[Leveling] Requiem’s 1-13 Alliance Grinding Guide


UPDATE:I’m turning this guide into a sort of prequel to FinaL.FreeDoM’s grinding guide, as there is no need for a 1-30 I will make a it a 1-13 (and FinaL.FreeDoM’s guide picks up from there).

This guide helps grind to level 13 the quickest way possible. I suggest doing Jame’s leveling guide afterwards, which makes questing faster than grinding and you get to do a lot of the more fun things that you can’t do whilst grinding.


Get one gathering profession, and get skinning.

Get First Aid, IT WILL HELP. The four exceptions to this are, of course, the four classes that can heal, Priest, Paladin, Druid, or Shaman.

Buy armour off merchants and/or auction house. People say not too, they say it wastes money, but especially armour reliant classes like Warriors and Rogues need new armour almost every five levels, buy the cheapest armour that will still be useful to you.

Specc your talents in the tree that will do the most damage.
-Druids: Feral

-Hunters: Beast Mastery or MarksMan

-Mage: Fire

-Paladin: Retribution (this talent tree is best for leveling, and arguably nothing else)

-Priest: Shadow

-Rogue: Combat or Assassination

-Shaman: Elemental AND Enhancement

-Warlock: Affliction (A lot of people say Demonology is better, I personally love Affliction much more but if you feel the need to try them both go ahead)

-Warrior: Arms or Fury

Always get quests related to what you are grinding (i.e., kill X amount of Y, or gather X off of Y), hey, you’re grinding them anyway, why not get an extra EXP boost?

Listen to music. Grinding may be quick in most aspects, but it’s BORING. Have something to keep your mind off of it. Listening to comedians are good too.

If you have the time, run and instance! Go into LFG when you begin grinding, when your group is full stop grinding and run the instance, go back to grinding afterwards. I would not, however, suggest running nothing but instances, limit yourself to one or two times a day.

Don’t turn in quests the second you finish them, wait ’til you’re done grinding in that area to turn it in.

ALWAYS ALWAYS Log out at an inn, the rested exp adds up.

Don’t change your Hearthstone location unless I ask you too.

If you are not a caster, buy throwing knives or a gun/crossbow/bow. If you are a paladin use judgement spells if I tell you to pull with ranged.

The Guide:

If you are Draenei/Night Elf/Dwarve/Gnome you have two choices:

Run from your starting area to Northshire Abbey or stay at your starting area until around level 12-13. Gnomes and Dwarves I suggest you run to Northshire Abbey, but Night Elfs and Draeneis it’s not really worth it for you. I will add grinding guides to these areas, but if you have one and.or have an idea of how to grind please PM me about it, all credit will go to you. Smiling

If you are Human you’re sitting pretty, follow the guide as is:



1: Take the Quest ‘A Threat Within’ from the first NPC you meet named Deputy Willem.

2: Turn it in to Marshal McBride inside the churchlike building. Get the follow-up ‘Kobold Camp Cleanup’

3: Go back outside and kill wolves until you hit level 3 sell and repair and get the quest ‘Eagan Peltskinner’ from Deputy Willem.

4: Go around the outside of the church and turn in ‘Eagan Peltskinner’ to the NPC of the same name. Get the follow-up ‘Wolves Across the Border.’

5: Kill Wolves until you are level 4 and have completed ‘Wolves Across the Border.’ Turn it in. Sell and repair.


1: Go kill Kobolds until you ding level 6 and you have completed ‘Kobold Camp Cleanup.’ Sell and repair. Turn it in to Marshal McBride, don’t get the follow-up but do get your class quest, it will be called ‘Something Letter’ (the something will vary based on what class you are. If Marshal McBride doesn’t have a quest called ‘Something Letter’ for you, it means your class quest is not available with him, this will only happen if you are not a class humans can play).

2: Inside the church find your class trainer (represented by the little question mark on the mini-map) and turn in ‘Something Letter,’ if you are a warlock or priest another class quest will be waiting for you. Get that class quest, warlocks go do it because it is important and in the immediate area, if you are a priest hold on to it we will give you a chance to do it later. Buy class skills.

3: Now go to the Kobold camp where you grinded to six, and go north until you reach a cave with Kobolds. Grind here until level 8.

