Gathering and Crafting 1-70


1) Gathering

Let me tell you this, plain and simple. You WILL NOT make money crafting, unless you have a main with around 400g devoted to your new character. In which case, jump down t the Crafting section, if not, stay tuned!

What is gathering?
Gathering is the process in which you acquire the raw materials for the crafters. In other words, you’re a supplier.

Isn’t crafting better for money?
At a low level, NO. At the start of the game, it will be a money sink, and you will just be buying materials to try and level it up. Gratz! You’re poor.

What gathering professions should I take?
This is entirely your choice. I would advise you not to take Mining and Herbalism, as they both use a tracker. Take skinning and mining/herbalism. I prefer mining, ‘cos on my server copper and tin sell much better than peacebloom and earthroot. Make sure you get any necessary equipment for your professions, i.e. Skinning Knife.

2) Making Money With Gathering

This is relatively simple. The first thing you’ll want to do is go and mine some copper (I’ll be using mining for my examples.) When you have a stack of 20 Copper Ore. Smelt them into 20 [itemico]Copper Bar.
*Tip by Epic- On some servers (IE. Mine)The ores sell for more the bars. So make sure you check this out at your local auction house before smelting.*

Sorry guys, out of time and energy. I will continue during the week when I have time 😉

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