cliff’s edge on the other side of the gulch, loot and run corpse guarded by 3 revenants:
  • 3x Warming Stone
North, jump over to the other side of the gulch:
  • Academy Scroll (by a large grave)
Get on the path down the gulch until encampment:
  • Glintstone Craftman’s Cookbook [1] (corpse in the middle of camp)
  • 6x Smoldering Butterfly (corpse hidden behind wooden planks)
North past Site of Grace and across the lake to Putrified Ruins:
  • 4x Cuckoo Glinstone (corpse eastern part of ruins)
Same building, find hidden stairs under wooden planks:
  • Shabiri Grape
  • Two Fingers Heirloom
West/southwest find corpse in a lower alcove near the ghost:
  • Gold Rune [3]
West to western part of Putrified Ruins, you’ll find Hyetta on the shore side of the building,
Talk to Hyetta
   “Give Shabriri Grape”
Talk to Hyetta again
West to Laskyar Ruins in the middle of the lake find Site of Grace: Laskyar Ruins
Loot corpse nearby:
  • Glintstone Craftman’s Cookbook [2]
Dangerous ambush northwest, can summon Jellyfish. Stay on horse to beat all the weak casters, then defeat the human centipede which is the real threat.
Check video to see how to deal with it. Watch out for the flurry attack
Find corpse by the waygate:
  • Smithing Stone [3]
A few steps north in the ruins:
  • Ghost Glovewort [2]
  • 2x Trina’s Lily
  • Ritual Pot
Same ruins behind the broken wall:
  • Golden Rune [3]
West from there find stairs down:
  • Wraith Calling Bell
North into the fogged part of the map to a gazebo structure, find Rya
Talk to Rya
   Hear the Request
West to Site of Grace: Scenic Isle
Talk to Patches, exhaut all dialogue options
   “Speaking of”
   “What you spoke of before”
West/Northwest to another similar isle, guarded by weird alien dudes:
  • Dexterity-Knot Crystal Tear
  • Trina’s Lily
Northeast to Site of Grace: Boilprawn Shack
Mix Wondrous Physick:
   Greenspill Crystal Tear
   Dexterity-Knot Crystal Tear
(Can’t stack STR + DEX Tears)
Talk to Blackguard
   “Give me the necklace”
  • Rya’s Necklace (Pay 1000 Runes)
Talk to Blackguard again
   “About Rya”
  • Boiled Prawn (purchase 1 from him)
  • Gesture: Spread Out (reward for purchasing from him)
Talk to Blackguard again
Southeast back to Rya
   “Give Rya’s Necklace Back”
  • Volcano Manor Invitation
Talk to Rya again.
She’ll mention the Old Tunnel to Altus Plateau.
== EPISODE 26 END ==






0:52 3x Smithing Stone [3]

1:07 Map Fragment: Liurnia North

3:31 2x Arteria Leaf

3:38 Glintstone Craftman’s Cookbook [4]

3:52 2x Crystal Bud

5:17 Magic Grease

5:55 Somber Smithing Stone [2]

6:20 Golden Seed

7:21 Map: Liurnia West

11:08 Carian Knight’s Sword

11:53 Somber Smithing Stone [3]

12:06 6x Throwing Knives

14:13 Rune Arc

14:30 10x Cuckoo Glintstone

17:02 6x Albinauric Blood Clot Smithing Stone [4]

19:18 Imbued Swordstone Key



2:05 Albinaurics

8:15 Cuckoo Knight

12:51 Summon Now

17:44 Ghost Troll



0:12 Place Marker

7:33 Liurnia Map

14:35 Rune Arc

15:02 Rune Arcs Farming 1

15:16 Rune Arcs Farming 2

19:44 Level Up

19:53 Episode End



4:23 Talk to Diallos



1:11 Academy Gate Town

7:43 Northern Liurnia Lake Shore (To the right of the road, forgot to activate it in the video)

19:30 The Four Belfries



00:00 To the North Map Fragment

01:28 Looting the Academy Gate Town

06:46 Teleporting to Western Liurnia

07:39 To the Travelling Caravan

09:02 Taking out the Caravan

12:25 Clearing the Camp

17:16 TO the Four Belfries



From Rya in Liurnia lakes inside a gazebo
Place a marker on the map stele north in the foggy part of map
Go north/northeast to a gazebo structure !!watch out for the giant prawn ambush!!, loot the item inside and get away towards your marker
  • 3x Smithing Stone [3]
Once you reach the map stele:
  • Map Fragment: Liurnia North
Site of Grace: Academy Gate Town
Northwest cross over roof of a submerged building, keep going northwest ot a larger slanted building, on its roof kill 4 aliens
Loot corpse on southern end of the roof:
  • 2x Arteria Leaf
Open chest inside the tower:
  • Glintstone Craftman’s Cookbook [4]
Northwest a few steps find a body in some rubble:
  • 2x Crystal Bud
East/northeast to find Diallos, talk to him once.
East on a body on top of a spire:
  • Magic Grease
Northwest near the tower of the ruin find a grey scarab:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [2]
West/Southwest to find an erdtree sapling:
  • Golden Seed
Mark gazebo structure north/northeast on your map and go there, you’ll find a waygate. Use it to travel.
You’ll appear infront of a map stele:
  • Map: Liurnia West
Southwest a few steps to find Site of Grace: Northern Liurnia Lake Shore
Level up if possible
Upgrade Flasks:
   Add charge to Flask
Southwest on the trail until you find the caravan, defeat it, chest at the back:
  • Carian Knight’s Sword
Southeast up on a ledge at the edge of the cliff, fing a dead guy on a chair:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [3]
North/Northeast drop down to loot corpse by a cart:
  • 6x Throwing Knives
Northwest get back on the trail
Further southwest on the trail until you find a camp.
Summon Militiaman and clear the first part:
  • Rune Arc (middle of the camp)
  • 10x Cuckoo Glintstone (chest)
Bow Snipe the mage up on the cliff southeast
  • Use Rune Arc, this activates Godrick’s Great Rune, giving us +5 to ALL Stats, so 40 Levels worth of stats
It’s  amazing and the buff stays active until your next death
Southeast Kill Mad Pumpkin Head, clear upper part of the camp:
  • 6x Albinauric Blood Clot (chest)
  • Smithing Stone [4] (Chest)
Follow the trail south and then east, kill the 2x Troll Ghosts (dangerous, they cast glintstone sword, be careful)
Follow the trail all the way to the top, find a chest by big altar:
  • Imbued Swordstone Key
Right next to it, Site of Grace: The Four Belfries
   Level up
== EPISODE 27 END ==





1:53 Ornamental Straight Sword Golden Beast Crest Shield

2:51 The Stormhawk King

2:59 Stormhawk Deenh

5:06 3x Blood Grease Jellyfish Shield

6:30 Golden Rune [6]

7:32 Greatblade Phalanx

8:37 Furlcalling Finger Remedy Shabiri Grape 5x Raw Meat Dumpling Banished Knight’s Halberd +8 5x Raw Meat Dumpling

10:30 5x Cuckoo Glintstone (inside tower)

10:47 2x Magic Grease

11:20 Memory Stone

13:41 Ruptured Crystal Tear Cerulean Crystal Tear

14:25 Ash of War: Sword Dance

15:21 Grave Violet

15:52 Grave Glovewort [2]

16:29 Grave Glovewort [3] Grave Glovewort [3] 5x Human Bone Shards Watchdog’s Staff

16:56 Grave Glovewort [2]

17:04 Grave Glovewort [2]

17:09 Grave Glovewort [3]

17:38 Raya Lucaria Soldiers Ashes

18:15 Ghost Glovewort [2]

18:18 Rune Arc

18:28 3x Root Resin

18:36 Grave Glovewort [2]

18:40 3x Root Resin 1x Root Resin

19:32 Glintstone Sorcerer Ashes



1:04 Grafted Scion Boss Strategy

6:55 Bols, Carian Knight Boss Strategy

8:09 Edgar the Revenger Invader Strategy

12:09 Erdtree Avatar Boss Strategy

12:58 Golden Stars

16:44 Double Ambush



0:17 Imbued Stonesword Key

2:22 Stormveil Castle

3:47 Liurnia of the Lakes

9:00 Level Up

11:31 Beautiful

18:47 Spirit Caller Snail Boss Strategy

19:33 Oops



None this episode



5:23 Foot of the Four Belfries

8:55 Revenger’s Shack

10:16 Converted Tower

15:03 Road’s End Catacombs



00:00 Back to the Beginning

01:04 Chapel of Anticipation Boss Strategy

01:57 Looting the Chapel

03:28 To the Foot of the Four Belfries

05:30 To Cuckoo’s Evergaol

06:55 Cuckoo’s Evergaol Boss Strategy

07:45 Edgar & The Revenger’s Shack

09:27 To the Converted Tower

10:21 Looting Converted Tower

12:09 Erdtree Avatar Boss Strategy

13:41 To Road’s End Catacombs

15:15 Road’s End Catacombs Walkthrough

18:47 Road’s End Catacombs Boss Strategy

20:06 Episode End



From The Four Belfries

Use the Imbued Stonesword Key on the eastern waygate with the message talking about “Anticipation”
Go through boss fog and kill Grafted Scion (revenge time!) – Easy fight, use Barricade Shield / Counter

  • Ornamental Straight Sword
  • Golden Beast Crest Shield

South across the bridge and up the wooden curved stairs
Take side doorway on the right:

  • The Stormhawk King

Enter church from upper level and open chest on your right:

  • Stormhawk Deenh

Warp back to The Four Belfries

Go back down and then west to a crossroads with red jellyfishes guarding 2 items. Loot both and keep runing south on the trail:

  • 3x Blood Grease
  • Jellyfish Shield

South trail till Site of Grace: Foot of the Four Belfries
Southeast trail you’ll find another Singing Bat, kill it:

  • Golden Rune [6]

South trail until Cuckoo’s Evergaol, defeat Bols, Carian Knight:

  • Greatblade Phalanx

Ride south until the trail ends then up a cliff inbetween rocks to find a Shack

You’ll be dismounted and get invaded by Edgar the Revenger, defeat him:

  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy
  • Shabiri Grape
  • 5x Raw Meat Dumpling
  • Banished Knight’s Halberd +8

Then loot what’s in the shack:

