Neutral Deepholm, Uldum and Hyjal


Apparently this decided to publish itself (thought I hit preview), so here is the Neutral version of Deepholm, Mount Hyjal and Uldum are in the comments.

WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide(‘AriDee8283’, ‘Deepholm’, ‘Arixan’, ’82’, ’83’, ‘AriUld8384’, ‘Neutral’, function()
return [[

N The Battle is Won, The War Goes On|QID|27398|Z|Stormwind City|N|If you don’t have this quest, check it off and continue to the next.|FACTION|Alliance|
A Hero’s Call: Deepholm!|QID|27727|M|63,71.7|Z|Stormwind City|N|If you don’t have the first quest.|FACTION|Alliance|
T The Battle is Won, The War Goes On|QID|27398|M|74.5,19.3|Z|Stormwind City|N|If you have it. To Naraat the Earthspeaker.|FACTION|Alliance|
T Hero’s Call: Deepholm!|QID|27727|M|74.5,19.3|Z|Stormwind City|N|If you have it. To Naraat the Earthspeaker.|O|FACTION|Alliance|

A Warchief’s Command: Deepholm!|QID|27722|M|49.67,76.45|Z|Orgrimmar|N|From Warchief’s Command Board.|FACTION|Horde|
T Warchief’s Command: Deepholm!|QID|27722|M|50.30,38.24|Z|Orgrimmar|N|To Farseer Krogar.|FACTION|Horde|

A The Maelstrom|QID|27203|PRE|27727|Z|The Maelstrom|M|74.5,19.3|N|From Naraat the Earthspeaker.|
T The Maelstrom|QID|27203|M|33.2,50.2|Z|The Maelstrom|N|Click on the portal that appears. Then turn the quest into Thrall.|
A Deepholm, Realm of Earth|QID|27123|Z|The Maelstrom|PRE|27203|M|33.2,50.2|N|From Thrall.|
C Deepholm, Realm of Earth|QID|27123|Z|The Maelstrom|M|33.2,50.2|N|Hop on the Wyvern behind you.|
T Deepholm, Realm of Earth|QID|27123|Z|Deepholm|M|49.6,53|N|To Maruut Stonebinder.
A Gunship Down|QID|26245|PRE|27123|M|49.6,53|N|From Maruut Stonebinder.|
A Elemental Energy|QID|27136|PRE|27123|M|49.7,53|N|From Seer Kormo.|
A The Earth Claims All|QID|26244|PRE|27123|M|49.7,53|N|From Seer Kormo.|
C Elemental Energy|QID|27136|U|60835|M|49.6,61.5|N|Use the Depleted Totem and kill the Energized Geodes and Lodestone Elementals.|
F Storm’s Fury Wreckage|QID|27136|M|55,74|N|Fly to the Storm’s Fury Wreckage.|
C The Earth Claims All|QID|26244|S|M|55.6,72.6|N|Kill Deepstone Elementals.|
A Captain’s Log|QID|26246|PRE|26245|M|53.5,73.3|N|Click the Captain’s Log to get this quest.|
N First Clue|QID|26245|QO|First Clue: 1/1|M|53.5,73.7|N|Click on Captain Skullshatter for the first clue.|
N Second Clue|QID|26245|QO|Second Clue: 1/1|M|56.1,74.2|N|Click on to find the Slain Cannoneer for the second clue.|
C Gunship Down|QID|26245|M|56.7,76.4|N|Click on the Unexploded Artillery Shell to find the final clue.|
C The Earth Claims All|QID|26244|US|M|55.6,72.6|N|Kill Deepstone Elementals.|
T Gunship Down|QID|26245|M|49.6,53|N|To Maruut Stonebinder.|
T Captain’s Log|QID|26246|M|49.6,53|N|To Maruut Stonebinder.|
T The Earth Claims All|QID|26244|M|49.7,53|N|To Seer Kormo.|
T Elemental Energy|QID|27136|M|49.7,53|N|To Seer Kormo.|
A Diplomacy First|QID|26247|PRE|26246;26244;27136|M|49.6,53|N|From Maruut Stonebinder.|
A Where’s Goldmine?|QID|26409|PRE|26876|M|49.52,53.40|N|From Earthcaller Yevaa.|

A The Explorers|QID|27952|M|49.52,53.40|N|From Earthcaller Yevaa.|FACTION|Alliance|
T The Explorers|QID|27952|M|47.34,51.4|N|To Explorer Mowi.|FACTION|Alliance|

A The Reliquary|QID|27953|M|49.52,53.40|N|From Earthcaller Yevaa.|FACTION|Horde|
T The Reliquary|QID|27953|M|50,55.5;51.20,50.10|N|To Examiner Rowe.|FACTION|Horde|

T Diplomacy First|QID|26247|M|62.2,47|N|Fly up to the Alliance Gunship. To Stormcaller Mylra.|
A All Our Friends Are Dead|QID|26248|PRE|26247|M|62.2,47|N|From Stormcaller Mylra.|
A The Admiral’s Cabin|QID|26249|PRE|26247|M|62.2,47|N|From Stormcaller Mylra.|
C All Our Friends Are Dead|QID|26248|S|M|62,47|N|Use the Spirit Totem on Slain Crew Members 6 times.|
T The Admiral’s Cabin|QID|26249|M|64,46.2|N|To First Mate Moody inside the main cabin.|
A Without a Captain or Crew|QID|26427|PRE|26249|RANK|2|M|64,46.2|N|From First Mate Moody.|
C All Our Friends Are Dead|QID|26248|US|M|62,47|N|Use the Spirit Totem on Slain Crew Members 6 times.|
T All Our Friends Are Dead|QID|26248|M|62.2,47|N|To Stormcaller Mylra.|
A Take No Prisoners|QID|26251|PRE|26248|M|62.2,47|N|From Stormcaller Mylra.|
A On Second Thought, Take One Prisoner|QID|26250|PRE|26251|M|62.2,47|N|From Stormcaller Mylra.|
C Take No Prisoners|QID|26251|M|60.8,42.3|N|Kill 6 Twilight Saboteurs.|S|
C Without a Captain or Crew|QID|26427|RANK|2|M|63.1,39.4;63.4,44.6|N|Pick up the Coil of Rope (on top of the deck) and Bottle of Whiskey (first level below deck).|
C On Second Thought, Take One Prisoner|QID|26250|M|60.7,41.3|N|Attack Mor’norokk the Hateful and subdue him.|
C Take No Prisoners|QID|26251|US|M|60.8,42.3|N|Kill 6 Twilight Saboteurs.|
T Without a Captain or Crew|QID|26427|RANK|2|M|64,46.2|N|To First Mate Moody.|
T Take No Prisoners|QID|26251|M|62.2,47|N|To Stormcaller Mylra.|
T On Second Thought, Take One Prisoner|QID|26250|M|62.2,47|N|To Stormcaller Mylra.|
A Some Spraining to Do|QID|26254|PRE|26250|M|62.2,47|N|From Stormcaller Mylra.|
T Some Spraining to Do||QID|26254|M|62.2,47|N|Hop on Stormbeak the gryphon. After the event, turn in.|
A Return to the Temple of Earth|QID|26255|PRE|26254|M|62.2,47|N|From Stormcaller Mylra.|
T Return to the Temple of Earth|QID|26255|M|49.6,53|N|Fly back to the Temple of Earth. To Maruut Stonebinder.|
A Deathwing’s Fall|QID|26258|PRE|26255|M|49.6,53|N|From Maruut Stonebinder.|
A Blood of the Earthwarder|QID|26259|PRE|26255|RANK|2|M|49.7,53|N|From Seer Koromo.|
C Blood of the Earthwarder|QID|26259|RANK|2|M|53.4,59.4|N|Kill Living Blood along the chain of lava pools until you have 5 Blood of Neltharion.|
C Deathwing’s Fall|QID|26258|NC|M|59.01,58.69|N|When you have finished, mount up and follow The Blood Trail until you reach Deathwing’s Fall. You will get the quest complete message.|
T Deathwing’s Fall|QID|26258|M|59.17,58.70|N|(UI Alert)|
A Bleed the Bloodshaper|QID|26256|PRE|26258|M|59.17,58.70|N|(UI Alert)|
C Bleed the Bloodshaper|QID|26256|M|61.21,59.44|N|Find and kill a Twilight Bloodshaper in the area around Deathwing’s Fall. He should drop the Twilight Orders.|
T Bleed the Bloodshaper|QID|26256|M|61.32,58.76|N|(UI Alert)|
A Question the Slaves|QID|26261|PRE|26256|RANK|1|M|61.32,58.76|N|(UI Alert)|
l Twilight Slaver’s Key|QID|26261|L|60739|M|62.8,59.6|N|The key you need is in a small tent. Collect it from the chest here.|
C Question the Slaves|QID|26261|M|65.47,62.41|N|Mount up and fly to quarry just to the southeast. Free 6 Enslaved Miners.|
T Question the Slaves|QID|26261|M|65.47,62.41|N|(UI Alert)|
A The Forgemaster’s Log|QID|26260|PRE|26261|M|65.47,62.41|N|(UI Alert)|
T The Forgemaster’s Log|QID|26260|M|63.75,55.36|N|Find the Forgemaster’s Log at the top of a tower.|

