Midsummer Fire Festival – Alliance Walkthrough – Part 1 – Kalimdor


One thing to remember while doing this is that, if you’re desecrating a Horde fire, you will get flagged PvP. Just thought I’d warn you before you start.

Mages: you need alter some parts of this guide, after you’ve got the fire at Blood Watch, teleport to Darnassus, then get the Dolanaar fire, teleport back to Darnassus again, then go to Auberdine and on to Winterspring. Towards the end of the guide, if you know it, rather than flying from Thalanaar to Theramore, teleport instead.

Druids: i don’t have a high enough level druid to test this, but Teleport Moonglade might speed up to travel from Blood Watch to Darnassus, then after Dolanaar, the time to get to Auberdine and Winterspring.

Ok. Lets start in Dalaran, portal to Exodar and head up the ramp and out of the city, then follow the path east until you find the fire just west of Azure Watch (44,53) now head back towards Exodar, and fly to Blood Watch, then head south out of town to the fire (55,69) go back to Blood Watch and fly back to Exodar, then head west and follow path to dock and hop on a boat to Auberdine.

When you get to Auberdine, head along the dock and through the inn. The fire is next to the platform that the flightmaster is on (37,46). Grab it then fly to Ruthe’ran Village and head into Darnassus. From the portal head east through the city and out into Teldrassil.

The easiest route is to follow path (or cut across country for those adventurous types ) to Dolanaar. The fire can be seen from the road, next to the inn (55,60). Get it then head back to the flightpath at Ruthe’ran Village and fly to Winterspring.

The 2 Winterspring fires are just north of the flightmasters, one for Alliance (northeast of town 62,35) one for Horde (northwest of town 59,35). With those 2 done, jump on a flight down to Forest Song, then head westwards towards Astranaar.

As you go past the Horde camp at Splintertree Post, desecrate their fire, it’s right next to the path (70,69) then carry on to Astranaar. Just before you get to town you find the fire (37,54) again right next to the road. Head into Astranaar and fly to Stonetalon Peak.

Ok the next bit is quite time consuming due to the amount of running you now have to do, so mount up and head south, go around lake and continue south to Sun Rock Retreat. The fire is on the path between the hills before you get to the town (50,60) now go back north to the lake and take the path west and then southwards through Charred Vale and into Desolace then head east towards Nijel’s Point, the fire is near base of ramp up to town (65,17). Turn and go southwest to the coast in the southwest corner of the map, southwest of the area where Maruadon is, is the Horde town of Shadowprey Village, and south of there, on the waters edge is the fire (26,76). Mount up again and this time go southeast, around the big crater and into Feralas.

Keep going south, on path and then head for dock and take boat (or swim, waterwalk etc) to Feathermoon Stronghold, the fire here is west of the town (28,43). Grab a flight to Cenarion Hold in Silithus, once there follow the paths east and west out of town to grab both the fires, again Alliance one to the east (57,34), Horde to the west (46,44). Once done fly to Gadgetzan, and get your walking boots on again as we now only have one flight left to take. Go east of town to the Alliance fire (52,29) then to the Horde fire to the west of town (49,27). Then go north into Shimmering Flats and onto 1000 Needles. Follow the path towards Freewind Post. Ok now look at picture below, go under this bridge, just before you get to Freewind Post lifts (you can see them to the right of picture) then turn right and grab the fire (42,53). Continue heading northwest through 1000 Needles, until you get to Feralas again.


Once you get to the border of the 2 areas, look left, there’s the little camp of Thalanaar, you’ll be coming back to there shortly, but 1st carry on into Feralas and follow the path to Camp Mojache. Now depending on your level, you can either charge through town, or go around it to the north, the guards are level 65. The fire is on the west side of town (72,47). If your a mage, teleport to Theramore from here.

Now head back to Thalanaar and fly to Theramore and head northwards along the path out of town, the fire is again right next to the path (62,40) and congratulations you’ve now done all the Alliance fires in Kalimdor, and have 6 Horde ones left including Thunder Bluff and Orgrimmar, now you have no choice but to run.

Continue to follow the path as it heads north, when it turns and heads south you’ll come over a bridge, followed by 2 tents on your left, at the 2nd of these tents, turn and go directly west through the marshes, until you find Brackenwall Village, again level 65 guards here, so go around/through, the fire is just west of town (33,30). Then follow the path south and head out of Dustwallow Marsh and into The Barrens.