  • 5x Raw Meat Dumpling

Activate Site of Grace: Revenger’s Shack
Level up

South all the way down the trail to Site of Grace: Converted Tower

  • 5x Cuckoo Glintstone (inside tower)
  • 2x Magic Grease (corpse behind tower, in between outter wall and tower)
    Use Torrent to climb the ruined outter wall and make your way up onto the middle roof of the tower, then stairs up to the top:
  • Memory Stone

Northwest to Minor Erdtree, prepare for boss:
Fire Grease
Skeletal Militiaman Summon
Defeat Erdtree Avatar:

  • Ruptured Crystal Tear
  • Cerulean Crystal Tear

Get back on the trail and circle north around the cliff until you reach the western side.
Find and kill grey scarab:

  • Ash of War: Sword Dance

Further south to Site of Grace: Road’s End Catacombs

== Road’s End Catacombs Walkthrough ==

  • Grave Violet

Next room imp ambush to the right
Pull lever
Downstairs kill and imp, loot 2 plants:

  • Grave Glovewort [2]
  • Grave Glovewort [3]

Turn around and hit illusionary wall west, kill 2 more imps:

  • Grave Glovewort [3]
  • 5x Human Bone Shards
  • Watchdog’s Staff

East tunnel, imp ambush to the left + trap floor tile, loot plant:

  • Grave Glovewort [2]

Next room loot plant:

  • Grave Glovewort [2]

Further behind pillar:

  • Grave Glovewort [3]

Reveal Illusionary wall – Ambush imp statues left and right

  • Raya Lucaria Soldiers Ashes

Go back towards the entrance:
Reveal Illusionary wall next to the stairs in the first room

  • Ghost Glovewort [2]
  • Rune Arc

Further down in a narrow passage:

  • 3x Root Resin

Reveal another Illusionary wall behind the corpse we just looted
Grave Gloveworth [2]
Reveal another Illusionary wall : boss room prechamber appears

  • 3x Root Resin
  • 1x Root Resin

Tricky boss ahead. There’s a Spirit Caller Snail hidden in the opposite corner of the room to the right
He’ll keep summong tough enemies as long as he is alive, so we’ll actually go take a swing at it at the start of the fight
He’ll then go invisible and move away, we’ll then have to defeat his summoned Crucible Knight to reveal the Snail again
Check video to see the strategy in action

Before entering:
Flask of Physick
Golden Vow

Summon Militiaman
Sprint to the corner where
the Spirit Caller Snail is and
take a big swing at it
Kill Crucible Knight


  • Glintstone Sorcerer Ashes


Warp to Boilprawn Shack

== EPISODE 28 END ==






3:51 3x Smithing Stone [2]

5:13 Larval Tear

6:10 Smithing Stone [2]

9:09 5x Festering Bloody Finger

13:23 Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [12] Bloodrose (a lot around this church)

14:23 Ash of War: Bloodflame Blade

16:12 3x Smithing Stone [2]

16:37 Golden Rune [6]

20:39 3x Rimed Crystal Bud

21:20 Icerand Hatchet

22:21 Somber Smithing Stone [2]

26:22 Dragon Heart

26:33 Dragonwound Grease 6x Kukri Academy Glintstone Key



0:58 3 Prawns

1:35 Back Off

2:03 Flasks Recharge

3:53 4th Prawn Ambush

18:59 Clear this Place

23:31 Glintstone Dragon Smarag Boss Strategy 1

24:23 Glintstone Dragon Smarag Boss Strategy 2

24:52 Glintstone Dragon Smarag Boss Strategy 3



0:11 Upgrade Flasks

7:15 Level Up

9:55 PvP Invasions

10:24 Use Bloody Finger

12:47 2 More Invasions

15:12 Rune Arc

16:24 Pop the Balloons

18:15 After Invading

22:45 No More Invasions

22:59 Done with PvP

23:19 Skipping Time

27:15 Level Up



8:07 Talk to Varré “They didn’t seem right” Talk to Varré 2x again



5:48 Folly on the Lake

7:07 Fallen Ruins of the Lake

18:29 Temple Quarter

27:15 Crystalline Woods



00:00 Flask Upgrade

00:38 Prawn Hunting

05:13 Exploring the Lakeside Islands

07:15 Levelling Up

07:43 Meeting Varré

09:55 PvP Invasion

12:36 Looting While We Wait

18:49 Clearing the Temple Quarter

23:31 Glintstone Dragon Smarag Boss Strategy

27:15 Levelling Up and Episode End


From Boilprawn Shack

West to Gazebo structure, guarded by 3 giant prawns, better catch them while they’re sleeping for a deadly R2 combo.

  • 3x Smithing Stone [2]

Kill a 4th prawn just a big nortwhest, he’ll then turn into a Grafted Scion:

  • Larval Tear

South/Southwest to another Gazebo structure to find Site of Grace: Folly on the Lake
A few steps south, at the entrance to the poison swamp under the mountain. In front of a tree with small crabs:

  • Smithing Stone [2]

Go north/northeast to Site of Grace: Fallen Ruins of the Lake
Rest and spend all runes
Level up

West to the island with the Rose Church
Talk to Varré
“They didn’t seem right”
Talk to him again twice:

  • 5x Festering Bloody Finger

Now to progress through Varré’s quest line, you must do 3 Invasions.
That means you must go online and do PvP 3 times.
Simply use a Festering Bloody Finger 3 times from your inventory. And then you don’t have to defeat the players, you don’t even have to try, you can just Invade and then leave immediately.
Of course, you can try to kill the Host of Fingers for fun and for a Rune Arc if you succeed, but be warned: there’s a very high chance you’ll face overleveld and overgeared players with very optimized PvP builds, and on top of that, there’s a high chance they’ll not be alone and ambush you in a 2v1. So do not expect to win. It doesn’t matter, just get those 3 invasions done.
Sometimes you get invasions instantly, sometimes you have to wait long minutes, so just work on the next steps while you’re waiting to Invade.

Inside the church a very elusive enemy will attack you, use Block + Counter for easy kill

  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [12]
  • Bloodrose (a lot)

Northwest to kill grey scarab:

  • Ash of War: Bloodflame Blade

West/southwest to gazebo structure:

  • 3x Smithing Stone [2]

Southwest, destroy the hot air ballon with the Marionette Soldiers:

  • Golden Rune [6]

North to Site of Grace: Temple Quarter
Southeast to the middle of the ruins, you’ll find a dead mage in the water and be ambushed by aliens and flowers. Deal with them:

  • 3x Rimed Crystal Bud

A few steps south of that, inside a chest in the ruined tower:

  • Icerand Hatchet

Northwest to an island, find and kill teleporting scarab (shoot it with Mighty Shot + Fire Arrow)

  • Somber Smithing Stone [2]

If you’re low on flasks, you should go rest before next fight. We’re about to take on a dragon.
It’s actually easy if you stay on horse, check the video to see how to kill it

Prepare for boss: Glintstone Dragon Smarag

Before engaging:
Equip Lance Talisman instead of Green Turtle Talisman
Summon Skeleton Militiaman
Flask of Physick
Apply Magic Grease

Strategy is the same as with Flying Dragon Agheel

  • Dragon Heart

After he’s dead, go to his lair to loot:

  • Dragonwound Grease
  • 6x Kukri
  • Academy Clintstone Key

Go north/Northeast to find Site of Grace: Crystalline woods (at the southwestern tip of the woods near a big rock on the map)

Use a few Golden Runes if needed

== EPISODE 29 END ==






1:58 5x Cuckoo Glinstone Shards

2:28 Stonesword Key

3:29 Crystal Staff

4:01 Rune Arc

6:13 Crystal Release

7:13 Terra Magica

7:42 Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [11] (1500 R)

9:32 Golden Rune [3]

11:02 Golden Rune [5] 15x Serpent Arrow Golden Rune [6] Sage Armor set

12:08 5x Glowstone

12:32 Golden Rune [4]

13:20 2x Poison Grease

14:19 Winged Sword Insignia

15:36 Golden Rune [6]

16:32 Golden Rune [6]

20:09 Smithing Stone [3]

20:40 Blue-White Wooden Shield

22:39 4x Glintstone Firefly

23:06 Meeting Place Map



2:53 Play it Safe

3:21 Mistakes Were Made

4:16 Crystalian Duo Boss Strategy

5:02 Another Mistake

5:12 Ultra High Armor

5:31 Close One

13:26 Cleanrot Knight Boss Strategy

13:58 Dodge This

18:32 Back Attack

18:53 Careful Approach



7:38 Nomadic Merchant

9:11 Poison Cave

9:43 If You Fall Down

23:09 Careful Approach



21:05 Talk to the Finger Crone “Show hands”



0:53 Academy Crystal Cave

9:05 Stillwater Cave

17:36 Liurnia Highway North

18:28 South Raya Lucaria Gate

23:33 Main Academy Gate



00:00 To the Academy Crystal Cave

00:58 Academy Crystal Cave Walkthrough

04:16 Academy Crystal Cave Boss Strategy

07:32 Nomadic Warrior Cookbook

08:16 To Stillwater Cave

09:11 Stillwater Cave Walkthrough

13:26 Stillwater Cave Boss Strategy

14:39 Balloon Popping

16:38 Teleport To the Academy Entrance

18:32 Clearing the Academy Town

23:22 Entering Raya Lucaria & Episode End



From Crystalline woods

Re-equip Green Turtle Talisman
Southeast to Academy Crystal Cave, use 2x Stonesword key
Rest at Site of Grace: Academy Crystal Cave


First large room kill 6 casters, then hug the right wall to find an alcove with a corpse:

  • 5x Cuckoo Glinstone Shards

Now backtrack and always hug left wall, you’ll end up a room with a body in a cage:

  • Stonesword Key

Hug left wall until wooden door, open, bow pull the roaming mage, hide behind a wall so he comes to you. You don’t want to fight him and the tougher one at the same time.
Sneak through the door, hug left to reveal hidden wall
Backstab another mage, move up the ledge to open chest:

  • Crystal Staff

Get down and loot chest:

  • Rune Arc

Deal with the last mage, it’s a tougher one, watch out for this magic hammer attack.
Heal up and prepare for boss:
Fire Grease
Flask of Physicks
Summon Jellyfish
Focus on the Crystalian (staff) while Jellyfish tanks the other one, they don’t take much damage until you stagger them. So 2x Charged R2 and critical hit should do the trick
Then go for Crystalian (Spear). Shield up + Barricade, block/counters to get the stagger.
Defeat Crystalian (Spear) and Crystalian (Staff)