A Silvermarsh Rendezvous|QID|27007|PRE|26260|M|63.75,55.36|
C Silvermarsh Rendezvous|QID|27007|M|69.96,60.17|N|Fly up and to the southwest to Upper Silvermarsh.|
T Silvermarsh Rendezvous|QID|27007|M|70.34,61.04|N|(UI Alert)|
A Quicksilver Submersion|QID|27010|PRE|27007|M|70.34,61.04|N|(UI Alert)|
A Twilight Research|QID|27100|PRE|27010|U|60816|RANK|2|M|70.50,61.48|N|Find and kill a Mercurial Ooze. It will drop Maziel’s Research. Use this to begin the quest Twilight Research.|
C Twilight Research|QID|27100|RANK|2|S|M|74.00,60.91|N|Kill any Mercurial Ooze you see until you get 4 Twilight Research Notes.|
l Quicksilver Submersion|QID|27010|L|60809|M|71.7,64.2|N|Loot a Trogg Crate from the ground here. A trogg will come out and attack you but shouldn’t pose a problem.|
C Quicksilver Submersion|QID|27010|U|60809|M|74.96,64.77|N|Use the Trogg Crate to put it on your head. You should be in the mercury pond. You need to get close to the Forgemaster’s camp, but not too close. Watch the conversation that happens.|
T Quicksilver Submersion|QID|27010|M|75.04,64.37|N|(UI Alert)|
A The Twilight Overlook|QID|27061|PRE|27010|M|75.04,64.33|N|(UI Alert)|
C Twilight Research|QID|27100|RANK|2|US|M|74.00,60.91|N|Finish collecting Twilight Research Notes.|
T Twilight Research|QID|27100|RANK|2|M|74.05,60.90|N|(UI Alert)|
A Maziel’s Revelation|QID|27101|PRE|27100|RANK|2|M|74.05,60.90|N|(UI Alert)|
T Maziel’s Revelation|QID|27101|RANK|2|M|67.18,70.17|N|Fly to Lower Silvermarsh. Find Maziel’s Journal.|
A Maziel’s Ascendancy|QID|27102|PRE|27101|RANK|2|M|67.18,70.17|N|From Maziel’s Journal.|
C Maziel’s Ascendancy|QID|27102|RANK|2|M|69.37,68.20;72.79,61.98|N|Maziel is inside the cave just east of where the journal was located. Enter the cave and take the left fork when the path spits. Maziel is located on an island in the middle of a small pond.|
T Maziel’s Ascendancy|QID|27102|RANK|2|M|72.26,62.22|N|(UI Alert)|
T The Twilight Overlook|QID|27061|M|64.47,82.23|N|To Stormcaller Mylra.|