Once in the Barrens go north along path until you find one that goes west, then follow that into Mulgore, and on to Bloodhoof Village, again the fire is right next to the path (51,60), so can’t be missed, get that one and carry on following the path, we are now going to Thunder Bluff.

The next part is easier to explain with pictures, so look at those below. Once you get to Thunder Bluff lifts, take the second one as you come up to them, then jump from lift platform, behind tents to the left You can see lift platform on the right, and the building we need to go through, with the guards (level 75) outside to the left of the picture, inside this building, there’s a ramp on the left side, up to the bridge (seen in the second picture) across to Spirit Rise, if you aggro any guards they will lose interest by the time you get across this bridge. The fire is just up the top of the ramp from other end (20,26) as you can see in the 2nd picture, on the left side.



Now you need to get back to The Barrens, for speed, just jump off, yes you will die, that’s the idea! (Hey! I am a suicidal ‘lock after all!) res at Bloodhoof GY (it’s about 1000yds away) then follow same path you came into Mulgore, back into The Barrens and go north again to Crossroads, the fire is on north side of town (52,28). Then carry on going north, and take the next path you see that goes east. Follow it across river to Razor Hill, the fire is south of the town (52,47). Ok that leaves us just one fire in Kalimdor – Orgrimmar.

Orgrimmar is the busiest of the Horde cities so, that’s why, as you are more likely to die here more than anywhere else, mainly due to how far into the city the fire is, I’ve left it until last. From where you’ll be going in, it’s about 600yds, in a straight line, but we can’t go straight, our path to it is “S” shaped.

From Razor Hill head northwest across country, until you find the river again, cross it, then follow it north, you’ll soon see a bridge over the river into Orgrimmar, this is where you’re going in, ok, you are going to aggro guards (again lvl75) here, unless you can stealth past them, what you don’t want is to be stopping and fighting them, just run, get them off you as much as possible and try to steer away from collecting many more as dying here is annoying due to the corpse run being best part of 2000yds.

There might be a point where the path turns to the left, that you can get out of combat, heal as fast as possible and carry on following this path, past a bridge on your right, at the 2nd fire you come to on your left, there’s a path around the back of a building opposite, go up it (there is a guard that patrols this path) the fire is in front of the building your behind (47,38) next to it is a tent.

Is this good? You ask. Well, you can jump onto this tent from the path behind the building, without aggro’ing anything around the fire. The only things you need to worry about from here are ranged killing you, or Deathkinghts pulling you off before you loot the fire. They say pictures paint a 1000 words, so to better explain some of these locations look at the following pictures.



Once you’ve got the flame, HS back to Dalaran (if you got killed, res at GY, then HS), well done you’ve got all the fires done in Kalimdor including the 2 Horde city ones…wasn’t too bad was it

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    Jun 28, 2009 @ 4:09 am

    Excellent attitude, lookingExcellent attitude, looking forward to more guides from you in the future!

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    Jun 28, 2009 @ 3:41 am

    thanks for the comment, I’llthanks for the comment, I’ll see if I get time I’ll try and make the adjustments you suggested, not sure how to do the links though

    I posted this on my guild forum, and thought, it might be useful to others, as I had looked and not found a guide, so thought I’d make one as I went around doing the fires

    To me, it still looks a bit wall of text, but thought i’d post it, and at least it’s up then.

    As this is my first guide, I know it can be improved. There are lots of little things I’ve noticed since I posted it, that I’m not totally happy with. But I’m a guide writing virgin :O

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    Jun 27, 2009 @ 20:08 pm

    Thanks for posting theThanks for posting the guide!

    I’m only going to comment on this one unless I see something that sticks out in the other two.

    First of all, yay for pictures! I do suggest you make them smaller and perhaps link them to larger versions, if you can figure out how to do that. And, as useful as these pictures are for the city fires, some maps for the rest of it would be very nice. You do provide coords, which is useful to an extent, but in my opinion maps would be better.

    I would highly suggest that instead of organizing this in paragraph form, you use a numbered list. Use the [ list=1 ] command to start a list, and [ * ] to make a new number in the list (without the spaces). I think the guide would read more smoothly if this was done, but it’s up to you.

    Spelling grammar: mostly good, I caught a couple capitalization errors but overall good presentation.

    Decent guide with room for improvement, and something we didn’t have yet, so thanks a ton for writing it!

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