Midsummer Fire Festival – Alliance Walkthrough – Part 2 – Eastern Kingdoms


Part 1: From Dalaran, portal yourself to Stormwind, and head out of the city south to Goldshire, the fire is next to the inn (43,65), then head back to Stormwind and take a flight to Nethergarde Keep. Go out of town and head towards Swamp of Sorrows, the Nethergarde fire is just outside the town (58,17). Carry on north into Swamp and then head east, the fire at Stonard is just north of the town (47,47) Now run back to Nethergarde again, and fly to Duskwood. Once there take the road southwards out of town to find fire (74,51) then return to the flightmaster, and fly to Westfall.

The Westfall fire is right next to you when you land (56,54) grab it then fly on to Booty Bay. The 2 fires here are on the beach to the east of Booty Bay (behind the town). When you land, head out of town and turn right and head towards the beach, you’ll find them both next to each other (34,75) (33,75). Now go back into Booty Bay and fly to Redridge. The Lakeshire fire is just west of the flightmaster (24,59) get it then fly to Burning Steppes, head down the ramp out of town, the fire is at the bottom (80,62) then carry on heading northwest (about 1 minute run on epic ground mount) until you see the northern mountains of the area, the Horde fire is at the base of these mountains (62,29) in the area of Flame Crest. Once done go back to Morgan’s Vigil and take a flight to Thorium Point.

From where you land follow the mountains east, until you get to here.


Then turn south, and go along path until you find these 3 trees.


Turn east again up the path into Badlands, then north to the fire, which is just on the southern side of Kargath (4,49) and now hearthstone to Dalaran.


Part 2: From Dalaran portal to Ironforge and head out of the city down to Kharanos, you’ll see the fire just before you get to town (46,46) return to Ironforge and fly to Thelsamar in Loch Modan, the fire is just north along the path (32,40) now take another flight to Wetlands. Run out of town northeast across the bridge, the fire is just the other side (13,47) then head back and fly to Refuge Point in Arathi Highlands.

Take the northern path out of town, the fire is next to it (50,44) from here go east, across country until you find a path, follow this east to the Hammerfall fire (74,41) then go back to Refuge Point, and fly to Aerie Peak. Hinterlands is annoying due to how far you have to run, and at this point make sure your hearthstone is off cooldown or under 5 minutes, as you’ll be using soon, from the flight path run down the ramp and keep going in that direction to the fire (14,50) then head east and south to Jintha’alor, go past this area on the east side and down the ramp to the coast (Overlook Cliffs). Once at the bottom go south until you find the Revantusk Village fire (76,74) now hearthstone to Dalaran.


Part 3: From Dalaran portal to Ironforge, then fly to Hillsbrad, and head north for the Southshore fire (50,46) and further north following the paths for the Tarren Mill fire (58,25). Now you need to do a big loop through Hillsbrad, Silverpine Forest, Tirisfal Glades, ending up at Chillwind Camp in Western Plaguelands. Start by going west through Hillsbrad, following the path into Silverpine, past where Dalaran used to be. In Silverpine the path goes north, just stay on it, go past Shadowfang Keep, and Ambermill, then start looking for the fire on a path heading east from the main one you’re on towards The Sepulcher (49,38). Continue north into Tirisfal Glades and around to the front of Undercity.

Now you can do the Brill and Undercity fires in either order as both will flag you PvP. For the Brill fire head north, the fire is just to the west of the town. To get Undercity’s fire, go up the path leading into the city, the fire is just to your left as you enter the courtyard, there are no guards to worry about either. Once both of those are done follow the main path east until you get to Western Plaguelands, then head southeast to Chillwind Camp and the last Alliance fire (44,82).

From Chillwind Camp take a flight to Zul’Aman and go west on the path just to the north of where you land. Follow this path until you get to a T junction where you can go north or south, pick north. This path leads you to Tranquillen, and the fire is just north of the town (46,26) once you have it, carry on going north along the path. Keep following this path going north at any junctions you come to, in the end you’ll find the Northern Sanctum fire right next it (46,50). Congratulations you’ve now extinguished all the Horde fires in the Eastern Kingdoms. From here go east to the entrance to Silvermoon City.

As you enter Silvermoon go straight up the road in front of you and turn right at the end, any guards you have aggro’d will reset by the time you get there, and then go through Murder Row to the archway at the end. The fire is just through this archway on the left, as well as 4 guards (circled in the 3rd picture). If you need to lose them, run up and around the upper level of the fountain, then come back, grab the flame and hearthstone to Dalaran.




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