Have Enough Money to Buy Mount at Level 30!


Update: Now that mounts and training are drastically cheaper and available at level 30, this guide may be a bit less useful

Update: I changed the instance levels for Stockades and Deadmines

This guide starts out at level one and ends at level forty, it is designed to help make mount gold the fastest ways possible.

Update: Now that mounts and training are drastically cheaper and available at level 30, this guide may be a bit less useful

Update: I changed the instance levels for Stockades and Deadmines

This guide starts out at level one and ends at level forty, it is designed to help make mount gold the fastest ways possible.

Some of the other auction house/gatherer guides are going to be much better than this one, but not many are directed to lower levels and thus useless to what level range this guide is directed to.

Before we start this guide out. My golden rule: IF YOU NEED IT WEAR IT! IF NOT SELL IT!

Useful AddOns:

AutoProfitX: This addon places a nice little button in the vendor window that, when pressed, sells all greys to the vendor. Saving alot of time.**

**this addon is out of date, and the author appears to no longer be updating it, unfortunately.

Cartographer: Many people suggest Cosmos over this map addon, but I like this one much better. In addition to co-ords it places icons of treasure and regents you have found over time. Allowing you to go back and re-collect if need be.


Have AutoLoot on constantly (Main Menu > Interface options > Basic Settings) it saves alot of time. The one exception to this is when in instances, DO NOT have autoloot on in an instance. It’s a discourtesy and will often get you kicked from the group.

Have two gathering professions by level 10. Be conscientious of what skill is most suited for your area, and change as need be. Gathering becomes less useful as time goes on and professions like Black Smithing and Enchanting begin to make much more money, but as you are a lower level gathering can make you oodles of dough. I suggest having either Herbs and Skinning or Mining and Skinning depending on your area (ie, mining over herbs is unwise if you want quest in Tirisfal Glades or Mulgore, but wise if questing in Durotar and the Barrens). Skinning is great, sell the pelts of animals you skin, easy way to make money whilst gaining experience.

Use a talent calculator. This seriously saves time and money. If you know how you want to specc, then you are less likely want to specc over again and re-speccing is expensive. Specc in the talent tree that would do most damage (ie Warriors specc fury, Rogues specc combat/assassination Priests go shadow and Warlocks go affliction).

Buy bags before going into the second questing area. Try to buy at least two ten slot bags off the auction house, the money that goes into them is refunded in the form of more loot.

Besides to buy bags, don’t buy anything you don’t need on the auction house. Wasting money on a robe or shiny dagger that’s just going to be replaced soon is a very bad idea.

Run instances. I have been call an “instance whore” because I will run an instance any time any place, I suggest going into LFG and go about questing until the group is ready to go, no use standing around. Instances can take forever to get going so quest and grind, or whatever, until the group is ready.

Put 1 of every 2 gold away for mount savings (this is what this guide is for after all).

Sell everything you don’t need.

Levels 1-10: Sell everything to vendors. Even greens. Nobody on the Auction House will want your level 1-10 stuff except other level 1-10s, which won’t be able to pay enough to make it worth the deposit fee (note: some higher levels may want lower level stuff for alts). *

*The two exceptions to this are ore and herbs. Sell them on Auction house. Remember to smelt the ores into bars first, 20 copper bars can make up to 1g on the AH

Levels 11-20: Greys: Sell to vendor. Greens: Up to level 15 sell to vendor, from level 15 on use Auction House(see below on how to use the auction house correctly)(don’t go out of your way, selling greens to vendors is okay some times). Blues: Put all blues on Auction House. Blues can make you a lot of money as they are rare.

Levels 21-30: Greys: Sell to vendor. Greens: Put on Auction House. Blues: Put on Auction House

Levels 31-40: Same layout as above.

Souldbound loot: Sell to vendor (even if it’s blue, sell it to the vendor if you don’t want it or can’t sell it on AH.)

Run them often. They give great exp and great loot. They can take awhile to get together and get finished so make sure you have a good three or more hours where you can assure playtime. This, of course, is impossible to do all the time, so just do your best.

Levels 1-10: Boo-hoo, you’ve got no instances! 🙁

Levels 11-18: Ragefire Chasm for Horde (Orgrimmar). There are no Alliance instances.

Levels 18-25: Wailing Caverns for Horde (the Barrens). Deadmines for Alliance.

Levels 25-30: Black Fathom Deeps for Both (Darkshore). The Stockades for the Alliance (Stormwind City).

Levels 30-40: Scarlet Monastery (Tirisfal Glades). Preferably Armoury, Cathedral, or Library. Graveyard isn’t quite worth it, I’ve found.

Tips about Instances: Only need what you need to wear, not sell, and ALWAYS ask before needing. Greed everything else.

Instances, however long they take to get a group together, always result in exp and loot. They are worth the time.

