Item Guide for leveling cloth users


This guide was intended for warlocks but i realized that the other cloth users (and to some extent, balance/resto druid) could use this also. Several items may be to costly or simply unobtainable for a starting player.

Getting started: These items will help quite well for leveling but do note that they are only obtainable with a level 80 character. The shoulder and chest especially, as they provide an additonal 10% experience fro quests and monster kills.
Weapons: Dignified Headmaster’s Charge
or Grand Staff of Jordan
Enchant the weapon with +30 spellpower
Trinklet: Discerning Eye of the Beast
Shoulder: Tattered Dreadmist Mantle
Exquisite Sunderseer Mantle
Chest: Tattered Dreadmist Robe

Bags: You start off with an unreplacable backpack with 16 slots and 4 additonal spaces to fill bags with. The most value for money bags (varies from server) are the 20 slot frostweave bag (30g) and 16 slot netherweave bag (6g)

Most newbies might who like to fill up those spots will be intrested in having the tailoring profession and make 6 slot linen bags from linen obtainable from low level mobs and as your level up you obtain higher tiered cloth which can be used to make even larger bags. That said, it would be nice to join a guild and politely ask for netherweave bags as the convenience of having many slots really shines while you are leveling.

Professions: Several professions can provide several pieces of gear that can aid you while leveling. It will be wise to obtain a profession while leveling up.

Tailoring: In my opinion, the best profession for cloth wearers. You can make several green gear with inexpensive materials and the very valueable bags. If you have the gold you can also make several Bind-on-equip(BOE) and Bind-on-pickup rare gear.

Leatherworking: only leather gear and several armor patches that can be added to ur eqiupment to obtain more armor and quite useless. >< only for druids and rogues. Enchanting: best left for the higher levels. the enchants may help but your gear with change so frequently is isnt worth it and the help is minimal. Engineering: little beneficial gear for cloth wearers that are expensive to make. Allows you to makes bombs which causes area of effect damage. A fun novelty profession, but quite expensive. GEAR OF INTEREST usually importance of stats for leveling for cloth wearers will roughly be INT/SPELLPOWER > HIT/CRIT/HASTE > STAMINA/SPIRIT
Avoid AGILITY and STRENGTH at all cost, it is worthless.

5: Lesser Magic Wand
The only wand i will recommend actually level 5 u can usually 2-3 shot most mobs of your level, and far superior than casting spells, even if u have BOA gear.
Obtainable by enchanting level 10 and the auction house.

13 : Greater Magic Wand
The last wand that i recommend that you actually use. Beyond that i suggest familiarizing with your skills as later they will be far superior.

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