  • Crystal Release

Don’t taket the exit, instead take the east door and elevator up
Up top after stairs and ladder you’ll find a chest:

  • Terra Magicus

Warp to Liurnia Lake Shore
Go to the merchant, purchase:

  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [11]

(1500 R)

Optional: kill the merchant

Southeast to Stillwater Cave
Site of Grace: Stillwater Cave


Craft a few Neutralizing Boluses and hotkey them

  • Golden Rune [3]

==If you fall down, there are several ways to get out, one to the west, one to the south. There is an item in the poison down there, it’s a Golden Rune [4] if you want to grab it, you don’t have to kill the plants, just run through them==
Stick to the upper ledge, jump over gap, defeat 2 mages
Take tunnel southeast, two bats (ceiling) + one Singing Bat:

  • Golden Rune [6] (dropped by bat)
  • Sage Armor set (in the poison pool)
  • 15x Serpent Arrow
  • Golden Rune [5]

Go back and hug left, ambush 2 mages + 3 bats

  • 5x Glowstone (corpse)

Jump over gap, keep going until you reach the poison “river”, kill 2 mages, drop down
Kill a few mushroom guys on your way down

  • 2x Poison Grease (corpse at the end of poison river)

Prepare for boss: Cleanrot Knight
Flask of Physick
Golden Vow
Fire Grease
Enter and summon Jellyfish
Use L2 combo, he dies quickly

  • Winged Sword Insignia

Warp back to Stillwater Cave

North along the cliff to your right until spiritspring up
North along the road, watch out for those annoying rapid fire skeletons
Kill the 2 air balloons on the east side of the road

  • Golden Rune [6]

Follow road north until Site of Grace: Liurnia Highway North
West to ruins with a Waygate inside, use it to teleport
After teleporting, North to Site of Grace: South Raya Lucaria Gate
Go south, fight throught he barricades. To beat the big chariot, idally you want a backstab, so bow pull the last 2 flamethrower servants and then go in for the backstab.
If you can’t, summon Jellyfish and try to get behind the chariot to hit the pilot.
Loot the corpses, one will have:

  • Smithing Stone [3]

Take a right and go around the building along the balcony, beat a guard and loot corpse:

  • Blue-White Wooden Shield

Reach plaza
Southeast road to the Finger Reader
Talk to her once, let her read your Fingers
Back to plaza, north to the right-side of the big building, kill knight, loot corpse:

  • 4x Glintstone Firefly

Go back to South Raya Lucaria Gate
Next to gate, loot corpse:

  • Meeting Place Map (clue to find the Glintstone Key, which we already have)

Examine Seal to go through the gate and teleport to Main Academy Gate
Site of Grace: Main Academy Gate

== EPISODE 30 END ==





0:58 Trina’s Lily

1:06 Magic Grease

2:15 Rune Arc

2:37 Golden Rune [2]

2:44 Somber Smithing Stone [3]

3:56 3x Grace Mimic

4:53 Spellproof Dried Liver

4:15 Marionette Soldiers Ashes

5:36 Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot

6:42 Carian Knight Armor Set

7:33 Golden Rune [4]

7:50 Magic Grease

8:18 5x Mushroom

8:30 Ash of War: Spectral Lance Golden Rune [4]

9:21 Gravity Well

9:32 Somber Smithing Stone [3]

10:21 Golden Rune [4]

12:36 Ritual Pot

13:28 Furlcalling Finger Remedy

13:52 Comet

13:58 Stonesword Key

14:46 Graven-School Talisman

15:59 Memory Stone



3:38 Grab Attack

11:06 Tricky Room

12:54 More Casters

14:21 Kill Pots

15:18 Red Wolf of Radagon Boss Strategy



3:00 Level Up

6:47 Carian Set

9:48 Jump Off

16:18 Episode End



None this episode



2:56 Church of the Cuckoo

10:34 Schoolhouse Classroom

16:11 Debate Parlor



00:00 Into the Academy

01:37 Church of the Cuckoo

03:20 Through the School Graveyard

09:00 Gravity Lord Fight

09:46 Up to the Schoolhouse

11:06 Warrior Jar Room

12:54 Deeper into the Castle

14:14 Secret Passage

15:18 Raya Lucaria First Boss Strategy

16:18 Level Up & Episode End



== Raya Lucaria Academy Walkthrough ==
Go inside and take the big lift
Run until fountain:
  • Tryna’s Lily (to your left)
West stairs down:
  • Magic Grease
Stairs up to main gate, kill 2 mages and open door
Ambush by 3 Quadra Arms skeletons + 1 Mage. Use pillars to avoid spells while dealing with skeletons
Illusionary wall to the right, when entering church. On the other side:
  • Rune Arc
At the back of the church:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [3]
Western aisle:
  • Golden Rune [2]
Door east, then to the left:
Site of Grace: Church of the Cuckoo
Spend Golden Runes if needed to reach next level
Take stairs down to the left, take a left immediately, clear a few ghouls, some ambushes:
  • 3x Grace Mimic (corpse at the end of this path)
Go back and clear your way down the graveyard, many ghoul ambushes. FP drain if they catch you.
  • Spellproof Dried Liver
Cross bridge and immediatley turn left to find a path along the wall to get to those 2 annoying Skeletal Archers:
  • Marionette Soldiers Ashes
Drop down and Kill 3 ghouls + Dog
  • Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot
Kill 4 dogs + 4 ghouls until you’ve cleared this Graveyard area
Drop down the southwestern ledge to a lower platform with zombies praying infront of a big tombstone.
Kill them and loot:
  • Carian Knight Armor Set
Equip it or just some parts of it if you have better options (stay under Med. Load)
Further east on a narrow ledge:
  • Golden Rune [4]
  • Back up a little and you’ll find  a path going up between the rocks.
Drop down and you’ll be back at the Graveyard area
  • Magic Grease (corpse near next building)
  • 5x Mushroom (corpse east of building)
  • Ash of War: Spectral Lance (descending slope north of building)
  • Golden Rune [4] (further down this slope)
Get back up and enter building, go across bridge and kill Alabaster Lord:
  • Gravity Well
At the big altar nearby (jump on the side to access the loot):
  • Somber Smithing Stone [3]
Take giant water wheel up, facing south, jump off before reaching the top of the wheel’s rotation (or you’ll fall to your death)
  • kill 3 zombies, take ascending slope to the right:
  • Golden Rune [4]
Get back down and enter building to find Site of Grace: Schoolhouse Classroom
Kill 3 mages (1 patrolling)
Ignore the East room for now, we’ll be back later.
Head West, 4 mages + Pot warrior ambush. Pull the first 2 mages with bow and hide first.
Check video to see how I deal with this tricky room.
South corner of the room open chest:
  • Ritual Pot
West stairs up, bow pull mage to avoid ambush from next set of double stairs
Deal with 2 mages on each sides of the stairs (backstab both) then deal with the one on the double stairs
  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy (balcony)
Go up the double stairs, the first bookshielf to your left is an Illusionary Wall.
Reveal it and go through:
  • Comet (chest)
  • Stonesword Key (corpse)
Ladder up, go to the other end of that upper floor, jump over railing, drop down through broken floor
Then walk through corridor to another hole, drop down
  • Graven-School Talisman (guarded by a bunch of small pot warriors)
Open the doors, you’ll be back in the room we recently cleared, take the stairs / double stairs up.
Back to boss fog. Prepare for Red Wolf of Radagon
Before entering:
Flask of Physick
Golden Vow
Summon Jellyfish
Keep your shield up
Let Jellyfish Aggro
L2 > R2 Combos
  • Memory Stone
Site of Grace: Debate Parlor
Rest and level up
== EPISODE 31 END ==






1:03 5x Crystal Bud

1:18 Radagon Icon

1:46 Golden Rune [4]

2:28 Cracked Pot 3x Living Jar Shard

2:51 Stonesword Key

4:04 5x Glintstone Firefly

4:24 Golden Seed

4:40 Golden Rune [2]

4:49 Golden Rune [4]

5:13 Karolos Glintstone Crown

5:57 Smithing Stone [5]

6:04 8x Crystal Darts

6:21 Furlcalling Finger Remedy

7:15 Carian Knight’s Shield

7:39 Golden Rune [4] Trina’s Lily

8:20 Glintstone Whetblade

10:12 Golden Rune [3]

10:44 Golden Rune [4]

11:47 5x Crystal Darts

11:58 5x Meteoric Bolts

14:47 Full-Moon Crossbow

15:05 Smithing Stone [4]

15:55 Lazuli Glintstone Crown

16:08 Somber Smithing Stone [4]

16:42 Imbued Stonesword key

16:51 2x Smithing Stone [3]

17:59 2x Magic Grease

18:11 Golden Rune [3]