A Big Game, Big Bait|QID|26766|PRE|27061||M|64.47,82.23|N|From Stormcaller Mylra.|
A To Catch a Dragon|QID|26768|PRE|27061|M|64.47,82.23|N|From Stormcaller Mylra.|
A Into the Stonecore|QID|28866|M|64.47,82.23|N|From Stormcaller Mylra.|
C Big Game, Big Bait|QID|26766|S|U|60382|M|56.30,85.57|N|Kill 5 Jadecrest Basilisk and use Mylra’s Knife on their corpses.|
C To Catch a Dragon|QID|26768|M|55.77,88.58|N|Find and kill Twilight Dragonstalkers until you get a Twilight Snare.|
C Big Game, Big Bait|QID|26766|US|U|60382|M|56.30,85.57|N|Kill 5 Jadecrest Basilisk and use Mylra’s Knife on their corpses.|
T Big Game, Big Bait|QID|26766|M|64.48,82.23|N|To Stormcaller Mylra.|
T To Catch a Dragon|QID|26768|M|64.48,82.23|N|To Stormcaller Mylra.|
A Testing the Trap|QID|26771|PRE|26766;26768|M|64.48,82.23|N|From Stormcaller Mylra.|
C Testing the Trap|QID|26771|U|60773|M|51.11,85.47|N|Fly far west, to the Matriarch’s Feeding Grounds. Use the Trapped basilisk Meat in the center of the feeding ground to bring the Stonescale Matriarch down. She is a level 82 elite, and can hit quite hard. The trick to beating her is to rotate around her while doing damage, only staying in one spot as long as is necessary. This is simple if you are playing a melee class. Casters should only cast 2 or 3 spells before moving to a different position.|
T Testing the Trap|QID|26771|M|64.50,82.19|N|To Stormcaller Mylra.|
A Abyssion’s Minions|QID|26857|PRE|26771|M|64.50,82.19|N|From Stormcaller Mylra.|
A Block the Gates|QID|26861|PRE|26771|M|64.50,82.19|N|From Seer Galekk.|
C Abyssion’s Minions|QID|26857|S|M|69.72,77.39|N|Kill any of the cultists or dragonspawn.|
N Block the Gates|QID|26861|U|60501|M|68.7,75.1|N|Fly to the Twilight Gate and use the Stormstone to seal it.|QO|Twilight Gate disrupted: 1/1|
C Block the Gates|QID|26861|U|60501|M|71.14,75.03|N|Fly to the Elemental Gate and seal it with the Stormstone.|
C Abyssion’s Minions|QID|26857|US|M|69.72,77.39|N|Kill any of the cultists or dragonspawn.|
T Block the Gates|QID|26861|M|64.49,82.25|N|To Seer Galekk.|
T Abyssion’s Minions|QID|26857|M|64.49,82.25|N|To Stormcaller Mylra.|
A The World Pillar Fragment|QID|26876|PRE|26857;26861|M|64.49,82.25|N|From Stormcaller Mylra.|
C The World Pillar Fragment|QID|26876|U|60810|M|69.73,76.72|N|Fly to the center of Abyssion’s Lair. Use the Earthen Ring Banner there to summon Abyssion. You will fight him the same way that you fought the Stonescale Matriarch. You will also have some NPCs there to help you out. When you see the warning that Abyssion is casting a powerful shadow nova, run away, preferably behind the pillar. It hits for about 20k, which could kill you if you are low.|
T Blood of the Earthwarder|QID|26259|RANK|2|M|49.66,53.02|N|To Seer Kormo.|
T The World Pillar Fragment|QID|26876|M|49.66,53.02|N|To Maruut Stonebinder.|
T Where’s Goldmine?|QID|26409|M|46.48,57.33|N|Leave the Temple and start going to the west around the outside. Find Initiate Goldmine.|
A Explosive Bonding Compound|QID|26410|PRE|26409|M|46.48,57.33|N|From Initiate Goldmine.|
C Explosive Bonding Compound|QID|26410|M|44.25,55.24|N|Kill Rockslice Flayers in the area to the west until you have 5 White Stone Resin.|
T Explosive Bonding Compound|QID|26410|M|46.51,57.23|N|To Initiate Goldmine.|
A Something that Burns|QID|27135|PRE|26410|M|46.48,57.33|N|From Initiate Goldmine.|
C Something that Burns|QID|27135|U|60834|M|52.12,59.01|N|Fly east where you will find The Blood Trail. Use Goldmine’s Fire Totem in any of the lava pools here to summon Magmatooth. Kill him and loot The Burning Heart.|
T Something that Burns|QID|27135|M|46.51,57.23|N|To Initiate Goldmine.|
A Apply and Flash Dry|QID|26411|PRE|27135|M|46.51,57.23|N|From Initiate Goldmine.|
C Apply and Flash Dry|QID|26411|U|58502|M|46.51,57.23|N|Use the Explosive Bonding Compound on Flint Oremantle, who is lying on the ground next to Goldmine.|
T Apply and Flash Dry|QID|26411|M|46.51,57.23|N|To Initiate Goldmine.|
A Take Him to the Earthcaller|QID|26413|PRE|26411|M|46.51,57.23|N|From Initiate Goldmine.|
C Take Him to the Earthcaller|QID|26413|M|49.65,53.32|N|Back to the Temple of Earth. Flint Oremantle will follow you.|
T Take Him to the Earthcaller|QID|26413|M|49.54,53.44|N|To Earthcaller Yevaa.|
A To Stonehearth’s Aid|QID|26484|PRE|26413|M|49.54,53.44|N|From Earthcaller Yevaa.|
T To Stonehearth’s Aid|QID|26484|M|27.89,68.71|N|Fly to Stonehearth. Find Crag Rockcrusher.|
A The Quaking Fields|QID|27931|PRE|26484|M|27.89,68.71|N|From Crag Rockcrusher, if this quest still exists.|
T The Quaking Fields|QID|27931|M|30.71,77.75|N|To Slate Quicksand.|
A The Axe of Earthly Sundering|QID|27932|M|30.71,77.75|N|From Slate Quicksand.|
A Elemental Ore|QID|27933|M|30.71,77.75|N|From Slate Quicksand.|
C Elemental Ore|QID|27933|S|M|35.41,79.06|N|Kill Jade Ragers in the area until you get 6 Elemental Ore.|
C The Axe of Earthly Sundering|QID|27932|U|60490|M|38.96,85.86|N|Find an Emerald Colossus and use The Axe of Earthly Sundering. It will turn into a Sundered Emerald Colossus, which if far easier to kill.|
C Elemental Ore|QID|27933|US|M|35.41,79.06|N|Kill Jade Ragers in the area until you get 6 Elemental Ore.|
T The Axe of Earthly Sundering|QID|27932|M|30.69,77.77|N|To Slate Quicksand.|
T Elemental Ore|QID|27933|M|30.69,77.77|N|To Slate Quicksand.|
A One With the Ground|QID|27934|PRE|27932;27933|M|30.69,77.77|N|From Slate Quicksand.|
C One With the Ground|QID|27934|M|47.11,90.17|N|Talk to Slate and tell him you are ready to complete the ritual. You will go tunneling through the ground into Avalanchion’s Vault.|
T One With the Ground|QID|27934|M|47.11,90.17|N|Click the notification box to turn in One With the Ground.|
A Bring Down the Avalanche|QID|27935|PRE|27934|RANK|1|M|47.11,90.17|N|Accept the followup, Bring Down the Avalanche.|
C Bring Down the Avalanche|QID|27935|M|46.96,89.23|N|Kill Avalanchion.|
T Bring Down the Avalanche|QID|27935|M|27.88,68.68|N|Once he is dead, leave the cave by jumping down into the water and heading north to exit exit. Then return to Crag Rockcrusher at Stonehearth.|
A Stonefather’s Boon|QID|26499|PRE|26484|M|27.88,68.68|N|From Crag Rockcrusher.|
A We’re Surrounded|QID|26500|PRE|26484|M|28.23,69.69|N|From Earthbreaker Dolomite.|
C Stonefather’s Boon|QID|26499|S|U|58884|M|29.85,73.77|N|Go to where the Earthen are fighting the troggs, just southwest of where Dolomite is. Use the Stonefather’s Banner near any Stonehearth Defenders and kill any Stone Trogg Ambushers until you complete both of the quests you have.|
C We’re Surrounded|QID|26500|M|31.38,72.07|N|Kill 12 Stone Trogg Ambushers.|
C Stonefather’s Boon|QID|26499|US|U|58884|M|29.85,73.77|N|Go to where the Earthen are fighting the troggs, just southwest of where Dolomite is. Use the Stonefather’s Banner near any Stonehearth Defenders and kill any Stone Trogg Ambushers until you complete both of the quests you have.|
T We’re Surrounded|QID|26500|M|28.24,69.72|N|To Earthbreaker Dolomite.|
A Thunder Stones|QID|26502|PRE|26500|RANK|1|M|28.21,69.66|N|From Earthbreaker Dolomite.|
T Stonefather’s Boon|QID|26499|M|27.86,68.69|N|To Crag Rockcrusher.|
A Sealing the Way|QID|26501|PRE|26499|M|27.86,68.69|N|From Crag Rockcrusher.|
C Thunder Stones|QID|26502|S|M|25.84,68.47|N|From now on, collect Thunder Stones.|
N Shrine sealed|QID|26501|U|58885|M|27.3,67.8|QO|Shrine sealed: 1/1|N|Kill any troggs that are attacking the Earthen Geomancer, then use the Rockslide Reagent on him to seal the Shrine.|
N Armory sealed|QID|26501|U|58885|M|27.3,70.11|QO|Armory sealed: 1/1|N|Kill any troggs that are attacking the Earthen Geomancer, then use the Rockslide Reagent on him to seal the Armory.|
N Inn sealed|QID|26501|U|58885|M|26.17,69.85|QO|Inn sealed: 1/1|N|Kill any troggs that are attacking the Earthen Geomancer, then use the Rockslide Reagent on him to seal the Inn.|
C Sealing the Way|QID|26501|U|58885|M|26.0,68.8|N|Seal the Barracks.|
C Thunder Stones|QID|26502|US|M|25.84,68.47|N|Finish collecting Thunder Stones.|
T Sealing the Way|QID|26501|M|24.55,62.41|N|To Gravel Longslab.|
T Thunder Stones|QID|26502|M|24.72,62.14|N|To Clay Mudaxle.|
A Shatter Them!|QID|26537|PRE|26501;26502|M|24.55,62.41|N|From Gravel Longslab.|
A Fixer Upper|QID|26564|PRE|26501;26502|M|24.72,62.14|N|From Clay Mudaxle.|
A Battlefront Triage|QID|26591|PRE|26501;26502|M|24.63,62.11|N|From Earthmender Deepvein.|
C Fixer Upper|QID|26564|S|M|21.01,57.78|N|Collect 6 Catapult Parts.|
C Battlefront Triage|QID|26591|S|U|58965|M|23.62,61.32|N|Use Deepvein’s Patch Kit on the Inured Earthen.|
C Shatter Them!|QID|26537|M|23.31,60.51|N|Kill 12 Stone Troggs.|
C Fixer Upper|QID|26564|US|M|21.01,57.78|N|Collect 6 Catapult Parts.|
T Battlefront Triage|QID|26591|M|24.59,62.14|N|To Earthmender Deepvein.|
T Fixer Upper|QID|26564|M|24.75,62.13|N|To Clay Mudaxle.|
T Shatter Them!|QID|26537|M|24.52,62.41|N|To Gravel Longslab.|
A Troggzor the Earthinator|QID|26625|PRE|26537;26564;26591|M|24.52,62.41|N|From Gravel Longslab.|
