Elden Ring 100% Walkthrough – Part 3


Welcome to my 100% Walkthrough for Elden Ring.

This is Part 3 of my Walkthrough, I’ve decided to split it into several pages to make it more readable.

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Walkthrough Presentation
The Build
The Guide Format
Character Creation

Walkthrough episodes (Part 3):


On this page you will find:

  • A very compact text version of my guide that you can use as a roadmap
  • A very detailed Video Format, with timecodes for every key step and chapters to skip the parts which you don’t feel like watching. So I recommend to give it a try and to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to get the latest info first.

Elden Ring 100% Completion and Time spent

This is a REAL 100% WalkthroughI’m well over 1500+ hours of preparation for this guide to make sure not a single item was missed and to complete 100% of Elden Ring as efficiently as possible!

In this guide, I will of course show you how to unlock ALL Elden Ring Trophies / Achievements, but also:

  • Acquire ALL Items
  • Acquire ALL Weapons
  • Acquire ALL Armor
  • Acquire ALL Spells
  • Complete all the side quests
  • Expore every dungeon
  • Defeat every Boss and mini boss

But I will also provide many advice to become better at the game:

  • Basic Combat Mechanics and Tips
  • Advanced Combat Tips

If you enjoy this format, please check my other 100% walkthroughs:

The walkthrough

This is the ultimate guide to complete 100% of Elden Ring

This is more than just a Platinum Trophy guide, we’ll get everything.

  • All 42 Trophies including the Elden Lord platinum trophy
  • All 7 Great Runes
  • All Quest Lines, every NPC dialogues until the end of their quest lines
  • All 32 Flask of Wondrous Physiks Tears
  • All 20 Cracked Pots
  • All 10 Ritual Pots
  • All 10 Perfume Bottles
  • All 8 Memory Stones
  • All 3 Talisman Pouches
  • All Ashes of War
  • All Spirit Ashes
  • All Weapons
  • All Shields
  • All Bows and Crossbows
  • All Armor Sets
  • All Talismans
  • All Sacred Tears
  • All Golden Seeds
  • All 8 Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones (to upgrade 8 Unique Armaments to the Max)
  • All 15 Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones (to upgrade 15 Normal Armaments to the Max)
  • All Stonesword Keys (we’ll finish our 1st playthrough with 34 spare Stonesword Keys after opening every possible Imp Statues)
  • All 3 Mending Runes (for the alternative endings)
  • All Keys and Medallions
  • All 18 Larval Tears (for respec)
  • All 24 Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbooks
  • All 7 Armorer’s Cookbooks
  • All 8 Glintstone Craftman’s Cookbooks
  • All 7 Missionary’s Cookbooks
  • All 4 Ancient Dragon Apostle’s Cookbooks
  • All 4 Perfumer’s Cookbooks
  • All 3 Fevor’s Cookbooks
  • All 2 Frenzied Cookbooks
  • All 6 Whetblades
  • All 19 Maps

All incantations:

  • 6 Bestial Incantations
  • 4 Blood Incantations
  • 14 Dragon Communion Incantations
  • 12 Dragon Cult Incantations
  • 13 Erdtree Incantations
  • 4 Fire Giant Incantations
  • 9 Fire Monk Incantations
  • 5 Frenzied Flame Incantations
  • 6 Godskin Apostle Incantations
  • 9 Golden Order Incantations
  • 4 Servants of Rot Incantations
  • 15 Two Fingers Incantations

All sorceries:

  • 2 Aberrant Sorceries
  • 10 Carian Sorceries
  • 3 Crystallian Sorceries
  • 5 Death Sorceries
  • 2 Full Moon Sorceries
  • 20 Glintstone Sorceries
  • 5 Gravity Sorceries
  • 2 Loretta’s Sorceries
  • 4 Magma Sorceries
  • 7 Night Sorceries
  • 3 Primeval Sorceries
  • 5 Snow Witch Sorceries

Basically, we’ll farm everything, every Golden Runematerial or consumable will be found and looted if you follow this guide. You’ll finish your first playthrough with plenty of materials to do anything you want in your New Game+ or Co-op / PvP game after.

I’ve planned this guide to do everything in the most efficient order, so that we never hit difficulty walls and complete the full game with as little deaths as possible. Every upgrade that can help will be obtained at the right moment, you’ll be warned in advance of every ambush and trap, there will be an optimal strategy for each of the 170 bosses in Elden Ring.

  • If you’ve never played a souls game before, I guarantee you will Platinum this game without any problems if you follow my guide.
  • If you’re a casual gamer or 70+ year old with bad reflexes, I guarantee you will Platinum this game too.
  • If you’re a veteran souls player, I guarantee you won’t regret following this guide, it will save you a lot of time and you’ll probably learn a few tricks and hidden game mechanics.

We’ll start the game with a few basic combat mechanics, get some early upgrades and progressively add more tools to our arsenal and explore some advanced combat tactics as well as new game mechanics which only exist in Elden Ring.

The Build

We’ll start with a very simple quality build and keep it that way in the early game. We’ll be very powerful and kill our first two Shardbearers that way.

Then we’ll use a single Larval Tear to respec and go a different route. We’ll be go heavy in INT and switch to one of the strongest weapons in the game, Moonveil, which will not only make us extremely strong in melee, but also have access to a range of Sorceries which will make us even more powerful and versatile.

About midway through our adventure, we’ll also acquire the most iconic weapon in all souls games: the Dark Moon Greatsword, which will make us even stronger. That’s the general path we’ll take, but there will be many other surprises and upgrades we’ll pick up along the way. We’ll of course use Summons, Ashes of war, Shields and strong counters. We’ll also use a bit of crafting in certain situations to use pots. And we’ll use Perfumes, which are incredibly underrated.

One of my goals was to showcase a very strong yet versatile character build, instead of a one-trick pony type of character. I wished I could have included more variety, such as Incantations and Dragon Communion Incantations, but it would’ve required more respecing to make this viable and keep our power curve above the enemies we encounter. So I kept it simple and focused primarily on making this build simpleefficient and most importantly: get us through Elden Ring without any painful hurdles such as dying 10+ times to the same boss or difficult area.

The Guide’s format

This is a double format Guide. There is a full video walkthrough AND a very compact text walkthrough.

The video walkthrough will contain more detailed combat tips, so I suggest you check them out.

Each video will have a list of timecodes with all the important moments in the episodes:

  • Timecode for each Item obtained
  • Timecode for each Combat tip and boss strategy
  • Timecode for each Important info given
  • Timecode for each Trophy obtained

All cut scenes and NPC dialogues will be includedbut if you want to skip them it will be quite easy to do so: each video will be spilt into chapters, with clear labels so you can skip the parts you don’t want to watch or would rather watch on your own.

The text version of my Elden Ring walkthrough should also be quite useful, it is very compact, and whenever the direction or explanation isn’t detailed enough, you can always check the video to get a clearer direction.


Q: Will I get all trophies, including the platinum, if I follow your guide?

A: Yes of course. But much more than that. You’ll get everything you can possibly get in one playthrough. All items, weapons, spells, etc. Everything.

Q: Do I have to follow your character build exactly ?

A: No. You can follow this guide and do your own build and you’ll be fine. However, this is a very optimized guide and I believe the builds I use are extremely fun and powerful. Some strategies in the later part of the game are specific to my build, so you’ll have to find your own strategies if you don’t have the same skills / spells.

Q: Can I follow your guide if I’m on PC / PS / Xbox?

A: Yes. This guide works for ALL platforms.

Q: I love your guides! How can I support your work?

A: There are many ways to help me become a full time guide writer:

  1. ✅Subscribe to the channel
  2. 👍Like and comment every video
  3. 📢Share this walkthrough to your communities / forums / friends
  4. ❇️Leave a tip:

Q: Is there a way to get the Gesture: The Ring if I didn’t preorder the game?

A: Yes. You have to play co-op and defeat a boss with someone who preordered the game.

Q: Why don’t you enable the Martyr Effigy?

A: Because it’s a personal choice. Many players don’t want to play Elden Ring (or other Souls games) online, no co-op and no PvP. Once you enable a Martyr Effigy, there is no way to disable it. So it’s really a matter of preferences. If you don’t want to PvP or to co-op at a specific location, you should never enable that Martyr Effigy. Also, this guide is 100% focused on PvE. It’s not a PvP guide or a co-op guide. It’s actually everything but that.

Q: Are you also covering rare drops from farmable enemies?

A: No. The guide would be way too long. The only exception will be the Brass Shield because we’ll use it in our build and it’s probably the best shield in the game in terms of weight / strength requirement to Guard Boost ratio. None of the other farmable rare drops are necessary, because the best items in the game are guaranteed drops.

Character creation

Origin: Samurai

You can pick a different origin if you like, especially if you want to take a different path for your character build.

But in the end it doesn’t really matter, at high level those starting attributes won’t matter at all.

Let me tell you why Samurai is a good starting class:

  • Katana is an amazing weapon with great stats, innate bleed buildup and one of the best Ashes of War in the game
  • Samurai starts with a Longbow, which will be quite useful early on
  • The starting stats spread is perfect for our quality build and the unique weapon we’ll switch to soon.

Keepsake: Lands Between Rune is the best choice, it gives us some early runes to spend to have an easier start

  • Why not pick the Golden Seed? Because we’ll get plenty Golden Seeds early and reach the maximum amount of flask charges regardless. We’ll finish the game with 12 extra Golden Seeds, so it’s useless to pick this keepsake.
  • Why not pick the Stonesword Key? Because we’ll finish our first playthrough with 34 Stonesword Keys to spare, and that’s after opening every single imp statue.
  • Why not pick any other other item? Because we’ll get them all during our first platythrough anyway.





2:55 Gavel of Haima Canon of Haima

3:37 3x Crystal Dart

5:52 Eye of Yelough Frenzyflame Stone

6:41 Grave Glovewort [2]

7:39 Rosus’ Axe

8:03 Spellproof Dried Liver

8:22 Grave Glovewort [3]

8:37 Grave Glovewort [2]

8:40 Grave Glovewort [2]

8:42 Grave Violet

8:47 Grave Glovewort [3]

8:57 Rune Arc

8:59 Grave Glovewort [4]

10:49 Grave Glovewort [3]

11:00 Grave Glovewort [4]

12:17 Assassin’s Cerulean Dagger Black Knifeprint

12:54 Ghost Glovewort [3]

13:39 Grave Violet

15:39 Twinsage Sorcerer Ashes

15:46 Deathroot

16:57 Frenzied’s Cookbook [1]

17:11 Note: The Lord of Frenzied Flame

18:11 Shabiri’s Woe

18:43 Stonesword Key

19:07 3x Eye of Yelough

20:09 Frenzied Burst

21:45 Fingerprint Grape Vyke’s War Spear

22:03 Finger Maiden Set

22:20 Sacred Tear

22:24 Lord of Blood’s Favor



4:12 Ambush

5:31 Mausoleum Knight

6:19 Go Sacred Blade

8:28 Giants Crabs Ambush

9:20 Crabs Dead?

11:05 Black Knife Assassin Boss Strategy

14:19 Cemetery Shade Boss Strategy

14:35 Kill the Adds

14:59 Undead Boss

21:04 Prepare for Invader



1:14 Tough Riddle

3:02 Great Spell Acquired

12:21 One More Boss

16:03 Back to Main Weapon

17:18 Frenzied Flame

22:29 Varre’s Questline



22:52 Talk to Varré “Anoint me”



6:11 Black Knife Catacombs

22:20 Church of Inhibition



00:00 Converted Fringe Tower

03:50 Wraith-Caller Ambush

05:00 To Black Knife Catacombs

06:19 Black Knife Catacombs Walkthrough

11:05 Black Knife Catacombs 1st Boss Strat

12:21 Black Knife Catacombs Walkthrough cont.

14:19 Black Knife Catacombs 2nd Boss Strat

16:00 Frenzied Flame Village

20:43 Festering Fingerprint Vyke Strategy

21:29 Varre’s Questline

24:35 Episode End



From Frenzied Flame Village Outskirts
Go east and around the ravine, until you reach the Converted Fringe Tower
To solve the Converted Fringe Tower Riddle:
Equip one of the Glintstone crowns we collected
Use Gesture: Erudition infront of the sealed door
Kill the Ball of Sorcerer Faces in the next room, then climb up to the top:
  • Gavel of Haima
  • Canon of Haima
Get back down, go west of the tower to find a corpse:
  • 3x Crystal Dart
Warp back to Frenzied Flame Village Outskirts
Southeast to a lower plateau with dead guys in chairs
Ambush by 10+ zombie casters, get off horse and use Moonveil’s L2/R1
  • Eye of Yelough
  • Frenzyflame Stone
Northeast to the cliff’s edge where you’ll find a spot where you can drop down below safely
Head north to find a catacombs entrance guarded by some ghost headless knight
Activate and rest at Site of Grace: Black Knife Catacombs
== Black Knife Catacombs Walkthrough ==
Equip Uchigatana with Ash of War: Sacred Blade
Head down:
  • Grave Glovewort [2]
Use Stonesword Key, 2x skeleton ambush:
  • Rosus’ Axe
Trap room next:
  • Grave Glovewort [2] to the left
Past trap room (ignore the skeletal mage on the balcony for now):
  • Grave Glovewort [3]
Ladder down, 2 plants straight ahead:
  • Grave Glovewort [2]
  • Grave Glovewort [2]
West: Double Giant Crab ambush, re-equip Moonveil before this
  • Rune Arc (corpse)
Re-equip Uchigatna
Back to guillotine trap room, use one of the blades to lift you up to the balcony, take out the skeleton mage
  • Grave Glovewort [4]
Clear a bunch of skellies, check plant to the right, but don’t drop down the shaft behind plant:
  • Grave Glovewort [3]
West: Illusionary wall at the end of this corridor, boss fog:
  • Grave Glovewort [4]
Use Gold Summon Sign for D, Hunter of the Dead
Re-equip Moonveil
Prepare for Black Knife Assassin
Before entering:
Flask of Physicks
Golden Vow
Shield Up and Counter
Moonveil’s R2 when D
has the the aggro
  • Assassin’s Cerulean Dagger
  • Black Knifeprint    
Don’t take the exit
Re-equip Uchigatana
Backtrack to previous room and take the shaft down
Pull Lever
2x Skeletons Ambush
  • Ghost Glovewort [3]
Pull the other lever to open the cell
Run back to entrance and rest at the grace
Go to opened boss door.
Prepare for  Boss: Cemetary Shade
Uchigatana: Sacred Blade is best, next boss has some Skeletons guarding it
Buff with Sacred Blade before entering
Summon Engvall immediately
Then dodge away to avoid the green projectile the boss throws, it’s a deadly stun
  • Twinsage Sorcerer Ashes
  • Deathroot (chest)
Warp back to Frenzied Flame Village Outskirts
Re-equip Moonveil
Southwest to Frenzied Village
Kill the first enemies, in the 1st house on a corpse:
  • Frenzied’s Cookbook [1]
Southeast at the tower’s base:
  • Note: The Lord of Frenzied Flame (hint for one of the alternate endings)
Kill the enemy pack by the bonfire:
  • Shabiri’s Woe
Also loot a couple of Eye of Yelough in this village (very noticeable red flowers)
Northwest to find the path up and around the rampart.
Jump down on the rampart from cliff above:
  • Stonesword Key
Drop down outside of the rampart, kill a rat pack (careful they inflict madness, keep shield up)
  • 3x Eye of Yelough
Hug the left wall, stay up on the ledge and go around the rampart to get back in the village.
Get back up to the plateau above the village
West to a red scarab guarded by a rat family, kill it:
  • Frenzied Burst
Northeast then northwest going up the plateau you’ll be invaded by Festering Fingerprint Vyke
Flask of Physick and Golden Vow
Watch out for his spells, should die quickly
  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy
  • Fingerprint Grape (for Hyetta’s questline)
  • Vyke’s War Spear
Further up to Church of Inhibition, you’ll find a dead maiden:
  • Finger Maiden Set
By the statue:
  • Sacred Tear
Site of Grace: Church of Inhibition
Warp to Fallens Ruins of the Lake
West to Varré
Talk to Varré
   “Anoint me”
Warp back to Church of Inhibition
Interract with the dead maiden:
Dye cloth with maiden’s blood
  • Lord of Blood’s Favor

