Goodbye Gambling: Android App that Helps Gamers


Gambling awareness has become paramount for many countries to reduce gambling harm that has shown a significant rise over the last ten years. Aside from lots of supports and not-for-profit organisations to help compulsive gamblers, blocking applications have also become common among the players. In fact, these applications available to every gamer are among the measures to prevent gambling harm and promote responsible gambling. 

goodbye gambling app


Goodbye Gambling is among these apps dedicated to Android users. Created by the developer team FFT Tech, this software can be downloaded directly to the user’s phone or any android device. How does Goodbye Gambling help the gamers?

About Goodbye Gambling

Gambling/Bet Blocker (Goodbye Gambling) is an application created to easily block gamers on the gaming websites of their choice. With this software, the gamblers who feel to develop a gambling addiction should download the app on their Windows, PC, Blackberry, Mac, and more. Like every self-exclusion tool, after the application’s installation, the users can choose the gambling sites they want to be self-excluded. 


It is worth mentioning that Goodbye Gambling has helped several players by locking more than 5,000 gambling and betting apps. Installing Goodbye Gambling on your device requires 30M space available and a device that has a 5.1 and up android OS version. The users have to pay a $5 per month subscription after the free 3 days trial. The responsive customer team can be contacted 24/7 via mail and can answer those who need help within 24 hours.

Instruction for Installing (Goodbye Gambling)

To block the gambling websites through Goodbye Gambling, the first step that the players have to do is to install the application. They should make sure that third-party applications are allowed on their mobile devices. To know if the phone permits third-party applications, go to Menu, Settings, and Security. 


Check ‘Unknown Sources’ to allow the device to install applications from other sources than the Google Play Store. When this is permitted, open ‘Downloads’ on the device by going to ‘Files’ and tapping the APK file that has been downloaded. Nonetheless, the detailed steps vary depending on the device used. This software can also be installed on other devices such as PC, Windows, Mac, and more.

Why Goodbye Gambling Should be the Gamers’ First Choice

The Gambling/Bet Blocker (Goodbye Gambling) is the self-exclusion tool for players who experience gambling addiction or for those who want to avoid gambling-related problems. This application was released to block websites related to gambling services with the purpose to help vulnerable gamers. Similar to GamStop, Goodbye Gambling is an instant blocker from which the players are able to avoid the sites of their choice. However, British players can get out of GamStop using CasinoGap advice but with the Goodbye Gambling app – it’s not possible.


Therefore, when they try to play with these websites, they will automatically be banned to access these platforms. Moreover, with the increase of gambling problems, this FFT Tech application is developed for the customers to control their gambling. Undoubtedly, this software is a solution for those who are experiencing gaming problems and addictions. Instead of searching for help or asking for advice from the organisms, prohibiting themselves from the gambling platforms is an easy, quick, and effective solution. 


As explained above, all they have to do is to install the application and can choose the sites they want to be prohibited. Gambling/Bet Blocker (Goodbye Gambling) app provides no support and assistance to a gambling addiction but one thing is for sure, this app is surely the best way to help gamers controlling their gambling easily and quickly.


The urge to feel thrilled and excited pushes the gamers to engage in gambling activities. Unfortunately, excessive gambling can lead to gambling addiction and several problems. Luckily, new technologies help to overcome gambling and one of them is blocking themselves from their chosen websites. Added to several applications, Goodbye Gambling has also shown its efficiency among the users. 


With this nearly free software, they can totally quit different gambling activities. The process is instant and according to the users who have become gambling free, the app is crucial due to the rise of gambling addiction. It is undeniable that a number of blocking applications have been created over the last few years, but this FFT well-designed app is probably the best choice to avoid gambling websites.

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