Elden Ring: Shadows of the Erdtree and other major DLC releases for 2023


With 2023 in full swing, we have reached the end of the first quarter, so it’s a great time to look ahead at what we can expect in the gaming industry. This year promises to have some fantastic full game releases, but also some long-awaited DLC releases for already established titles.

Elden Ring is taking the spotlight here, but other titles like Cyberpunk 2077 are also upping the ante and are scheduled to deliver content releases too. Hogwarts Legacy and World of Warcraft could also release updates too.

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Elden Ring: Shadows of the Erdtree DLC

Shadows of the Erdtree is the long-awaited DLC for Elden Ring. So far, FromSoftware are staying quite tight-lipped about what we can expect. Pretty much all we have had to go on so far is a teaser image that shows the Erdtree burning. Speculation is rife about the main story behind Shadows of the Erdtree, many elements lead us to think that this DLC will revolve around Miquella, brother of Malenia (who is arguably the hardest boss in all Souls games combined), one of the Empyreans, cursed to be forever young. But we’re not even 100% sure at this point, and many questions are still unanswered, such as : “Will Ranni be involved in this DLC or not?”

Release is expected to be late in 2023 and it should be available on PC and all console platforms, including Xbox and PlayStation. But nothing has been confirmed about the release date and From Software is known for its perfectionism, so we might have to wait longer than that. However, you still have plenty of time to play the main game if you haven’t already, and if you already played Elden Ring but haven’t completed it yet, you could do so very efficiently with this Elden Ring Platinum Guide, which will help you complete 100% of the game. Actually, even if you have finished the game, there is probably a LOT of content you may have missed on your first playthrough, so this walkthrough is worth it if you want a full tour of the 2022 Game of the Year.

People are expecting a lot of new content on this DLC, because it’s been over a year since the game’s release, so every fan is hoping it will be a full expansion that brings new game mechanics, areas to explore and a range of weapons and equipment.


Cyberpunk 2077 – Phantom Liberty DLC


When Cyberpunk 2077 was initially released, it was pretty much a disaster. Since then, the developers have turned it around, listened to the gamers and turned it into something of a cult classic. The game is incredibly popular, so it’s great to know that it is getting its only DLC expansion called Phantom Liberty.

This DLC will take us to a new setting in the Cyberpunk world and adds plenty of new content. We will also get to hear Keanu Reaves as Jonny Silverhand once again. Hopefully, it will bring plenty of new cool things to do and expand on the Cyberpunk world further.

One thing is for sure, the official teaser has got everyone excited!



Hogwarts Legacy – No Confirmed News

So, we’ve completed Hogwarts Legacy and we played the game religiously when it was released. We’ve been Harry Potter nerds for years and this game was everything we hoped for. Now that we’ve finished it, we’re left wanting more.

Unfortunately, Legacy fans don’t have anything to celebrate yet as there is no official news about potential DLC content, sequels or other info in the official FAQ. They need to add quidditch to the game, and make a DLC where you can compete in the house quidditch cup in our opinion.

With the money this game made and the raving reviews it received, we hope that the developers have something up their sleeves for 2023 and expand on the success of this fantastic wizarding world game.


Final Fantasy XVI

We haven’t played a Final Fantasy game since the amazing Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but we may have to rethink that decision and get the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XVI.

This game is set for release in June for the PS5 as a timed exclusive and it is set in the world of Valisthea, which is a world we haven’t seen before in the Final Fantasy universe. With the concepts and game design being worked on as early as 2015, this title has been a long time coming. It should look incredible utilizing the power of the next gen PS5 console.

We can expect some familiar features and themes such as chocobos and summoned monsters, but there will be a new cast of characters with the main protagonist being Clive Rosfield.


World of Warcraft – Patches and Updates

The last DLC for WOW was Dragonflight, which was hugely popular. We can expect more content in 2023 but perhaps not another expansion like this.

It is expected that Blizzard will make two main content updates to the Dragonflight expansion in 2023, together with a host of minor improvements. This includes two seasons for the expansion, including new raids and zones, and updates to the various professions as well as general improvements to the game’s interface and controls.


2023 is set to be an exciting year for gaming

These are just a few of the major releases, but there are other games set to hit the shelves too, such as Space Marine 2 which we personally can’t wait for, and Minecraft Legends, which should be pretty fun if you are a Minecraft fan.

We hope Elden Ring: Shadows of the Erdtree lives up to the hype and although little information is known so far, it certainly seems that it will be a fantastic addition to the game.



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