C Troggzor the Earthinator|QID|26625|M|22.51,56.74|N|Troggzor is located on a small rise. Kill him and loot The Earthinator’s Cudgel.|
T Troggzor the Earthinator|QID|26625|M|24.52,62.40|N|To Gravel Longslab.|
A Rush Delivery|QID|27126|M|24.72,62.17|N|From Clay Mudaxle.|
T Rush Delivery|QID|27126|M|20.77,61.56|N|To Peak Grindstone.|
A Close Escort|QID|26632|PRE|27126|M|20.69,61.59|N|From Peak Grindstone.|
C Close Escort|QID|26632|N|This is a standard escort quest. Just follow the catapult as it works its way to your destination.|
T Close Escort|QID|26632|M|22.60,52.10|N|To Pyrium Lodestone.|
A Keep Them off the Battlefront|QID|26755|PRE|26632|N|From Pyrium Lodestone.|
C Keep Them off the Battlefront|QID|26755|N|Hop in one of the catapults to the left of Pyrium. Kill anything that moves until the quest is complete.|
T Keep Them off the Battlefront|QID|26755|N|To Pyrium Lodestone.|
A Reactivate the Construct|QID|26762|PRE|26755|N|From Pyrium Lodestone.|
A Mystic Masters|QID|26770|PRE|26755|N|From Flint Oremantle.|
C Reactivate the Construct|QID|26762|S|M|24.00,48.00|N|Reactivate Deactivated War Constructs.|
C Mystic Masters|QID|26770|M|24.00,48.00|N|Slay 5 Needlerock Mystics.|
C Reactivate the Construct|QID|26762|US|M|24.00,48.00|N|Finish reactivate the 5 Deactivated War Constructs.|
T Reactivate the Construct|QID|26762|N|To Pyrium Lodestone.|
T Mystic Masters|QID|26770|N|To Flint Oremantle.|
A Down into the Chasm|QID|26834|PRE|26762;26770|M|22.6,52.1|N|From Pyrium Lodestone.|
T Down into the Chasm|QID|26834|M|27.6,44.9|N|To Slate Quicksand.|
A Sprout No More|QID|26791|PRE|26834|M|27.6,44.9|From Slate Quicksand.|
A Fungal Monstrosities|QID|26792|PRE|26834|M|27.6,44.9|N|From Slate Quicksand.|
C Sprout No More|QID|26791|S|N|Obtain a War Guardian and start destroying Giant Mushrooms and Fungal Monstrosities.|
C Fungal Monstrosities|QID|26792|M|27.5,38.3|N|Destroy Fungal Monstrosities.|
C Sprout No More|QID|26791|M|27.6,35.6|US|N|Finish destroying Giant Shrooms.|
T Sprout No More|QID|26791|M|27.6,44.9|To Slate Quicksand.|
T Fungal Monstrosities|QID|26792|M|27.6,44.9|N|To Slate Quicksand.|
A A Slight Problem|QID|26835|PRE|26791;26792|M|27.6,44.9|N|From Slate Quickand.|
T A Slight Problem|QID|26835|PRE|26791;26792|M|22.6,52.1|N|To Pyrium Lodestone.|
A Rescue the Stonefather…and Flint|QID|26836|PRE|26835|M|22.6,52.1|N|From Pyrium Lodestone.|
C Rescue the Stonefather…and Flint|QID|26836|M|24.64,32.41;24.57,30.94|N|Fly to this bridge and then kill Bouldergut.|
T Rescue the Stonefather…and Flint|QID|26836|M|22.6,52.1|N|To Pyrium Lodestone.|
A The Hero returns|QID|27937|PRE|26836|M|22.6,52.1|N|From Pyrium Lodestone.|
T The Hero returns|QID|27937|M|28,68.6|N|To Stonefather Oremantle.|
A The Middle Fragment|QID|27938|PRE|27937|M|28,68.6|N|From Stonefather Oremantle.|
C The Middle Fragment|QID|27938|M|28,68.72|N|In The Stonefather’s Safe, right behind Oremantle.|
T The Middle Fragment|QID|27938|M|49.5,53.3|N|To Earthcaller Yevaa.|
A The Very Earth Beneath Our Feet|QID|26326|RANK|1|M|49.6,53|N|From Maruut Stonebinder.|
T The Very Earth Beneath Our Feet|QID|26326|M|46.1, 45.7|N|To Earthcaller Torunscar.|
A Crumbling Defenses|QID|26312|PRE|26326|M|46.1,45.7|N|From Earthcaller Torunscar.|
A On Even Ground|QID|26314|PRE|26326|M|46.1,45.7|N|From Earthcaller Torunscar.|
A Core of Our Troubles|QID|26313|PRE|26326|M|46.1,45.7|N|From Earthmender Norsala.|
C Core of Our Troubles|QID|26313|S|M|45.1,40.5|N|Kill Irestone Rumblers and loot them to get Irestone Cores.|
C On Even Ground|QID|26314|S|U|58169|N|Use the Elementium Grapple Line to pull 3 Servants of Therazane off of their feet.|
C Crumbling Defenses|QID|26312|M|44.4,43.9;44.6,41.3;47.4,42.9|N|Relieve Tawn, Mylra and Hargoth.|
C On Even Ground|QID|26314|US|U|58169|N|Use the Elementium Grapple Line to pull 3 Servants of Therazane off of their feet.|
C Core of Our Troubles|QID|26313|US|M|45.1,40.5|N|Finish collecting 6 Irestone Cores.|
T Crumbling Defenses|QID|26312|M|46.1,45.7|N|To Earthcaller Torunscar.|
T On Even Ground|QID|26314|M|46.1,45.7|N|To Earthcaller Torunscar.|
T Core of Our Troubles|QID|26313|M|46.1,45.7|N|To Earthmender Norsala.|
A Imposing Confrontation|QID|26315|PRE|26312;26313;26314|M|46.1,45.7|N|From Earthmender Norsala.|
C Imposing Confrontation|QID|26315|M|49.00,40.00|U|58177|N|Read the Earthen Ring Proclamation to Boden the Imposing.|
T Imposing Confrontation|QID|26315|M|46.1,45.7|N|To Earthmender Norsala.|
A Rocky Relations|QID|26328|PRE|26315|M|46.1,45.7|N|From Earthmender Norsala.|
T Rocky Relations|QID|26328|M|56.50,41.20|N|To Diamant the Patient.|
A Hatred Runs Deep|QID|26376|PRE|26328|M|56.50,41.20|N|From Diamant the Patient.|
A Unsolid Ground|QID|26377|PRE|26328|M|56.50,41.20|N|From Diamant the Patient.|
A Loose Stone|QID|26375|PRE|26328|M|56.5,41.1|N|From Quartz Stonetender.|
l Jade Crystal Clusters|QID|26377|L|58500 6|N|Loot 6 Jade Crystal Clusters from around the camp.|S|M|59.5,39.9|
C Loose Stone|QID|26375|U|58254|M|59.00,42.00|S|N|Use Delicate Chain Smasher to free Quartz Rocklings|M|59.5,39.9|
C Hatred Runs Deep|QID|26376|S|QO|Lorthuna’s Gate Cultists slain: 12/12|M|59.5,39.9|N|Kill Twilight Duskwardens.|
K Dragul Giantbutcher|QID|26376|QO|Dragul Giantbutcher slain: 1/1|M|60.20,39.50|N|Kill Dragul Giantbutcher.|
C Hatred Runs Deep|QID|26376|US|QO|Lorthuna’s Gate Cultists slain: 12/12|M|59.5,39.9|N|Kill Twilight Duskwardens.|
l Jade Crystal Clusters|QID|26377|L|58500 6|N|Loot 6 Jade Crystal Clusters from around the camp.|US|M|59.5,39.9|
U Jade Crystal Clusters|QID|26377|L|58783|U|58500|N|Use the Jade Crystal Clusters to get the Jade Crystal Composite.|
C Unsolid Ground|QID|26377|U|58783|M|58.80,41.20|N|Go to an open area of the camp. Use the Jade Crystal Composite to summon an Aggitated Tunneler. Mount up as soon as you get the quest complete message. You don’t want to be nearby when the rockworm emerges.|
C Loose Stone|QID|26375|U|58254|M|59.00,42.00|US|N|Finish releasing Quartz Rocklings with the Delicate Chain Smasher.|
T Loose Stones|QID|26375|M|56.5,41.1|N|To Quartz Stonetender.|
T Unsolid Ground|QID|26377|M|56.50,41.20|N|To Diamant the Patient.|
T Hatred Runs Deep|QID|26376|M|56.50,41.20|N|To Diamant the Patient.|
A Violent Gale|QID|26426|PRE|26375;26376;26377|M|From Diamant the Patient.|
N Felsen the Enduring|QID|26426|M|52,32|QO|Find Felsen the Enduring: 1/1|N|Find Felsen the Enduring at the waypoint.|
C Violent Gale|QID|26426|M|58.00,25.00|N|Find the entrance to Crumbling Depths.|
T Violent Gale|QID|26426|N|(UI Alert)|
A Depth of the Depths|QID|26869|PRE|26426|N|Automatic from Diamond the Patient.|
C Depth of the Depths|QID|26869|N|Follow the main path until you reach a fork. Wait for the Colossal Gyreworm to go by then start running down the right fork. Follow this around until you reach a small branch to you right. Duck into this and wait for the elite to path by again, then continue up the tunnel, following the elite. Take the next right. Hug the wall to your right until you enter a short tunnel. Follow this to another chamber. Keep hugging the right wall and enter the first tunnel you come to. This will lead to the chamber with the stone you are looking for.|
T Depth of the Depths|QID|26869|M|66.4,20.6|N|Click on the stone.|
A A Rock Amongst Many|QID|26871|PRE|26869|M|66.4,20.6|N|From the Gigantic Painite Cluster.|
T A Rock Amongst Many|QID|26871|M|56.5,42.5|N|Don’t go back the way you came. Take the exit directly in front of you, into another tunnel. Keep the wall on your right side as you follow this tunnel. At the end of it, you will drop down into the large central chamber. To your left is the circular tunnel that the Colossal Gyreworm paths around. Wait for him to go by, then follow him down the right fork. There will be some stones blocking the way, but they can be hopped over. Take the first right you can, and follow this tunnel all the way to the exit.|
A Entrenched|QID|26436|PRE|26871|M|56.5,42.5|N|From Diamant the Patient.|
T Entrenched|QID|26436|M|34.12,34.19|N|To Kor the Immovable. He’s way to the West.|
A Intervention|QID|26438|PRE|26436|M|34.12,34.19|N|From Kor the Immovable.|
A Making Things Crystal Clear|QID|26437|PRE|26436|M|34.12,34.19|N|From Kor the Immovable.|
A Putting the Pieces Together|QID|26439|PRE|26436|M|34.5,33.4|N|From Berracite, who wanders.|
C Making Things Crystal Clear|QID|26437|M|33.40,43.80|S|N|Collect Chalky Crystal Formations.|
C Intervention|QID|26438|M|31.3,47.8|N|Kill 12 Rockflayers.|S|
C Putting the Pieces Together|QID|26439|M|33.47,43.80|N|Click on Dormant/Dead Stonebound Elementals to reform them.|
C Intervention|QID|26438|M|31.3,47.8|N|Kill 12 Rockflayers.|US|
C Making Things Crystal Clear|QID|26437|M|33.40,43.80|US|N|Finish collecting Chalky Crystal Formations.|
T Putting the Pieces Together|QID|26439|M|34.2,35|N|To Berracite, who wanders.|
T Making Things Crystal Clear|QID|26437|M|34.12,34.19|N|To Kor the Immovable.|
T Intervention|QID|26438|M|34.12,34.19|N|To Kor the Immovable.|
A Pebble|QID|28869|PRE|26437;26438;26439|RANK|1|M|34.12,34.19|N|From Kor the Immovable.|