Gathering Professions:

Have at least one gathering profession at all times up to level 40.

Gathering professions come with a spell, too. It finds the material you are looking for. If you find a material, it appears as a golden blip on your mini-map (it is identical to the one that shows where questgivers awaiting your return with a finished quest are). Have this on constantly.

Levels 1-30: Skinning and Mining or herbs.

Levels 30-40: If you love skinning, keep it, if not dump it around these levels. Keep the mining or herbs (whichever one you have).

Using the Auction House:

This is a big thing to your success. Using the Auction House properly is the difference between making money and losing it.

Always put auctions up for the longest amount of time (24hrs).

You are more likely to make a sale if you put the auctions up on Friday night, Saturday afternoon, or Sunday afternoon.

Before putting up an auction, make sure to look up other auctions for the same item you are selling. If there are more of the same items on auction do this:

Greens levels 15-25: Sell, at buyout, for 15 silver LOWER than the lowest price the item is going for (unless the price seems ridiculously low) (make the starting bid 10 silver LOWER than the buyout). Even if you would make less money, if you make a sale and no-one else does, you still make more money in the end.

Blues levels 15-25: Sell for an EVEN amount as the highest seller (unless the price seems ridiculously high) (Keep the buyout about 10 silver lower, too). People like blues. Sell them for high and you will probably make a sale anyway.

Greens levels 26-35: Sell 25 silver cheaper than the lowest at buy out. 15 silver cheaper starting bid.

Blues levels 26-35: Sell for an EVEN amount as the highest seller at buyout. Starting bid 20 silver cheaper.

Greens levels 36-40: 50 silver cheaper than lowest. 20 silver lower staring bid.

Blues levels 36-40: Even amount as highest. 25 silver lower starting bid.

If there are none of the same items on auction:

Greens levels 12-25: Sell at 50 silver – 1 gold buyout and make the starting bid 10 silver lower.

Blues level 15-25: Sell at 1 gold – 2 gold buyout 10 silver lower starting bid.

Greens levels 26-35: Sell at 75-1.50 gold buyout and the bidding price 25 silver lower.

Blues levels 26-35: Sell at a 1.50 gold – 3 gold buyout with starting bid 30 silver lower.

Greens levels 36-40: Sell at 2 gold – 4 gold buyout with starting bid 50 silver lower.

Blues level 36-40: Sell at a 10 gold – 20 gold buyout with 75 silver lower starting bid.

Ask around for the prices of blues if there are none on auction, too. You don’t want to get ripped off selling a super high-priced item.

By level forty, if you use the tips I gave you you should have enough money to buy your mount right away.

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    Oct 21, 2010 @ 21:48 pm

    Needs an updateWe are recently working on improving the quality of content here on, both by limiting low ranked guides and by moving out of date guides into archives. For more information, see [url=]the full news post detailing this process[/url].

    This guide needs an update to make sure it is current with patch 4.0. However it still has enough useful information that it will be left in it’s proper section as-is.

    If someone else would like to adopt the guide, or if you have any questions about this process, feel free to comment here.

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    Jun 17, 2009 @ 15:34 pm

    ohh i read this guide and uohh i read this guide and u say u had 500g at at the low lvl’s i only have 1g after i buyed my mount yesterday im a lvl 40 with 1g! i just learned my 2 proffesins (herbalism and inscription) and im lvl 100 both
    im soo @#% poor
    ps. great guide

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    Apr 6, 2009 @ 22:18 pm

    A few correctionsYou should NEVER sell low level green items to vendors. Enchanters snap those things up from the AH to get Strange Dust and free enchanting skill points. Obviously don’t even consider selling a BoE blue! (In fact, Enchanting is actually a “gathering” skill at low levels, and can be a good moneymaker in its own right.)

    It’s pretty easy to have enough money to buy the level 30 mount. Just keep in mind that buying riding skill — from Apprentice on up — is the best investment you can make with your gold. Shortening travel time is a HUGE benefit to your character, will make you level much faster, and will consequently enable you to make much more money. You are much better off saving up for your mount than leveling a manufacturing profession or (God forbid) buying gear at the AH. You can always come back and level up your Leatherworking (or whatever) later on. Those spiffy pants are not worth the 15-20g in mats to skill up and create, believe me, however good the stats look.

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    Apr 2, 2009 @ 16:25 pm

    This is all very true, itsThis is all very true, its how my speed testing character made 30 gold in her first 20 levels.