18:20 Academy Glintstone Key

18:52 Shattering Crystal

19:42 Azur’s Glintstone Staff

20:07 Twinsage Glintstone Crown



2:52 Iron Maiden

3:11 Iron Maiden Tip

4:27 Dangerous Crab

6:35 Moongrum, Carian Knight Miniboss Strategy

12:47 Don’t Move

18:58 Watch Out



0:09 Talismans

5:32 Giant Ball Trap

8:20 Glintstone Whetblade

8:44 Shortcuts Unlocked

9:00 Level Up

12:15 The Big Jump

12:28 Light Load

15:07 Another Big Jump

15:26 Another Sprint Jump

20:12 Parkour Complete



None this episode



None this episode



00:00 Parkour for the Radagon Icon

01:25 Back in the Courtyard

05:30 Up the Trapped Staircase

06:31 Moongrum, Carian Knight Miniboss

07:20 Unlocking the Shortcuts

09:44 Rooftop Parkour Walkthrough

18:29 Last of the Loot

20:28 Episode End



== Raya Lucaria Academy Walkthrough Part 2 ==
From Debate Parlor
Exit to courtyard: hug right wall and drop down by jumping south over railing
Climb ladder, get inside through broken window
To the left:
  • 5x Crystal Bud (corpse)
To the right:
  • Radagon Icon (chest)
Trophy progression: Legendary Talismans 2/8
A few steps further to the right, exit to balcony, kill 2 mages:
  • Golden Rune [4]
Drop down east over railing, get a backstab on the mage, then kill the mini pots:
  • Cracket Pot
  • 3x Living Jar Shard
In the middle of the courtyard, jump on fountain:
  • Stonesword Key
A Virgin Maiden should show up, it’s an annoying new type of enemy, be careful of their grab attack. If you get caught, mash your buttons and triggers to be released fast.
On the northern end of the courtyard:
  • 5x Glintstone Firefly
Avoid the northeastern corner of the courtyard, there’s a giant crab ambush which gives us nothing
West under the bridge to find an Ertree Sapling:
  • Golden Seed
North to a crab ambush, they spit a sleep gas, circle around to avoid it. Tough enemy. Use Barricade + Counter.
After crab is dead, loot the corpse:
  • Golden Rune [2]
Northwest of the corpse there’s a passage between two pillars:
  • Golden Rune [4]
Southwest follow the ledge all the way, kill a baby crystal crab:
  • Karolos Glintstone Crown
East opposite end of courtyard, walk across a beam to climb onto the curved bridge
==Watch out giant ball trap== There are safe spots, check video for an easier time
1st safe spot is right after jumping off the beam
Grab item at bottom of the bridge first:
  • Smithing Stone [5]
2nd safe spot is by jumping over the railing to the left, onto the broken beam with the item:
  • 8x Crystal Darts
3rd safe spot is right next to the corpse in the middle of the bridge, hug the pillar its right
  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy
Then run while hugging left railing to get to safety
Get ready to face a miniboss: Moongrum, Carian Knight
Use Flask of Physick and Golden Vow before engaging
If he has his shield equipped, only use Jump Attacks because he’ll try to parry you. Jump attacks can’t be parried.
It’s  a dangerous enemy with clever AI. He also uses spells, so don’t take him lightly.
  • Carian Knight’s Shield
South exit, mage + zombies:
  • Golden Rune [4] (corpse to the left)
  • Trina’s Lily
Southwest to open a door to unlock a shortcut.
Go through the door, get the jump on 2 mages, then deal with the rest below and enter the room below.
In this room on the balcony, hanging corpse:
  • Glintstone Whetblade
Go back above, jump over the rails west, kill the mage waiting for you down there.
Go downstairs and open the door to unlock shortcut to the stairs and balconies
Go back through the courtyard and rest at Debate Parlor
Level up
Use Golden Runes if needed
We have some dangerous parkour coming up so high chance of death
Go back through the shortcut we just unlocked
Kill the 2 mages, up the stairs and around the corner to the left:
  • Golden Rune [3]
Drop down on the roof below, go across roof to tower structure with a ladder.
Go left of the ladder first:
  • Golden Rune [4]

Ladder up, deal with 3x Flying Assassins + 1 Mage:

  • 5x Crystal Darts
Go behind the tower:
  • 5x Meteoric Bolts
Drop down two more roofs, and now it’s time for a difficult jump!
Face west, take off your equipment until you’re on Low Equip. Load (take everything off besides Weapon + Shield)
Hold sprint button and jump at the last moment.
Once you made it to the other side, you’ll be attacked by a flying imp and possibly Marionette too, so be ready
Re-equip armor.
Face south, drop down to the roof, move up and kill Marionette archer
East, drop down a few more roofs, then jump over a gap to land at the bottom of a tower.
Ambush inside 2x Marionettes.
Take long ladder up:
  • Full-Moon Crossbow
Face west, jump over the railings to land on a roof below
Then follow the roofs until you reach a corpse:
  • Smithing Stone [4]
From this particular roof we can make a 2nd jump, slightly less difficult, to the same roof we did that difficult jump to.
You can also strip down for this jump if you want to increase your chances of success.
Once you’ve reached that roof again, this time go straight ahead (west), make another jump, then right, and right again until you reach a tower (flying imp ambush)
Inside you’ll find a broken floor, drop down to the next floor twice, you’ll find a Crystal Crab, kill it to get:
  • Lazuli Glintstone Crown
At the bottom of this tower you’ll find 3 small crabs and:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [4]
Get out and go up the ladder.
Southeast to other tower:
  • Imbued Stonesword key
Jump over gap to next tower, go around it:
  • 2x Smithing Stone [3]
  • Go back to the ladder and jump down to the roof below with the 2 skeletal lancers
Go left of the building, deal with 2 Flying Imp ambush, go to the end of the roof to your left:
  • 2x Magic Grease
Enter through a window, walk across beam to get:
  • Golden Rune [3]
Drop down on a lower beam, then on the chandelier with the purple item:
  • Academy Glintstone Key
Drop on bridge below (west side of it if possible), backstab a mage then get ready to deal with 2 more mages
Northwestern hallway at the end:
  • Shattering Crystal
In the same hallway, kick the ladder down to open this shortcut (not the best shortcut, the room below is packed with annoying stuff)
Now be careful before you cross the bridge east, there is an enemy with a repeating fire crossbow at the end, it can be deadly.
So pull it over and hide behind a wall to lure him over and catch him in melee range
Go in the crystal room behind:
  • Azur’s Glintstone Staff
Get back inside the church, exit on balcony east, take a right and kill a crab:
  • Twinsage Glintstone Crown
Warp to Lake-Facing Cliffs
== EPISODE 32 END ==







4:52 Golden Rune [4]

7:03 Glintstone Scarab

7:16 Golden Rune [7]

12:45 Gold Sewing Needle Golden Tailoring Tools

20:40 Remembrance of the Full Moon Queen Great Rune of the Unborn



13:50 Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon Preparations

15:59 Rennala Phase 1 Strategy

19:14 Rennala Phase 2 Strategy



2:31 Optional Parkour

5:49 One More Shortcut

6:46 Giant Ball Disabled

7:43 Church of Vows

11:47 Scrolls & Prayerbooks

21:33 Rebirth



0:45 Talk to Sorcerer Thops “About Sellen” “Give the Academy Glintstone Key” Talk to Thops again “About the glintstone key”

7:49 Talk to Miriel “I don’t know” “About Radagon” 2x “About Rennala” 2x

21:19 Talk to Rennala



7:37 Church of Vows

22:11 Raya Lucaria Grand Library



00:00 Giving Thops the key

02:31 Optional Parkour Run

05:05 One More Shortcut

07:22 Teleport to the Church of Vows

07:49 Lore Time

13:02 Raya Lucaria Shardbearer Strategy

20:52 Episode End



== Raya Lucaria Walkthrough Part 3 ==
From Lake-Facing Cliffs
Southwest to Church of Irith
Talk to Sorcerer Thops
   “About Sellen”
    “Give the Academy Glintstone Key”
Gesture: Erudition
Talk to Sorcerer Thops again
   “About Glintstone Key”
Warp back to Site of Grace: Debate Parlor
==Optional Parkour ==
There is a Golden Rune [4] we could grab at that particular roof. This time it won’t require a big jump, just some easy dropping down on lower roofs. If you’re sick of jumping around on roofs, just skip to next part.
If you want that Golden Rune [4], then get back to that particular roof, but this time:
Face North, drop down, then face west and drop down again,  then drop down one more time to kill 2 Marionette Archers
West under archway to find:
  • Golden Rune [4]
==Optional Parkour end==
Warp back to Site of Grace: Debate Parlor
Exit to courtyard, take the debris-filled stairs to the left and take the shortcut we opened before, run past enemies.
Jump to the right over the railings unto another balcony with a ladder. First open the doors at the end of corrider.
Then ladder up, backstab mage.
Sneak up on Pumpkin Head + 2 Mages
  • Glintstone Scarab (chest)
Exit balcony and drop down roof:
  • Golden Rune [7]
Drop down again, take the teleporter to Church of Vows
Site of Grace: Church of Vows
Talk to Miriel
   “I don’t know”
   “About Radagon” 2x
  “About Renalla” 2x
Give him all the scrolls we have
Open chest in the church:
  • Gold Sewing Needle
  • Golden Tailoring Tools
Warp back to Site of Grace: Debate Parlor
Exit to courtyard, take the debris-filled stairs to the left and take the shortcut we opened before, run past enemies back to the room where we killed Moongrum, Carian Knight, this time take the lift up.
Prepare for the final boss of this dungeon: Renalla, Queen of the Full Moon
Hotkey Pickled Turtle Neck
Hotkey Magic Grease
Hotkey Skeletal Militiaman
Go 2-Hand, no Shield needed for this fight
Open the double door and don’t move a single step furter
Summon Skeletal Militiaman
Check video for detailed Rennala strategy
Phase 1 is easy:
Kill 2 Children with the golden hue
Apply Magic Grease
Kill 3rd Children to break Rennala’s Bubble
As she walls to the ground: Charged R2 > R2 Combo + L2  – Don’t finish her off
Kill 2 children
Before kiling the 3rd, buff up fully:
Flask of Physick
Apply Magic Grease
Pickled Turtle Neck
Kill 3rd child and finish Rennala off
Phase 2: Run in circles around her  to avoid spells. Move in close and use L2 / R2 combos. She has low poise, her spells can be interrupted if you strike early enough.
  • Rememberance of the Full Moon Queen
  • Great Rune of the Unborn
Talk to Rennala
Activate Site of Grace: Raya Lucaria Grand Library
== EPISODE 33 END ==





17:30 Trophy Unlocked: Godskin Noble



1:29 Glintstone Craftman’s Cookbook [5] Confectus Scro

1:43 Smithing Stone [4]

1:55 2x Trina’s Lily

2:10 Olivinus Glintstone Crown

2:27 Thops’s Bell Bearing Academy Glintstone Staff Thops’s Barrier

3:20 Golden Rune [3] Avionette Soldiers Ashes

4:05 Longtail Cat Talisman Smithing Stone [5] Glintstone Firefly Lost of Ashes of War

6:49 2x Smithing Stone [6]

7:30 Golden Rune [9]

7:49 Somber Smithing Stone [6]

8:32 Somber Smithing Stone [5]

7:32 Godskin Stitcher Noble Presence

18:10 Serpent’s Amnion

21:07 Somber Smithing Stone [7]



