How Playing Dark Souls Prepare You For A Successful Career


Many video games like Dark Souls increase people’s hand-eye coordination and reflexes and they relieve stress. In Souls games the later might not be true, as you have to be on your toes to survive at all times and it might be a stressful experience to some players. However, these tough games teach you tenacity and provide you with an unbelievable sense of achievement every time you beat a tough boss or a difficult area of the game. Nothing does that better than FromSoftware games, with their high difficulty and perfect balance of skill, learning of the game mechanics and recognizing threats.

And if you keep on playing Dark Souls it can help you have a successful career. Moreover, there has been a shift in most big industries away from the importance of a worker’s educational background to an employee’s Emotional Intelligence. And this emotional intelligence includes controlling emotions, noticing details, making judgement calls and remaining calm under pressure. Here is an article on how Dark Souls prepares a person for a successful career.

Stay Alert and Stay Alive In The Dark Soul Game

One of the important lessons is every player learns is to make the right judgement calls under pressure. Should you avoid this attack, try to block, keep on with the offensive and attack?  If you make the wrong judgment call your punishment will be swift death.

In addition, if you want to make the right judgement calls you have to observe all the details and learn from all your mistakes. According to a blog entry on, just like in Dark Souls, you will have tasks in your job over and over again, trying to make you learn from mistakes and look for new patterns. And this will lead you to have fewer mistakes made and your job performance will be better.

Moreover, just like online pokies, by playing Dark Souls, you are gaining the skills to recognize potential threats. And this is what most employers are always looking for. Recognizing a potential risk or opportunity and alerting company leadership demonstrates an eye for detail and proper initiative.

Creative Problem Solving

Another lesson that is learned by players in this game is to avoid picking the wrong solution. And that is the reason why the game has a steep learning curve, because in Souls games it is quite easier to make the wrong decisions than to make the correct one. In addition, most video games now point you to the problem, hand you the solution and say put all these two and you will win. Dark Souls says Here is a giant monster that can and will kill you. Good luck. And this forces the player to look for creative solutions.

Many employers have been looking for employees with creative problem solving skills for so many years. And this is the reason why schools have improved focus on teaching problem-solving. Moreover, an employee needs to take all the problems which an organisation have and find the solutions. This will make employees more valuable at a company.

Pressure, Pressing Down On Me

The reason why most people stay under pressure is that they fail to calm themselves and stay focused. Instead of staying calm, they become angry, stressed and depressed. And this game has been filled with a lot of stress and pressure. But if you want to win the game you have to be calm and focused. Panicking in Souls Games most often spells death. If you get angry playing the game just know that you will lose focus and you will die. And this forces you to calm yourself down and go back later to solve your problem.

In addition, this is one of the best approaches when you are in a stressful situation at work. You have to calm down and refocus on your problem after you have cooled down you will be able to creative problem-solving. I remember once dying 37 times to the same boss in Dark Souls 3: Dancer of the Borreal Valley. This boss can be faced pretty early in the game and is insanely hard if you character isn’t sufficiently leveled up. I understood quickly that I should probably move on and come back later with a few dozens extra levels and better gear, but on that day, I decided that I would inflict this tough challenge upon myself. I tried again and again, died 37 times until I had learned all the attack patterns of this boss and finally manage to get a kill without getting hit a single time. Granted, I lost a lot of time in this endeavor and the correct decision would have been to come back stronger, but the satisfaction I got from pulling it off at a low level made it worthwhile.

In conclusion, this is how Dark Souls games prepare you for a successful career.

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