[Hunter] Level 80 Hunter PVP Tips and Tricks


Hello everyone, I’ve decided to write a PVP guide for Hunters because after looking about on the web I’ve found various guides, tips etc that seem to be lacking in specifics, and I hope that this guide will help people with little to none PVP experience gain some basic understanding of the PVP mechanic for Hunters.

Talent Spec

So firstly we need to address the spec that can be used to gain what I feel is the most utility out of our Hunter talents. Firstly I would like to say this is NOT necessarily the best talent build, it is the build that I decided upon after my research. The build I’m using is this. The benefits I’m finding with this spec are;

So Silencing Shot will interrupt heals/spells being cast, Scatter Shot will put a target out of commission briefly, and Lock and Load give you a little nuke after trapping someone and gaining some distance between you.

There are other benefits such as Careful Aim which will boost your Attack Power (AP) through your Intellect. (Some PVP gear is lacking AP so this give you a nice little boost.

Also Focused Aim gives you a nice boost to hit as a fair amount of PVP gear is lacking +hit.

Finally Chimera Shot is taken for the chance to Disarm a target that is affected by Scorpid Sting.

The other talents in the Marksmanship tree are talents that will boost your DPS (Damage per Second) and are generally needed as “Filler” talents to help you get to the juicer ones!

Attacks & Abilities

Some of the attack used are listed above in the Talent section and are relatively self-explanatory. Some of the others may be taken for granted so a little refresh on the attacks & abilities that will help you in PVP.

  • Frost Trap This will slow anyone attacking you and allow you to gain distance on them to use other attacks.
  • Freezing Trap This will trap an enemy allowing you again time to gain distance and will also cause Lock and Load to trigger allowing you 3 Arcane Shots to do some heavy damage to your enemy.
  • Concussive Shot will slow the enemy attacking you and as always allow you to gain distance on them to carry on damaging them.
  • Viper Sting is great to use on any Caster class that is dependent on Mana to drain their Mana, which will reduce their ability to use spells in the long run. This works very well with Chimera Shot which will return the Mana drained to you, thus allowing you to use more spells etc.
  • As mentioned above Scorpid Sting used in conjunction with Chimera Shot will attempt to Disarm the target which means they will do less damage when attacking other people (you or your party members).
  • Tranquilizing Shot is another lesser used ability that can be used to remove Enrage and Shield from your attackers. (It is a random ability so it might not remove the Shield from your target, it might just remove one of their Buffs, but you never know, so keep using it when possible).
  • Disengage is another spell which will help you gain distance to attack again if someone gets too close to you so you can’t use your Ranged attacks.
  • And finally Deterrence is a great ability to use if you are receiving heavy damage and need some time to escape from incoming melee and spell attacks. Its best used in conjunction with some of the abilities listed above.

Putting it into Practice

The best advice I can give you is to actually start PVPing more so you can try out these abilities and find how they work for your playstyle. You will come to learn which ability to use in certain situations and which not to use, believe me, PVP has a steep learning curve if you’re against good players!
There is also no set rotation of which spells to use at which time, PVP is very situational, so the more you PVP the more you will learn!

Additions/To Do List

I am planning on adding a gear guide (enchants and gems included) and more information once I have gained more experience in PVP and Arenas, and I also have the time to do it!
I hope this has helped anyone wanting to know more about Hunter PVP and as always I welcome your comments.

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    Oct 13, 2009 @ 21:01 pm

    Hey Dolin, if you don’t mindHey Dolin, if you don’t mind I will move this guide to Class Guides, because it’s more a class guide than a PvP guide ( I know that sounds weird, it’s ofcourse both but the PvP section is more about BG’s and other general things about PvP and Arena’s ).

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    Sep 13, 2009 @ 18:39 pm

    I would just say that itI would just say that it would be worth elaborating on Disengage, as it is – in my opinion – one of the most useful Hunter skills for survival. There are many tricks, such as using a 180 degree jump>Dis>Turn back to cover nigh on 30 yards as quick as possible, and hitting disengage about a second before you hit the ground, if you’re in combat, so you take nowhere near as much fall damage.

    Oh, and you should link .

    Any aspiring Hunter should check out some of the crazy skills this one has 🙂

    “[i]Wise is the man who knows he does not know[/i]”…
    …Or who knows why my mother keeps calling me.

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    Sep 11, 2009 @ 0:37 am

    So first of all, I knowSo first of all, I know *nothing* about hunters and especially hunter PvP. However, it looks like you covered some good tips in a logical and easy to understand manner. Your formatting is fine, there don’t appear to be any glaring spelling or grammar mistakes, so from my point of view, this is a pretty good guide! Hopefully another hunter will come by to critique/give feedback for the actual content.

    Anyway, thanks for making the guide, and I look forward to more guides from you!

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