Jame’s Alliance leveling Guide – Chapter I Revamped!


Jame’s Alliance Leveling Guide is finally getting its well deserved revamps as mentioned in this news post. You can now access the updated version here. The old guide is still available under this link.

Also please note that Boston wrote an awesome guide for levels 20-30, which we were lacking since a long time. I’ve tested the guide myself and it works very well.

Jame is currently putting finishing touches on the second chapter of the Horde Leveling Guide (65-70), which will be the final chapter of Jame’s Leveling Guides before Wrath of the Lich King. However be sure that this time we’ll deliver the leveling guides for the new expansion as fast as possible after release. That’s why we are getting most of the work out of the way right now.

Once Jame is done with his guide, he will help me to revamp the last two chapters of the Alliance guide, meaning that the next revamps will be published faster than planned.

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