== EPISODE 41 END ==





2:25 Golden Rune [1] Golden Rune [2] Golden Rune [3] Golden Rune [3] Golden Rune [3] Golden Rune [3] Golden Rune [4] Golden Rune [7]

4:00 Bloody Finger

4:25 Pureblood Knight’s Medal

6:10 Sacred Tear

7:27 5x Golden Centipede

7:52 Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [13] (2000 R) 3x Rune Arc (12000 R) Nomadic Merchant’s Bell Bearing [6]

9:25 Golden Seed

9:36 Smithing Stone [5]

12:59 Ancient Death Rancor

14:12 Stonesword Key

15:40 Ash of War: Shield Bash

16:14 Somber Smithing Stone [3]

16:46 3x Smithing Stone [2]

17:22 3x Smithing Stone [3]

17:51 3x Trina’s Lily

18:13 Golden Rune [1] Golden Rune [1] Golden Rune [2] Golden Rune [2] Golden Rune [2] Golden Rune [3] Golden Rune [3] Golden Rune [3] Golden Rune [3] Golden Rune [3] Golden Rune [4] Golden Rune [4] Golden Rune [5]

19:31 Golden Rune [6]



10:34 Death Rite Bird

10:45 Prepare for Boss: Death Rite Bird

11:05 Death Rite Bird Strategy

11:38 Use Torrent



5:19 Varré’s Rewards

7:51 Nomadic Merchant

8:42 Money Eyes

9:53 Upgrade Flasks

15:31 Teleporting Scarab



3:06 Talk to Varré Offer finger Talk to Varré 2x

6:18 Talk to Hyetta “Give a Fingerprint Grape” Talk to Hyetta



7:32 Bellum Church

9:42 Ravine-Veiled Village

15:16 East Gate Bridge Trestle

19:55 Sorcerer’s Isle



00:00 Flowers and Golden Runes

02:54 Advancing Varré’s Quest Line

05:28 To Bellum Church

06:18 Advancing Hyetta’s Quest Line

07:40 Nomadic Merchant

08:21 To Ravine-Veiled Village

10:32 Death Rite Bird Strategy

13:33 Looting around East Gate Bridge

19:15 To Sorcerer’s Isle

20:07 Episode End



From Church of Inhibition
South then southwest to a graveyard, kill the flowers then loot:
  • Golden Rune [1]
  • Golden Rune [2]
  • Golden Rune [3]
  • Golden Rune [3]
  • Golden Rune [3]
  • Golden Rune [3]
  • Golden Rune [4]
  • Golden Rune [7]
Warp to Fallen Ruins of the Lake
West to Varré
Talk to Varré
   Offer finger
  • Bloody Finger (now you can invade infinitely, no other item required)
Talk to Varré
  • Pureblood Knight’s Medal
Talk to Varré
Warp to East Raya Lucaria Gate
North/Northeast to Bellum Church
  • Sacred Tear
Talk to Hyetta
“Give a Fingerprint Grape”
Talk to her again
Behind her loot on the floor:
  • 5x Golden Centipede
Activate Site of Grace: Bellum Church
Take the lower path inside the church to find a Nomadic Merchant
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [13] (2000 R)
  • 3x Rune Arc (12000 R)
Optional: Kill Merchant
  • Nomadic Merchant’s Bell Bearing [6]
Northeast follow the river until Ertree Sapling:
  • Golden Seed
Further northeast to a shack:
  • Smithing Stone [5]
Behind shack rest at Site of Grace: Ravine-Veiled Village
   Upgrade Flasks to +7
   Add charge to Flasks
   Spend all runes and level up. Dangerous outdoor boss next.
Warp to Gate Town North
Wait for Nightfall
Prepare for difficult Boss fight: Death Rite Bird
Check video for full strategy
Before engaging:
Flask of Physick
Pickled Turtle Neck
Golden Vow
South to the ruins to engage:
  Aim for the Head
  Use Moonveil’s R2
  Don’t try to block black flame blade
  Dodge into the crotch instead
When you need to heal up, summon Torrent and ride in circles while drinking
Also use Torrent to run in circles aroudn the boss whenever he does one of his charged black flame spell attacks
If you struggle to defeat it you can come back later, we don’t need any of his items, it’s just for the sake of completing everything.
  • Ancient Death Rancor
Northwest towards the Main Academy Gate, once up the cliff turn around and head south to a path going upward. Further southeast under the bridge you’ll find a corpse:
  • Stonesword Key
North towards the broken bridge. Under it you’ll find:
  • Site of Grace: East Gate Bridge Trestle
Northeast under the bridge you’ll find a teleporting scarab, use bow to kill it:
  • Ash of War: Shield Bash
Northeast in a swamp area you’ll find  a dead guy on chair:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [3]
Southwest to a gazebo structure, loot corpse:
  • 3x Smithing Stone [2]
Southwest to the forest area, another gazebo structure:
  • 3x Smithing Stone [3]
Northwest against a tree on the coast, guarded by 4x Lurkers:
  • 3x Trina’s Lily
North to a graveyard guarded by 7 Lake Lurkers:
  • Golden Rune [1]
  • Golden Rune [1]
  • Golden Rune [2]
  • Golden Rune [2]
  • Golden Rune [2]
  • Golden Rune [3]
  • Golden Rune [3]
  • Golden Rune [3]
  • Golden Rune [3]
  • Golden Rune [3]
  • Golden Rune [4]
  • Golden Rune [4]
  • Golden Rune [5]
Northeast shoot the hot air ballon:
  • Golden Rune [6]
Northeast to find Site of Grace: Sorcerer’s Isle


== EPISODE 42 END ==






2:06 Memory Stone

2:45 Golden Rune [6]

2:55 Golden Rune [6]

3:02 Golden Rune [6]

3:17 Golden Rune [6]

4:15 2x Old Fang

4:55 3x Soporific Grease

5:44 Arteria Leaf

6:50 Intelligence-Knot Crystal Tear

7:29 Somber Smithing Stone [4]

13:05 Somber Smithing Stone [2]

13:38 Smithing Stone [2]

14:48 Golden Rune [3]

14:54 Smithing Stone [3]

15:08 Smithing Stone [3]

15:10 Smithing Stone [3]

15:39 Somber Smithing Stone [2]

15:52 Somber Smithing Stone [3]

16:08 Smithing Stone [2]

16:45 Smithing Stone [2]

16:49 Smithing Stone [3]

16:54 Smithing Stone [3]

17:46 Smithing Stone [3]

17:53 Somber Smithing Stone [3]

18:44 3x Smithing Stone [1]

18:47 Smithing Stone [2]

19:25 Crystal Knife

20:20 Smithing Stone [2]

20:20 Smithing Stone [3]

20:32 Smithing Stone [3] Smithing Stone [3] Somber Smithing Stone [1] Smithing Stone [3]

20:43 Shatter Earth

21:13 Somber Smithing Stone [3]

21:26 Somber Smithing Stone [1]

22:20 Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing [1]



3:24 Fetid pots

6:04 Hands

6:20 Hidden Giant Hand

21:33 Prepare for Boss: Crystalian (Ringblade)



0:23 Testu’s Rise Riddle

8:56 Wandering Mausoleum

9:13 Killing Time

10:03 Jumping Time

11:27 Remembrance Duplication

12:33 Mix Wondrous Physick

16:20 Sneak Across Beam

17:15 Dangerous Jumps

17:37 Sprint trick jump

22:27 Miner’s Bell Bearing



None this episode



7:45 The Ravine

12:23 Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel



00:00 Testu’s Rise Riddle

02:41 Looting around Sorcerer’s Isle

08:14 Wandering Mausoleum Jump

11:47 Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel Walkthrough

21:34 Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel Boss Guide

22:38 To Nothern Liurnia Lake Shore & Episode End



From Sorcerer’s Isle
Tetsu’s Rise: as soon as you read the riddle, blue revenants will start spawning and they won’t stop as long  as you haven’t solved the riddle.
So I suggest you memorize the 3 turtles locations (check video) before you activate the riddle
1st turtle: about 20 steps North of the stairs
2nd turtle: behind the tower, up on a tree trunk
3rd turtle: south of the tower on a lower plateau
Climb to the top of the tower:
  • Memory Stone
West of the isle, shoot hot air ballon:
  • Golden Rune [6]
Northeast another balloon:
  • Golden Rune [6]
North/northwest another balloon:
  • Golden Rune [6]
East another ballon:
  • Golden Rune [6]
Northeast to some big ruins, under it kill all the poison eggs and loot the corpse:
  • 2x Old Fang
North to 3 more ruins, in the middle of it crab ambush, then loot corpse:
  • 3x Soporific Grease
West to reach shore and follow the trail all the way north/northwest.
Use Flask of Physick, kill 3 Small Hands and 1 Big Hand. Loot the basin:
  • Intelligence-Knot Crystal Tear
East, drop back down into the swamps, through some woods with a dead guy in chair:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [4]
East, hug the wall to your left until you findSite of Grace: The Ravine
Warp to East Raya Lucaria Gate
Mix Wondrous Physick:
Greenspill Crystal Tear
Intelligence-Knot Crystal Tear
Southeast spiritspring down, wait for the Wandering Mausoleum to get close to jump on it. Check video to see exactly how to do this.
Destroy the corruption off it until it sits down
Place a Marker on the map
Southeast to cave entrance. Take lift down:
Site of Grace: Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel
== Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel Walkthrough ==
Clear first room, to the right up the wooden stairs in a chest:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [2]
Head down the tunnel, kill some miners, loot the cracked crystals you find.
  • Smithing Stone [2] (vein)
South tunnel, work your way down under the scaffoldings:
  • Golden Rune [3] (corpse)
  • Smithing Stone [3] (vein)
Southeast tunnel:
  • Smithing Stone [3] (corpse)
  • Smithing Stone [3] (vein)
North tunnel to lift. Don’t take it, drop down left instead, and drop down again to platform below. At the end of tunnel turn left on a ledge to find:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [2] (vein)
Drop down again on the left to a small platform:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [3] (corpse)
Drop down left or right, kill miner:
  • Smithing Stone [2] (vein)
Sneak across the beam so mages don’t shoot you down, kill 2 mages + 1 miner:
  • Smithing Stone [2] (vein)
  • Smithing Stone [3] (vein)
Take the lift up then check video to see how to complete a small parkour with several platform jumps to loot:
  • Smithing Stone [3]
  • Somber Smithing Stone [3]
Make a full circle and take the lift back down.
West tunnel, kill a marionette:
  • 3x Smithing Stone [1] (corpse)
  • Smithing Stone [2] (vein behind crates)
2x Marionettes ambush doorway
Next room to the right, 3x Marionettes, open chest:
  • Crystal Knife
Next room defeat all enemies on and under scaffoldings:
  • Smithing Stone [3] (3 veins in the middle)
  • Smithing Stone [3]
  • Smithing Stone [3]
  • Somber Smithing Stone [1]

Further under scaffoldings:

  • Smithing Stone [3] (vein)
  • Smithing Stone [2] (vein)
North tunnel:
  • Shatter Earth (corpse)
East tunnel to another lift, don’t take it, drop down left again, drop down again to small tunnel:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [3] (vein)
Jump down a couple of platforms to reach the bottom.
  • Somber Smithing Stone [1] (vein)
Boss preparation for Crystalian (Ringblade)
Flask of Physick
Golden Vow
Use Moonveil’s R2 until you get a Stagger to break her hyper armor
  • Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing [1]

Giving this to the Twin Maiden will give us access to infinte Smithing Stones 1 &  2.

Warp to Northern Lake Liurnia Shore (if you missed this Grace, warp to Sorcerer’s Isle and go Northwest

== EPISODE 43 END ==






1:49 4x Glintstone Firefly

3:37 Frozen Needle

3:55 8x Rimed Crystal Buds

7:33 Carian Filigreed Crest (5000 R)

8:30 Golden Rune [3] Golden Rune [2] Golden Rune [1] Golden Rune [3] Golden Rune [3] Golden Rune [3] Golden Rune [3] Golden Rune [4] Golden Rune [5]

11:19 Ash of War: Hoarfrost Stomp

12:06 3x Rimed Crystal Bud

12:36 Glintstone Craftman’s Cookbook [6]

13:06 Somber Smithing Stone [3]

14:22 2x Rimed Crystal Bud

15:16 3x Smithing Stone [2]

16:15 Carian Piercer

16:32 Ice Crest Shield

15:57 Golden Rune [4]

17:26 2x Rimed Crystal Bud

18:01 6x Glintstone firefly

19:59 Smithing Stone [4]



