Low level healing


In instances ,Healers are an important part of the group. The best class’s for healers are Druid’s, Priest’s and Shaman’s(not as great as others but still can make a big diffrence)

I know some of you will leave a comment saying Padalin but in my opinion you should have a tank fighting not healing.

if you want to be a good healer and you use leather (in the case of shamans and druids) try a set of healing gear and a set of combat gear get a set of cloth(or leather if you can) with Intellect the more of that the better for you healing gear if you cant find a piece of armor with intellect get spirt to help regenerate when out of combat.healing is also an advantage when soloing. so it wont just help your group in instances but also help your leveling or if your in search of matierals ( leather , ore , herbs)

The one important thing when healing is prioritise your healing as not to waste mana… for example in a instace if a mage runs off to the side and aggros some mobs and the tank is to busy fighting to notice you could not heal him for being stupid but that means when he dies those mobs will add to the tanks fight dont just look at HP bars get close and lokk what will happen if you do/dont heal.

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