11:20 Godskin Noble Boss Strategy Part 1

15:36 Godskin Nobel Boss Strategy Part 2



0:12 Level Up

0:23 Mix Wondrous Physick

0:35 Ashes of War

2:17 Poor Thops

3:46 Important Step

4:39 Let Her Grab You

4:52 Magical Teleporter

5:24 Warm Place

5:35 Gear Changes & Bloodhound’s Step

6:34 Gear Changes

7:49 Somber Stone 1/2

8:38 Stealth Tactic

8:52 Fail

9:01 Avoid Boss Room

10:05 Avoid this Enemy

10:19 Somber Stone 2/2

14:50 Stealth Tactic Take 2

17:55 Level Up

18:15 Bloodhound’s Step

20:29 Cat Talisman

21:07 Objective Complete



None this episode



17:50 Temple of Eiglay



00:00 Prepare to Die

01:10 To the Iron Maiden

03:55 Looting and Running

04:50 Iron Maiden Teleport

05:24 Running Through Volcano Manor

08:14 Opening a Shortcut

11:20 Godskin Noble Boss Strategy Part 1

14:00 Back to the Boss Room

15:36 Godskin Noble Boss Strategy Part 2

17:55 Leveling Up

18:29 Grabbing the final Somber Smithing Stone

21:47 Episode End



== Raya Lucaria Walkthrough Part 4 ==
From  Raya Lucaria Grand Library
Spend all runes, we’ll have to die on purpose soon
Cracked Crystal Tear
Dexterity-Knot Crystal Tear
Select a Dagger, not the one we already use for Golden Vow
Or any other low weight weapon you have the REQS for
Apply the Bloodhound’s Step Ash of War to it. It will be very useful to go through Lava or Rot Swamp areas
Warp to Schoolhouse Classroom
From the class room, kill the mages in your way (1 patrolling)
East room:
  • Glintstone Craftman’s Cookbook [5] (chest to the right)
  • Confectus Scroll (corpse)
Illusionary wall behind Confectus Scroll
  • Smithing Stone [4] (corpse on balcony)
North jump over railing, drop down, follow the ledge north:
  • 2x Trina’s Lily
Climb the rocks on the edge, jump over a gap:
  • Olivinus Glintstone Crown
Keep going and jump back down, you’ll find Thops sitting at a desk:
  • Thops’s Bell Bearing
  • Academy Glintstone Staff
  • Thops’s Barrier
We’ll soon die on purpose, so now is the time to spend all your runes at the nearby grace.
Take the giant water wheel down, face north  jump off on a platform before you reach the bottom
Northwest to ambush by 2x Flying Imp + 3 zombies. Loot corpses:
  • Golden Rune [3]
  • Avionette Soldiers Ashes
Go back to the water wheel, jump back on it and this time go all the way to the bottom
At the bottom, you’ll be chased by a Virgin Maiden, run away from it don’t kill it.
Loot the bottom area while being chased:
  • Longtail Cat Talisman
  • Smithing Stone [5]
  • Glintstone Firefly (a bunch)
Northwest corner you can climb up crystals to reach a platform
Go to the mausoleum and loot:
  • Lost of Ashes of War
We’re about to die on purpose.
Go back to the Virgin Maiden, and this time, you must try to let her kill you with her grab ability.
So get low on health (below 50%), Shield up and keep blocking so you don’t die to her other attacks and just let her grab you.
If you succeed, you will ressurect in Volcano Manor. So Patches wasn’t completely telling the truth, as always, that bastard ;-p


== Volcano Manor ==
Equip Longtail Cat Talisman (instead of Green Turtle Talisman)
Equip a Dagger with Bloodhound’s Step skill
Check video to see where I drop down in the lava
Bloodhound’s Step west through the lava to reach ground and then climb onto the low slanted roof
West over the wall then southwest over a roof to find a corpse:
  • 2x Smithing Stone [6]
Drop down, clear the fire slugs around the fountain:
  • Golden Rune  [9]
Cross over lava, go around the building and climb up the hill behind it to access the roof:
Kill the enemy on the roof and loot corpse:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [6] (one of the main reasons we’re here)
Northeast drop down and take curved stairs going up (ignore the enemy), go to the cage lift northeast
Up top to right and find corpse at the edge:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [5]
Take stairs up, run past the knight or distract it with an arrow (check video to see how to do that)
Atop the stairs take a left and activate the lever
Then cross the bridge until you lose aggro on the knight
Prepare for our toughest boss yet: Godskin Noble
He’s quite high level and we should normally take him on later, but we’ve got a plan. Check video for my detailed Godskin Noble strategy.
Before entering the church:
Craft 9 Sleep Pots
Hotkey Sleep Pots
Hotkey Magic Grease
Hotkey Spirit Jellyfish
Equip Golden Vow Dagger
Equip Axe Talisman
Use Sleep Pots
If you hit your target, one sleep pot is enough to put Godskin Noble to sleep
Once he’s aleep, time to summon and buff up:
Summon Jellyfish
Golden Vow
Apply Magic Grease
Wake him up with combo:
Full Charged R2 > R2 Combo
L2 > R2 Combo
== Stagger ==
Critical Hit
Back to Step 1, put him to Sleep again and repeat
Use the pillars to hide from his attacks, especially the Rolling attack he does
One of his piercing attacks hits through pillars though so watch out for that one
Congratulations on beating our toughest boss yet!
  • Godskin Stitcher
  • Noble Presence
Achievement Unlocked: Godskin Noble
North to altar, loot:
  • Serpent’s Amnion
Site of Grace:  Temple of Eiglay
Rest and level
Our next objective is to run through a large chunk of volcano manor to reach our main goal: a Somber Smithing Stone [7]
Check video and follow my lead
Keep Bloodhound’s Step dagger equipped for an easier run
Once you reach the last step, loot the corpse behind the Virgin Iron Maiden
  • Somber Smithing Stone [7]
Lose the aggro or die, either way is fine
Warp to Astray from Caelid Highway North (Caelid)
== EPISODE 34 END ==






1:04 Ash of War: Lifesteal Fist

4:34 Map: Dragonbarrow

4:55 Somber Smithing Stone [8]

5:29 Somber Smithing Stone [9] Rune Arc Arteria Leaf Dragonwound Grease

6:44 Smithing Stone [4]

7:57 Sword of St. Trina

8:30 Somber Smithing Stone [4]

9:30 Smithing Stone [5]

10:35 Ash of War: Flame of Redmanes

11:25 Golden Rune [1] Golden Rune [3] Golden Rune [2]

12:46 Somber Smithing Stone [2]

13:30 Golden Rune [5]

14:24 Somber Smithing Stone [4] Cross-Naginata Smithing Stone [4] Smithing Stone [4] 4x Silver Firefly

15:26 Smithing Stone [4]

16:00 Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot

16:05 13x Cracked Crystal

16:07 Smithing Stone [4]

16:50 5x Large Glintstone Scrap

16:53 5x Grace Mimic

16:58 Smithing Stone [4]

17:15 Smithing Stone [4]

20:16 Moonveil Dragon Heart



6:14 Dogs

6:45 Ravens

8:51 Pull this Raven

18:24 Prepare for Boss

19:12 Magma Wyrm Strategy

19:41 Long Stagger



0:10 Gear Changes

0:28 Mix Wondrous Physick – Rune Arc

5:05 Somber Smithing Stones

10:06 Invisible scarab

10:21 Position yourself

20:28 Moonveil



1:39 Talk to Finger Reader “Show hands”

17:39 Talk to Alexander Iron Fist 2x



1:31 Smoldering Wall

3:17 Caelem Ruins

4:15 Dragonbarrow West

9:50 Fort Gael North

13:00 Gael Tunnel



00:00 Gear Changes, Mix and Rune Arc

00:55 Caelid Looting Part 2

04:50 Somber Smithing Stone [8] & [9]

05:59 Clearing the way to Gael Tunnel

12:18 Gael Tunnel Walkthrough

18:24 Magma Wyrm Strategy

20:36 Raya Lucaria Grand Library & Episode End



From Astray from Caelid Highway North
Re-equip Green Turtle Talisman
Re-equip Golden Vow Dagger
Mix Wondrous Physick
Greenspill Crystal Tear
Dexterity-Knot Crystal Tear
Use a Rune Arc to buff up if you want (you decided when to use those, I’ll only tell you when to NOT use them when we’re about to do something high risk)
Northwest kill Grey Scarab:
  • Ash of War: Lifesteal Fist
North follow the highway, to the right find Site of Grace: Smoldering Wall
West by the wall talk to the Finger Reader
  “Show hands”
North follow highway, go through Caelem Ruins and on the other side find Site of Grace: Caelem Ruins
Open map, place a Marker on the Map Stele and head northeast towards the marker
Jump over a gap and on the other side by a big tree root find Site of Grace: Dragonbarrow West
Further east towards your marker until you reach the map stele:
  • Map: Dragonbarrow
North towards Caelid Divine Tower, you’ll find a grey scarab on a branch, kill it (explodes on death):
  • Somber Smithing Stone [8]
Southeast to find path going down to the base of the Divine Tower. Bunch of dead guys on chairs:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [9]
  • Rune Arc
  • Arteria Leaf
  • Dragonwound Grease
Warp back to Site of Grace: Caelem Ruins
West/southwest to Forsaken Ruins, deal with the big raven ambushes. Roll into their crotch and L2/R2 combo.
On a corpse in the middle of the ruins:
  • Smithing Stone [4]
Northwest a few steps you’ll find stairs down
Use a Stonesword Key:
  • Sword of St. Trina (chest inside)
South to a Grey Scarab hanging on tree root arching over the path. Shoot it down and kill it:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [4]
East to:
  • Smithing Stone [5] (on a corpse atop the big mushroom pile, guarded by big bird – Careful you might get ambushed by a 2nd bird)
Southwest to Site of Grace: Fort Gael North
Northeast to invisible scarab. Be careful to not aggro dogs and birds int he area. Kill the scarab:
  • Ash of War: Flame of Redmanes
Northwest climb to the top of the rocks to a graveyard:
  • Golden Rune [1]
  • Golden Rune [3]
  • Golden Rune [2]
Southeast back down and past a barricade with human guards to find Gael Tunnel
Gael Tunnel Walkthrough:
Kill 2 guards, drop down left and drop down again:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [2] (small tunnel to the left)
Jump down to the left a few times to reach the bottom:
Site of Grace: Gael Tunnel
Kill 2 enemies on the wooden platform:
  • Golden Rune [5] (corpse on platform)
Northeast tunnel, 2 more guards + Squid. At the other end of tunnel, water cave with Giant Squid + baby squids. Kill all then loot:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [4] (vein)
  • Cross-Naginata
  • Smithing Stone [4] (vein)
  • Smithing Stone [4] (vein)
  • 4x Silver Firefly
Back to the wooden platform, under it kill guards + bunch of miners and fire throwers.
  • Smithing Stone [4] (vein)
  • 13x Cracked Crystal (veins)
  • Gold-PIckled Fowl Foot (corpse)
West tunnel, kill guard, drop down, kill another guard + miner:
  • Smithing Stone [4] (vein)
  • 5x Grace Mimic
Further in you’ll find two wooden doors, don’t open the double doors for now.
  • Smithing Stone [4] (vein to the left)
Open the small door west, rest at Site of Grace: Rear Gael Tunnel Entrance
Talk to Alexander Iron Fist 2x
Get ready for boss fight: Magma Wyrm
Before Entering:
Hotkey Skeletal Militiaman
Drink Flask of Physick
Golden Vow
Don’t summon immediately, avoid
the first charge + fire breath, then
summon Skeletal Militiamn
L2/R2 combos, let Skeletons get aggro
Dodge rolling under the crotch is a safe spot, but move away to dodge the magma breath attacks
  • Moonveil
  • Dragon Heart
We finally got our weapon of choice for the 2nd part of our build
We’re about to become even more powerful and much more versatile
Warp to Raya Lucaria Grand Library
== EPISODE 35 END ==






