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Darkmoon Faire infos

The Darkmoon Faire appears on the first Friday of each month, and takes 3 days to set up. So technically it is available for questing on the following monday. It appears either in Elwynn Forest (next to Goldshire) or in Mulgore (next to Bloodhoof Village). The Darkmoon Faire stays only for one week.

Current schedule

The Darkmoon Faire will be available:

Check your Calendar in game.

How to farm for your Epic Necklace

This guide assumes you are level 60+

Hi guys,

First of all, great site! I found it the other day and have thoroughly read the Scholomance guide as we ran it last night in a 5 man (without a priest) but we did wipe on the AoE guy with the 2 skellies, but anyway I’ll ask about that in another post.

What I’m here for is to give people an idea for where to grind for their Epic necklace from the Darkmoon Fairie.

As a casual gamer I clock up about 6-7 hours of game time per week. 4 of these are spent on a Thursday night running an instance with my guildmates and the other few others are split into 30 minute chunks before I set off for work in the morning. I’ve always found it hard to get decent gear at the rate of doing 1 instance per week (and sharing my loot with a 2nd warrior in our 5 man party) so I looked into what good items can be gotten if you go at it solo. Which is when I found this:

Amulet of the Darkmoon
Binds when picked up
+10 Strength
+19 Agility
+10 Stamina
Requires Level 60
Sells for 2 Gold 50 Silver to vendors
Item Level 65
Source: Quest

This is the alternative necklace for caster types:

Orb of the Darkmoon
Binds when picked up
+11 Stamina
+8 Spirit
Requires Level 60
Equip: Increases damage and healing done by magical spells and effects by up to 22.
Sells for 2 Gold 50 Silver to vendors
Item Level 65
Source: Quest

To attain this necklace you need to gather 1200 tickets from the Darkmoon Fairie. Sounds reasonable? Then consider this. Stacks offer very little rewards in the way of tickets and also certain items run out when you hit a certain faction point with the Fairie. I’ve not got my necklace yet but I have found the best way to go about gathering the materials.

Step 1: Vibrant Plumes
These are your friend! You can hand these in until you hit 2500 reputation with the Darkmoon Fairie. Now assuming you start at 0/3000 at Netural like everyone does then you can farm 125 of these to hand in. After you hand in 125 you will have hit the 2500 reputation limit and won’t be able to turn them in anymore. You will however already have 300 tickets and be 1/4 of the way to getting that necklace!

But I hear you say “Gozargh that’s all good and well but where do we get them?!” Fear not my friends, they are actually very easy to farm (that’s such a dirty word). Head to Ferelas and go North, past the Twin Collosus. As you past these giant mountains you will see a Harpy Camp to your left as seen on the map below. The map indicates the areas where the Harpies are in abundance and belive me they are there in droves!

I have also recently found that it is easier and cheaper to fly to Desolace (Shadow Prey Village) and then take the shortcut into Ferelas as you approach from the north this way.

Assuming you can hit this area without another farmer/quester around then you can bounce from Harpy to Harpy and never run out of targets to kill. The plumes themselves drop about 1 in every 5-10 kills (I’ve had 4 in a row before) but I’d say on average you get 10 every 25 minutes. This goes along with the Mageweave cloth that you will get by the bucketfull (AH this) and the odd green item. Plus the usual vendor trash mob items.

Now, you may have noticed that it’s going to take 25 minutes to farm 10 feathers and you need 125, that’s a lot of time! If you have the time to be on every evening running instances then this quest probably isn’t for you (there are similar items to be found in drops) but for those of us who don’t have that pleasure this is a good way to grind for an epic all of our own. It will of course take a few months but dammit, you got it on your own!