0:34 Teleporting Mages

2:31 Prepare for boss: Royal Revenant

2:59 Big Windup

11:53 Caria Manor Courtyard

14:52 Pink Beam

16:44 Hidden Hands

18:35 Summon Area



1:34 Magic Traps

1:48 This Corpse

2:16 Hidden Stairs

4:35 Level up

7:32 Smithing Master Iji

7:48 Strengthen Armaments

10:36 Invisible Scarab



4:53 Talk to Smithing Master Iji Talk Blaidd Sent Me



4:10 Road to the manor

9:43 Main Caria Manor Gate

20:07 Manor Lower Level



00:00 Kingrealm Ruins

02:16 Royal Revenant Strategy

4:09 Secret Wall and Level up

4:50 Smithing Master Iji

8:20 Looting Around Caria Manor

11:51 Caria Manor Walkthrough: Courtyard

19:32 Entering Caria Manor Church

20:18 Episode End



From Northern Lake Liurnia Shore
North to Kingsrealm Ruins, stay on horse to defeat the teleporting mages and wolves
Southeastern part of Kingsrealm Ruins:
  • 4x Glintstone Firefly (on a corpse)
Hidden stairs a few steps north of corpse. Prepare for boss: Royal Revenant
Flask of Physicks
Golden Vow
Watch out for his big windup flurry attack, dodge to the side, don’t try to block i
Go in and Summon
  • Frozen Needle (chest in room after boss)
Northwestern part of ruins:
  • 8x Rimed Crystal Buds (inside ruined tower)
Illusionary wall north part of ruin, behind it: Site of Grace: Road to the manor
Rest and level up
Talk to Smithing Master Iji
Exhaut all dialogues, including “Blaidd Sent me”, this will unlock an extra item from Iji’s shop. Purchase it:
  • Carian Filigreed Crest (5000 R)
Strengthen Armament:
  Brass Shield +13 (5100 R total)
We now have access to infinite Somber Smithing Stones [1] and [2] and also 3x  copies of [3] and [4] you can purchase if you want to upgrade other unique armaments.
Northwest to graveyard:
  • Golden Rune [3]
  • Golden Rune [2]
  • Golden Rune [1]
  • Golden Rune [3]
  • Golden Rune [3]
  • Golden Rune [3]
  • Golden Rune [3]
  • Golden Rune [4]
  • Golden Rune [5]
East to Caria Manor, don’t worry about the magic trap falling down from the sky, just keep going to the gate
ActivateSite of Grace: Main Caria Manor Gate
Ride east to the lake with an invisible scarab. You know the drill, time your attack with the white footsteps to get:
  • Ash of War: Hoarfrost Stomp
Warp back to Main Caria Manor Gate
== Caria Manor Walkthrough ==
East corpse next to a tree:
  • 3x Rimed Crystal Bud
Deal with your first big hand. Annoying enemy. Use shield + counter.
Further southeast to a room:
  • Glintstone Craftman’s Cookbook [6]
Northeast past stairs, two casters + magic trap:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [3]
Drop down northwest, deal with another hand.
And another one further west. Find a corpse:
  • 2x Rimed Crystal Bud
Southwest to a fountain, two more hands ambush. Corpse by fountain:
  • 3x Smithing Stone [2]
Northeast between two buildings, you should hear a scarab, located behind the left building:
  • Carian Piercer
East behind a spiky rock, corpse:
  • Ice Crest Shield
North ambush by more hands. You can see their fingertips sticking out of the ground if you look carefully. So you get the jump on them.
South by the archway, another hand ambush. Check corpse nearby:
  • Golden Rune [4]
North through the archway, then west. 2 more buried hands ambush. Corpse nearby:
  • 2x Rimed Crystal Bud
  • 6x Glintstone firefly (another corpse near crystal)
Get back on the main path and follow it to the next building entrance.
A few hands in the way, watch out Big Hand with Pink Ring. They cast a pink beam you must dodge or you’ll be paralyzed.
Take stairs up to the church and loot corpse hidden under the altar:
  • Smithing Stone [4]
Activate Site of Grace: Manor Lower Level

== EPISODE 44 END ==






2:00 Progression: Legendary Armaments Trophy: 2/9)

11:44 Trophy unlocked: Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree



1:09 Rune Arc

2:01 Sword of Night and Flame

3:51 8x Rimed Crystal Bud

4:00 Golden Rune [3]

4:24 Urumi

5:13 Somber Smithing Stone [3]

5:56 Golden Seed

6:32 3x Rimed Crystal Bud

6:43 Miquella’s Lily

8:57 2x Magic Grease

9:50 Troll Knight’s Sword

10:26 5x Rime Crystal Bud

11:49 Loretta’s Greatbow

11:55 Ash of War: Loretta’s Slash

13:13 8x Crystal Darts

13:26 Cracked Pot

14:18 Smithing Stone [3]

14:59 Carian Grandeur

16:11 Spellproof Dried Liver

17:22 Ritual Pot (1500 R)

17:25 Celestial Dew (5000 R)

17:26 Larval Tear (3000 R)

17:29 Glintstone Craftmant’s Cookbook [7] (2500 R)

17:31 Ash of War: Carian Retaliation (3000 R)

17:34 Weathered Map (600 R)

18:26 3x Slumbering Eggs

18:59 Stonesword Key



4:36 Iron Maiden

7:00 Bow Pull

8:07 Plan Failed

9:16 Rear attack

10:35 Prepare for boss: Loretta

18:43 Sleep Gas



0:12 Morning Time

3:47 Sprint Jump

11:58 Achievement and Spell

12:29 Sprint Jump

12:59 Killing Jars

15:29 Hug left wall

17:23 Purchase from Pidia

17:57 Last Parkour



16:21 Talk to Pidia



3:12 Manor Upper Level

11:59 Royal Moongazing Grounds



00:00 Caria Manor Ramparts Part 1

02:22 Caria Manor Ramparts Part 2

05:26 Caria Manor Upper Level

10:35 Loretta Fight Strategy

12:19 Caria Manor Parkour

15:14 Way to Merchant Pidia

17:54 Caria Manor Last Rampart Parkour

19:11 Spend Runes & Episode End



From Manor Lower Level
Southeast exit above the rampart. Deal with magical summons and some ground magic traps.
At first pillar turn northeast to another pillar, then southeast.
Corpse behind pillar (ambush):
  • Rune Arc
On this pillar face north and jump down to lower platform, then drop down again to the next one with a ladder down
Go down the ladder, at the bottom open the chest:
  • Sword of Night and Flame (Legendary Armaments Trophy: 2/9)
Open door to unlock shortcut
Warp back to Site of Grace: Manor Lower Level
Southeast  run past all enemies. All the way through the ramparts then northeast to a lift.
Site of Grace: Manor Upper Level
Take lift back down.
Walk down 2 flights of stairs and face southeast, sprint jump off on planks below
  • 8x Rimed Crystal Bud (corpse on planks we landed on)
Northeast under the wooden stairs, loot corpse:
  • Golden Rune [3]
Southwest deal with 4 small hands, loot corpse:
  • Urumi
Southwest along the ramparts until you see Iron Maiden. Pop Flask of Physick, Kill it, keep going and drop down
Find corpse at the edge to the right:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [3]
Warp back to Manor Upper Level
Northwest door to upper gardens, kill 2 wolves, find Erdtree Sapling west:
  • Golden Seed
Northeast corner, kill wolf, corpse by a tree:
  • 3x Rimed Crystal Bud
Northwest corner behind tree:
  • Miquella’s Lily
Go back and up the stairs, you’ll see a troll through the archway.
Bow pull the 3 stone-faced guards first.
Turn left and jump over a small gap to a platform with a ladder.
Go up, kill a mage, find corpse dangling over ledge:
  • 2x Magic Grease
Go up again, kill another mage. Now you can sneak over the ledge to go around the troll and get the jump on it:
  • Troll Knight’s Sword
Go upstairs, deal with a couple more guards, loot corpse on the stairs:
  • 5x Rime Crystal Bud
Prepare for boss fight: Royal Knight Loretta
Check video to see the strategy in action. She uses a lot of Magic so blocking isn’t the best. Try to dodge her spells.
Flask  of Physick
Golden Vow
Enter the arena, Summon Spirit
Moonveil’s R2  should make quick work of her
  • Loretta’s Greatbow
  • Ash of War: Loretta’s Slash
Trophy unlocked: Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree
Site of Grace: Royal Moongazing Grounds
Go back southeast through the door we came from, turn right and exit on a balcony.
Sprint jumps down a the scaffoldings below 3 times
Drop down and beat a bunch of pot warriors
West to a corpse:
  • 8x Crystal Darts
East to find:
  • Cracked Pot
Drop down a few more platform, at the end you’ll find 2 big pot warriors. Corpse against wall:
  • Smithing Stone [3]
Drop down once more, turn right, jump down on the rampart below
Drop down southwest on small rampart section to find a corpse at the edge:
  • Carian Grandeur
Warp back to Royal Moongazing Grounds
Level up
North doorway to enter the Three Sisters area.
Hug left wall until you find a Cerulean Scarab. From there you can drop down and do some parkour (check video) to access the upper part of the room where the Site of Grace: Manor Lower Level is
  • Spellproof Dried Liver
Talk to Pidia
You’ll need a total of  15600 Runes to purchase what we want from him
Purchase from Pidia:
  • Ritual Pot (1500 R)
  • Celestial Dew (5000 R)
  • Larval Tear (3000 R)
  • Glintstone Craftmant’s Cookbook [7] (2500 R)
  • Ash of War: Carian Retaliation (3000 R)
  • Weathered Map (600 R)
Get back up the ladder
Drop down south to lower rampart
Southeast to next tower and jump down to wooden walkway
  • 3x Slumbering Eggs
Drop down again to lower ramparts, cross wooden walkway
Drop down again, beat giant crab (watch out for sleep gas):
  • Stonesword Key
Warp back to Royal Moongazing Grounds

== EPISODE 45 END ==





20:51 Progression: Legendary Spells and Incantations: 1/7)


ITEM LIST Ash of War: Chilling Mist

11:12 Black Wolf Mask

12:22 Seluvis’s Potion

12:55 Memory Stone

14:00 Frozen Armament

15:20 Albinauric Ashes

15:35 Larval tear

15:33 Juvenile Scholar Set

16:07 Thawfrost Boluses

17:46 Golden Rune [3]

17:54 5x Miquella’s Lily

19:16 Meteorite

20:48 Flame of the Fell God

21:13 Sacrificial Twig



1:04 Prepare for Boss: Dragon Adula

1:33 Dragon Adula Strategy

16:20 Wolf of Radagon Strategy Guide

18:32 Onyx Lord Strategy Guide 20:16 Adan, Thief of Fire



10:47 Hidden Item

11:19 Black Wolf Mask

15:27 3rd Painting Riddle Solved: Resurrection



3:37 Talk to Ranni

“No particular reason”

“Serve Ranni the Witch”

4:53 Talk to Ranni 2x

6:23 Talk to Iji 2x

7:25 Talk to Blaidd

7:56 Talk to Seluvis 2x

9:29 Talk to Ranni

11:49 Talk to Seluvis

“Accept the task”



3:02 Ranni’s Rise

14:19 Behind Caria Manor



00:00 Glintstone Dragon Adula

2:28 Ranni’s Rise – Talk to Everyone

10:02 Seluvis’s Rise – Black Wolf Mask

13:07 Looting Behind Caria Manor

16:19 Wolf of Radagon

18:13 Onyx Lord

19:47 Adan, Thief of Fire

21:26 Episode End



From Royal Moongazing Grounds
Mount up and head west to ruins, kill scarab:
  • Ash of War: Chilling Mist
Prepare for Boss: Glintstone Dragon Azulaseluvis
Equip Lance Talisman (instead of Erdtree’s Favor)
Flask of Physick
Golden Vow
West to engage the fight
Same as with all dragons, stay mounted. Run towards him when he takes flight to get behind the breath.
At 50% HP he’ll fly away.
West to Ranni’s Rise, enter the building and move up to Site of Grace: Ranni’s Rise
Take the lift up and go to the top
Talk to Ranni
   “No particular reason”
   “Serve Ranni the Witch”
Talk to Ranni 2x
Go down:
   Talk to Iji 2x
Further down:
   Talk to Blaidd
Next room:
   Talk to Seluvis 2x
Go back up top:
   Talk to Ranni
Warp back down to Ranni’s Rise
Ride southeast then southwest down to Seluvis’s Rise
Before entering the building, climb the ruined wall to the left to find a corpse behind the tower:
  • Black Wolf Mask
Equip it, it has great stats and it looks freaking cool.
   Talk to Seluvis
   Accept the task
  • Seluvis’s Potion
Climb to the top to find a chest:
  • Memory Stone
Warp back to Site of Grace: Royal Moongazing Grounds
Exit, ride north around the wall and then southeast follow the trail until you find a scarab:
  • Frozen Armament
Keep going southeast to find Site of Grace: Behind Caria Manor
South/southeast to a graveyard, beat a few alien guys. Corpse by tombstone:
  • Albinauric Ashes
Face Northeast and you’ll see a ghost on a chair. That’s our 3rd painting riddle solved (“Ressurection” Painting)
  • Larval tear
  • Juvenile Scholar Set
Northeast to the end of a long rock, corpse:
  • Thawfrost Boluses
Southeast on the trail, Summon Spirit before you bow pull Radagon’s Wolf, then deal with the other wolves:
  • Golden Rune [3]
  • 5x Miquella’s Lily (several flowers around)
Northeast to Royal Grave Evergaol
Prepare for Boss: Onyx Lord
Flask of Physick
Golden Vow
Should die quickly, low poise
Watch out for Meteorite when he puts sword in the ground – Sprint around to avoid getting hit
  • Meteorite
Warp to Liurnia Lake Shore
Hug left wall, take Spiritspring up
East to Malefactor’s Evergaol
Defeat Alan the Thief of Fire
Flask of Physick
Golden Vow
Engage: should be a quick win, low HP enemy
  • Flame of the Fell God (1 out of 7 Spells for the Legendary Sorceries and Incantations Achievement)
Southeast drop down on a tombstone to find corpse:
  • Sacrificial Twig
Drop down and go rest at the  Liurnia Lake Shore grace
== EPISODE 46 END ==





1:12 5x Ballista Bolts

2:04 Fire Monks’ Prayerbook

2:10 Dappled Cured Meat

3:07 Ash of War: Vow of the Indomitable

3:56 10x Trina’s Lily

4:15 2x Smithing Stone [2]

7:25 Ivory Sickle

8:20 Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right)

11:07 Crucible Knot Talisman

11:22 Rune Arc

12:12 Larval Tear

12:47 Albinauric Bloodclot

13:03 Crystal Sword

13:44 Glass Shard

14:20 Arteria Leaf

14:48 3x Hefty Beast Bone

15:36 Spear Talisman

16:34 5x Throwing Dagger

16:53 Golden Rune [5]

17:06 2x Soft Cotton

17:18 Smithing Stone [2] Smithing Stone [4] Lump of Flesh

18:10 Cerulean Amber Medallion



6:45 Perfumers

10:03 Prepare for Miniboss: Omenkiller

10:48 Omenkiller tips: Dodge Flurry Slam

17:35 Prepare for Boss: Bloodhound Knight



7:25 Careful with Albus



5:25 Talk to Nepheli 2x

7:35 Talk to Albus 4x



6:15 Village of the Albinaurics

14:12 Lakeside Crystal Cave

18:27 Slumbering Wolf’s Shack



00:00 Looting Southwest Liurnia

02:23 Under the Giant Cliff

04:46 Nepheli Loux

06:12 Village of the Albinaurics

09:35 Omenkiller Boss Guide

11:42 Looting Albinaurics Village

13:10 Way to Lakeside Crystal Cave

14:06 Lakeside Crystal Cave Walkthrough

17:35 Lakeside Crystal Cave Boss Guide

18:22 To Slumbering Wolf’s Shack & Episode End



From Liurnia Lake Shore
Hug left wall and take Spiritspring up
Follow the path west, through some high rocks, until you find a broken cart:
  • 5x Ballista Bolts
Keep going to the Fire Monk camp, kill them:
  • Fire Monks’ Prayerbook
  • Dappled Cured Meat (in a red tent behind some barrels)
Ride Northwest/west towards the giant cave, in the swamp area you’ll find a scarab (on the map, just northeast of the 3 trees, on the west side of the road)
  • Ash of War: Vow of the Indomitable
Keep going west, you’ll see a path to the left going up, ignore it for now, keep going west. Around a tree you should find a lot of
  • Trina’s Lily (about 10x)
Further west, behind a tree to the left you’ll find a corpse:
  • 2x Smithing Stone [2]
Go back to the path going up we just saw, under a bridge you’ll find Nepheli Loux
   Talk to Nepheli 2x
Keep going up the path to reach the Village of the Albninaurics
Site of Grace: Village of the Albinaurics
Southeast hug the right wall, kill the Perfumer, careful not to walk into their fire spray.  Either kil them from a distance or get behind them
Keep going along the right wall until you reach a coffin and a pot:
  • Ivory Sickle (coffin)
Roll into the pot to break it and reveal an NPC: Albus
Talk to Albus
  • Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right)
Talk to Albus 3x more
Albus will die after exhausting the dialogues
Cross the stone bridge northeast and find the Gold Summon Sign just on the other side of it to summon Nepheli Loux
Flask of Physick
Golden Vow
Summon Spirit
Go down and engage a miniboss called Omenkiller (watch out for this flurry of double weapon slams + Bleed)
  • Crucible Knot Talisman
Further southwest by a coffin:
  • Rune Arc
Warp back to  back to Village of the Albinaurics
Near the well you’ll find coffins guarded by a bunch of crawling zombies, kill them and loot:
  • Larval Tear
North cross the rope bridge
Behind tree to the left:
  • Albinauric Bloodclot
Northeast by the cliff’s edge (zombie caster ambush up on the rock)
  • Crystal Sword
Warp to Scenic Isle
Rest and level if you’re close
Ride South to a flat island, loot corpse in the middle and keep going south to flee from the demi-humans ambush
Keep going south and slightly southeast to find a cave entrance
Site of Grace: Lakeside Crystal Cave
== Lakeside Crystal Cave Walkthrough ==
Chest next to grace:
  • Arteria Leaf
Climb up rocks west:
  • 3x Hefty Beast Bone
Take tunnel to the left, in the waterfall room, kill a big demi-human and 2 small ones:
  • Spear Talisman (chest)
Go back to the main cave area and drop down a few platforms, enter a tunnel, beat 3 Snakes:
  • 5x Throwing Dagger (corpse)
Keep going north, to the left kill bunch of snails near bonfire:
  • Golden Rune [5] (corpse)
Drop down to the left:
  • 2x Soft Cotton (corpse hanging by the ledge)
Drop down again at the bottom:
  • Smithing Stone [2]
  • Smithing Stone [4]
  • Lump of Flesh
West, beat 3 more snails, then prepare for Boss: Bloodhound Knight (another Darriwil clone – Easy kill with Block / Counter)
  • Cerulean Amber Medallion
South tunnel exit to find Site of Grace: Slumbering Wolf’s Shack

