How Does FF7 Remake’s Gameplay Compare to that of FFXV?


After years of waiting for Final Fantasy 7 Remake to be released, thousands of FF fans recently got the opportunity to play the first part of the upgraded story. Nostalgia aside, every player loved the remake and most people are now looking forward to the release of part 2. The developers of the game did their best to create a game that lives up to the legend of the original. However, there are a number of things that Square did not get right and these are probably food for thought ahead of the development of the continuation of the story.

While many enjoyed FF7 Remake’s battle system, there are those who believe that the studio could have done much better. Considering how long it took to develop the game, one would expect certain aspects of the battle system to be more user friendly. The system is not terrible, but if a player were to compare it to the battle system of Final Fantasy 15, then the 2016 game would probably tick more boxes. Controlling Noctis and the gang is more enjoyable than controlling Squall and the rest of the AVALANCHE crew. The gameplay of Final Fantasy 15 was so good that it can only be compared to the gameplay of elite titles like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Red Dead Redemption 2.

When it comes to FF15, the battle system and the overall character controlling experience was probably the developer’s number one priority. This does not only apply to the console version of the game but also the gameplay of the Android and iOS applications. The FF15 app does not earn a spot among the best iPad apps for kids, where one can find both educational as well as gaming apps, but it is definitely one of the most enjoyable apps found in the store.  Why Square failed to replicate the mechanics of FF15 to the FF7 remake is a question that its developers will need to answer.

As a game, Final Fantasy 7 Remake fulfils the requirements for modern action RPGs. Players can see that the developers worked really hard to pay homage to the original. Additionally, they managed to prolong the duration of the first part equivalent of the 1997 version fivefold. Nevertheless, it feels like certain things were done in a hurry. Today’s fast-paced gaming requires swift gameplay commands, and this is something FF7 is lacking. Basic attacking is perfectly fine, but most secondary actions require a lot of button pressing. This was not the case when playing Final Fantasy XV, as the process of selecting commands was very well structured.

Square Enix has hinted that the next instalment of Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be hitting the shelves in quarter four of 2021. This means that its developers have a bit more than a year to work on the battle system and to make some solid improvements. The characters will no longer be restricted to the city of Midgar, and this means that there will be plenty of battles waiting for the players as they explore Gaia. Thus, improving the battle mechanics should be something that is at the top of the developers’ to-do-list.

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