T Pebble|QID|28869|N|To Pebble.|
A Clingy|QID|26440|PRE|28869|N|From Pebble.|
C Clingy|QID|26440|M|30.00,46.00|N|Pebble will begin “harvesting” the crystal. Defend him.|
T Clingy|QID|26440|N|To Pebble.|
A So Big, So Round…|QID|26441|PRE|26440|N|From Pebble.|
T So Big, So Round…|QID|26441|M|34.12,34.19|N|To Kor the Immovable.|
A Petrified Delicacies|QID|26507|PRE|26441|RANK|2|M|34.12,34.19|N|From Kor the Immovable.|
A Rock Bottom|QID|26575|PRE|26441|M|34.12,34.19|N|From Kor the Immovable.|
C Petrified Delicacies|QID|26507|RANK|2|M|39.1,28.8|N|Head to the shelf to the northeast. Loot any Petrified Bats off the ground. The basilisks in the area can also drop them.|
T Petrified Delicacies|QID|26507|RANK|2|N|To Pebble, who should still be following you around.|
C Rock Bottom|QID|26575|M|47.5,27.00|M|34,33|N|Try to dodge the boulders he chucks. If you get the message that Gorgonite’s eyes begin to glow, you must quickly break line-of-sight with him or you will be stunned for several seconds.|
T Rock Bottom|QID|26575|M|34.12,34.19|N|Back to Kor the Immovable.|
A Steady Hand|QID|26576|PRE|26575|RANK|2|M|34.12,34.19|N|From Kor.|
A Rocky Upheaval|QID|26577|PRE|26575||M|34.12,34.19|N|From Kor.|
T Steady Hand|QID|26576|RANK|2|N|To Terrath the Steady.|
A Don’t. Stop. Moving.|QID|26656|PRE|26576|RANK|2|M|39.94,19.41|N|From Terrath the Steady.|
C Don’t. Stop. Moving.|QID|26656|RANK|2|M|39.94,19.41;43.03,16.33;46.07,13.60;50.56,13.79|N|You need to do this on a ground mount. Speak to Terrath and tell him you are ready. A group of Opalescent Guardians will spawn. This group will follow you and you need to get 5 across the eastern section of the Pale Roost, past all the stone dragons. The best way I have found is to run directly east to the stone circle at (50.60, 13.00)|
T Don’t. Stop. Moving.|QID|26656|RANK|2|M|39.94,19.41|N|To Terrath the Steady.|
A Hard Falls|QID|26657|PRE|26656|RANK|2|M|39.94,19.41|N|From Terrath the Steady.|
A Fragile Values|QID|26658|PRE|26656|RANK|2|M|39.94,19.41|N|From Terrath the Steady.|
C Hard Falls|QID|26657|S|RANK|2|M|33.6,21.4|N|Go west, out into the Pale Roost. You will see Stone Dragons falling to the ground. Attack them before they manage to take off again.|
C Fragile Values|QID|26658|RANK|2|U|60266|M|35.8,26.4|N|Search the area until you find two stone troggs with a basilisk in a net. Kill the two troggs and loot them to get a Stonework Mallet.|
C Hard Falls|QID|26657|US|RANK|2|M|33.6,21.4|N|Go west, out into the Pale Roost. You will see Stone Dragons falling to the ground. Attack them before they manage to take off again.|
T Hard Falls|QID|26657|RANK|2|M|39.94,19.41|N|To Terrath the Steady.|
T Fragile Values|QID|26658|RANK|2|M|39.94,19.41|N|To Terrath the Steady.|
A Resonating Blow|QID|26659|PRE|26657;26658|RANK|2|M|39.94,19.41|N|From Terrath the Steady.|
C Resonating Blow|QID|26659|RANK|2|U|60266|M|32.60,24.30|N| Terrath will come and toss you up onto some floating rocks. Jump from rock to rock until you reach a cluster of rocks all on the same level. You will attack Aeosera from these rocks. When she targets the platform you are standing on, jump to another and continue to attack. Continue attacking and jumping from rock to rock until she surrenders.|
T Resonating Blow|QID|26659|RANK|2|M|39.94,19.41|N|To Terrath the Steady.|
T Rocky Upheaval|QID|26577|M|72.30,54.10|N|To Gorsik the Tumultuous.|
A Doomshrooms|QID|26578|PRE|26577|M|72.2,53.9|N|From Gorsik the Tumultuous.|
A Gone Soft|QID|26579|PRE|26577|M|72.2,53.9|N|From Gorsik the Tumultuous.|
A Familiar Intruders|QID|26580|PRE|26577|M|72.2,53.9|N|From Gorsik the Tumultuous.|
C Doomshrooms|QID|26578|N|From now on kill Doomshrooms.|S|
C Gone Soft|QID|26579|M|70.5,43.3|N|Kill Fungal Behemoths.|US|
T Familiar Intruders|QID|26580|M|71.80,47.60|N|To Windspeaker Lorvarius.|
A A Head Full of Wind|QID|26581|PRE|26580|N|From Windspeaker Lorvarius.|
C A Head Full of Wind|QID|26581|N|Wander around the Crimson Expanse, killing mushrooms and Behemoths, until you find a cloud of red mist floating around. Run into it to let the tornado pick it up.|
T A Head Full of Wind|QID|26581|M|71.80,47.60|N|To Windspeaker Lorvarius.|
A Unnatural Causes|QID|26582|PRE|26581|M|71.80,47.60|N|From Windspeaker Lorvarius.|
C Gone Soft|QID|26579|M|70.5,43.3|N|Finish killing Fungal Behemoths.|US|
C Doomshrooms|QID|26578|M|70.6,40.1|N|FInish killing Doomshrooms.|US|
T Unnatural Causes|QID|26582|M|72.2,53.9|N|To Gorsik the Tumultuous.|
T Gone Soft|QID|26579|M|72.2,53.9|N|To Gorsik the Tumultuous.|
T Doomshrooms|QID|26578|M|72.2,53.9|N|To Gorsik the Tumultuous.|
A Shaken and Stirred|QID|26584|PRE|26578;26579;26582|M|72.2,53.9|N|From Gorsik the Tumultuous.|
A Corruption Destruction|QID|26585|PRE|26578;26579;26582|M|72.2,53.9|N|From Gorsik the Tumultuous.|
A Wrath of the Fungalmancer|QID|26583|PRE|26578;26579;26582|M|68.50,26.30|RANK|2|N|From Ruberick.|
C Shaken and Stirred|QID|26584|N|Right behind Ruberick, you may have notice there are troggs raining from the sky. Kill 8 of these Verlock Pillartumblers.|
N Wrath of the Fungalmancer|QID|26583|RANK|2|N|Go in the direction Ruberick is facing, until you enter Fungal Deep. Follow the cave down until you run into Earthmender Norsala. If you reach a point where the path splits off in different directions, it means someone else is doing the event. Wait a couple minutes and she should re-appear.|
N Wrath of the Fungalmancer|QID|26583|RANK|2|N|Speak to Norsala and let her know you are ready to start the event.Follow him, attacking when you can.|
C Wrath of the Fungalmancer|QID|26583|RANK|2|N|He’ll lead you on a merry chase through his cave, stopping a couple times. Be sure to watch out for the mushrooms he throws each time he stops. They will start small and begin growing, eventually exploding for a moderate amount of damage that hits everyone within 5 yards or so. You can stop this by attacking the mushrooms.|
T Wrath of the Fungalmancer|QID|26583|RANK|2|M|68.50,26.30|N|Once Glop makes his last stand and is finished off, take the path to your left, then turn right to head out of the cave.|
C Corruption Destruction|QID|26585|M|73.00,27.00|N|Loot Verlok Miracle-Grow, which will be on the ground and in crates all over this area.|
T Corruption Destruction|QID|26585|M|72.2,53.9|N|Back to Gorsik.|
T Shaken and Stirred|QID|26584|M|72.2,53.9|N|To Gorsik.|
A At the Stonemother’s Call|QID|26750|PRE|26584;26585|M|72.2,53.9|N|From Gorsik the Tumultuous.|
T At the Stonemother’s Call|QID|26750|M|56.30,12.20|N|To Therazane.|
A Audience with the Stonemother|QID|26752|PRE|26750|M|56.1,13.4|N|Watch event that takes place.|
T Audience with the Stonemother|QID|26752|M|56.1,13.4|N|To Earthcaller Torunscar. He is off to the side and toward the back of Therazane’s throne.|
A Rallying the Earthen Ring|QID|26827|PRE|26752|M|56.1,13.4|N|From Earthcaller Torunscar.|
C Rallying the Earthen Ring|QID|26827|N|Return to the Temple of Earth. Go into either of the two rooms near the back and talk to members of the Earthen Ring to get them to head off to the fight.|
T Rallying the Earthen Ring|QID|26827|M|49.6,53|N|To Maruut Stonebinder.|
A Our Part of the Bargain|QID|26828|PRE|26827|N|From Maruut.|
T Our Part of the Bargain|QID|26828|M|63.30,25.00|N|Fly to the Halcyon Egress and find Therazane.|
A The Stone March|QID|26829|PRE|26828|M|63.3,25.1|N|From Therazane.|
A Therazane’s Mercy|QID|26832|PRE|26828|M|63.3,25.1|N|From Therazane.|
A The Twilight Flight|QID|26831|PRE|26828|M|62.2,27|N|From Boden the Imposing.|RANK|1|
C The Stone March|QID|26829|S|N|Kill Twilight Precipice Cultists.|
C Therazane’s Mercy|QID|26832|QO|High Priestess Lorthuna defeated: 1/1|M|62.50,31.00|N|Very top of the tower.|
C Therazane’s Mercy|QID|26832|QO|Boldrich Stonerender defeated: 1/1|N|Head west to find him.|
C The Twilight Flight|QID|26831|M|63.20,38.20|N|Fight, chase, Kill!|
T The Twilight Flight|QID|26831|M|64.1,36.9|N|To Terath.|
C The Stone March|QID|26829|M|62,35.6|US|N|Finish killing Cultists.|
T The Stone March|QID|26829|M|63.3,25.1|N|To Therazane.|
T Therazane’s Mercy|QID|26832|M|63.3,25.1|N|To Therazane.|
A Word in Stone|QID|26833|PRE|26829;26831,26832|N|From Therazane.|
T Word in Stone|QID|26833|M|49.6,53|N|Fly back to the Temple of Earth, speak to Maruut Stonebinder.|
A Undying Twilight|QID|26875|PRE|26833|N|From Maruut.|
C Undying Twilight|QID|26875|M|47.68,53.09|N|Kill Twilight Invaders and Desecrated Earthrager.|
T Undying Twilight|QID|26875|N|(UI Alert)|
A The Binding|QID|26971|PRE|26875|M|49.8,52.8|N|(UI Alert)|
C The Binding|QID|26971|N|Kill High Priestess Lorthuna.|
T The Binding|QID|26971|N|To Earthcaller Torunscar.|
A The Stone Throne|QID|26709|PRE|26971|M|49.7,53.3|N|Will open up the Daily Quest hub in Deepholm.|
A Wayward Child|QID|28824|PRE|26709|M|56.5,12.2|N|This is a Quest for Stonecore, the 5-man Dungeon in this zone. Feel free to pick up this quest so you can do it when you run the instance. However that will not be covered here.|
T The Stone Throne|QID|26709|M|56.4,12.2|N|Back up on Therazane’s Throne.|