== EPISODE 47 END ==





2:09 Latenna the Albinauric

2:24 Rune Arc

3:05 Clinging Bone

4:53 Royal Remains Set

10:58 Golden Rune [3]

11:06 Furlcalling Finger Remedy

11:16 Ghost Glovewort [1]

11:22 5x Silver Firefly

11:33 Golden Rune [2]

12:40 Smithing Stone [4]

12:48 Golden Rune [2]

12:52 Smithing Stone [2]

14:03 Golden Rune [2]

14:06 Immunizing Cured Meat

14:10 5x Rainbow Stone

14:38 3x Budding Horn

15:21 8x Throwing Knives

15:59 Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot

15:56 Oracle Bubbles

16:04 Golden Centipede

16:28 Ghost Glovewort [1]

16:35 Silver Fireflies

16:41 3x Soap

16:48 Golden Rune [4]

16:57 Golden Rune [4]

16:34 Smithing Stone [4]

16:57 Golden Rune [4]

17:32 Preserving Boluses

17:46 3x Beast liver

18:07 3x Crab Eggs

18:28 Ghost Glovewort [1]

18:32 Golden Rune [3]

19:21 Map: Sofria River

20:13 3x Arteria

20:15 Inverted Hawk Heater Shield

20:30 2x Old Fang

19:57 Armorer’s Cookbook [6]

21:58 3x Lump of Flesh



2:30 Roundtable Invasion

21:33 1319 Damage



4:08 Spirit Tuning

4:52 Royal Remains Set

10:50 Siofra River

15:32 Careful

18:50 Mix Wondrous Physick

19:05 Magic Shrouding Tear

19:10 1st Flame Pillar

21:46 2nd Flame Pillar

22:24 Level up



0:15 Talk to Latenna “Show the secret medallion” “Hear her request” Talk to Latenna

3:18 Talk to Rogier

4:22 Talk to Nepheli Loux

5:38 Talk to Gideon “About Ensha” 2x “Show him Seluvis’s Potion” “Nepheli’s Despair” “Hand over the potion”

8:45 Talk to Nepheli Loux “I heard from Gideon” Talk to Nepheli Loux “Give the Stormhawk King” Talk to Nepheli Loux



18:42 Sofria River Bank



00:00 Latenna the Albinauric

2:31 Roundtable Invasion: Ensha

3:18 Roundtable Quests Progression

4:49 New Armor Set

5:38 Talking to Gideon

8:32 Talking to Nepheli

10:44 Siofra River Well Depths

17:05 To Siofra River Bank

18:42 Flame Pillars 1 & 2

22:20 Level Up & Episode End



From Slumbering Wolf’s Shack
Talk to Latenna
“Show the secret medallion”
“Hear her request”
  • Talk to her again:
  • Latenna the Albinauric
Behind the shack on wooden scaffoldings:
  • Rune Arc
Warp to Roundhold Table where you’ll be invaded by Ensha of the Royal Remains (easy kill Moonveil)
  • Clinging Bone
Talk to Rogier and he’ll mention he’s about to enter a deep slumber
Go to Roderika:
   Upgrade Banished Knight Engvall +3
Go downstairs past the the smith
Talk to Nepheli Loux
Next room the Ensha will have disappeared, instead you’ll get:
  • Royal Remains Set
Prerty cool looking set, equip parts of it which are upgrades to what you’re currently wearing.
It has better stats overall than the Carian Set.
And it also regens HP when your health is low.
Talk to Gideon
2x About Ensha
Show him Seluvis’s Potion
Nepheli’s Despair
Hand over the potion
Talk to Nepheli Loux again
   “I heard from Gideon”
Exhaut her dialogue.
   “Give the Stormhawk King”
Talk to Nepheli Loux again
And now let’s go meet our friend Blaidd in the huge Siofra River underground area
Warp to Siofra River Well (underground in Limgrave)
Northeast corpse leaning against pillar:
  • Golden Rune [3]
South in the water:
  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy
North to loot plant:
  • Ghost Glovewort [1]
East to corpse leaning against tree:
  • 5x Silver Firefly
West to corpse in the river:
  • Golden Rune [2]
Summon Engvall
Northeast enter the ruins and clear the stairs
Southwest corpse at the edge:
  • Smithing Stone [4]
Northeast behind pots:
  • Golden Rune [2]
A few steps on the other side of the stairs:
  • Smithing Stone [2]
Clear up the stairs, loot 3 more corpses:
  • Golden Rune [2]
  • Immunizing Cured Meat
  • 5x Rainbow Stone
From this point hug right wall and keep going up until you’re above the ruins we just cleared, loot corpse at the endge:
  • 3x Budding Horn
Little parkour from here, check video to see where to go exactly
Once on top, kill 2 Mages and loot corpse leaning against pillar:
  • 8x Throwing Knives
Run left around the hole, drop down at the corner carefully to land on the the floor below
Jump down on the pillar, try to one-hit kill the the Grey Scarab with a plunging R2, loot the item:
  • Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot
Chase and kill the Grey Scarab before it vanishes if it’s still alive:
  • Oracle Bubbles
On a rock next to the pillar:
  • Golden Centipede
Back on horse, run towards waterfall and loot all items
  • Ghost Glovewort [1]
  • Silver Fireflies
  • 3x Soap
  • Golden Rune [4]
  • Golden Rune [4]
  • Smithing Stone [4]
  • Golden Rune [4] (corpse on stairs going to next lift)
Take elevator, ride left to twin tower:
  • Preserving Boluses
Go to the bottom of this bridge structure:
  • 3x Beast liver
East, to the left is a Giant Crab, kill it and loot corpse:
  • 3x Crab Eggs
Behind white stone bridge:
  • Ghost Glovewort [1]
Double jump on white stone bridge:
  • Golden Rune [3]
Northeast to  Site of Grace: Sofria River Bank
Mix Wondrous Physick
  Magic Shrouding Cracked Tear
  Intelligence-knot Crystal Tear
The Magic Shrouding tear will boost our magic damage by 20% for 3 minutes
It works with Moonveil’s basic attacks, and of course also with Moonveil’s Ash of War
And it stacks with our Intelligence-Knot Crystal Tear, so our Physick Flasks boosts our damage by a lot now!
East, ride to the 1st Flame Pillar:
  Light Flame
East next to big stairs with 8 pillars:
  • Map: Sofria River
West on path going up, kill 3 Minotaurs:
  • 3x Arteria
  • Inverted Hawk Heater Shield
Go back down and turn north to a lower cliff, corpse at the edge:
  • 2x Old Fang
Ride back to the grace, southwest to the small hill up above, kill 2 minotaurs
  • Armorer’s Cookbook [6]
Go back and hug left wall, then northwest into a minotaur filled area
Clear the way to 2nd Flame Pillar:
  Light Flame
Southeast up on a rock, loot corpse:
  • 3x Lump of Flesh
Back to Sofria River Bank
Rest and level up
== EPISODE 48 END ==







0:24 Ghost Glovewort [2]

1:05 Golden Rune [4]

1:16 Horn Bow

1:22 Golden Rune [6]

3:08 10x Dwelling Arrows

3:25 Ghost Glovewort [3]

3:36 Stonesword Key

4:41 Somber Smithing Stone {2]

5:16 Golden Rune [4]

5:37 Ghost Glovewort [2]

6:26 Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot

6:34 Ghost Glovewort [1]

7:01Golden Rune [2]

7:08 Shield Grease

7:25 Golden Rune [3]

8:29 Smithing Stone [3]

10:45 Somber Smithing Stone [2]

10:57 Dappled Cured Meat

11:01 10x Dwelling Arrow

11:07 3x Smithing Stone [2]

12:56 2x Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot

13:11 Ghost Glovewort [2]

14:02 2x Smithing Stone [3]

14:41 Sliver of Meat

14:53 Golden Rune [3]

15:28 Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [17]

15:31 Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [18]

15:27 3x Stonesword Key

15:34 Larval Tear

16:08 Abandoned Merchant’s Bell Bearing

16:14 Hefty Beast Bone

16:21 Smithing Stone [4]

17:02 Furlcalling Finger Remedy

17:29 5x Nascent Butterfly

17:33 Golden Rune [4]

17:38 Golden Rune [4]

17:40 Golden Rune [4]

18:49 3x Smithing Stone [2]

19:22 Ash of War: Square Off

22:17 Golden Seed

21:43 Stonesword key

22:22 Rune Arc

24:30 3x Sliver of Meat

24:53 Golden Rune [4]



0:41 Minotaurs

4:10 Lightning Orbs

22:58 Double Snipers



2:43 Optional jump

3:39 Moghwyn Palace

4:43 Waygate

6:10 Light Flame: 3rd Pillar

7:56 Light Flame: 4th Pillar

9:23 Light Flame: 5th Pillar

10:39 Another waygate

12:22 Light Flame: 6th Pillar

15:24 Abandoned Merchant

20:07 Light Flame: 7th Pillar

20:55 Light Flame: 8th Pillar



1:50 Talk to Blaidd 2x



11:18 Worshippers’ Woods

25:07 Below the Well



00:00 Loots, Blaidd, Spiritspring

04:05 3rd Flame Pillar

06:22 4th Flame Pillar

08:09 5th Flame Pillar

09:31 Looting & Resting

11:52 6th Flame Pillar

12:34 Way to Hidden Merchant

16:15 Looting the other side

18:16 7th Flame Pillar

20:12 8th Flame Pillar

20:57 Loots around the Waterfall

22:52 Sniper Woods

25:04 New Grace & Episode End



From Siofra River Bank
Ride east just past the Flame Pillars to find a plant:
  • Ghost Glovewort [2]
Further east along the cliff’s edge, kill 3 Minotaurs around a big tree. Loot corpse behind tree:
  • Golden Rune [4]
Turn around and find narrow rocky path down the cliff’s edge, jump to underbridge platform:
  • Horn Bow
Face Northwest and Double jump to ledge:
  • Golden Rune [6]
Get back to the woods, further east you’ll meet Blaidd near the spiritspring
Talk to Blaidd 2x
Optional first jump: steer your jump to miss the top of the bridge and land on the side, then drop down to get:
  • 10x  Dwelling Arrows
Take the wind jump again, to the top of the gigantic bridge:
  • Ghost Glovewort [3]
Double Jump to next platform:
  • Stonesword Key (at the end of bridge)
Warp back to Lost Grace: Sofria River Bank
Northeast of Lost Grace, kill Giant Crab and trigger the Lightning Orbs
On small isle with a Waygate, loot corpse:
  • Somber Smithing Stone {2]
Don’t take the teleporter
North at the base of the giant bridge, leaning against wall is a corpse:
  • Golden Rune [4]
East/southeast on the other side of the bridge, find plant at the  base of the bridge:
  • Ghost Glovewort [2]
Further northeast clear the 3 Minotaurs on the isle with the 3rd Flame Pillar:
   Light Flame
South find corpse in the water:
  • Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot
A few steps east/northeast, plant:
  • Ghost Glovewort [1]
East follow trail lit by braziers, kill patrol of 3 Minotaurs.
Find corpse leaning against tree:
  • Golden Rune [2]
East/southeast a few steps further, loot corpse:
  • Shield Grease
South/southeast corpse near a tree:
  • Golden Rune [3]
East/northeast until the end of the trail to reach 4th Flame Pillar
   LIght Flame
North along the edge, kill 2 Minotaurs
Double jump to climb up the ruins, loot corpse at the top:
  • Smithing Stone [3]
Northwest to the 5th Flame Pillar
Trigger 2 Lightning Orbs and kill 1 Minotaur
   Light Flame
Sneak southwest back into the woods to take out 3 minotaurs  around the broken column
Kill 4th minotaur on top of the broken column, now the area is cleared enough for looting
At the top of the broken column, past a Waygate (don’t take it), loot corpse:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [2]
Go back down,  loot corpse  on the lower end of broken column:
  • Dappled Cured Meat
Corpse leaning against the broken column:
  • 10x Dwelling Arrow
Southeast of the broken column, find corpse leaning on small tree:
  • 3x Smithing Stone [2]
Ride north/northwest to Site of Grace: Worshippers’ Woods
West ride to 6th Flame Pillar, kill 2 Minotaurs:
   Light Flame
Southwest hug the right wall, kill Giant Squids along the waterfall
Loot corpse under waterfall:
  • 2x Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot
Plant a few steps northwest:
  • Ghost Glovewort [2]
Turn around, southeast to wooden cabins under the bridge
Double-jump on stone to double jump atop the first wooden cabin, inside find corpse:
  • 2x Smithing Stone [3]
Climb up wooden ladders. 2x Minotaurs to kill in close quarters
Once on top of scaffoldings:
  • Sliver of Meat
Drop down to lower scaffoldings northwest, go all around the pillar, find corpse:
  • Golden Rune [3]
Northwest enter the archway – Find Abandonned Vendor, purchase:
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [17]
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [18]
  • 3x Stonesword Key
  • Larval Tear
Optional: Kill merchant
  • Abandoned Merchant’s Bell Bearing
Mount up, northwest corpse infront of narrow passage down:
  • Hefty Beast Bone
Drop down in Big Flower room, loot item and run out:
  • Smithing Stone [4]
South/Southwest along the right wall:
  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy
Southeast at base of big tree:
  • 5x Nascent Butterfly
On the other side of tree, kill Giant Squid, loot corpse:
  • Golden Rune [4]
Southwest another corpse in the water:
  • Golden Rune [4]
Warp back to Worshippers’ Woods
Ride Northwest until you hit the wall
Keep hugging left wall, kill one Minotaur by big tree, turn around and loot corpse behind rock:
  • Golden Rune [4]
Kill other minotaur on a rock on the other side
Northeast kill another minotaur standing on a rock, loot corpse:
  • 3x Smithing Stone [2]
Hug left wall all the way to end of cliff, kill Scarab:
  • Ash of War: Square Off
Follow path northeast along the cliff’s edge
Clear the way northeast to reach 7th Flame Pillar
Kill rats and minotaurs
   Light Flame
Face west and climb on top of the cliff with the 8th Flame PIllar
Kill rats and 2 minotaurs
   Light Flame
Northeast then northwest across small bridge then u-turn up the cliff to Erdtree Sappling:
  • Golden Seed
Jump on  the  narrow tower structure and walk down to the next one (get off horse for safety):
  • Stonesword key
Go back the way you came from
North/Northwest hug the left ledge, until you find a cave hidden behind waterfall:
  • Rune Arc
Get out and go southeast across the bridge
Watch out for very long range Snipers past this point, seek cover or check video to see how to clear this area
Kill the 2 snipers first, then loot the area
Eastern cliff edge on a corpse:
  • 3x Sliver of Meat
On a small plateau in the middle:
  • Golden Rune [4]
Further up north find Site of Grace: Below the Well
== EPISODE 49 END ==






