Gathering in Cataclysm – A Sneak Preview


Looking forward to Cataclysm we are going to be able to push our Professions even further, to skill level 525 as part of our new abilities “Illustrious Grand Master” Here is a quick guide on what we can be looking out for.

Right now in Beta the cost of learning “Illustrious Grandmaster” is a modest 50g, serious business. However, for the Miners and Herb farmers amongst us, as of 4.0.1 we now get an XP bonus for gathering our materials.

Lets take a look at what Deathwing has shaken up for us!

Possibly the quickest and easiest profession to level up, lets take a look at what’s going to spring board your Illustrious carer in the broken world.

This herb looks similar to Peacebloom, just red. The Zones currently known to home this herb are Mt. Hyjal and Deepholm. Also in Mt Hyjal there is a mob called Wailing Weed. These guys have a very low health pool and Herbalists can also gather:

Volatile life | Stormvine | Azshara’s Veil

from them too.

Cinderbloom is going to have it’s usual place in the Alchemist backpacks and supply cupboards, but it is also now a part of Transmutation, as well as in Inscription (Milled at 425). As of the most recent patch on beta the herb gives 6050 XP and can commonly be found in the charred and burnt areas of Hyjal and Deepholm.


Stormvine is a little more shy than many herbs. That is it likes to spawn in harder to distinguish scenery (Sungrass was like this in Vanilla). It can also be skinned from Wailing Weeds and is found in Vash’jir and Mt.Hyjal.

Azshara’s Veil
Primarily found in Vashj’ir this herb thrives in watery areas, and can even be found near lakes and water in Mt Hyjal, although rare here. This has and item level of 83; so it is the mid range herb for Illustrious Grandmasters.

Commonly in Deepholm this herb is very obvious to see, it looks like a short stem burnt-red sunflower. This also has and item level of 83; so it is another of the mid range herbs for Illustrious Grandmasters.

Whiptail looks like a clutch of Bullrush. At skill level 500 you can harvest this. Expect to see this in Uldum and Tol Barad.

Twilight Jasmine
Twilight Jasmin looks a little like Arthas’ Tears. At skill level 525 you can harvest this. This herb currently nets a massive 12K xp per harvest. Expect to see this in Twilight Highlands… oddly enough.

Mining is one of the most popular gathering professions in the game, and is used to drive Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting and Engineering primarily. To date there are three new known minerals, and these are:


Obsidium Deposits require a skill of 425 mining and Rich Obsidium Deposits 450.

Obsidium is considered the new Cobalt, and as you might expect can drop gems. It also has been known to contain Volatile Fire, and Volatile Shadow.

Elementium nodes require a skill of 475 mining and Rich Elementium nodes 500.

Elementium is considered the new Saronite, and as you might expectit also has been known to contain gems and Volatile Fire, Volatile Earth and Volatile Water. Elementium is most common in Deepholm where as Rich nodes are consistent in both Deepholm and Twilight Highlands.


Pyrite Deposits and Rich Pyrite deposits require a skill of 525 mining.

Pyrite is considered the new Titanium, and as you might expect can drop gems as well as Volatile Fire. Pyrite is most common in Twilight Highland where as Rich nodes are more elusive.

Something I noticed about Pyrite is that it can be transmuted into Truegold bars made in part from Pyrium Bars which are smelted from Pyrite Ore what makes this funny, or rather ironic is that Pyrite is another name for “Fools Gold” which if you think about it, is nowhere close to “True Gold”

Savage Leather Scraps are found from mobs you can skin in the region of 80-81.

5 Scraps will convert into Savage Leather. This can be skinned from eligible mobs from 80-85, though expect to see it more frequently in favor of scraps from mobs leveled 83+.

You do need to be a leather worker to convert 5 Savage Leather into Heavy Savage Leather once the learn the Pattern at skill level 425+

One thing I don’t know the full rundown on at this time, but will add when more information becomes available, is the skill levels it takes to gather. My estimate is that level 80 = 425 and level 85 = 500+

The last item in the Skinner’s repertoire is the new heavyweight material, the replacement to arctic fur, but with a name with it’s roots in the Vanilla version of the game, The Pristine Hide

Pristine Hide will undoubtedly behave in the same way as Arctic Furs, and their drop reasonably random. I should imagine the drop rate on these is increased for eligible raid and heroic mobs.

That’s all for now folks, hopefully this guide (as it develops) will help you know exactly what to look for in your quests to become “Realm First”

If anyone from Beta has further or more specific information that would benefit this guide, please go ahead and post it in the comments.

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    Oct 28, 2010 @ 11:47 am

    Thank you!Thank you very much for this info. Always nice to have info like this when starting a new add-on.

    As I have all professions on various chars then info here will be used when I level them up.

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    Oct 22, 2010 @ 13:55 pm

    UGH!Dang it, I thought I had uncovered something amazing and cool! If anyone is in beta and reading this, could you please obtain 5 savage leather scraps and test this (pref-non leather worker)

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    Oct 22, 2010 @ 11:06 am

    Maybe they changed the tooltip?‘Skinning
    Savage Leather Scraps are found from mobs you can skin in the region of 80-81. The tool tip suggests you no longer need to be a Leather worker to convert scraps into full leather.’

    ^^^^ from your guide

    however, the tooltip now says requires Leatherworking 425.

    Just a small point, other than that, thank you for this, looking forward to Cata armed with new knowledge now 😀

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    Oct 22, 2010 @ 10:20 am

    Hah, doesn’t matter, it’sHah, doesn’t matter, it’s the design I like. It’s good that they are simple.

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    Oct 22, 2010 @ 10:13 am

    Are you sure?Because they were created using microsoft paint….. lol no lie

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    The the not-so subliminalThe the not-so subliminal influencing work! 😛


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    Hmmm, good to know. I don’tHmmm, good to know. I don’t have any control over that part of it, sadly. And I’d make them not display what rating you chose if I could, too. But, I still think the comment feature is cool despite it’s non-customize-ability 🙂

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    Generally when I rate guides, I choose a rating between one and five based on where it falls between these two extremes –

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    Haha This is true, butHaha 🙂 This is true, but theoretically now after a guide has been up for a few weeks and has less than 3 stars, it will be put back into work in progress mode until it is improved. So we should have less “rabble” 😉

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    But then how will IBut then how will I differentiate the wkjezz guides from the rabble guides? =p

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    Hope you don’t mind – I’m using it as a template for making some official WoW-Pro banners, and I’m making a blank version to provide for users for their own guides. If you don’t mind!

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    FixedThose mistakes are a common mistake found in the repertoire of a master copy and paster; I do tend to heavily template my guids and then copy, paste, edit the chunk later in the guide in regards to a new section later in the guide, Or more commonly primarily known as someone who likes to try and streamline their time as much as possible, a time streamliner. This leades to mistakes that are common… etc.

    Goodnight and thanxyou! 😀

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    Oct 22, 2010 @ 1:28 am


    I found a fewAwesome!

    I found a few typos/grammer mistakes though:

    [list][*]”Primarily found in commonly in Deepholm” – Under the Heartblossom section, assuming you want to get rid of either Primarily or commonly 😉
    [*]”Elementium is considered the new Saronite, and as you might expect can drop gems. It also has been known to contain gems” – Mentioned it dropping gems twice. Same in the Pyrite section.[/list]

    That’s all I have time for right now, but I really appreciate you writing all these guides. It’s also a good example that even someone NOT in the beta can write awesome, beta-related guides!

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