God of War Ragnarok: 6 Skills and 3 Armors to Get First


Is the game God of War Ragnarok new to you? No need to worry! We are here to help you get off to a perfect start. In this article, we will explain to you what skills are best to learn first in the game. However, if you want a step by step walkthrough to beat the game on Give me God of War difficulty, you should definitely check Jame’s God of War Ragnarok 100% Walkthrough, it has everything you need to platinum the game on any difficulty and in the most efficient way.

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But let’s get back to God of War: through the experience you gain in battles and by completing side quests, you’ll unlock some of Kratos’ most important abilities:

Glacial Rake

Glacial Rake God of War RagnarokIf you save your XP first, you can get the Glacial Rake fairly quickly. Once you track down the bear, you should have enough XP to return home (750). Kratos can send a shockwave of ice into the air by holding down R1. Not only does this attack have to be performed very quickly, it’s also mostly frost-based and kills a whole bunch of enemies at once. So, when you start playing, this is one of the most important abilities you should buy for the Axe.

Hyperion Grapple

Hyperion Grapple God of War RagnarokAfter the encounter with the god Thor, many more abilities are available to you. After that, Kratos should pick up his Blades of Chaos. At this point, unfortunately, you don’t have many options. It’s best to save your XP and buy the Hyperion Grapple tool. You’ll definitely need it for the next big fight. By holding down L2 + R1, Kratos will be able to pull himself in the direction of his enemies, get closer and inflict a lot of stun on them with this attack.


Serpent’s Snare

You can get this tool after defeating one of the first bosses. Right then you’ll get the Frozen Flame, which lets you upgrade your Axe and unlocks other new skills. If you’ve only bought two skills so far, the Axe should have enough resources to buy new skills. So take Serpent’s Snare. You can use it very effectively to throw enemies against each other, or even better, throw them off cliffs for an easy instant kill!


Permafrost and Immolation

Permafrost and Immolation will be available to you at weapon level 2. If you are already sure of your combat abilities, these two skills will only help you to supercharge your weapons, but only if you don’t take damage while striking your enemies several times in a row, which builds up y our Permafrost / Immolation gauge and increases your damage outpout. If everything is fine, you’ll see a circle with the weapon icon. A fully charged weapon will do a lot of damage very quickly. Also, if you upgrade your weapon again, you can earn the next ability in the tree! Just press L1+Triangle when charged to spread your charge and shoot waves of frost or explosives!

Watchful Protector

If you haven’t bought anything else, you should have enough points to unlock a skill for Atreus. His skill tree is currently very narrow at this stage of the game. The best recommendation at this point is to save his XP, but buy Vigilant Protector. With it, Atreus can distract attackers when Kratos is overpowered, and you’ll have more time to finish a difficult fight.


Best Armor to Get First

Kratos wearing Nidavellir's chestFrom the beginning, your gear won’t be that cool, you know that. But if you know what to upgrade first, your performance will be much better and your stats will increase.

A New Shield

If you are visiting Sindri’s house for the first time, you should already know that there are several things to do in this place. But the most important task you do at this place is to accept the offer of Brok, who suggests you to build a new shield while he repairs your Guardian Shield. You have two alternatives. The Dauntless shield is a typical God of War 2018 experience that grants you parries for last-second blocks, allowing you to counterattack with high stun damage. That’s the “High Risk, High Reward” option. The Stone Wall Shield, on the other hand, cannot parry, but can absorb even strong attacks (yellow circles) which would normally be impossible with other shields. Everytime you block with this shield, you build up charges, which you can release with a double L1 tap to unleash a powerful shield slam. Please note that you’ll still have to dodge the red circle attacks, which remain unblockable even with the Stone Wall Shield. If you’re looking for a straightforward defensive experience, you shouldn’t hesitate and start with the Stone Wall shield, which is much more forgiving whent it comes to learnign the timing of enemies attacks.


Offensive or Defensive Armor

Speaking with Brok, you can examine his available Armor. You probably only have enough Hacksilver to buy one set at level one, but here’s what you can anticipate from each piece of gear as it gets one level of strength and a bonus benefit. The Fortified Husk set improves Kratos’ blocks and parries, allowing you to react against your opponents with a powerful retaliation. The Vidar’s Might set is all about inflicting greater damage at the finish of a combination and allowing Kratos to do more damage after a while. But the best option is probably to wait until you get to the Bay of Bounty, where you will be able to complete an optional quest and get a much better armor set: Nidavellir.


Nidavellir’s Finest

Nidavellir finest plackartYou can obtain the crafting materials for this armor set by destroying the Mining Rings in the Bay of Bounty. After that you will earn resources that are unique in the game. Using these you can craft a set of Nidavellir’s Finest at Sindri’s forge, which is able to greatly increase your vitality. Moreover, it allows you to gain health back whenever you Stun grab an enemy.

And the best part is the full set bonus you get from the Waist  and Bracers: a whooping 100% reduction in stun decrease from enemies. This simply means that their stun bar will never go down until you either kill them or fully stun them!

Nidavellir arm guardsThis armor set has incredible synergy and can be upgraded to the max. It can pretty much carry you throughout the whole game.

Use it in combination with high stun skills, such as Hyperion Grapple (and the +Stun mod as soon as you can unlock it) to stun grab enemies and gain health back consitently, making you extremely durable.

What do you think about this? Please write your thoughts in the comments. We always read them and appreciate your attention to the content. Good luck in the game!



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