2:12 Trophy unlocked: Ancestor Spirit



2:15 Ancestral Follower Ashes

2:46 Ghost Glovewort [3]

2:55 Clarifying Charm

9:13 6x Smoldering Butterfly

9:41 Golden Seed

9:57 5x Smoldering Butterfly

10:46 Ash of War: Through and Through

11:14 Golden Rune [3]

12:09 Dragonwound Grease

12:35 Map: Mt. Gelmir

14:32 Weathered Dagger

17:24 D’s Bell Bearing

17:29 Twinned Armor Set



1:03 Prepare for Boss: Ancestor Spirit

1:30 Ancestor spirit strategy: Acid Mist

1:37 Ancestor spirit strategy: Triple Jump

1:58 Ancestor spirit strategy: Back Hooves

11:43 A lot of hands



8:05 Volcano Manor

8:44 Tough Troll

10:06 Invisible Scarab

15:04 Baldachin’s Blessing

16:01 Reload the Area

17:34 Twinned Armor Set



6:32 Talk to Melina

7:29 Talk to Rya “Take Rya’s Hand”

13:17 Talk to Brother Corhyn

13:52 Talk to Fia “Let her hold you” “May I ask a favor”

15:25 Talk to D “Give the Weathered Dagger”

16:26 Talk to Fia



3:55 Deep Siofra Well

6:13 Altus Plateau

8:06 Volcano Manor

13:01 Road of Iniquity



00:00 Boss Guide: Ancestor Spirit

02:39 Deep Siofra Well in Caelid

04:20 Grand Lift of Dectus

05:58 Talk to Melina & Rya

08:05 Volcano Manor & Mt Gelmir Map

13:18 Fia and D – Weathered Dagger

16:02 Fia and D – Twinned Armor Set

18:38 Altus Plateau & Episode End



From Grace: Below the Well
Warp back to Sofria River Bank
East up the stairs and southeast to the dead moose
   Touch horned remains
Prepare for Boss: Ancestor Spirit
Check video for full strategy
Before entering:
Flask of Physick
Golden Vow
Summon Spirit
Moonveil’s R2 for the win
  • Ancestral Follower Ashes
Warp back to Below the Well
North, on the west side of the platform:
  • Ghost Glovewort [3]
Stairs up the platform:
  • Clarifying Charm
Use 2x Stonesword Keys on the lift.
Take lift up, exit in Caelid and activate Site of Grace: Siofra River Well
==Altus Plateau==
Warp to Grand Lift of Dectus
Go to the lift and Hoist Medallion
Once up top, ride North to Site of Grace: Altus Plateau
   Talk to Melina
South back to the Grand Lift guarded by 2 Golems
Talk to Rya
    “Take Rya’s Hand”
== Volcano Manor ==
Once in Volcanor Manor, do not talk to anyone, just activate Site of Grace: Volcano Manor
Exit the building to Mt. Gelmir, don’t aggro the Troll.
Open map and place marker on Map Stele
Mount up and follow the path Northwest
To the left find a corpse leaning against a rock:
  • 6x Smoldering Butterfly
Furhter North/Northwest to an Erdtree Sapling:
  • Golden Seed
East/southeast kill 2 Marionette Soldiers + 1 Ambush Flying Imp, loot corpse:
  • 5x Smoldering Butterfly
At this spot you should see an invisible scarab, wait on its path and strike it:
  • Ash of War: Through and Through
Follow the path down southwest, kill 2 Small Hands and 1 Giant Hand, loot corpse:
  • Golden Rune [3]
Southeast find a corpse overlooking the Map Stele, defeat the mini hands ambush:
  • Dragonwound Grease
Drop down and you’ll be ambushed by a giant hand, kill it then loot the map:
  • Map: Mt. Gelmir
Few steps further east: Site of Grace: Road of Iniquity
Warp to Roundtable Hold
Talk to Brother Corhyn
He’ll mention leaving for Altus Plateau
Talk to Fia
   “Let her hold you”
   “May I ask a favor”
  • Weathered Dagger
Use Baldachin’s Blessing to lose the HP Debuff
Talk to D
   “Give the Weathered Dagger”
Reload the area by warping to Roundtable Hold again
Go past the Smith through new opened door and talk to Fia, she’ll disappear
Loot the corpse:
  • D’s Bell Bearing
  • Twinned Set
Equip the Twinned Set (except for the helm, unless you want to equip the full Twinned  Set for fashion reasons). This armor has much better defenses. It is heavier but we got enough Endurance.
Warp back to Altus Plateau
== EPISODE 50 END ==






1:30 Golden Seed

2:09 Perfume Bottle

2:36 Map: Altus Plateau

3:59 Bloodrose

4:04 6x Human Bone Shard

4:11 Sacred Tear

5:17 Nagakiba

6:26 Puryfying Crystal Tear

6:28 Eleonora’s Poleblade

6:50 Magic Grease

7:15 Miquella’s Lily

11:23 Somber Smithing Stone [5]

12:09 Golden Rune [3]

13:19 Unseen Blade

13:20 Unseen Form

13:25 5x Slumbering Egg

14:45 Golden Rune [10]

16:36 2x Arteria Leaf

19:02 6x Throwing Daggers

19:13 Golden Rune [8]

19:15 5x Explosive Greatbolt

20:10 3x Sacramental Bud

21:16 Golden Rune [2]

21:21 2x Golden Rune [3]

21:22 Golden Rune [4]

21:25 Golden Rune [7]

21:37 Somber Smithing Stone [6]



3:52 Clear the area

5:08 Prepare for Invader

5:38 Dangerous but low HP

7:10 Death abominations

11:00 It’s cannon time!

11:34 Rock Sling

15:55 Let Guards Help

16:40 Sniping Time

17:02 Charge Arrow

19:21 Rock Sling



0:15 Wait until morning

2:26 Altus Bloom

8:35 Flasks

8:57 Memorize Spells

9:27 Gear changes

14:36 Chest Carrier



2:43 Talk to Brother Corhyn “About the noble Goldmask”

4:34 Talk to Yura



1:11Altus Highway Junction

8:20 Bower of Bounty

15:05 Bridge of Iniquity

21:05 First Mt Gelmir Campsite



00:00 Altus Plateau Loots & Map

02:43 Brother Corhyn

3:58 2nd Church of Marika & Eleonora

6:41 Mirage Rise – 1st Phantom Crest

8:26 Upgrades and Spells

10:01 Mirage Rise – 2nd Phantom Crest

15:36 Mt Gelmir – Iron Maidens

10:43 Cannon Time!

11:57 Mirage Rise – 3rd Phantom Crest

13:41 Way to Bridge of Iniquity

20:22 To First Mt Gelmir Campsite

21:56 Level up & Episode End




From Grace: Altus Plateau
Wait until morning
Go east to reach the highway and follow it northeast
At junction go in between the two roads to reach a small rock platform:
Site of Grace: Altus Highway Junction
North to an Ertree Sapling:
  • Golden Seed
Northwest over the rocks is a small camp, beat the 2 ogres:
  • Perfume Bottle
North back on the road to Map Stele:
  • Map: Altus Plateau
Standing close to the map stele is Brother Corhyn
Talk to Brother Corhyn
   “About the noble Goldmask”
General note: in Altus Plateau you should find a new type of plant called Altus Bloom (yellow tip)
Make sure you loot these even if it means going a little bit out of your way, they’re used for a really good Perfume Recipe we’ll use later on
Northwest to the 2nd Church of Marika. Clear the dogs around the church and loot:
  • Bloodrose (a bunch inside the church)
  • 6x Human Bone Shard (corpse behind church)
  • Sacred Tear
Get ready for a tough invader and talk to Yura, then loot his corpse to get:
  • Nagakiba
Defeat Eleonora, Violet Bloody Finger (watch out for her dragon incantations, use the church walls to hide from them and lure her to a melee fight):
  • Puryfying Crystal Tear
  • Eleonora’s Poleblade
Northwest drop down to a graveyard:
  • Magic Grease (corpse by tombstone)
East drop down, kill a death spewing abomination sitting infront of a tombstone:
  • Miquella’s Lily
East/northeast to a blue phantom at a site called Mirage Rise.
Touch the altar to start the Riddle
Touch the 1st Phantom nearby
East to find a grace in the middle of the woods:
Site of Grace: Bower of Bounty
Add charge to flask (11 Total flasks)
Increase amount replenished by flasks (+8)
Reallocate Flasks: 8/3
Memorize Spells:
   Loretta’s Greatbow
   Canon of Haima
   Rock Sling
We don’t need other spells for now!
Loretta is for long range sniping
Canon of Haima is for AoE
Rock Sling is our bread and butter for single target damage
Equipment changes:
   Unequip Bow (we don’t need bows anymore)
  Equip Meteorite Staff to Right-Hand Slot 2
   Equip Golden Vow Dagger to Right-Hand Slot 3
Southeast climb to the rock hill above, find a suspicious rock and strike it to reveal the 2nd Phantom and touch it.
West you’ll find 3 death abos circling around a grey scarab
Pop Flask of Physick
Use Canon of Haima (full charge) to snipe the scarab:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [5]
Re-equip Moonveil and finish off the 3  Death Abominations
West/southwest follow the cliff wall to your left, find a corpse by a tree:
  • Golden Rune [3]
Further southwest you’ll find the 3rd Phantom. Touch it to solve the riddle.
Northeast to Mirage Rise. Get in and climb ladder.
Up top:
  • Unseen Blade
  • Unseen Form
  • 5x Slumbering Egg
Get back down.
West spiritspring, then another spiritspring northwest:
  • Golden Rune [10] (chest carrying gang by the cliff’s edge)
Northwest to cross the birdge to find Site of Grace: Bridge of Iniquity
Northwest, clear the way to a corpse against a palisade, where an Iron Maiden fights 2 Soldiers:
  • 2x Arteria Leaf
Pop Flask of Physick
West between 2 big tilted rocks:
  • 3x Bloodrose
North between tilted rocks, guarded by Iron Maiden:
  • 6x Throwing Daggers
West kill 2 more Iron Maidens, loot 2 corpses:
  • Golden Rune [8]
  • 5x Explosive Greatbolt
Northeast behind a flat rock with a patrolling Iron Maiden:
  • 3x Sacramental Bud
Southwest all the way up to the cliff, take a long ladder up
Up top go southeast to find Site of Grace: First Mt Gelmir Campsite
Southwest to a coffinyard:
  • Golden Rune [2]
  • 2x Golden Rune [3]
  • Golden Rune [4]
  • Golden Rune [7]
Further southeast at the edge of cliff, kill wolf and loot dead guy on chair:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [6]
Go back to First Mt Gelmir Campsite
Rest and Level Up
== EPISODE 51 END ==






1:03 10x Fire Arrow

1:14 Pulley Bow

3:31 Beast Blood

3:50 3x Sacramental Bud

3:59 Golden Rune [6]

6:15 Rejuvenating Boluses

6:19 Glass Shard

6:17 2x Hefty Beast Bone

6:23 Nascent Butterfly

6:43 Smithing Stone [5]

6:55 Golden Seed

7:20 Miquella’s Lily

8:30 2x Budding Cave Moss

8:55 3x Poison Grease

9:56 4x Lump of Flesh

12:50 Immunizing Cured Meat

12:45 Mushroom Armor Set

13:09 Golden Rune [7]

13:17 Preserving Boluses

13:59 10x Poisonbone Dart

14:18 Golden Rune [6]

15:22 Kindred of Rot’s Exultation

16:01 3x Herba

16:23 3x Fireproof Dried Liver

16:33 Golden Rune [6]

17:20 Stonesword Key

18:33 Prelate’s Inferno Crozier

18:49 Armorer’s Cookbook [7]

19:03 3x Slumbering Egg

19:09 Golden Rune [8]