A The Twilight Plot|QID|27004|RANK|1|M|47.4,51.4|N|From Explorer Mowi.|FACTION|Alliance|
A Fly Over|QID|27006|RANK|1|M|47.4,51.4|N|From Prospector Brewer.|FACTION|Alliance|
C The Twilight Plot|QID|27004|M|41.00,69.00|N|Kill Twilight Cultist in the area untill you get the Masters’ Gate Plans.|FACTION|Alliance|
C Fly Over|QID|27006|M|39.10,73.90|N|Fly to the Masters’ Gate.|FACTION|Alliance|
T The Twilight Plot|QID|27004|M|47.4,51.4|N|To Explorer Mowi.|FACTION|Alliance|
T Fly Over|QID|27006|M|47.4,51.4|N|To Prospector Brewer.|FACTION|Alliance|
A Fight Fire and Water and Air With…|QID|27042|PRE|27004;27006|RANK|2|M|47.4,51.4|N|From Prospector Brewer.|FACTION|Alliance|
A Decryption Made Easy|QID|27040|PRE|27004;27006|N|From Explorer Mowi.|FACTION|Alliance|
C Decryption Made Easy|QID|27040|S|M|38,69.9;39.6,73.8;41.2,71.8|N|Look for the One-Time Decryption Engines. Use them to decrypt the Twilight Plans. Do this 6 times.|FACTION|Alliance|
C Fight Fire and Water and Air With…|QID|27042|RANK|2|M|40.80,66.30|QO|Water Ward acquired: 1/1|N|Kill the Bound Water Elemental.|FACTION|Alliance|
C Fight Fire and Water and Air With…|QID|27042|RANK|2|M|36.10,67.40|QO|Fire Ward acquired: 1/1|N|Kill the Bound Fire Elemental.|FACTION|Alliance|
C Fight Fire and Water and Air With…|QID|27042|RANK|2|M|40.50,72.40|QO|Air Ward acquired: 1/1|N|Kill the Bound Air Elemental.|FACTION|Alliance|
C Decryption Made Easy|QID|27040|US|M|38,69.9;39.6,73.8;41.2,71.8|N|Look for the One-Time Decryption Engines. Use them to decrypt the Twilight Plans. Do this 6 times.|FACTION|Alliance|
T Decryption Made Easy|QID|27040|N|(UI Alert)|FACTION|Alliance|
A The Wrong Sequence|QID|27058|PRE|27040|N|Quest starts automatic.|FACTION|Alliance|
C The Wrong Sequence|QID|27058|M|39.15,73.75|N|Go to the Waygate, use the Waygate Contoller located directly in front of the Waygate to destroy it.|FACTION|Alliance|
C Fight Fire and Water and Air With…|QID|27042|M|40.00,62.20|QO|Haethen Kaul slain: 1/1|N|Floating platform above the Twilight Terrace.|FACTION|Alliance|
T Fight Fire and Water and Air With…|QID|27042|RANK|2|N|To Prospector Brewer.|FACTION|Alliance|
T The Wrong Sequence|QID|27058|PRE|27040|M|47.4,51.4|N|To Explorer Mowi.|FACTION|Alliance|
A That’s No Pyramid!|QID|28292|PRE|27058|M|47.4,51.4|N|From Explorer Mowi.|FACTION|Alliance|
R Stormwind City|QID|28292|M|48.53,53.84|N|Go back into the main chamber of the Temple and take the portal in the southeast alcove to return to Stormwind.|FACTION|Alliance|
T That’s No Pyramid!|QID|28292|M|85.77,25.85|Z|Stormwind City|N|To Harrison Jones.|FACTION|Alliance|
A Meetup with the Caravan|QID|28295|N|From Harrison Jones.|M|85.77,25.85|Z|Stormwind City|FACTION|Alliance|
F Booty Bay|QID|28295|Z|Stormwind City|M|70.99,72.57|N|Fly to Booty Bay.|FACTION|Alliance|
b Ratchet|QID|28295|Z|The Cape of Stranglethorn|M|39,67|N|Take the boat to Ratchet.|FACTION|Alliance|
F Southmoon Ruins|QID|Z|Northern Barrens|M|69.13,70.70|N|Fly to Southmoon Ruins in the southern part of Tanaris.|FACTION|Alliance|
T Meetup with the Caravan|QID|28295|N|To Adarrah.|M|30.51,65.51|Z|Tanaris|FACTION|Alliance|

