Is Elden Ring Really That Good That It Got The Game Of The Year Award ?


Elden Ring by From Software won the title of the Game of the Year award in The Game Awards 2022. Besides that, it has bagged several other titles, with The Grand Award and the Award for Excellence from the Japan Game Awards being two of them.

But, is Elden Ring that good to get so much hype worldwide? The quickest answer is absolutely! It has perfectly tick-marked the crucial aspects of any game, like the visuals, sounds, and gameplay, to be the best of all. Here is a quick overview of the points that makes it perfect:

An Impressive Combat System

When it comes to role-playing video games, having a good combat system is just as crucial as other things. And fortunately, the Elden ring meets that demand perfectly. The games ace in all the relevant criteria, whether it’s their classes with strengths and weaknesses or fantastic weapons.

Not just that, these weapons are designed with exclusive speed, strength, and other features for seamless play! What else? These weapons aren’t just limited to basic ones like arrows and shields, but also other choices like swords, axes, and scythes. Those are certainly more efficient than the usual video games that you play!

Visuals to Die for!

The Elden Ring is created by Form Software, and their visuals aren’t something to take lightly. The game has been created with attention to detail in the game environment, armor, and characters. And eventually, this has made the game a winner of the Best Visual Design award at this year’s Golden Joysticks.

The Elden Ring also has an incredible art direction and decent facial animations. There have been debates on how the graphics seem last-gen for some (especially with low-poly models and blurry textures), but being an open-world game, these things are justified. If you want to enjoy the game visuals even more, play it on top PCs for games like WOW, and you will get an incredible experience overall.

Incredible Storytelling

The Elden Ring also has an outstanding storytelling approach that’s certainly not spoon-fed to you. The stories of characters and landscapes are effortlessly delivered through cryptic dialogues, environmental storytelling, and item descriptions. Plus, the narration with NPC interactions and short abstract scenes makes it even more interesting.

A unique thing about the Elden Ring’s narrative is that it doesn’t rely on traditional exposition for its details. You must dive into the narratives and arrange the story as pieces of puzzles, then put them together to understand it. It takes a slight effort, but it’s totally worth it.

Character Customization

Another thing that makes the Elden Ring an award-winning game is the incredible customization and choice of characters. There are nearly ten classes of characters to select, starting from the Vagabond to the Prophet and Samurai. In fact, each of these characters has unique styles and representations for an incredible experience.

While selecting the player, you can customize the characters as per different aspects like the body, hairstyle, tattoos, and more! You may even find some resemblance with the characters from other video games, movies, or TV shows.

Challenging? Hell, Yes!

The Elden Ring is not just challenging but also less forgiving for the players. As you play the game, you may find deadly bosses, tough battles, and a punishment that you wouldn’t want otherwise. If you die while playing, you will lose all the runes. Meanwhile, if you don’t retrieve the runes before being killed again, you may lose them completely. So, yes, it’s not child’s play, and that makes it more interesting to try. Moreover, the game is absolutely massive! The open world is gigantic and filled with secrets, enemies camps, dungeons and occasional surprise Dragon encounters. On top of that, you can add all the legacy dungeons, which are huge and filled with traps, minibosses and of course a major Boss at the end of each of these death pits. There are also a lot of things you will most likely miss on your first playthrough, unless you follow a very thorough Elden Ring 100% Guide of course, so NG+ will certainly be a must if you want to collect all the items, spells and weapons in this game. All this adds a lot of difficulty and durability to this already enormous game.

Is the Elden Ring Cheap?

Although initially, the game did provide some discounted rates for the players last year, currently, it’s back to the actual rate of $59.99. However, if you are under a money crunch, you can change your Steam region with VPN and try to access the game from a location where it’s available for cheap.

Is the Elden Ring Really Good?

Undoubtedly, yes! The Elden Ring is worth playing if you are into challenging open-world games, with good visuals, narratives, character customization, and a combat system. Try it out, and you wouldn’t regret it for sure.

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