19:21 Fire Scorpion Charm

20:07 8x Smoldering Butterfly

20:16 5x Mushroom



1:50 Great Lobs

10:22 Better Strategy

11:02 Snipe this guy

12:01 Cannon Time

14:38 Prepare for boss: 2x Kindred of Rot

17:53 Miniboss: Fire Prelate

19:43 Not worth fighting



5:46 Thanks Patches

6:51 Lava geysers

7:50 Level up



4:26 Talk to Patches 2x



7:38 Seethewater Cave

16:38 Seethewater Terminus



00:00 Giant Assault Tower

04:08 Rainbow Stones & Patches

07:10 Seethewater Cave Walkthrough

14:36 Seethewater Cave Boss Guide

15:43 To Seethewater Terminus

16:57 Fort Laedd

20:29 Level Up & Episode End




From First Mt Gelmir Campsite
West/northwest to a wooden tower
Go straight behind the tower and ladder up, kill torchman, loot corpse:
  • 10x Fire Arrow
Take the next ladder up:
  • Pulley Bow
Go back down, clear the Guards and Mad Pumpkin Head
Loot corpses:
  • Beast Blood (north of tower)
  • 3x Sacramental Bud (south of tower)
Northwest of tower, loot corpse:
  • Golden Rune [6]
Southwest, double jump over the giant rock, on the other side you’ll find Patches
Talk to Patches 2x
Follow the Glowing Stones until you reach the Glowing Stone at the very edge of the cliff
A cut scene with Patches happens
A the bottom, kill the 5 Basilisks, run away from the Death Clouds,
Kill them from afar with Moonveil’s R2
Loot corpses:
  • Rejuvenating Boluses
  • Glass Shard
  • 2x Hefty Beast Bone
Closer to the edge, another corpse:
  • Nascent Butterfly
South behind big tilted rock, loot corpse:
  • Smithing Stone [5]
Further south down the river to your right:
  • Golden Seed
Turn around, north back to the place where we killed the 5 Basilisks
A few steps west, cave entrance. Kill guard and loot:
  • Miquella’s Lily
Use 2x Stonesword Key
Enter and rest at the Site of Grace: Seethewater Cave
Rest and level up
== Seethewater cave walkthrough ==
Craft some Neutralizing Boluses if you can, there will be a lot of poison areas
Right tunnel, kill solo guard:
  • 2x Budding Cave Moss
Next tunnel drop down, land in poison, hug right wall to corpse with item.
Kill blobs then loot:
  • 3x Poison Grease
Take south/southwest tunnel, kill rat pack:
  • 4x Lump of Flesh
Southwest tunnel, kill a bunch of shroom guys in the middle pilar isle.
Keep going west, drop down and take the left tunnel. At the end of it kill more shroom guys.
Take the southeast tunnel to a room with 4 shroom guys kneeling. Use Canon of Haima to kill all in one shot.
Then kill Big Flower (4x Fully Charged attacks = Stagger)
Loot corpses:
  • Immunizing Cured Meat
  • Mushroom Armor Set
Go back to the previous room  and loot corpse dangling over the edge:
  • Golden Rune [7]
Drop down and to the left corner is a corpse:
  • Preserving Boluses
West tunnel again, drop down again and this time take the tunnel to the right
Drop down carefully in the hole, midway there’s an alcove Northeast with 2 rats and a corpse:
  • 10x Poisonbone Dart
Drop down to the  bottom, northwest first to dead end with rat + corpse:
  • Golden Rune [6]
Go the other way until boss room: 2x Kindred Rot
Flask of Physick
Golden Vow
Summon Spirit
Keep shield up, let Engvall
get aggro on one, then focus
the other with Moonveil R2s
They’ll die quickly
  • Kindred of Rot’s Exultation
Northwest along the river, corpse on the right:
  • 3x Herba
Keep going along the river, to the left another corpse:
  • 3x Fireproof Dried Liver
Go to the end of the river, corpse by a rock:
  • Golden Rune [6]
A few steps further wet find Site of Grace: Seethewater Terminus
North hug right wall until jellyfish camp, behind a tree:
  • Stonesword Key
South to enter Fort Laiedd by the side door
Pop Flask of Physick
Get the jump on the Fire Prelate with Loretta’s Greatbow, then keep your distances using Moonveil’s L2/R2.
  • Prelate’s Inferno Crozier
Open door south:
  • Armorer’s Cookbook [7]
Go upstairs:
  • 3x Slumbering Egg
  • Golden Rune [8]
By the Western tower, use rubbles to jump over ramparts to find a ghost near an item:
  • Fire Scorpion Charm
Exit the fort the way we came from
Mount up, we’ll grab 2 loots without fighting all the trash in this area
Flame Chariots are just annoying
Check video to see the looting path:
  • 8x Smoldering Butterfly
  • 5x Mushroom
Go back to grace: Seethewater Terminus
Rest and Level up – Spend all Runes
We’ll do something dangerous soon
== EPISODE 52 END ==






Trophy Progression 2/7: Legendary Sorceries and Incantations



0:33 4x Sacramental Bud

1:18 Golden Rune [2] Golden Rune [4] Golden Rune [2] Golden Rune [6]

2:09 Roiling Magma

4:35 3x Smithing Stone [6]

5:18 Gravel Stone

5:52 Pulley Crossbow

7:03 Comet Azur

9:32 Memory Stone 4x Sacramental Bud

9:52 Starlight Shard

11:02 Hierodas Glintstone Crown

11:07 Prattling Pate “You’re beautiful”

11:33 Errant Sorcerer Armor Set

11:55 5x String

12:16 Gold-Tinged Excrement

12:38 Golden Rune [6]

14:36 6x Mushroom

14:45 Arteria Leaf

18:05 Carian Phalanx

18:08 Carian Retaliation

18:10 Glintstone Icecrag

18:19 Freezing Mist

19:22 Seluvis’s Introduction

20:02 Jarwight Puppet



2:38 Runebear ambush close

3:09 Buff up and guide it

3:22 Ranged damage

4:00 Same strategy

7:18 Craft Sleep Pot

7:33 Prepare for Boss: Queen Magie

8:49 Buff Up

10:00 Snipe These



0:41 Magma Wyrm

1:48 Breaking the statue

6:00 Through Hermit’s Village

6:54 Master Azur

12:58 Gelmir Hero’s Grave

15:36 Damn you Patches

18:09 Study Sorcery

19:59 Buy Puppet



6:56 Talk to Primeval Sorcerer Azur

15:04 Talk to Patches

17:26 Talk to Seluvis About Nepheli About Nokron About your chambers



5:39 Craftman’s Shack

6:41 Primeval Sorcerer Azur

13:24 Gelmir Hero’s Grave



00:00 Behind Fort Laedd & Magma Wyrm

01:41 Breaking the Statue Open

05:26 Craftman’s Shack & Through Hermit’s Village

06:45 Primeval Sorcerer Azur

07:18 Demi-Human Queen Maggie

09:43 Looting Hermit’s Village

12:28 Across the Ravine

14:03 Back to Patches

15:47 Seluvis’s Secret Chamber

17:05 Seluvis’s Rise

20:22 Episode End




From Seethewater Terminus

Ride west until you reach the back of Fort Laiedd

  • 4x Sacramental Bud

Ride southwest until you see a lava lake

Stay clear of it, there’s a boss Magma Wyrm in it and we’ll come back for it later.

Keep going  around the lava lake until you reach a coffinyard, loot:

  • Golden Rune [2]
  • Golden Rune [4]
  • Golden Rune [2]
  • Golden Rune [6]

South you’ll see a fissured maiden statue, kill the demi-humans guarding it

Also clear the Hermit’s Shack up on the rocks nearby, loot corpse:

  • Roiling Magma

Move further up you’ll be ambushed by a Runebar, drag it to the statue to destroy it

Pop Flask of Physick and kill the Runebear, it is a pretty difficult fight, this is why we spent our runes before

Remember to dodge into the crotch and strike from there. Good luck!

Loot the statue:

  • 3x Smithing Stone [6]

Clear the shacks up on the left rock, loot corpse at the edge:

  • Gravel Stone

East until you see a couple of shacks to the right:

Site of Grace: Craftman’s Shack


  • Pulley Crossbow

Next step you should check video, we’re going to ride past a bunch of demi-humands and a boss to reach a site of grace, activate it and rest at it immediately to clear the aggro

Site of Grace: Primeval Sorcerer Azur

Talk to Primeval Sorcerer Azur

  • Comet Azur (2 out of 7 Spells for the Legendary Sorceries and Incantations Achievement)



Now let’s kill Demi-Human Queen Magie

Craft 5 Sleeping Pots

Sneak up on the nearby Mage and kill it

Sneak up on the other Mage southeast and kill it

Sneak up on Magie and throw 3x Sleeping Pots, this will put her to sleep

Kill all the adds without hitting Magie or you’ll wake her up

Then prepare for Magie:

Summon Engvall

Flask of Physick

Golden Vow


Keep your shield up

Dodge Spells

Moonveil’s R2

  • Memory Stone


South/southeast near cliff edge:

  • 4x Sacramental Bud

Further south along cliff edge:

  • Starlight Shard

West into Hermit’s Village, kill the Demi-Humans, loot two corpses:Southwest clear the Hermit’s Village below, then loot:

  • Hierodas Glintstone Crown
  • Prattling Pate “You’re beautiful”

North inside a house:

  • Errant Sorcerer Armor Set

On the roof of the southwesternmost building, double jump to access it:

  • 5x String

Close to northern exit of village:

  • Gold-Tinged Excrement

Ride north over the big rock spire to cross the ravine

Corpse at the other end:

  • Golden Rune [6]



East to catacombs entrance, open door and take lift down

Activate Site of Grace: Gelmir Hero’s Grave

This is a rather high level dungeon, we’ll come back later for it, we just wanted the grace

Now we’re gonna say high to our friend Patches

Take the lift back up, ride north to a corpse in the woods, kill a wolf pack:

  • 6x Mushroom

Northwest by the large slanted rock:

  • Arteria Leaf

Ride North to Patches

Talk to Patches



Warp to Ranni’s Rise,

Exit and ride northeast to a ruin with hidden stairs down.

Read the message that says “Seluvis’ puppet. Do not touch”.

Roll into the south wall to reveal a secret room behind it.

Get out and ride southeast then southwest down to Seluvis’s Rise

Talk to Seluvis,

Study Sorcery:

Buy all his Sorceries (34500 Runes)

  • Carian Phalanx
  • Carian Retaliation
  • Glintstone Icecrag
  • Freezing Mist

About Nepheli

About Nokron

  • Seluvis’s Introduction

About  your chambers, choose this puppet:

  • Jarwight Puppet (we’ll get the other later)
== EPISODE 53 END ==






5:06 5x Fan Daggers

5:35 Warming Stone

6:56 Sacrificial

7:21 Troll’s Golden Sword

7:55 Lightning Grease

8:11 Greatshield Talisman

8:58 Ash of War: Blood Blade

10:45 Golden Seed

11:25 Lightningproof Dried Liver

13:08 3x String

13:13 Golden Rune [3]

13:40 Ash of War: Shield Crash

14:50 Ritual Sword Talisman

15:19 Lightningproof Dried Liver Tibia’s Summons

19:59 Deathroot

19:05 Golden Rune [3]

19:34 6x Human Bone Shard

19:47 2x Trina’s Lily

20:25 Smithing Stone [5]

21:10 4x Stormhawk Feather

21:15 Golden Rune [7]

21:44 Golden Rune [4]

22:46 Pearldrake Talisman +1

23:12 4x Sacramental Bud

23:32 Dappled White Cured Meat



13:51 Prepare for boss: Demi-Human Queen Gilika

16:12 Prepare for boss: Tibia Mariner

16:28 Dodge this beam

16:50 Where is he?

18:07 Sacred Blade



0:21 Sellen

10:11 These Dragonflies

13:24 Teleporting Scarab



0:29 Talk to Sellen “Show Letter of Introduction” “Show Azur’s Sorcery” “Tell me your story” “Let us journey together” “I have a favor to ask” “Lead on Lusat”



11:25 Erdtree-Gazing Hill

24:04 Wyndham Catacombs



00:00 Sorceress Sellen

04:21 Altus Plateau Barricades

08:24 Looting the Gulch

10:36 Erdtree-Grazing Hill

11:20 Clearing Lux Ruins

13:45 Demi-Human Queen Gilika

15:34 Tibia Mariner

18:05 Wyndham Ruins All Loots

23:57 Wyndham Catacombs Entrance & Episode End




Warp to Waypoint Ruins Cellar in Limgrave
Talk to Sellen
   “Show Letter of Introduction”
   “Show Azur’s Sorcery”
   “Tell me your story”
   “Let us journey together”
   “I have a favor to ask”
  • Sellian Sealbreaker
   “Lead on Lusat”
Warp back to Altus Plateau
East around the ravine then north to a camp, beat Pumpkin Head, loot corpse:
  • 5x Fan Daggers
Clear next camp and loot corpse:
  • Warming Stone
West of camp kill 3 guards then kill the 3 ballista servants
Northeast to other camp kill 3 knights:
  • Sacrificial Twig (chest)
West to the lower camp, check the chest behind the cart:
  • Troll’s Golden Sword
Corpse in the middle of camp:
  • Lightning Grease
Chest behind the other cart:
  • Greatshield Talisman
North into the swamp you’ll find a grey scarab, kill it:
  • Ash of War: Blood Blade
South and then northwest path up the hill to an Edtree Sapling to the right:
  • Golden Seed
A few steps away is the Site of Grace: Erdtree-Gazing Hill
Warp back to Altus Plateau
North/Northwest by a cart guarded by demi-humans:
  • Lightningproof Dried Liver
North/Nortwhest to Lux Ruins, clear the place
Corpse in the southernmost building:
  • 3x String
Same building, corpse to the right at the edge:
  • Golden Rune [3]
You should hear a grey scarab, behind the ruins main building to the right
It’s a teleporting scarab so snipe it with Loretta’s Greatbow.
  • Ash of War: Shield Crash
Turn around and you should see stairs going down.
Go down until boss fog
Prepare for Boss: Demi-Human Queen Gilika
Buff up, enter and summon Engvall
Keep shield up, use Moonveil’s R2
Open door and chest:
  • Ritual Sword Talisman
North drop down cliff, find corpse:
  • Lightningproof Dried Liver
Warp back to Erdtree-Gazing Hill
North up the rocky path on the right-side of the cliff
Up top you’ll be greeted by a Tibia Mariner.
  Flask of Physick
  Golden vow
  Summon Engvall
Be careful if he summons the Giant Skeleton, run away from it and hide behind structures if he casts his beam
  • Tibia’s Summons
  • Deathroot
Equip Uchigatana with Scared Blade to clear the rest of Wyndham ruins
Corpse in the first ruins west of the cliff we arrived from:
  • Golden Rune [3]
West on a corpse:
  • 6x Human Bone Shard
In the water a few steps west:
  • 2x Trina’s Lily
Southwest in other ruins:
  • Smithing Stone [5]
Northeast on the opposite end of Wyndham Ruins:
  • 4x Stormhawk Feather
Enter the doorway west and face north to find corpse in a small alley:
  • Golden Rune [7]
West on the upper part of the ruins:
  • Golden Rune [4]
North to an Imp Statue, use Stonesword key, downstairs kill 3 skeletons, chest behind door:
  • Pearldrake Talisman +1
Northeast near the bottom of the cliff behind the ruins:
  • 4x Sacramental Bud
West to another ruined building, check the little room to the left of the entrance:
  • Dappled White Cured Meat
Northwest to find the catacombs entrance:
Site of Grace: Wyndham Catacombs
== EPISODE 54 END ==






0:48 Grave Glovewort [5]

1:30 Grave Glovewort [4]

2:01 Grave Glovewort [5]

3:20 Ghost Glovewort [6]

3:57 Grave Glovewort [4]

4:34 Lightning Scorpion Charm

7:12 2x Magic Grease

7:14 Golden Rune [5]

7:08 Ancient Dragon Apostle’s Cookbook [1]

9:15 Glovewort Picker’s Bell Bearing

10:20 Ash of War: Barrage

12:20 Golden Seed

12:22 Golden Seed

12:32 Map: Leyndell, Royal Capital

13:14 Golden Seed

13:17 Golden Seed

15:44 Golden Rune [4]

15:47 Golden Rune [3]

15:51 Golden Rune [6]

15:53 Golden Rune [4]

15:59 Golden Rune [6]