LEVEL 8-11

1: Outside the church follow the road south, get ‘Rest and Relaxation’ from Falkhaan Isenstrider. Continue south until you hit Goldshire. Go to the inn and turn in ‘Rest and Relaxation’ to Innkeeper Farley, also bind there (by bind I mean “make this inn your home,” it makes you able to to warp from wherever in the world you are to your home-inn with your hearthstone). If you are a priest you should see another blip on your minimap, go upstairs and turn in your class quest, get the follow-ups and do them, when you have reached the end (which results in you getting a robe) continue from here. If you aren’t a priest continue on with this guide.

2: Go outside the inn and get the quest ‘A Fishy Peril’ from Remy “Two Times” and turn it in to Marshal Dughan. Ge the follow-up ‘Further Concerns.’

3: Look around at the vendors in Goldshire until you find someone with a skinning knife and buy one.

4: From Goldshire head on the North east and you will come to a lake called Crystal Lake. This lake has surplus murlocs. Circle around the lake killing every murloc you see until level 10.

(NOTE: The skinner trainer lives in the house that’s right next to Crystal Lake, drop in and train up)

5: Go back to Goldshire and learn your class skills. Start heading east and go to the Eastvale Logging Camp at around (81,65). On route there you should meet Guard Thomas, who’s standing near a bridge. Turn in ‘Further Concern’ and don’t get any follow-ups. Get ‘Fine Linen Goods’ from Sara Timberlain, she’s around (79,68). Go west from Sara until you come to a stream, from there head north and you will come to a lake with a big Island in the middle (the lake is called “Stone Cairn Lake”). Go to the big island and grind Defias until level 11 (if you run out of Defias, there are murlocs on the east cost) and you have completed ‘Fine Linen Goods,’ go and turn it in.

6: Now that you are level 11 and have turned in ‘Fine Linen Goods’ to Sara Timberlain Hearthstone to Goldshire, make your way on the road heading North west to Stormwind. Get the flightpath there and visit your trainer. Ask the guard if you don’t know where s/he is. You will also have talent points now. Select wisely which talents you want to use for they are expensive to undo. If you are any class Besides Paladin, Rogue, or Priest your class trainers should have another quest for you. Complete the quests and continue on with the guide.

LEVEL 11-13

1: Walk back to Goldshire (if your heartstone cooldown is done, hearthstone). Get the quest ‘Westbrook Garrison Needs Help!’ Then take the road west to (24,77) (or thereabouts) Get ‘Wanted: “Hogger” ‘ from the poster, go into the tower ahead and turn in ‘Westbrook Garrison Need Help!’ and then go south until you run into Gnolls called Riverpaws. Kill gnolls until level 12, avoiding Hogger (who is an elite gnoll) if you can.

2: At level 12 you should be able to solo him. Go to (25, 92) and kill him, loot his claw for the quest. If you try and try but can’t kill him just abandon the quest, it’s not worth to much effort. Grind again afterwards until level 13. If, whilst you are grinding, a scroll called “The Collectors Schedule” drops off one of the gnolls right-click it and start the quest, if it doesn’t don’t fret it’s optional. Your Hearthstone’s cooldown should be over so hearth back to Goldshire and turn in ‘Wanted: “Hogger” ‘ and ‘The Collector’ to Marshal Dughan. Don’t get any follow-ups from Marshal Dughan. You are now done with Elwynn and should be level 13. Visit your class trainer and then go on to FinaL.FreeDoM’s guide.


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    Nov 20, 2008 @ 1:46 am

    Always happy to see oldAlways happy to see old wow-pro users come back and update their guides. 🙂

    A suggestion if I may: Add some text formating, colors etc. It would make the guide much more enjoyable to read.

    If you don’t know how to do that, you can check my [url=]Guide writing guide[/url], all the basics are covered there.

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    Dec 6, 2007 @ 12:45 pm

    ugh..hey mmm this guid doesn’t work well with rogues for the murlock part for lvl 7-11 the murlocks are 10 are u sure thats what u meant?

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    Nov 17, 2007 @ 23:09 pm

    I didI actually just finished a guide for 30-50 a few days ago. 🙂

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    ram racer
    Nov 17, 2007 @ 2:50 am

    30-70 hordeHey, I finnaly got my new warlock to 30 and I wanna try a different guide than Jame’s to see which is better (grinding or questing). I dont know if you know too much about horde but would really appreciate it if you could make a grinding guide 30-50 for horde. 🙂

    Also, are you going to make a level 50-70 guide for alliance? I dont have TBC so I don’t know if it’s possible to grind in the outland and get decent expierience but still it be kinda kool 50-60.

    Thanks 🙂

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