Little bits and bobs about Gold Making



This is a wiki designed to allow anyone with a few tips or tricks on making gold to have a chance to share it.

NOTE: This is not a wiki for reposting guides, or posting enough material to compose a guide. This is merely for those tiny tidbits you learn along the way.

The Bits and Bobs

  • If you aren’t sure which professions to pick, go with Skinning/Herbalism, Skinning/Mining. These professions are the gathering professions for all the other professions. If you take these, and sell the materials you get, you’ll always catch a nice penny. Edited by TrollvinkHere are some mining routes found in the starting places:

    Azuremyst Isle




    Dun Morogh




    Elwynn Forest


    Eversong Woods




    Trisfal Glades


  • If you are questing in The Barrens, spend some time killing things more than you need. The recipe for savory deviate delight, which can drop from anything there, is worth large amounts of gold.
  • If you are 70 or higher, take a break from leveling to farm 55-60 and 65-70 instances, the greens and blues usually sell for a lot as they are perfect for gearing up for the next expansion. My personal favorite is Stratholme because of the mount.
  • Quel’Danas dailies as a 70+: maybe not worth the gold, but if you need a little boost in xp, each of these dailies gives 8000-13000 xp in the mid 70s. It might not be much, but the scenery does help reinvigorate you. 
  • Always try to get big bags, like 14/16 slot-bags. With it, you can pick up every thing you come across, and sell for maximum money. It may not seem much in the beginning, but once you step into level 50+ areas, you’ll see how many grey items can sell for more then 1g. Easy money! By Trollvink
  • Use AutoProfitX to make selling grey’s easier (So no searching in your bags).
  • The somewhat heavier gold-making professions, are Jewelcrafting and Enchanting. These professions are somewhat expansive to level, unless you gather the materials yourself. If you have these, there are several gold-making ways, such buying raw gems from the auction house, and reselling the cutted gems. And selling the materials you get from disenchanting. This is somewhat a large tip, but as soon as I can find gold-making guides for these particular professions, I’ll put a link here. By Trollvink.
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    Aug 4, 2009 @ 15:51 pm

    wow how did you figure thiswow how did you figure this out this is amazing and works great

    sordis hunter duskwood

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    Mar 30, 2009 @ 19:16 pm

    I never found it hard orI never found it hard or expensive to level Enchanting or jewelcrafting, but that might be due to my vast reserves of greens from farming.

    Thanks for formatting it, I mostly use a computer that cannot handle more than one webpage at a time, and I have yet to memorize the required code.

    Since I farm instances so much, I always have greens to DE, so it did seem like easy money to me. Sorry for the confusion, and very nice maps, they do look complete.

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    Mar 27, 2009 @ 16:41 pm

    I have added a new tip, andI have added a new tip, and edited the first one, since it wasn’t really ‘the truth’ – Enchanting and Jewelcrafting aren’t very good to take if you aren’t sure about professions, since they’re only good when maxed out.


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    Mar 22, 2009 @ 17:19 pm

    Made it Prettier! ;DI added some text formatting. I only spent like 5 minutes so feel free to fix it up if I forgot something.

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    Mar 22, 2009 @ 17:08 pm

    It’s a wikiRemember that this is a wiki and it will only be as good as the community makes it. 😛

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    Mar 20, 2009 @ 8:52 am

    Might I recommend putting aMight I recommend putting a bit of structure into this guide, basically using all the stuff recommended in Jame’s guide writing guide.

    Also, you might want to put a bit more emphasis on this being ‘alternative’ gold making techniques, since nothing can really compete with AH farming.

    But yes, I could see this being quite fun, for all those little odds and sods and clam farming and relic farming (people are going to be starting to stack those SoH Storm Peaks only pots soon!)

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    Mar 20, 2009 @ 8:17 am

    yupsame goes for enchanting.

    All other making professions are prety darn expensive, but enchanrting and jc are rediculously so.

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    Mar 20, 2009 @ 5:17 am

    Jewelcrafting isJewelcrafting is *ridiculously* expensive to level. While it may be good for earning gold at max level, you may want to note that it’s NOT a good gold-earner while leveling.

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