[Items] How to get: Whipper Root Tuber + Night Dragons Breath


*Guide* Getting Whipper Root Tuber + Night Dragons Breath(+ Windblossom Berries) – by Patrick
(Originally made for the, at the time, newly started guild Nefastus Legio, to help us doing raids.)

Roots, dragons and berries?
You might have heard of Whipper Root Tubers, Night Dragons Breath and Windblossom Berries. These are BoP items, harvested off plants in Felwood. The Tubers/Night Dragons are potion-like items, but the Windblossom Berries are more like food(bread, fruit, pie, etc). The great thing about Whipper Root Tubers and Night Dragons Breath, is that they are on separate timers(1min), and that’s both separate from each other, and from potions. This means you can use a Whipper Root Tuber, a Night Dragons Breath, and any potion right after each other. Check their exact effects here: – Whipper Root Tubers – Night Dragons Breath – Windblossom Berries

As I told before, you have to get them in Felwood. They spawn at specific locations(I’ll come back to this), and with a ‘fixed’ spawn rate of 25 minutes. The spawn locations can be a bit hard to find when you try to get these, for your first time. That’s why the lovely nor3 have made an addon called FelwoodGather. This addon will provide notes on your worldmap, as well as a nifty mini-map(/fwg map toggle). Rest of the information on this addon is in the readme file 🙂

Up until now, I’ve only described how you actually pick it. The process might be a little different sometimes. Once in a while, the plants have to be cleansed with a special salve. The Cenarion Plant Salve. Before you can pick this up, you have to do a quest though. It’s very easy, and is called Cleansing Felwood. This quest should cause no problem, and is obtained at Maybess Riverbreeze – loc(46,83).

Done questing, or what?
Not really. After you’ve done Cleansing Felwood, you will have the possibility to choose between 2* repeatable quests. Each of these quests give you 2xCenarion Plant Salve. Here are the ones you can have(depends on your profession):

Salve via Hunting (6xCorrupted Soul Shards)
Requires you to turn in Corrupted Soul Shards – Recieved from killing mobs in Felwool, while you have a Cenarion Beacon(Maybess will give you one, if you ask her) in your inventory.

Salve via Skinning (5xPatch of Tainted Skin)
This is only doable if you have Skinning as a profession. You will have to skin beasts in Felwood, to get Patch of Tainted Skin. Beasts that will drop these, are:

    • Angerclaw Bear
    • Angerclaw Grizzly
    • Angerclaw Mauler
    • Felpaw Ravager
    • Felpaw Scavenger
    • Felpaw Wolf
    • Jaedenar Hound
    • Jaedenar Hunter

Salve via Mining (4xTainted Vitriol)
This is only doable if you have Mining as a profession. You will have to mine veins in Felwood to get Tainted Vitriol. Veins from which you get these are:

  • Small Thorium Vein
  • Mithril Deposit

Salve via Gathering (4xFel Creep)
This is only doable if you have Herbalism as a profession. You will have to pick herbs in order to get Fel Creep. Herbs from which you get these are:

    • Sungrass
    • Dreamfoil
    • Arthas’ Tears
    • Plaguebloom
    • Gromsblood
    • Golden Sansam
    • Mountain Silversage

Salve via Disenchanting (1xLesser Nether Essence)
This is only doable if you have Enchanting as a profession. This is, in my opinion the easiest one. All you have to do, is to deliver a Lesser Nether Essence. (I’m not going to list items that disenchant into these ;))

When you have gathered some salve, you’ll be able to cleanse the corrupted plants. You simply do this by right-clicking, and pressing cleanse.

If you are fast enough, you will be able to pick Whipper Root Tubers, Night Dragons Breath or Windblossom Berries, two times at each spawn. All you have to do, is to right-click on the plant, pick, and then right-click the plant immediately again. This will cause you’re farming time to be reduced drasticaly(maybe not à‚½, because you might fail sometimes, but still pretty close to 50%, if you do it right)

If you have something to add, please tell me in a PM, or simply reply in this thread. Typing errors might be there, since Danish is my main language, and not English.
* – If you have more than one of these professions, you will be able to do the quests attached to both of your professions.

(edit: After correcting spelling errors in Jame’s post, I thought I would do the same in mine. So that’s what I’ve done :)… And thx a lot for the sticky :D)

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