The other parts of the dissertation are the table of contents, introduction, preface and appendix.
The very first thing you need to do while working is the table of contents (usually the consultant also asks about this first.)

 This so-called preliminary table of contents is not yet final, because
the nature of writing a dissertation is that the content, form, structure work; it is constantly formed and changed by the writer, or the author of the essay can do it instead ( Looking through the literature, we may come across aspects that we could not think of before, and they may affect our original plans.

Moreover, it may happen that we find new inspiration and change the main direction of our topic, or we just lose the desire to write something, and just buy assignment online. Of course, this pre-announced thesis topic imposes restrictions on the rise of our creativity, but here If we are not yet quite sure what to include in our work, the topic (at the time of notice) should be formulated in a relatively more general way, followed by a refined subheading.

However, make sure that the final title of our dissertation is specific to the topic and outlines its boundaries, because this is very important, says academic writing service. (Here's how, for example, something like this is born titles: Apologetics in seventeenth-century English literature, with particular reference to the Antichrist. Thus, the table of contents is nothing more than a working hypothesis: it is not intended to be saved by itself, but to have something to change on the fly.

We know nothing from nothing to start; a specific plan is needed, which is then won during implementation supplemented with aspects that were not originally planned, leaving others to finally put together an honestly written dissertation. By the way, the supervisor (consultant) is there to help you already at this stage of work: he will probably finalize our working hypothesis in order to propose a more appropriate logical structural structure.

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