Step 2: Blood and Eyes!
So you’ve got your plumes but now what can you hand in? We’ll we’re now much more limited in our resources. We can hand in ‘Evil Bat Eye’s’ which drop from the bats in Eastern Plaguelands or we can go for ‘Glowing Scorpoid Blood’ which drops from the various scorpions in Silithus. If you are a skinner I’d say take your pick of where you want to farm (I’m assuming both bats and scorps can be skinned, I don’t know) but if you happen to be a miner then head on down to Silithus, home of the Thorium Vein! This is because along with the 2 items above we can also turn in Dense Grinding Stones and Rugged Armour Kits. (If you’re a miner/skinner you can really go some here).

Myself, I’ve headed to Silithus where I can do a few things of use:

1: Farm Scorpoids for Glowing Scorpoid Blood
2: Farm Dredge Crushers for Sandworm Meat to make Smoked Dessert Dumplings (restores 2100ish health and +15 strength for 15 minutes).
3: To farm Krellack (a rare level 56 silver elite)

The first thing to note is that I’ve so far got 22 Glowing Scorpoid Blood and to reach our target of 1200 tickets I need to farm (if my math is right) 450. Holy cow! So this part is going to take quite some time. I’ve found there are Scorpoids north of the main base camp in Silithus which can be farmed but the drops are quite rare. I think this is due to the Scorpoids being a lower level (54-55) than some others that are around. I’m still on the lookout for a decent patch with level 56+ scorpoids on but I’ve yet to find a reliable source yet. However, I did come across a little gem of a scorpoid called Krellack. He’s a level 56 silver elite and I found him West of Southwind Village (with the possessed night elves). Exact co-ordinates are 62,43. He dropped for me the Elegant Cloak of Arcane Wrath, which was jolly decent of him. As I get on early in the morning I plan to farm this little critter for all I can if possible. Knowing my luck he’ll be a once in a lifetime kill but it’s always worth trying to see if he spawns. Also a good point if you are a hunter and after a new pet, apparently Krellack can be tamed although he is a bit of a git to do so.

Krellack – Taken from Allakhazam

I’m also farming Dredge Crushers for Sandworm Meat but this is of little importance to this guide.

What else?

Along with the Evil Bat Eyes and Glowing Scorpoid Blood you can also hand in:

8x Rugged Armour Kit – 20 Tickets
8x Dense Grinding Stone – 20 Tickets

So miners and skinners should have a crack at this as well. It’s worth noting that apparently if you don’t have the appropriate tradeskill then you can’t hand in the goods. I have yet to confirm this though.

While you can hand in the Stone/Armour Kits at anytime I’d suggest stacking them until you hit 2500rep with the 125 plumes. Otherwise you cut down the amount of plumes you can use.


On my travels I’ve also found that by doing this it’s a good way to also earn a fair wedge of cash. The Harpies for example drop the odd green item which can be sold at the Auction House and more importantly they drop Mageweave Cloth and lots of it. I’ve sold about 500 on the AH over the past week and made 1G per stack of 20 (25 gold total). I put them up for a 95 silver start and 99 silver buyout, which just slightly undercuts the market on my server, ensuring I sell them instantly. From farming the Vibrant Plumes (125 of them) I’ve made approximatly 60gold. Of which I’ve spent 38g on 2 Arcane Crystals and another 8g on 6 Essence of Undeath (I’m also an Axesmith and I’m creating the Annihilator for myself).

The Scorpoids in Silithus also drop large claws, which stack in 5’s. A stack of 5 sells to a vendor for 1 gold 20 silver (approx), which is nice. If they are a tradeskill item I will start to put them in the AH, but I’ll check this out later. The scorpoids also drop lots of Mystery Meat, a component of cooking.

I will update this within the coming weeks, hope it’s of use to you all.

Level 60 Orc Warrior, AngelFall
Terenas Server

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    Dec 11, 2007 @ 1:01 am

    Best item to buy in AHWhats the best item to buy in AH to just turn in? If I don’t want to farm all that stuff…

    Daelas – 70 Warlock

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    Dec 4, 2007 @ 9:32 am

    Vibrant PlumesAfter farming for 250 of these (125 per each of my two avatars), I can only turn in 50 each.

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