A The Twilight Plot|QID|27005|M|51.20,50.10|N|From Examiner Rowe.|FACTION|Horde|
A Fly Over|QID|27008|M|51.20,50.10|N|From Reliquary Jes’ca Darksun.|FACTION|Horde|
C The Twilight Plot|QID|27005|M|41.00,69.00|N|Kill Twilight Cultist in the area until you get the Twilight Terrace Plans.|FACTION|Horde|
C Fly Over|QID|27008|M|39.10,73.90|N|Fly to the Titan Waygate.|FACTION|Horde|
T The Twilight Plot|QID|27005|M|51.20,50.10|N|To Examiner Rowe.|FACTION|Horde|
T Fly Over|QID|27008|M|51.20,50.10|N|To Reliquary Jes’ca Darksun.|FACTION|Horde|
A Fight Fire and Water and Air With…|QID|27043|M|51.20,50.10|N|From Reliquary Jes’ca Darksun.|FACTION|Horde|
A Decryption Made Easy|QID|27041|M|51.20,50.10|N|From Examiner Rowe.|FACTION|Horde|
C Decryption Made Easy|S|QID|27041|N| Look for the One-Time Decryption Engines. Use them to decrypt the Twilight Plans. Do this 6 times.|FACTION|Horde|
N Water Ward|QID|27043|M|40.80,66.30|QO|Water Ward acquired: 1/1|N|Kill the Bound Water Elemental to get the Water Ward.|FACTION|Horde|
N Fire Ward|QID|27043|M|36.10,67.40|QO|Fire Ward acquired: 1/1|N|Kill the Bound Fire Elemental to get the Fire Ward.|FACTION|Horde|
N Air Ward|QID|27043|M|40.50,72.40|QO|Air Ward acquired: 1/1|N|Kill the Bound Air Elemental to get the Air Ward.|FACTION|Horde|
C Decryption Made Easy|US|QID|27041|N| Look for the One-Time Decryption Engines. Use them to decrypt the Twilight Plans. Do this 6 times.|FACTION|Horde|
T Decryption Made Easy|QID|27041|N|When you finish a Quest Complete notification will appear. Click it.|FACTION|Horde|
A The Wrong Sequence|QID|27059|N|You will be automatically offered the follow-up.|FACTION|Horde|
C The Wrong Sequence|QID|27059|M|39.13,73.86|N|Go to the Waygate, use the Waygate Contoller located directly in front of the Waygate to destroy it.|FACTION|Horde|
C Fight Fire and Water and Air With…|QID|27043|M|40.00,62.20|QO|Haethen Kaul slain: 1/1|N|Floating platform above the Twilight Terrace.|FACTION|Horde|
T Fight Fire and Water and Air With…|QID|27043|N|To Reliquary Jes’ca Darksun.|FACTION|Horde|
T The Wrong Sequence|QID|27059|M|51.20,50.10|N|To Examiner Rowe.|FACTION|Horde|
A That’s No Pyramid!|QID|28293|M|51.20,50.10|N|From Examiner Rowe.|FACTION|Horde|
R Orgrimmar|QID|28293|M|50.94,53.1|N|Go back into the main chamber of the Temple and take the portal in the southeast alcove to return to Orgimmar.|FACTION|Horde|
T That’s No Pyramid!|QID|28293|M|49.00,71.00|Z|Orgrimmar|N|To Belloc Brightblade.|FACTION|Horde|
A Meetup with the Caravan|QID|28296|M|49.00,71.00|Z|Orgrimmar|N|From Belloc Brightblade. Will not show up if you have the quest “Warchief’s Command: Uldum!”|FACTION|Horde|
T Warchief’s Command: Uldum!|QID|28557|O|N|To Adarrah.|M|30.51,65.51|Z|Tanaris|FACTION|Horde|
T Meetup with the Caravan|QID|28296|O|N|To Adarrah.|M|30.51,65.51|Z|Tanaris|FACTION|Horde|