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    Apr 2, 2009 @ 10:52 am

    You mention that selling lowYou mention that selling low green items on the AH is a bad idea. I think it is a great idea. My low green items always sell on the AH. Mostly because people need that stuff for DE. Something that sells for 2s at a vendor could sell 10s or more at the AH. It quite helps in the long run! A tip: If something is 1-2.5s at the vendor, set the buyout on 8s. If it is 2.5-5s, set it at 10s and so on. It will be sold. But that isn’t the case for low level schematics or recipes. They won’t sell on the AH, no matter what the price is. At least on my realm ^^ (Hellfire)

    And another thing: cloth is your friend. If you have some spare cloth, it will go for a nice sum of gold at the AH. At some point, a stack of linen cloth will go for 50s or higher at the AH, just undercut the other people prices and it will be sold.

    And gems are quite some goldmakers too, especially the pearls needed by enchanters.

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    Jan 4, 2009 @ 16:46 pm

    BluesOk, on my server, Lothar, a lvl 20 Blue will go for a good 20-30 gold… much more than the 1-2 gold you said.

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    Nov 20, 2008 @ 11:52 am

    I don’t think he meant theI don’t think he meant the guide was boring. I think he means that gathering professions and selling stuff on the AH is boring.

    However, that’s one of the best ways to make gold, and yep, making gold is boring, but there’s nothing you can do about it ^^

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    Nov 20, 2008 @ 7:58 am

    I don’t understand what youI don’t understand what you mean?

    This guide is written to go along with questing, it doesn’t at any one point ask you to go out of your way to grind for gold. So unless your overall gaming experience is boring this guide should not be boring.

    Unless you mean the way it’s written? I can understand that it’s long, and perhaps not the most interesting read. But I dare anyone to turn a guide of this nature into a thriller.

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    Apr 25, 2008 @ 13:03 pm

    All you have said may beAll you have said may be true for your server, but on mine Deviate fish only sell for about 50-75s a stack at the best of time. On the other hand, a stack of copper ore sells for anywhere between 2 and 4g depending on the current undercutting/server time etc. So, what I’m trying to say is – it depends A LOT on your server, drop rates, how many people are farming the same item etc.

    Greens come and go but epics stay soulbound 😉
    *Haylie, EU Bronze Dragonflight*

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    Apr 21, 2008 @ 3:27 am

    SpeedI know that you can make a lot of money off of this but it is so freaking boring! :jawdrop: I mean, it’s a really good guide for money but on time factor. -500 so boring!

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    Apr 11, 2008 @ 2:59 am

    And all the Ninjas / PiratesAnd all the Ninjas / Pirates rejoiced!

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    Apr 7, 2008 @ 19:12 pm

    Mount money in 2-3 hours!!!Ok, I just recently rerolled on US – Windrunner to play with some friends of mine. They are not as hard core into WoW as I am. For that simple fact I try helping them get moeny for their level 40 mount because it is a HUGE improvement for both leveling and gold making.

    NOW!!! with that said! I have always had a hard time getting gold myself for a 40 mount, not because I buy things and what not, but because of the headache that can come from having to

    A: watch the auction house for price differences and use the good ol’ “Buy low sell high” idea ofcorse auctioneer does help with it but it’s too risky and not a good realiable source of income.

    B: Running around all over like a chicken with my head cut off trying to farm skins and copper/tin/ whatever minerals are current with my level and area. DON’T get me wrong. These are a MUST have in my oppinion to get even more money later game. However early early game it takes time plus, again, the bottom drops out with the constant undercutting.

    OK SO, What am I getting at? the source of income that can get you 60+ gold an hour at abpout level 15+??? I’ve got 2 words for you. Deviate Fish. I myself couldn’t fathom how fish could be one of the single biggest sources of gold at low levels until I saw that AH selling a stack of the little buggers for about 20!!! These things are amazing! The fish themselves are fished in the pools around the Barrens, the best one being the pool next to WC. I just had top post this guide because I got a stack of them in less than 20 minutes so doing mental math 😛 I discovered that you can get 60 fish an hour = 60 gold an hour. Your fishing skill, well mine at the time, should be about 100 before you start fishin em. I know this little guide is sloppy and what not but that’s because I’m fishing for them as I’m typing 😛 Hope this helps many many people!

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    Feb 10, 2008 @ 15:47 pm

    Pretty nice guideBut I’m not sure about the ‘sell greens to vendor’ section. On most servers I’ve played on you can easily sell a lvl 8 green for 75s-1g. That’s because it’s not the low level players that buy them, but the high level ones for their twinks.

    But this may not be the same on all servers, for example on a new server with few high level players.

    It’s still worth trying, though.

    Greens come and go but epics stay soulbound 😉
    *Haylie, EU Bronze Dragonflight*

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    Nov 7, 2007 @ 14:08 pm

    If you dont have enough goldIf you dont have enough gold by then go farm sm graveyard, avoid the elites and farm the low level undead non elites, great guide and also any lvl 15+ healer is valued in Deadmines, im not sure about horde and your instences but yes, on my server healers are the hardest to find so u might want to update 😉

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