Guide to a hunter with the Beast Mastery specialization in World of Warcraft Classic


Beastmaster is a full Damage Dealer with the help of summoned pets. A class that deals perhaps the strongest explosive damage compared to other hunters. Of the advantages of the class, one can name stable damage in PVP and PVE, of the minuses – the almost complete lack of skills to control the target and protect oneself.

The process of equipping the Hunter class with the Beast Mastery specialization is similar to the classic archer – we need to equip the character with a bow with a good attack rate and dense light armor with high defense and critical damage, which will be transferred to the pet.

To get everything you need, you need a lot of gold. Consider how to get it:

  1. Buy WoW Classic Gold SkyCoach. The service will provide gold in the required quantities from professional players in compliance with all precautions and disguise so that the game administration does not apply any gaming sanctions against the player. In the event of a dispute, the service provides a refund.

  3. Complete story quests and optional quests – story quests are needed to progress through the history of the world of Azeroth, get levels, gold and starting equipment, weapons and jewelry. Auxiliary quests are needed to gain additional experience and gold, in the same locations where the main ones will be completed. If you keep track of all the rewards, then you can get the maximum gold just in the process of pumping. If you want to do all the Quests in the most efficient order and level quickly while getting the max amount of gold and items possible, I highly recommend you try Jame’s WoW Classic Leveling Guide. It has everything you need.

  5. Master the system of professions – in the World of Warcraft, there are two types of activities – gathering and crafting. In total, the player can learn two main professions and develop them, there are several minor ones, but about them later. By choosing two gathering professions at once, you can earn a lot of gold simply by selling ore, skins, or herbs to artisans who will turn them into weapons, armor and auxiliary potions. You can choose one gathering and one crafting profession – then you can create your own equipment, or sell it on the marketplace. For a hunter, skinning and leatherworking is suitable – this will bring light armor and the ability to create a bow for yourself

  7. Master fishing and cooking – these are the very auxiliary professions that are available to all players, regardless of the previously selected ones. Fishermen obtain useful materials for inscription by catching special fish, which are ground by craftsmen into reagents. Such materials can be sold, and fishermen also catch ordinary fish, which are used as consumables for pumping the culinary profession. The cook, in turn, prepares dishes that enhance the main characteristics of the characters for a long time. The effect and the total time depend on the skills of the cook, the cooks arrange feasts and treat the players, for free, or for a gold reward.


Tactics and behavior in PvP against different classes

How to play against melee characters


The hunter is a character that can deal heavy damage from a long distance, but against opponents who specialize in close combat, you need to keep a medium distance. This is necessary in case the enemy tries to hide from you.


Use a Concussive Shot to halve your target’s movement speed and prevent them from approaching you to strike.


The snake bite will help to deal instant physical damage to the target.


Aimed Shot deals instant damage to the target and significantly reduces the power of incoming healing and healing – this also applies to potions.


Arcane Shot – Deals instant Arcane damage.


Whenever possible, use automatic fire and deal damage with increased attack speed while shooting from a place.


If the enemy nevertheless approached you due to high defense, special skills or a large supply of health, then do not engage in battle, but keep the optimal distance.


Use Clip Wings to slow down the enemy’s movement speed and get ready to use liftoff, a skill that will push you back, allowing you to increase the distance with the enemy.


Deterrence is one of the strongest defensive skills. Grants a high chance to parry any physical or magical skill. You can fight with this skill even in close combat, but keep in mind – a high chance to dodge is not a guarantee that you will not be able to defeat, but by combining the skill with automatic shooting, you can deal heavy damage even to the toughest opponent.



How to play against ranged characters

The general scheme of skills and their applications is similar, but with one significant difference.

Your task is to be a little further from the maximum distance for the enemy to attack.


The hunter has the Eye of the Hawk skill, which increases the maximum distance for shooting. You can use backtracking to maintain distance, automatic fire, and traps to keep the enemy at optimal distance from you so that you can attack, but they can’t.

Use Bestial Wrath is a skill of a summoned pet that allows you to stun the enemy for 5 seconds to continue the fight, or exit it.


Kill Shot is a finishing skill that can only be used if the enemy has 20% health or less. The skill borrows the power of the weapon to deal high damage and destroy the opponent. An excellent skill for dealing with tanks and warriors – classes with high armor and health that need to be shot for a long time before the target is defeated.

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