Elden Ring Putrid Crystalian Trio Boss Fight Guide


This guide will cover the steps you will need to take for a hopefully successful boss battle. The Putrid Crystalian Trio boss fight is considered one of Elden Ring‘s most tedious, testing, and unfair battles. Players find this boss battle to lack adequate space and that the nature of the battle is unbalanced in favor of the boss, giving it a bad reputation.

Unfortunately, this reputation has left the boss battle in the dust. As a result, many users struggle to fight their way through; this is why we will provide you with enough insight throughout this guide to get through this flawlessly.

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We’ve briefly touched on the fact that this boss fight is challenging; some even go so far as to describe it as brutal, demanding, and unfair. For instance, boss fights you may have encountered, such as Malenia, can prove challenging, but players can learn her mechanics and movements to create a strategy that can see them to victory.

In the case of Putrid Crystalians, you will find yourself facing three Crystalians at once, all with Rot-inflicting abilities. Not only will you be facing these bosses simultaneously, but you will also be in an enclosed space with no hide always from ranged attacks and little room for error.


How to find the Putrid Crystallization Trio?

 To battle the Trio, you will have to, of course, locate them first. To do so, make your way through a Dungeon called Sellia Hideaway. It is hidden in Caelid, northeast of the Church of the Plague, behind an Illusory Wall. Players must first complete “Sellia’s Magic Barrier Puzzle” or fall from a ridge south of Fort Faroth.

In this area, you will find yourself in a graveyard, striking the cliff wall directly north of the largest monument tomb. This will reveal the secret entrance to Sellia Hideaway, allowing the fun to begin.


Recommended Weapons

 Though you will not need every weapon mentioned, these are a few we recommend trying:

  • Flail
  • Mace
  • Morningstar
  • Hammer
  • Club
  • Warhammer

Though some of you may now be geared toward strike weapons, it is worth looking into using one. Some carry little to no requirements and require little effort to equip.


Trio Weaknesses


Surprise Attack

Despite being unable to cheese the Trio after entering the boss room, there is a way to damage and potentially kill at least one of the bosses from the exterior of the room. Here’s how to do it:

Cast the Gravity Sorcery Rock Sling from outside the fog gate. The resulting projectiles will penetrate the mist and hit one of the Putrid Crystalian Trio within the chamber. Remember, this does not guarantee the death of one of the Trio, but it can save some time in depleting the HP of at least one of them.


Strike Damage

Any weapons that deal strike damage can quickly break down their stance—also damaging their hard exterior, inflicting even more damage. The Putrid Crystalian Trio will then be susceptible to stagger for the duration of the battle.


Blood Damage

Blunt weapons accompanied with blood damage can make for an excellent takedown method when facing these rot-riddled foes.


The Battle Itself

If you’ve been up against Crystalians before taking on this Trio, you’ll be more than aware that they can take massive damage before you can crack their protective covering. Therefore, you’ll want to use Armaments that deal blunt damage (hammers or other club-like weapons) if you want to take them down as fast as possible.

Because of this, a dagger at max upgrade will not always match up to a basic Warhammer in effectiveness. But, again, this is only the case until the covering is shattered. Once you have done so, use a weapon you believe will finish the job quickly.

When you begin the battle, circle the room, focusing your attention on taking down the mage variant of the Trio first. That member of the Trio is considered to be the biggest threat in play.

Summoning Spirit Ashes can be beneficial, as you can distract at least one of the Crystalian Trio, allowing you to direct even more attention attacks.

Once you’ve taken down the mage, focus your attacks on the Ring Blade-wielding Putrid Crystilian. Once you’ve taken them down, all that is left is the Spear-wielding Trio member, be wary, however. This member of the Trio will remain fixed on you throughout the battle. Try to ignore him until you need to, unless he gets too close and becomes too big of a threat.


Note that this fight can be even more challenging for mages because of the trios’ high resistance to magic; however, casting Rock Sling from a safe distance always does the job. Night Maidens Mist and a select few other Sorceries can accurately take down their defenses. These can also allow you to deplete their health slowly. If this isn’t your usual method of attack and you’re looking for another, try Gavel of Haima. This can stagger and smash the Trio; they are no match for blunt attacks. Once you have taken down the Putrid Trio, you will be granted your rewards.



The rewards for defeating the Putrid Crystalian Trio are:

  • Crystal Torrent Sorcery
  • 7100 souls


Are you struggling to make it work?

If you’re having difficulty making it through the battle and can’t take down the Putrid Crystalian Trio, try summoning another player for assistance. An extra set of hands and eyes can prove massively helpful.

Or you can check Jame’s Elden Ring 100% Walkthrough which will take you from start to finish easily, without ever struggling too much against any of the bosses. If you don’t need a full walkthrough and just want to see a video guide on how to defeat the Crystalian Trio, we also got you covered with Episode 61 of Jame’s Elden Ring Walkthrough, at the correct timestamp just before the boss fog:


Thanks, Reader!

 Thank you for trusting us to see you through this challenging boss battle. We hope you found all you need in our guide and can now see your way to victory with relative ease. Check back with us in the coming weeks for even more guides, gaming announcements, and everything to do with the gaming community!

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