1:08 Gesture: Balled Up

9:53 Talisman Pouch

11:19 Carian Regal Scepter

14:03 Red-Feathered Branchsword

15:33 3x Smithing Stone [2]

17:43 Golden Rune [5] Golden Rune [2] Golden Rune [2] Golden Rune [4] Golden Rune [4] Golden Rune [2] Golden Rune [3] Golden Rune [3]

18:34 3x Smithing Stone [2]

19:07 Ash of War: Charge Forth

20:09 Stonesword Key



13:27 Transient Moonlight

13:43 Easy staggers

14:03 INT Scaling



0:24 Respec time

7:45 Upgrade Banished Knight Engvall +2 (4030 runes needed)

8:13 Upgrade Moonveil to +9 (11 000 runes needed)

8:37 Upgrade Brass Shield to +8 (800 Runes needed)

11:22 Remembrance

11:38 Queen’s Robe

11:58 Gear Changes

12:47 Mix Wondrous Physick

20:30 Death Rite Bird



1:12 Talk to Brother Corhyn Talk

2:16 Talk to Sir Gideon Ofnir, the All-Knowing 2x About Godrick About Radahn About Rykard About Morgott About Rennala About Nepheli

6:49 Talk to Diallos

8:59 Talk to Finger Reader Enia Talk to Finger Reader Enia again “About Queen Marika” SITES OF GRACE DISCOVERED 20:45 Gate Town North



00:00 Respec to a new Build

01:12 Talk to Brother Corhyn

02:16 Talk to Sir Gideon Ofnir

06:49 Talk to Diallos

07:40 Upgrading Spirit & Armaments

08:59 Talk to Finger Reader Enia

12:45 Deathbird

15:43 Southern Liurnia Looting

18:30 Academy Gate Town Looting

20:53 Episode End



From Raya Lucaria Grand Library
Use Larval Tear to respec to Moonveil build
Int: 24
Mind: 25
End: 20
Vigor: 30
If you have any spare points: all in INT
  • Gesture: Balled Up
Warp to Roundtable Hold
==Roundtable Hold==
Talk to Brother Corhyn
Talk to Sir Gideon Ofnir, the All-Knowing 2x
   About Godrick
   About Radahn
   About Rykard
   About Morgott
   About Rennala
   About Nepheli
Talk to Diallos
Upgrade Banished Knight Engvall +2 (4030 runes needed)
Upgrade Moonveil to +9 (11 000 runes needed)
Upgrade Brass Shield to +8 (800 Runes needed)
Talk to Finger Reader Enia
  • Talisman Pouch
Talk to Finger Reader Enia again
   “About Queen Marika”
You can now purchase new armor from the Finger Reader too if you want
And you can also get your reward for the Rememberance of the Full Moon Queen if you intend to use it, but there’s no rush and we’ll get that later.
Equip Moonveil
Equip Erdtree’s Favor
Also equip better armor if you got any available
Moonveil is ligther so we freed up some equip load
== Liurnia ==
Warp to Scenic Isle
Mix Wondrous Physick:
   Greenspill Crystal Tear
   Opaline Bubbletear
We’ll get better tears for our new build soon
Pass time until Night
Northeast to ruins, defeat Deadbird:
  • Red-Feathered Branchsword
Warp to Fallen Ruins of the Lake
Northwest to a gazebo:
  • 3x Smithing Stone [2]
East to graveyard, kill flowers, loot all tombstones:
  • Golden Rune [5]
  • Golden Rune [2]
  • Golden Rune [2]
  • Golden Rune [4]
  • Golden Rune [4]
  • Golden Rune [2]
  • Golden Rune [3]
  • Golden Rune [3]

Southeast follow the wall then turn left under the arch, kill giant crab:

  • 3x Smithing Stone [2]
Turn around, look under the arch, scarab hanging from the ceiling, shoot it down:
  • Ash of War: Charge Forth
North to a ruined tower with a chest, can be accessed with double jump:
  • Stonesword Key
North to ruined roofs isle with Site of Grace: Gate Town North (Watch out: Death Rite Bird spawns at night southeast of this grace, but it’s strong, we’ll come back later for it)
== EPISODE 36 END ==





2:28 3x Smithing Stone [3]

3:24 3x Smithing Stone [3]

4:06 Land Squirt Ashes

5:12 Golden Rune [3]

5:35 Golden Rune [6]

5:56 3x Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot

9:02 Ash of War: Ice Spear

9:19 Somber Smithing Stone [2]

10:48 Golden Rune [3] Golden Rune [6] 5x Crystal Darts Lucerne

12:07 Carian Glintblade Staff

12:16 Glintstone Craftman’s Cookbook [3]

12:26 Golden Rune [4]

14:50 Sliver of Meat

15:02 4x Trina’s Lilly

15:17 3x Smithing Stone [2]

17:17 Somber Smithing Stone [2]

18:55 Grave Violet

18:59 5x Root Resin

19:21 Grave Glovewort [2]

20:07 Grave Glovewort [3]

20:46 Rune Arc

21:14 Nox Mirrorhelm

22:00 Grave Gloveworth [2]

22:25 Golden Rune [3] Grave Glovewort [3]

23:10 Grave Violet Scythe

23:39 Grave Glovewort [3]

23:56 Grave Glovewort [3] Prattling Pate “Wonderful”

24:16 3x Hefty Beastbone Grave Glovewort [3]

24:29 Grave Glovewort [2]

25:18 Page Ashes

25:38 3x Old Fang

26:38 Kaiden Sellsword Ashes

26:50 1x Root Resin



11:16 New Summon

13:48 Runebear

14:13 Bearhug

15:09 Bombing Missions

19:55 Sleepy Ogres

22:34 Be Careful

25:59 Erdtree Burial Watchdog Boss Strategy



0:23 Crafting

8:02 Wait Until Nightfall

13:15 Risky Shortcut

15:50 Long Ride

16:41 Path Down

17:55 Level Up

21:14 Nox Mirrorhelm



6:40 Talk to Hyetta Give a Shabiri Grape They’re human eyes

7:44 Talk to Hyetta again



6:23 Gate Town Bridge

17:47 Cliffbottom Catacombs



00:00 Crafting Arrows and Pots

00:57 Gathering Smithing Stones

03:39 Land Squirt Ashes

04:30 Minor Liurnia Loot

06:25 Third Meeting with Hyetta

07:53 Liurnia Night’s Cavalry Boss

09:11 Loot Along the Road

11:10 Highway Lookout Tower

13:07 Shortcut to a Runebear

14:55 More Smithing Stones

15:50 To Cliffbottom Catacombs

18:25 Cliffbottom Catacombs Walkthrough

25:59 Cliffbottom Catacombs Boss Strategy 26:69 Episode End



From Gate Town North
East/Southeast a long way to a gazebo guarded by a Giant Glintstone Flower:
  • 3x Smithing Stone [3]
Southeast corpse on a chair guarded by another Giant Glintstone Flower:
  • 3x Smithing Stone [3]
Southeast under a very long rock:
  • Land Squirt Ashes
Southwest corpse on broken bridge guarded by 4 Albinaurics:
  • Golden Rune [3]
Southeast snipe hot air ballons:
  • Golden Rune [6]
Northeast all the way to the cliff’s bottom at a small camp:
  • 3x Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot
Southeast up the cliff, at the start of the bridge:
Site of Grace: Gate Town Bridge
A few steps north, you’ll find Hyetta
Talk to Hyetta
   Give a Shabiri Grape
   They’re human eyes
Talk to Hyetta again
Go back to Gate Town Bridge
Pass time until Nightfall
Southeast along the road, find and defeat Night’s Cavalry:
  • Ash of War: Ice Spear
Northeast along the cliff’s wall, find and kill a grey scarab (explosive corpse):
  • Somber Smithing Stone [2]
Southeast follow road until a Giant Summon, defeat it. Then beat the other ghosts and guards fighting in the area:
  • Golden Rune [3]
  • Golden Rune [6]
  • 5x Crystal Darts
Same area, wrecked cart east of the road:
  • Lucerne
West to acess the path taking you above the road to Highway Lookout Tower
Summon Banished Knight Engvall inside the camp
Go straight to the tower’s top to kill the Mage
  • Carian Glintblade Staff (corpse atop tower)
  • Glintstone Craftman’s Cookbook [3] (chest in tower’s 2nd floor)
  • Golden Rune [4] (corpse by the bonfire)
Northwest, check video to see how to drop down safely from this cliff
Prepare for fight Runebear guarding a corpse, before engaging:
   Flask of Physick
   Golden Vow
Stay under the Runebear’s crotch and defeat it:
  • Sliver of Meat
South find 4 plants at the beginning of the water:
  • 4x Trina’s Lilly
South in gazebo:
  • 3x Smithing Stone [2]
Southeast spiritspring back up
East until the road
Further east then southeast to find a path down along the eastern cliff’s edge.
Go all the way south to find a Dead Guy on a Chair by the cliff’s end
  • Somber Smithing Stone [2]
Go back northwest along the wall to find a catacomb’s entrance
Site of Grace: Cliffbottom Catacombs
Rest and level up if you can
== Cliffbottom Catacombs Walkthrough ==
Imp ambush in first room:
  • Grave Violet
  • 5x Root Resin (corpse)
Further down, beat another imp:
  • Grave Glovewort [2]
Stairs down, floor tile trap + imp ambush ceiling
Further to a room with fog wall and an ogre snoring under the stairs. Kill it.
  • Grave Glovewort [3]
Upstairs, another Ogre + 2 imp throwing bombs
Use Stonesword Key, enter room, ceiling imp ambush
  • Nox Mirrorhelm
Equip it, looks stylish, better defenses than Carian Helm and doesn’t put us over Medium Load
Move under stairs north, find corpse to the left:
  • Rune Arc
Move up stairs north, floor tile trap + 2x imp ambush right
Grave Gloveworth [2]
East through hallway to reach upper part of multi-level room
East end of the room turn right, 3x imp ambush:
  • Golden Rune [3] (corpse by flower)
  • Grave Glovewort [3]
Go back and take the doorway north, floor tile trap + 2 imps, then 1 more imp inside:
  • Grave Violet
  • Scythe
Back to multi-level room, drop down stairs below, walk down the stairs, drop down to the bottom floor with an Ogre
  • Grave Glovewort [3]
Deal with 2nd Ogre patrolling.
Check the corridor all around this room for loots:
  • Prattling Pate “Wonderful”
  • Grave Glovewort [3]
  • 3x Hefty Beastbone
  • Grave Glovewort [3]
East corridor:
  • Grave Glovewort [2]
South corridor  floor tile trap + Ogre patrol (can use trap vs Ogre for fun)
Move up, take ladder up, backstab Ogre left, loot over coffin:
  • Page Ashes
North, Imp Ambush near statue with lever
Pull Lever
  • 3x Old Fang (corpse near lever)
Drop down stairs, head north and follow corridor until you’re back in boss door
Prepare for boss: Erdtree Burial Watchdog
Flask of Physick
Golden Vow
Summon Engvall
Avoid spells and Firebreath
Use Transient Moonlight’s R2
  • Kaiden Sellsword Ashes
  • 1x Root Raisin (southwest corner)
Warp back to Site of Grace: Gate Town Bridge
== EPISODE 37 END ==