16:43 10x Lightning Greatbolt

16:45 Sacred Tear

16:38 Dragonbolt Blessing

18:20 Amber Starlight



1:04 Rock Sling Em

2:09 Useful Trap

4:09 Clever Imp

6:45 2x Giant Crabs

8:27 Prepare for Boss: Erdtree Burial Watchdog

9:03 Charged Lightning



0:10 Moonveil and level up

10:49 Level Up

17:06 Risk of Death Fall



None this episode



10:02 Seethewater River

12:11 Outer Wall Phantom Tree

14:42 Rampartside Path



00:00 Wyndham Catacombs Walkthrough

08:19 Wyndham Catacombs Boss Guide

09:41 To Seethewater River

10:43 Leyndell Looting

14:46 To Stormcaller Church

16:51 Down the ravine

18:33 Siofra River Bank & Episode End




==Wyndham Catacombs Walkthrough==
Re-equip Moonveil
Level up
You should have 37 INT by now
Floor tile trap before elevator
Take lift down and Face West to jump off to the balcony on the 1st floor above the bottom:
  • Grave Glovewort [5]
First room with guillotines, kill 2 imps, loot:
  • Grave Glovewort [4]
Next room, imp ambush to the right:
  • Grave Glovewort [5]
Next room, floor tile lightning trap. Can be used to kill bunch of enemies:
  • Ghost Glovewort [6]
Beat the knight guarding the ladder:
  • Grave Glovewort [4]
Ladder up, floor tile trap, imp statue, Imp ambush, use Stonesword Key:
  • Lightning Scorpion Charm
Next room is a trap floor. Snipe the Imp above first with Loretta’s Greatbow.
Sprint across the room to the spot where you sniped the imp, turn around, snipe the other imp on the opposite side
Turn around, you should see a knight but first, imp ambush to the right
Then kill the knight
Pull Lever
Sprint across trap floor to other side of the room
Drop down and roll back to the corridor we came from
Drop down below the trap floor
Next room trap floor with lightning again, then Double Giant Crab ambush near the items. You can spawn one crab at a time if you approach from the items from the sides:
  • 2x Magic Grease
  • Golden Rune [5]
  • Ancient Dragon Apostle’s Cookbook [1]
Pull Lever
Go back towards the entrance, take the lift back up
Go Rest at the Grace and go back through Boss door
Prepare for boss: Ertree Burial Watchdog
Before entering:
Flask of Physick
Golden Vow
  Moonveil’s R2
  • Glovewort Picker’s Bell Bearing
Ride south towards the swamp where we killed Tibia Mariner
Turn Northwest to path going down and you’ll find a grace:
Site of Grace: Seethewater River
North follow the river and kill a grey scarab:
  • Ash of War: Barrage
Our next big step is to clear Caelid and kill Radahn
But before that let’s grab a couple of upgrades quickly in Leyndell
== Altus Plateau==
Warp back to Altus Highway Junction
Spend Runes and Level Up
Follow the highway to the top of the stairs, stick to the left to avoid enemies as much as possible, past the 2x Tree Sentinel, through the giant doors, until you reach Site of Grace: Outer Wall Phantom Tree
Activate and Rest to reset aggro
Next to the Erdtree Sapling:
  • Golden Seed
  • Golden Seed
A few steps away from the tree:
  • Map: Leyndell, Royal Capital
Ride northeast all the way up, past the giant gargoyle swooping down on you, keep riding until you lose aggro on it
Then back to another Erdtree Sapling:
  • Golden Seed
  • Golden Seed
Ride northeast, avoid Margitt the Fell (Round 2), ride past the giant wall and turn southwest to get back on the trail, all the way to a grace on the left side of the road: Site of Grace: Rampartside Path
Ride west, you’ll see a building with a statue on top in the distance, halfway there turn southwest down a path to a graveyard:
  • Golden Rune [4]
  • Golden Rune [3]
  • Golden Rune [6]
  • Golden Rune [4]
  • Golden Rune [6]
Further southwest you’ll reach Stormcaller Church, guarded by a Knight and 2 Guards, kill them and loot:
  • 10x Lightning Greatbolt
  • Sacred Tear
  • Dragonbolt Blessing
Drop down northwest of the church (check video for exact spot to not die from falling) and drop down again to the ravine below
Infront of a statue:
  • Amber Starlight
== Limgrave ==
Warp to Siofra River Bank (Underground Map)
== EPISODE 55 END ==





Furlcalling Finger Remedy

3:04 Sacred Scorpion Charm

3:14 Missionary’s Cookbook [3]

3:16 Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [14]

4:25 2x Drawstring Lightning Grease

4:57 Golden Rune [3]

5:17 5x Preserving Boluses

5:32 2x Nascent Butterfly

9:49 Greenburst Crystal Tear

9:50 Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear

10:36 Arteria Leaf

11:25 Rune Arc

13:31 Grave Glovewort [3]

14:20 Grave Glovewort [4]

15:09 Ghost Glovewort [4]

15:15 Grave Glovewort [4]

15:42 Golden Rune [4]

16:20 Grave Glovewort [3]

16:27 Imp Head (Wolf)

17:13 Grave Glovewort [5]

17:20 2x Sacramental Bud

18:03 Aeonian Butterfly

18:13 Grave Glovewort [5]

18:08 Grave Glovewort [3]

19:17 3x Grave Violet

20:43 Mad Pumpkin Head Ashes

21:17 Cracked Pot



2:39 Prepare for invader: Anastasia

6:41 Clear the way

8:15 Prepare for boss: Putrid Avatar

8:53 Scarlet Rot

9:14 Elden Stars

19:36 Prepare for boss: 2 Erdtree Burial Watchdogs

20:12 Seek Cover



3:33 Flask upgrades

12:12 Level up & Hotkey

16:34 Imp Head (Wolf)

16:56 Fashion Poll



0:44 Talk to Blaidd “Tell Sellen’s Story” Talk to Blaidd again



3:11 Smoldering Church

5:27 Rotview Balcony

12:05 Minor Erdtree Catacombs



00:00 Blaidd about Sellen’s Story

01:52 Anastasia, Tarnished Eater

04:03 Rotview Balcony

06:12 Clear the way to Minor Erdtree

08:14 Putrid Avatar Boss Strategy

10:07 Parkour on Minor Erdtree Roots

12:01 Minor Erdtree Catacombs Walkthrough

19:35 Erdtree Catacombs Boss Strategy

21:04 One more Item & Episode End



== Caelid Part 1 ==
From Siofra River Bank (Underground Map)
Ride east to Blaidd, still waiting by the spiritspring
Talk to Blaidd
“Tell Sellen’s Story”
Talk to Blaidd again
Warp to Rear Gael Tunnel Entrance
Exit tunnel, southwest to Spiritspring up
North/northeast towards Smoldering Church
You’ll be invaded by Anastasia, Tarnished Eater
  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy
  • Sacred Scorpion Charm
Inside the church:
  • Missionary’s Cookbook [3]
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [14]
Activate Site of Grace: Smoldering Church
Add charge to flask (12)
Increase amount replenished (+9)
Allocate flask charge 8/4
Southeast along the road, on a corpse laying against a cart:
  • 2x Drawstring Lightning Grease
Further east in a shack next to the road:
  • Golden Rune [3]
South to Site of Grace: Rotview Balcony
Southwest a few steps in a shack:
  • 5x Preserving Boluses
Northeast corpse over the edge:
  • 2x Nascent Butterfly
Northwest around the cliff to find path down northeast towards Minor Erdtree near the coast
Clear all the guards down the path before reaching the boss: Erdtree Avatar (check video to see strategy in action)
Before engaging:
Summon Engvall
Flasks  of physiks
Golden Vow
When he plants his weapon in the ground it will summon homing Elden Stars, run around (on horse or feet) to avoid them
When he jumps and slams into the ground he’ll cast a scarlet rot mist in a cone infront of him. So move behind him or to the sides to avoid rot.
  • Greenburst Crystal Tear
  • Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear
Ride back up around the hill southwest, then east until you reach the smoldering wall
Northwest up the cliff until you reach a tree:
  • Arteria Leaf
Northeast to a dead tree, behind it you can drop down on a huge erdtree root
Work your way further down this tree root to find:
  • Rune Arc (corpse)
Drop down carefully to the ground
East/southeast to the southern side of the tree you’ll find catacombs entrance:
Site of Grace: Minor Erdtree Catacombs
Rest and level up, speend runes if needed
Keep investing into INT
== Minor Erdtree Catacombs Walkthrough ==
Hotkey Preserving Boluses
First corridor imp ambush from ceiling
Lift down
West hallway kill 1 Imp
Next room kill 2 imps:
  • Grave Glovewort [3]
Next room imp ambush to the right + imp ambush ceiling
Pull Lever
Go back to the lift, check the East Hallway for a plant:
  • Grave Glovewort [4]
Back to lift, activate it and jump off to reveal secret room below lift
Drop down on Imp
Next room 5x Blobs, sprint to the left opposite side of the room to trigger all blobs
FIght them on the side on one of the safe mounds
On the northern side of this room is a narrow corridor:
  • Ghost Glovewort [4]
Enter narrow corridor, stairs up, at the end of room kill small crabs and loot:
  • Grave Glovewort [4]
  • Golden Rune [4]
Same room ladder up, 2 imp fake statues
Move up hallway, imp attack
  • Grave Glovewort [3]
Further down the hallway, loot corpse bent over coffin:
  • Imp Head (Wolf)
Equip it unless you don’t like the fashion
It has better defenses than Black Wolf Mask, it weights more but it also gives +2 Endurance so it evens out and gives us more stamina too
South to room overlooking a rot pool, kill the 2 Imps up top
Loot the 2 Items:
  • Grave Glovewort [5]
  • 2x Sacramental Bud
Drop down in the rot and loot the 3 items scattered accross the room while spriting around to avoid the blobs (watch out for ceiling amubushes)
  • Aeonian Butterfly
  • Grave Glovewort [5]
  • Grave Glovewort [3]
Go back to the elevator and drop down to secret floor again
Go back to the room with rot pool
West/southwest corner to loot corpse:
  • 3x Grave Violet
West hallway to reach boss door, prepare for 2x Erdtree Burial Watchdog
Before entering:
Flask of Physick
Golden Vow
Summon Engvall
Let him tank one
Kill the other quickly
One of the 2 Watchdogs uses spells, hide behind columns to avoid damage if you’re targeted
  • Mad Pumpkin Head Ashes
Outside of cave, head north to walk over a tree branch over the sea
  • Cracked Pot
Warp back to Rotview Balcony
== EPISODE 56 END ==




1:21 Whirl, O Flame!

1:26 Greatsword

2:07 Rune Arc

2:11 6x Explosive Bolt

2:59 3x Drawstring Firegrease

4:26 3x Smoldering Butterfly

7:12 Visage Shield

7:29 3x Great Dragonfly Head

8:32 Golden Rune [9]

11:15 Rune Arc

11:26 Golden Rune [2]

13:13 Golden Rune [4]

13:15 2x Turtle Neck meat

13:51 Golden Rune [5]

13:59 Somber Smithing Stone [5]

14:43 Pillory Shield

14:41 5x Old Fang

15:28 Golden Rune [2]

15:50 Golden Rune [2]

16:10 Wakizashi

16:15 Golden Rune [4]

16:13 Stonesword Key

17:00 Golden Rune [4]

17:02 Rainbow Stone

18:01 Putrid Corpse Ashes

18:16 Regalia of Eochaid

18:22 3x Glowstone



3:07 Exploding Zombies

6:02 Prepare for boss: Mad Pumpkin Head (Hammer) & (Flail)

17:20 Prepare for boss: Frenzied Duelist



0:26 Zombie horde

0:41 Dog Sniping

14:18 Opened cages



8:52 Talk to Finger Reader “Show Hands”


10:55 Gaol Cave



00:00 Northwest Caelid Highway

02:54 Caelem Ruins

06:01 2x Mad Pumpkin Head Bosses

08:00 South down Caelid Highway

10:45 Gaol Cave Walkthrough

17:20 Frenzied Duelist Boss Guide

18:30 Level Up & Episode End


From Rotview Balcony
Northeast along the road until you see a scarab and two dino-dogs. Pull the dogs first one by one, then kill the scarab:
  • Whirl, O Flame!
At the back of the cart behind the two dogs we just killed:
  • Greatsword
East, kill the Raven inside the camp, open chest:
  • Rune Arc
  • 6x Explosive Bolt (corpse a few steps away)
Southeast to Caelem Ruins
Inside ruins, first building to the right, corpse:
  • 3x Drawstring Firegrease
Watch out for exploding zombies
Summon Engvall to help you clear the camp, including the Flame Chariots
Southeast to next building, corpse dangling over the edge:
  • 3x Smoldering Butterfly
Further southeast next ruins find stairs down
Prepare for boss: 2x Mad Pumpkin Head
Buff Up
Moonveil’s L2/R2 focus one down
Open door and chest:
  • Visage Shield
If you’re a STR build this is a great shield with a whooping 75 Guard Boost.
Exit stairs, find corpse southwest behind fire corpse pile:
  • 3x Great Dragonfly Head
Southwest to big mushroom pile, kill raven. On top of mushroom:
  • Golden Rune [9]
Southeast to Finger Reader
Show Hands”
Warp to Astray from Caelid Highway North
West down the ravine all the way to cave entrance
Use 2x Stonesword Key
Site of Grace: Gaol Cave
== Gaol Cave Walkthrough ==
Chest near grace:
  • Rune Arc
First room:
  • Golden Rune [2]
2nd room take right door and move up till you fall down cracked floor
Next room ignore side doors, keep going west past a Statue of Marika and drop down
Go to the end of tunnel then take the north tunnel. Turn left to kill rat pack
  • Golden Rune [4]
  • 2x Turtle Neck meat
Other end of tunnel, kill a few enemies to access a library room:
  • Golden Rune [5]
  • Somber Smithing Stone [5]
Move upstairs and Pull lever, all cells will unlock
Drop drown and check cell to the left:
  • Pillory Shield
  • 5x Old Fang
Northeast doorway to previous room
Turn left, check cell:
  • Golden Rune [2]
Soutwhest through the room, past the Statue of Marika again
Drop down, check right cell:
  • Golden Rune [2]
Opposite side, check 2nd cell to the left:
  • Wakizashi
  • Golden Rune [4]
  • Stonesword Key
All the way southwest to larger room
South to next room with 2 corpses:
  • Golden Rune [4]
  • Rainbow Stone
West, break planks to reveal hole, drop down carefully.
At the bottom you’ll be attacked by boss: Frenzied Duelist
Buff up before dropping off the last platform
Summon Engvall
Hard Hitting Boss but dies quickly. Easy fight
  • Putrid Corpse Ashes
Do NOT take the exit. Instead take tunnel behind it to reach the other side and loot:
  • Regalia of Eochaid
  • 3x Glowstone
Warp to Gaol Cave
Rest and level up
== EPISODE 57 END ==




2:00 Meteoric Ore Blade

2:59 5x Great Dragonfly Head

3:05 3x Rot Grease

3:48 Starlight Shards

7:14 Dragon Heart

9:14 Ash of War: Poison Moth Flight

9:28 Map: Caelid

9:46 Cracked Pot (1500)

9:49 Stonesword Key (4000)

9:50 Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (4000)

10:05 Nomadic Merchant’s Bell Bearing [10]

10:22 Golden Seed

11:14 Windy Crystal Tear

12:59 3x Smithing Stone [4]

12:57 2x Sacramental Bud

12:54 Rune Arc

13:25 4x Crab Eggs

13:38 Golden Rune [3]

14:21 Golden Rune [5]

15:43 Golden Rune [5]

15:38 Golden Rune [2] Golden Rune [1] Golden Rune [1]

16:33 Larval Tear

17:10 Golden Rune [5]

17:05 Golden Rune [2]

