For the Horde!


Ok! First guide. Well, For the Horde! is rather a simple achievement to get…if you know what you’re doing. This guide will explain the process about how one would go about through the navigation of the Alliance cities, raid composition, and fight strategies.

Raid Composition

The raid composition is quite simple. 40 people.
2 people need to be tanks. 1 should tank the boss while the other is a back up tank.
5-8 healers. I know this can seem like a lot, but it will come in handy, specifically on Magni or Varrian. One should focus on the tank, and the rest on the raid.
At least 1 Warlock. I say Warlock specifically because they have the summoning spell. This can save time, and the raid in some cases. Did 3 people get left behind in Ironforge? Summon them on the SW side of the Deep Run Tram! Another good chance to do this would be at the Darnassus or Exodar docks.
The rest should be DPS. Depending on server population and the time you do your For the Horde! at, the levels of your raid will vary. My server (Coilfang US) is at a low population, and I did my raid at peak hours (the time when most people are online). I (sadly) actually led a For the Horde! just at level 67. The composition of my raid ranged from 73-80. I had maybe 5 73-76s and the rest being 77-80.
High Population
If you are on a high population, you should probably have 36+ level 80s in your raid if doing the raid at peak hours (5-10/11PM). If you are doing

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