1:34 Starlight Shards

3:25 Deathroot Skeletal Bandit Ashes

3:45 Smithing Stone [3]

3:50 Trina’s Lily

4:42 Dragon Cult Prayerbook

5:06 5x Great Dragonfly Head

5:38 “Resurrection” Painting

5:52 Smithing Stone [4]

6:25 Briars of Sin

7:13 Gesture: Fire Spur Me

7:20 8x Smoldering Butterfly

7:26 Flame, Cleanse Me

9:44 Gold Firefly

10:07 Stonesword Key

11:37 Golden Rune [3]

11:49 3x Magic Grease

12:29 8x Grace Mimic

13:00 Smithing Stone [3]

14:08 2x Silver Firefly Golden Rune [1] Smithing Stone [3]

15:14 Golden Rune [10] Rune Arc

15:50 Smithing Stone [4]

16:06 Celestial Dew

16:16 4x Formic Rock Smithing Stone [1] Golden Rune [3]

17:30 Smithing Stone [3] 10x Shattershard Arrow Ghost Glovewort [1]

18:32 Golden Rune [1]

18:40 Ghost Glovewort [1]

20:36 3x Smithing Stone [3]

20:55 Map: Ainsel River

21:12 Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [16] (2500 Runes) Perfumer’s Cookbook [4] (3000 Runes)

21:44 Hermit Merchant’s Bell Bearing [3]



9:19 Don’t Wake the Bear

13:23 Ants

14:34 Pull One Ant

19:16 Malformed Star Miniboss Strategy

19:36 Rain of Rocks



5:32 3rd Painting

10:50 Ainsel River

15:56 Jump Trick

16:16 Run and Loot

21:03 Hermit Merchant



0:18 Talk to Hyetta

 5:19 Artist’s Shack

7:46 Eastern Tablehand

11:17 Ainsel River Well Depths

17:11 Ainsel River Sluice Gate



00:00 Talk to Hyetta

00:49 Ride to the Tibia Mariner

02:00 Tibia Mariner Boss Strategy

03:36 Dragon Cult Prayerbook

04:45 Resurrection Painting

05:57 Fire-Themed Looting

07:33 Looting around the Ainsel River Well

10:44 Into Ainsel River

11:25 Early Ainsel Loot

12:00 Through the Ant Caves

15:43 Uhl Palace Ruins Loot

19:16 Malformed Star Miniboss Strategy

21:03 Merchant & Episode End



From Gate Town Bridge
Talk to Hyetta
East to Spiritspring
Northwest along the edge to find a Sundial:
  • Startlight Shards
Northeast find Gold Summon Sign by the trail
Summon D, Hunter of the Dead to help you kill Tibia Mariner in the swamp north
  • Deathroot
  • Skeletal Bandit Ashes
In the same swamp area, find corpse by a gravestone:
  • Smithing Stone [3]
Another corpse in between dead tree roots:
  • Trina’s Lily
Northwest to find and kill a Leyndell Knight (rather strong foe, uses lightning and a shield / counters)
  • Dragon Cult Prayerbook
Northeast in the graveyard, loot corpse and run away from the undead:
  • 5x Great Dragonfly Head
Nothwest on top of the cliff to Site of Grace: Artist’s Shack
Go inside the shack and check the  painting:
“Resurrection”  Painting
Northeast of shack, on a corpse sitting on a chair:
  • Smithing Stone [4]
Northwest use the long rocks to jump over to the other side of the cliff
West you’ll find a torch wielding guy with fire slugs, kill him:
  • Briars of Sin
North, clear the camp with fire dudes, loot 3 corpses scattered around the camp:
  • Flame, Cleanse Me
  • Gesture: Fire Spur Me
  • 8x Smoldering Butterfly
Northeast to Site of Grace: Eastern Tablehand
East path down and then north, kill a Halberd Colossus
North to find a Runebear guarding a corpse:
  • Gold Firefly
North/northeast all the way to the cliff wall and find a dead guy in chair:
  • Stonesword Key
Go back to where we killed the Colossus, enter the building, take the lift down
Site of Grace: Ainsel River Well Depths
North to a coffin by the river:
  • Golden Rune [3]
Further north by the waterfall:
  • 3x Magic Grease
South, kill ants, further inside tunnel:
  • 8x Grace Mimic
Ant ambush to the right
Further in at the fork more ant ambushes
Southeast tunnel first (left), loot corpse and you’ll be ambushed by another ant:
  • Smithing Stone [3]
Southwest tunnel until cadaver pile room, one ant to the left, the loot:
  • 2x Silver Firefly
  • Golden Rune [1]
  • Smithing Stone [3]
South jump up the rocks, go through tunnel to reach Ant Queen miniboss room. Pull the ants in the ceiling one by one first
Get behind the queen and hit her weak spot behind her cocoon
  • Golden Rune [10]
  • Rune Arc
Further west  to reach a ledge overlooking river, jump down northwest over archway to reach corpse:
  • Smithing Stone [4]
Southwest jump down to platform below with corpse:
  • Celestial Dew
West drop down the platform, turn around, sprint east along the wall and loot everything on the way, ignore the slow walking enemies:
  • 4x Formic Rock
  • Smithing Stone [1]
  • Golden Rune [3]
Keep going east, pull lever and wait for lift. Take lift up.
Exit and check south for Site of Grace: Ainsel River Sluice Gate
Jump over railings east and loot:
  • Smithing Stone [3]
  • 10x Shattershard Arrow
  • Ghost Glovewort [1]
Get back up the sluice gate and take lift back down
Follow the right-hand wall again and loot everything while ignoring the slow walkers while going northeast in the water:
  • Golden Rune [1]
  • Ghost Glovewort [1]
Instead of entering the building, take the water tunnel northwest
Take cover behind pillars, you’ll be attacked from a long distance by a Malformed Star (check video to see how to deal with it – make your way to the top while hiding as much as possible from the rock slings and blocking with shield. Drop on platform, hide behind column, lock on head and use Moonveil’s L2/R2 to hit it with the vertical slash
Once this enemy is dealt with, drop down southwest and loot corpse at the edge:
  • 3x Smithing Stone [3]
Northwest enter building with merchant:
  • Map: Ainsel River
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [16] (2500 Runes)
  • Perfumer’s Cookbook [4] (3000 Runes)
Optional: kill this merchant so you can buy the rest of his inventory later if you want, without having to come back here
  • Hermit Merchant’s Bell Bearing [3]
== EPISODE 38 END ==






0:24 Golden Rune [2]

0:43 Ghost Glovewort [1]

1:12 Golden Rune [3] 6x Throwing Dagger Furlcalling Finger Remedy 2x Magic Grease

1:28 Shield Grease

1:41 Golden Rune [3]

1:50 Golden Centipede

1:56 Golden Rune [3]

2:01 Ghost Glovewort [2]

2:39 Golden Rune [2]

3:11 3x Smithing Stone [1]

3:28 3x Smithing Stone [3]

3:41 Ghost Glovewort [1]

5:10 5x Crystal Dart Formic Rock 3x Smithing Stone [2] Immunizing Horn Charm

5:52 4x Soap

5:57 4x Aeonian Butterfly Somber Smithing Stone [3]

6:33 Ghost Glovewort [1] Ghost Glovewort [2]

7:17 3x Melted Mushroom

7:28 Ghost Glovewort [2]

8:25 Immunizing White Cured Meat

9:54 Frenzyflame Stone

11:51 3x Trina’s Lily

12:08 Spiralhorn Shield

12:25 3x Miquella’s Lily Stalwart Horn Charm

14:13 Somber Smithing Stone [2]

18:00 Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear Lightning-Shrouding Cracked Tear Holy-Shrouding Cracked Tear