17:36 5x Glass Shards



0:59 Kindred of Rot

4:19 Prepare for boss: Decaying Ekzykes

5:02 Decaying Ekzykes best summon

5:38 Decaying Ekzykes: Scarlet Rot Breath

5:55 Decaying Ekzykes: Preservign Boluses

6:10 Decaying Ekzykes: Close one

6:31 Decaying Ekzykes: Claw Stomp

6:58 Decaying Ekzykes: Fail

7:22 Decaying Ekzykes: If you Die

15:57 Buff Up before killing Feathered Hat Guy



7:37 Level up & Skip Time

9:48 Nomadic Merchant

13:36 Flower Traps

15:17 Feathered Hat Guy

16:50 Ride & Loot



17:45 Talk to Gowry “Hear request” Talk to Gowry



4:05 Caelid Highway South

11:50 Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank



00:00 Caelid Waypoint Ruins

04:12 Decaying Ekzykes Strategy

07:37 Level Up & Night’s Cavalry

09:22 Map & Merchant

10:15 Golden Seed & Windy Crystal Tear

11:24 Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank Loots

14:40 Feathered Hat Guy & Larval Dear

16:49 To Gowry’s Shack

19:17 Episode End


From Gaol Cave
Get out and head southeast to Caelid Waypoint Ruins
Summon Engvall
Kill a Kindred of Rot and find stairs going down nearby.
Downstairs kill a bunch of weak Kindreds of Rot and a Shroom Mage, open door, chest:
  • Meteoric Ore Blade
Get out and move further up inside the ruins, kill 2 more Kindreds of Rot
Further inside camp on a corpse:
  • 5x Great Dragonfly Head
Few steps southeast by a tree:
  • 3x Rot Grease
Northeast to get back on the road, then south along the cliff’s edge to find sundial:
  • Starlight Shards
East/Northeast to Site of Grace: Caelid Highway South
Next target is a Dragon boss: Decaying Ekzykes
Hotkey Preserving Boluses
Equip Lance Talisman instead of Erdtree’s Favor
Check video to see the strategy
It’s similar to most dragons, stay on horse and hit the legs / wings a couple of times then move out
When you’re ready, run a few steps southeast and you’ll see the dragon sleeping.
Summon Latenna of the Albinauric (Engvall dies too quickly on this one)
Flask of Physick
Watch out for the Scarlet Rot breath and also Scarlet Rot smokes when the dragon stomps the ground
  • Dragon Heart
Once defeated, go back to  Site of Grace: Caelid Highway South
Rest and level up
Wait till Nightfall
Re-equip Erdtree’s Favor
Place marker near Map Stele
Ride there and defeat Night’s Cavalry
  • Ash of War: Poison Moth Flight
Ride to the Map Stele:
  • Map: Caelid
Nomadic  Merchant just past the stele, purchase:
  • Cracked Pot (1500)
  • Stonesword Key (4000)
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (4000)
Optional: kill the merchant
  • Nomadic Merchant’s Bell Bearing  [10]
Ride southeast to Erdtree Sapling:
  • Golden Seed
Few steps Northeast kill 2x Ravens guarding a small ravine:
  • Windy Crystal Tear
Get out of ravine and ride North to Site of Grace: Southern Aeonia Swamp  Bank
Northwest you’ll find dead guys in chairs:
  • 3x Smithing Stone [4]
  • 2x Sacramental Bud
  • Rune Arc
Southwest back on the upper plateau, along the edge, find corpse underneath a cart:
  • 4x Crab Eggs
West/northwest  at the bottom of a large mushroom:
  • Golden Rune [3]
North on top of this large mushroom, kill a bunch of Shroom Mages, then loot corpse:
  • Golden Rune [5]
Southwest across the road and all the way to the cliff edge you’ll find a coffinyard:
  • Golden Rune [5]
  • Golden Rune [2]
  • Golden Rune [1]
  • Golden Rune [1]
In this area you’ll find man with a feathered hat. Buff up before you engage him.
Upon death he’ll turn into a Troll, kill it:
  • Larval Tear
Warp to Southern Aeonia Swamp  Bank
East and then northeast to Sellia Gateway.  past the rock throwing Troll on the cliff above
As you go, loot 3 corpses on the ground:
  • Golden Rune [5]
  • Golden Rune [2]
  • 5x Glass Shards
Once inside the gate, north/northeast to Gowry’s Shack
Talk to Gowry
“Hear request”
Talk to him again
== EPISODE 58 END ==




0:24 Arteria Leaf

1:28 2x Poison Grease

2:14 5x Toxic Mushroom

2:36 Stonesword Key

4:04 Cerulean Tear Scarab

4:14 Golden Seed

4:57 Staff of Loss

5:10 Ash of War: Double Slash

5:31 Spelldrake Talisman +1

5:45 Night Comet

6:07 “Redmane” Painting

6:25 5x Poisonbloom

7:14 Imbued Stonesword Key

8:57 Nox Flowing Sword

9:31 Lusat’s Glintstone Staff

9:57 Rotten Stray Ashes

10:20 Rune Arc

11:16 Poison Armament

11:34 Rot Grease

12:37 Golden Rune [5]

12:49 Smithing Stone [5]

12:49 Smithing Stone [5]

12:53 6x Glintstone Scrap

13:48 Cracked Crystals

14:03 6x Gravity Stone Fan

14:06 3x Gravity Stone Chunk

14:38 Smithing Stone [5]

14:45 Rune Arc

15:19 Smithing Stone [5]

15:33 MISSED ITEM: Somber Smithing Stone [4] (After the ladder turn around and you’ll see a corpse on the scaffodlings)

15:59 Smithing Stone [5]

16:00 Smithing Stone [5]

16:07 Rock Blaster

16:31 Golden Rune [4]

16:50 5x Cuckoo Glinstone

17:13 Somber Smithing Stone [4]

17:35 Somber Smithing Stone [4]

17:39 Dragonwood Grease

18:02 Faithful Canvas Talisman

18:08 Smithing Stone [5]

19:15 Somber Smithing Stone [6]

19:16 5x Smithing Stone [7]

19:18 10x Gravity Stone Chunk

19:20 Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing [1]



8:27 Prepare for Boss: Nox Swordstress & Nox Monk

11:59 Kindreds of Rot

18:23 Prepare for Boss: Fallingstar Beast



5:01 Snipe from here

6:09 4th Painting

6:32 Don’t Rest

7:56 Rest and level up

10:29 Invisible Scarab



None this episode.



6:34 Sellia Understair

7:45 Sellia Backstreet

9:01 Chair-Crypt of Sellia



00:00 Sellia, Town of Sorcery Walkthrough

07:45 Sellia Backstreets & Boss

09:44 Swamp of Aeonia Loots

11:32 Sellia Crystal Tunnel Walkthrough

18:21 Sellia Crystal Tunnel Boss

19:36 Episode End


From Gowry’s Shack
Hug right wall to enter Sellia, Town of Sorcery
Watch out, lots of invisible sorcerers in this town
Behind tower on the right:
  • Arteria Leaf
Summon Engvall to help you fight through this
North in the alleyway on corpse:
  • 2x Poison Grease
Face Northwest to see corpse on roof. Double Jump to access it
  • 5x Toxic Mushroom
Jump west to next roof then cross the tree roots southwest towards gate entrance. Find corpse over the city gate:
  • Stonesword Key
West climb ladder to the top of tower:
   Light the Flame
Stay on roof, east then northeast across tree root to next tower, climb ladder:
   Light the Flame
Stay on roof, north to another corpse:
  • Cerulean Tear Scarab
Northwest you should see an Erdtree Sapling:
  • Golden Seed
Southwest over the roots to the last tower, ladder up:
   Light the Flame
South you should see a corpse bent over a balcony, use horse to get there:
  • Staff of Loss
From this balcony, face South and you’ll see a grey scarab over a tree branch. Snipe it with Loretta’s Greatbow:
  • Ash of War: Double Slash
Drop down below this balcony, deal with a couple of mages. Chest under balcony:
  • Spelldrake Talisman +1
South around the building then east you’ll see another chest:
  • Night Comet
South for 20 steps, then face east and you’ll see  a painting, examine it:
  • “Redmane” Painting
West and jump over railings  to land on rooftop with acorpse:
  • 5x Poisonbloom
North drop down, go around tree trunk to activate (don’t rest) Site of Grace:  Sellia Understair
Go back upstairs, east until door, then north and east again to the cliff wall, north a few steps to find another chest to your left:
  • Imbued Stonesword Key
Go back to the Erdtree Sapling we looted earlier and this time north through the gate. Look to your left:
Site of Grace: Sellia Backstreet
Rest and level up, boss next
Go back to the Ertree Sapling and drop down northwest, further up is a boss fog
Buff Up
Once inside, summon Banished Knight Engvall. Focus one down, should be easy fight.
  • Nox Flowing Sword
Site of Grace: Chair-Crypt of Sellia
North is a chest:
  • Lusat’s Glintstone Staff
Warp to Sellia Understair
North/nortwhest inside small ruins, corpse:
  • Rotten Stray Ashes
Southwest behind a tree covered with mushrooms:
  • Rune Arc
Northwest you’ll see an invisible scarab’s footsteps, kill it:
  • Poison Armament
North/Northeast to Sellia Crystal Tunnel
== Sellia Crystal Tunnel Walkthrough ==
West of grace on corpse:
  • Rot Grease
Ladder up, move up to first big room
Snipe Kindred of Rot on top of shack on the left
Kill miners, check shack to the left:
  • Golden Rune [5]
On the rocks we just cleared from miners:
  • Smithing Stone [5] (vein)
  • Smithing Stone [5] (vein)
Platform to the left:
  • 6x Glintstone Scrap
  • Cracked Crystals (a lot of those in this dungeon, I will not mention them anymore, just loot them) Go up the rocky path, kill 2nd Kindred of Rock on the next shack’s roof Inside the shack is a chest:
  • 6x Gravity Stone Fan
  • 3x Gravity Stone Chunk
At the top kill another miner + kindred of rot:
  • Smithing Stone [5] (vein)
  • Rune Arc (corpse)
Go back and jump on the shack’s roof where we killed 2nd Kindred of Rot
Jump over next planks and drop down
Proceed in the tunnel, kill a miner:
  • Smithing Stone [5] (vein)
Next room ladder up, turn around and loot corpse on the scaffoldings:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [4]
Snipe Kindred of Rot over the shack, kill miner, walls to the right:
  • Smithing Stone [5] (vein)
  • Smithing Stone [5] (vein)
Inside shack, chest:
  • Rock Blaster
Ladder up, kill 2 miners:
  • Golden Rune [4] (corpse)
Kick ladder next to corpse to unlock shortcut
Go back against southeast wall to find spot to drop down and loot corpse over a beam below:
  • 5x Cuckoo Glintstone
West jump over the planks
Take the ladder shortcut we unlocked to get back up
Northwest corner:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [4] (vein)
West tunnel, Kindred of Rot ambush to the left of corpse with item.
Inside this shack is a vein:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [4]
Loot corpse infront of shack:
  • Dragonwood Grease
Kill 2x Kindred of Rot up on the platform (open with Canon of Haima)
  • Faithful Canvas Talisman
Vein northwest wall:
  • Smithing Stone [5]
West tunnel to boss double door, prepare for Fallingstar Beast
Buff Up
Summon Engvall
Let Engvall get aggro, watch out for the charges. Charged Attack + L2/R2 = Stagger
  • Somber Smithing Stone [6]
  • 5x Smithing Stone [7]
  • 10x Gravity Stone Chunk
  • Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing [1]
Warp to Sellia Understairs
== EPISODE 59 END ==




2:20 Commander’s Standard

2:21 Unalloyed Gold Needle

3:22 Ash of War: Sacred Ring of Light

3:29 Somber Smithing Stone [4]

3:31 Aeonian Butterfly

3:59 Ash of War: Poisonous Mist

4:56 Selia’s Secret

6:06 Unalloyed Gold Needle

8:42 Sacramental Buds

9:40 Sacred Tear

12:15 Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom

13:53 Gesture: Curtsy

16:45 Memory Stone (3000)



1:05 Prepare for Boss: commander O’Neil

1:56 Scarlet Rot AoE



2:38 Rest and level up

3:50 Teleporting Scarab

4:23 Back to Gowry’s Shack

7:50 Ball trap

8:39 Sacramental Buds

11:21 Upgrade Flask

13:02 Spirit Tuning

14:54 Smithing Master Hewg

16:11 Twin Maiden Husks



4:41 Talk to Gowry

5:51 Talk to Gowry Talk to Gowry 2x

9:49 Talk to Millicent “Give an Unalloyed Gold Needle”

11:33 Talk to Millicent 2x

13:21 Talk to Roderika “Talk” “There’s Something You Should Know”

15:24 Talk to Smithing Master Hewg “About Roderika”

17:02 Talk to Dung Eater



01:00 Inner Aeonia

02:27 Heart of Aeonia

11:12 Church of Plague



00:00 Commander O’Neil

02:57 Looting Aeonia

04:15 Gowry’s Shack

07:28 To Church of Plague

09:45 Millicent

12:45 Roderika: Spirit Tuning

14:47 Hewg: Upgrade Shield

16:03 Twin Maiden Husks: Bells

17:00 Dung Eater

18:02 Episode End


From Sellia Under-Stairs
Southwest to Site of Grace: Inner Aeonia (in the middle of the swamp)
Prepare for boss fight south: Commander ONeil
Summon Engvall
Buff up
Run south to trigger the fight
First kill the ghosts summoned by boss
Then help Engvall, watch out for big channeled Scarlet Rot attack. Move out of its radius
Keep your distances and use Moonveil’s L2/R2.
  • Commander’s Standard
  • Unalloyed Gold Needle
Site of Grace: Heart of Aeonia
Rest and level if you can
East, grey scarab guarded by Dragonflies. Kill it:
  • Ash of War: Sacred Ring of Light
South on two corpses, just loot and run away, you’ll be attacked by a lot of Cleanrot Knights, not worth fighting unless you want to farm their armor set for fashion:
  • Somber Smithing Stone [4]
  • Aeonian Butterfly
Ride southwest/west to a find  a grey scarab (teleport kind, snipe it)
  • Ash of War: Poisonous Mist
Warp to Southern Aeonian Swamp Bank
Northeast back to Gowry (Kill dog before talking to him):
  • Selia’s Secret
Warp to  Southern Aeonian Swamp Bank again
Back to Gowry again (kill dog again)
Talk to Gowry
  • Unalloyed Gold Needle
Talk to Gowry 2x
Warp to Sellia Backstreets
Take path all the way up to a church guarded by 2 Kindred of Rot, snipe one, melee the other.
Loot all plants inside and around the church:
  • Sacramental Buds
  • Sacred Tear
Talk to Millicent
“Give an Unalloyed Gold Needle”
Site of Grace: Church of Plague
Rest at the grace.
Upgrade amount replenished +10
Talk to Millicent again:
  • Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom
Talk to her again
Warp to Roundtable Hold
Go to Roderika
   Upgrade Engvall +4
  • Gesture: Curtsy
  “There’s Something You Should Know”
Go to Smith Hewg
   Upgrade Brass Shield +16
  “About Roderika”
Go to the Twin Maiden Husks:
   Offer a Bell Bearing
Give them all the bells we’ve acquired so far
We can now purchase infinitely from them:
   Smithing Stone [1] [2]
   Somber Smithing Stone [1] [2]
   Grave Gloveworth [1] [2] [3]
   Thin Beast Bones
   Hefty Beast Bones
  • Memory Stone (3000)
Northeast is a newly opened room with a new NPC
Talk to Dung Eater
Warp back to Church of Plague
== EPISODE 60 END ==

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