Ludovicus and his weekend off …


So I’ve had a stressfull week at work and need a solid night of sleep more than anything else.

But tomorrow I am going to start checking in a series of changes to the addon that you might find interesting.

  1. There will be a new class of guides: WoWPro:GuideTriggered(guide).
  2. On guide load, a triggered guide will have all its quest ids indexed.
  3. On guide registration, a triggered guide will have a load queued up if it has not been indexed.
  4. Before loading the current guide, check to see if any guides have been queued up for indexing.  If so, load them, index them and then load the next guide in the queue until the queue is empty.   Then load the current guide.
  5. When checking the questlog, check to see if the quest id is in the index, if so, record the GID (guide ID).
  6. If the quest is new and the GID is not for the current guide, offer to switch guides.  If they say yes, switch.  If not, put the guide at the head of the guide stack.
  7. When ALT-G is keyed, show the guide stack.

This should enable having guides for the garrison dalies, invasions, and followers that are parallel to the leveling quests.

This model can also be extended to dalies for older expansions.


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    Feb 1, 2015 @ 16:56 pm

    … his weekend off (FAIL)Ever have one of those weeks where everything went to pot at once?I woke up that Saturday and discovered my backside was itchy and looked in the mirror and saw purpluish splotches fringed with red.   I went to an urgent care clinic and was diagnosed with a bad case of Tinea corporis.  Then we had that snow storm later that day and then on Sunday morning the furnace crapped out again.I twisted my ankle on the way to work on Monday, Tuesday was spent shoveling up while the blizzard was going on.Wednesday and Thurday were uneventful, but I was exhausted and achy from the work I did.Friday and Saturday the temperatures plunged into the single digits.This morning, I tried running a few miles on the treadmill, but after the first half mile, it was clear the ankle has not healed up since I hurt it.Tomorrow, we are supposed to get another foot of snow.Sigh.  I’ll get a new update together today, with just guide updates.I need some play time.

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