5:27 Death Lizards

8:59 Run Through Snipes

15:45 Clear the Worshippers

16:58 Erdtree Avatar Boss Strategy



2:21 One More Lap

6:02 Scarlet Rot Swamp

7:34 Higher Level Area

10:28 Careful

14:29 Another One



None this episode



0:50 Ainsel River Downstream

9:30 Ruined Labyrinth

12:33 Mausoleum Compound



00:00 Looting the River Downstream

02:20 Malformed Star Arena Loot

04:41 Through the Ant Nest

07:52 Back to Northern Liurnia

08:59 Ruined Labyrinth

10:11 Walking Mausoleum

11:51 Looting the Compound

12:54 The Second Mausoleum

15:39 Boss Preparation

16:58 Erdtree Avatar Boss Strategy

18:26 Level Up & Episode End


From Nomadic Merchant in Ainsel River
  • Golden Rune [2] (corpse in the middle of the rock platform)
Southwest down the river until you find a plant:
  • Ghost Glovewort [1]
Turn around and climb rocks north to reach Site of Grace: Ainsel River Downstream
Go back to the river and this time follow it east
Climb stairs to your left, sprint around to loot everything else without killing the slow enemies:
  • Golden Rune [3]
  • 6x Throwing Dagger
  • Shield Grease
  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy
  • 2x Magic Grease
  • Golden Centipede
Drop down in river northeast:
  • Smithing Stone [1]
  • Golden Rune [3]
Go back to previous area, go southeast through the building back to the previous room
North/northeast find corpse behind ruins corner:
  • Golden Rune [2]
Turn around, northeast through the same water tunnel we took earlier
After the water tunnel, turn left, find corpse dangling over edge:
  • 3x Smithing Stone [1]
Climb slanted column, turn around and running jump over gap:
  • 3x Smithing Stone [3]
Drop down east and walk a few steps further to reach a plant:
  • Ghost Glovewort [2]
Warp back to Ainsel River Downstream
West to another corpse pile area with many ants. Kill them. Loot:
  • 3x Smithing Stone [2]
  • Immunizing Horn Charm
  • Forming Rock
  • 5x Crystal Dart
  • Southwest tunnel, 2x Death Lizards to the left, 1x to the right after, 1 more to the left, 1 more to the right:
  • 4x Soap (alcove where this last lizard was)
End of this path you’ll overlooking the Lake of Rot, we’ll go there much later. Loot:
  • 4x Aeonian Butterfly
  • Somber Smithing Stone [3]
Go back to previous room:
  • Ghost Glovewort [1]
  • Ghost Glovewort [2]
North until fork, left first:
  • 3x Melted Mushroom
Opposite way:
  • Ghost Glovewort [2]
Don’t go further north, there’s a high level boss over there we’re not supposed to take on right now.
We’ll come back to Ainsel River  later on during Ranni’s questline.
Warp back to Site of Grace: Eastern Tablehand
Northwest back on the trail, head north, loot a corpse guarded by bears on the way:
  • Immunizing White Cured Meat
North, all the way through a Minotaur Labyrinth. Stay on horse, ignore the Minotaurs attacking you.
At the end turn left and circle around to cross over a statue/bridge, keep going to reach Site of Grace: Ruined Labyrinth
Drop down southeast to the edge of the rocky platform, find a corpse:
  • Frenzyflame Stone
  • Turn around, head northwest through the ruins and then west until you reach a pond with a Wandering Mausoleum.
Hit the moss off its feet to make it stop moving.
Place a marker on the map
A few steps southwest in the pond:
  • 3x Trina’s Lily
Southeast at the edge of the cliff, loot the corpse:
  • Spiralhorn Shield
Nortwest find a path taking you to a higher plateau, on the way:
Site of Grace: Mausoleum Compound
Southwest follow the cliff’s edge then go around a big rock spire to find:
  • 3x Mickella’s Lily
  • Stalwart Horn Charm
Get back on the plateau and head Northwest/north to find a grey scarab:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [2]
East to another Wandering Mausoleum, beat it to a sit down
Place a marker on the map
Further east to Minor Erdtree, clear the Minotaurs without agroing the Erdtree Guardian
Prepare for boss Erdtree Avatar
Summon Engvall
Flask of Physick
Golden Vow
Let Engvall get aggro, ure Moonveil’s R2
  • Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear
  • Lightning-Shrouding Cracked Tear
  • Holy-Shrouding Cracked Tear
Warp to Main Academy  Gate
Level Up
Stats reminder:
All in INT for now
We’ll keep pumping INT
until we reach 68 INT
== EPISODE 39 END ==






1:14 Fanged Imp Ashes (2000 R) 3x Stonesword Key (9000 R) Fevor’s Cookbook [2] (3500 R)

1:57 Isolated Merchant’s Bell Bearing [2]

2:07 2x Strip of White Flesh

2:20 Celestial Dew

3:25 Rune Arc Furlcalling Finger Remedy

3:36 Ash of War: Raptor of the Mists

4:00 Smithing Stone [5]

5:02 Golden Seed

8:42 Nightrider Glaive Ash of War: Giant Hunt

9:43 3x Sanctuary Stone

10:28 Rune Arc

13:23 Great Mace

13:49 Rune Arc

14:11 3x Cuckoo Glintstone

14:35 Dragonwound Grease

17:28 Howl of Shabiri

19:43 5x Burred Bolt

17:58 Yellow Ember Smithing Stone [2] Golden Rune [3]



3:02 Ravenmount Assassin

8:59 Mage First

10:30 Run Past Frontline

16:09 Madness Tower



0:12 Leveling Up

1:14 Isolated Merchant

6:12 Talking to Boc

6:32 Night’s Cavalry



3:45 Talk to Yura 2x

5:47 Talk to Melina

6:12 Talk to Boc

6:50 Talk to Finger Reader “Show Hands”

14:55 Talk to Melina “I’m interested”



5:34 East Raya Lucaria gate

14:45 Grand Lift of Dectus

18:29 Frenzied Flame Village Outskirts



00:00 Purchasing Key Items

02:05 Bloodhound Knight and Celestial Dew

02:39 Yura’s Quest

05:20 Talking to Our Companions

07:54 Night’s Cavalry Boss Strategy

08:52 Fighting Through Bellum Highway

13:22 Looting the Checkpoint

14:20 To the Grand Lift of Dectus

15:50 Frenzied Flame Village

18:29 Episode End



From Main Academy Gate
Whenever you can level up
Here is the stats reminder:
68 INT
35 VIG
25 END
40 VIG
30 END
16 STR
75 INT
Southeast down the slope until you find the Isolated Merchant. Purchase:
  • Fanged Imp Ashes (2000 R)
  • 3x Stonesword Key (9000 R)
  • Fevor’s Cookbook [2] (3500 R)
Optional: Kill merchant
  • Isolated Merchant’s Bell Bearing [2]
Further down the slope, on a corpse:
  • 2x Strip of White Flesh
Further down at the gate, you’ll be ambushed by a clone of Derriwil, but you can 1-shot it now with Moonveil’s R2
Under the gate you’ll find:
  • Celestial Dew
Warp back (or ride if your loading times are long) to Main Academy Gate
Northeast to a Red Summon Sign on the floor. Touch it, help Yura beat the Ravenmount Assassin:
  • Rune Arc
  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy
  • Ash of War: Raptor of the Mists
Talk to twice to Yura, standing by the railing:
  • Smithing Stone [5]
Northeast jump over to the next part of the bridge:
  • Golden Seed
Go back to Main Academy Gate
Examine the north seal to be teleported
Site of Grace: East Raya Lucaria gate
Talk to Melina
She’ll talk about Boc
Skip to Nightfall
Talk to Boc
Talk to the Finger Reader
   “Show Hands”.
Northeast along the highway to find Night’s Cavalry. Defeat it:
  • Nightrider Glaive
  • Ash of War: Giant Hunt
  • Further northeast on the highway, ambush at the ruins. Kill them and loot corpse:
  • 3x Sanctuary Stone
Further on the highway, when you start getting hit by catapult rocks, turn northeast over a small rock, find dead guy in a chair:
  • Rune Arc
Go inside the camp where the catapults are, ride past the Flame Chariot, then Summon Engvall.
Clear the camp then go for a backstab on Flame Chariot.
West of camp by cliff’s edge:
  • Rune Arc
West side of the camp, corpse leaning on the barricades:
  • 3x Cuckoo Glintstone
Clear the southeast side of camp, find the chest:
  • Great Mace
Follow the highway, corpse on stairs:
  • Dragonwound Grease
Atop stairs, pass a giant gate and take a right to Site of Grace: Grand Lift of Dectus
Talk to Melina
   “I’m interested”
We’ll be back here later, but for now we got other priorities
Head back down the stairs and go east to find a path leading up the moutains to the southeast
A tower will start to inflect madness to you.
Find the Spiritspring east of it to quickly access the tower.
Climb to the top and deal with all the zombies to stop the Madness
Find the chest on the 2nd floor:
  • Howl of Shabiri
South exit the tower, then make sharp turn northwest to find corpse on top of slanted rock:
  • 5x Burred Bolt
Northwest go down backto the area we came, loot 3 corpses:
  • Arteria Leaf
  • Smithing Stone [2]
  • Golden Rune [3]
Take the same spiritspring back up
South behind the rocks you’ll find Site of Grace: Frenzied Flame Village Outskirts
== EPISODE 40 END ==

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    I recommend providing full stat requirements when instructing the player to respec. Not everyone starts with the same origin.

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    There is no such thing as “Cracked Crystal Tear” (Ep. 34)

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    Feb 17, 2023 @ 6:42 am

    @Diane EP36 is when we’ll do our first respec to start using Moonveil 😉 Glad you’re enjoying the walkthrough!

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    Loving this guide, any chance you could say at what chapter I can expect the respecc, so keen to try another char ?

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    In episode 26, I acquired ‘Gesture: Spread Out’ after talking with the Blackguard (boiled prawn guy). It wasn’t listed in your guide. Just thought I’d comment before I forget 😛 Thanks for this walkthrough! So much I never found on my first run.

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    Sep 10, 2022 @ 23:30 pm

    Episode 40 at the very end you say:

    “Northwest go down backto the area we came, loot 3 corpses:
    Arteria Leaf
    Smithing Stone [2]
    Golden Rune [3]”

    One of these corpses actually has 3 Yellow Ember and not an Arteria Leaf. There is one nearby though. South and slightly West back up the gulch we came down on the cliff opposite of the one with the Burned Bolt near the end of the ledge. It is a plant not an item.

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    Episode 37 text. Just before:

    “Southwest corpse on broken bridge guarded by 4 Albinaurics:
    Golden Rune [3]”

    To the NW of that a short distance, you find a Golden Rune (4) guarded by 2-3 Albinaurics

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    In Episode 22 of the text guide you said:

    ‘”Southeast In the courtyard, find path going to cellar, kill rats:
    Fireproof Dried Liver”

    The pathway is actually in the SW side of the courtyard though.

    I’ve been having a great time running through you guide for my second playthrough. Keep up the great work!

    Let me know if you would like me to point out any other errors that I find as I am going pretty much step-by-step, and don’t mind comment when I see them if it doesn’t bother you. Either way, cheers!

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