Lock Picking for Rogues


Levelling Lockpicking for Rogues (horde)

Lockpicking is a rogue only skill which can be quite lucrative at maximum level when you open lock boxes for tips. Also group members won’t think highly if you are level 70 and can’t open a fel iron lock box in an instance. If your lock picking is high enough you can unlock some instance doors.

Your maximum lockpicking level is dependent on your player level but it is always good to have your lockpicking level close to maximum so you can open the boxes you are likely to encounter.

As with other skills:-
Red – you can’t pick it
Orange – you always increase in level but may have failed attempts
Yellow – usually increase in level
Green – sometimes increase in level
Grey – never increase in level.

But finding lock boxes and trunks to pick is difficult so it is hard to level. The key is to use your pick pocket skill as often as possible. You will quite often pick up a junkbox or similar after pick pocketing. When you find a quiet spot you can open it and gain a lp level. If it is too high level to pick just store it in your bank until your level is high enough. At one stage I had 17 heavy junkboxes in my bank waiting for me to level enough to open them.

It is worth investing in the minor glyph of pickpocket that improves the range of your pickpocket – its way better than that glyph to sprint on water.

The senior rogue trainer will tell you where you can go to improve your lock picking. He is in Orgrimmar for the Horde (please insert for alliance). That destination will have locked chests but frequently you gain more levels by the boxes you pick pocket from guards.

Pick pocketing not only gives cash but it gives practice in stealth and more importantly in its limitations. This practice is invaluable in pvp and instances.

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    Nov 14, 2008 @ 10:20 am

    This really needs work. ItThis really needs work. It needs text formatting and it needs more information.

    Give locations of locked chests, make maps showing where they are, etc. This guide could be much better with a little work.

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