How to earn 60~300 GOLD in ONE hour


Hey there I’m going to tell you guys of how to earn 300~500 gold in one Hour! 🙂

The farming place I’m going to talk to you guys about is the ELEMENTAL PLATEAU in
Nagrand which lies north of the THRONE OF ELEMENTS

WARNING! (lvl58~69) This location is only reachable by flying mounts

You can find level 70~71 elementals of all types here..
Fire,Water,Air and Earth
To earn a extra gold you must have a fishing skill of 475 for ‘pure water’ fishing

Water Elementals can be found in the western part of the plateau in and around the lake
Fire Elmentals can be found on the charred region in the center
Air Elmentals can be found in the most eastern part of the grassy area
Earth Elementals can be found in the grassy area.

Besides from the slow spawn rate these elementals drop some greens and rare blues that can be sold for a resonable amount of gold. (Miners can mine the Earth Elementals)The elementals always drop elemental shards that can be sold for 2g 87s for x 20 of these shards.

To get to my main point most of the gold comes from the motes that these mobs drop, 10 of these motes can be used to form primals (these are used in almost every profession) and can be sold for a expensive price in the AH usually for 20~27g for each primal

Thanks for reading my guide! 🙂
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