N This ends this guide.|N|Close this step to continue to Uldum guide.|

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    May 18, 2011 @ 22:44 pm

    Neutral Hyjal, Deepholm, UldumHey, I just migrated them onto WowPro.I’ll sync up GitHub tomorrow, run some consistency and syntax checks and then spin up another alpha with them inside. 

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    May 3, 2011 @ 3:11 am

    Here is Neutral Uldum. Think[i]Here is Neutral Uldum. Think I did the NextGID thing right.[/i]

    WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide(‘AriUld8384’, ‘Uldum’, ‘Hezkezl’, ’83’, ’84’, ‘MagTwi8485|LiaTwi8485’, ‘Neutral’, function()
    return [[

    A Easy Money|QID|27003|M|30.52,65.58|Z|Tanaris|N|From Adarrah.|
    C Easy Money|QID|27003|N|Click on the camel, Lady Humps. Relax and watch the movie.|Z|Tanaris|
    T Easy Money|QID|27003|M|59.70,71.82|N|To Adarrah.|

    A Traitors!|QID|27922|M|59.63,72.05|N|From Prince Nadun.|
    C Traitors!|QID|27922|M|61.69,71.11|N|Fly up to the platform east. Click on the Neferset Frond (plant).|
    T Traitors!|QID|27922|M|59.64,72.05|N|To Prince Nadun.|

    A Smoke in Their Eyes|QID|27923|M|59.64,72.05|N|From Prince Nadun.|
    A Kavem the Callous|QID|28105|M|59.64,72.05|N|From Prince Nadun.|
    A Budd’s Plan|QID|27924|M|59.71,72.03|N|From Budd.|

    C Smoke in Their Eyes|QID|27923|U|63027|M|62.12,73.98|N|Set bales of hay on fire.|S|
    C Budd’s Plan|QID|27924|M|60.91,74.08|N|Kill Neferset Denizens and Neferset Sentinels for Armor Pieces or find them on ground.|S|
    l Neferset Key|QID|28105|L|62817|M|59.96,73.92|N|Kill Kavem and loot the Neferset Key.|
    C Smoke in Their Eyes|QID|27923|U|63027|M|62.12,73.98|N|Set bales of hay on fire.|US|
    C Budd’s Plan|QID|27924|M|60.91,74.08|N|Kill Neferset Denizens and Neferset Sentinels for Armor Pieces or find them on ground.|US|

    T Smoke in Their Eyes|QID|27923|M|59.65,72.05|N|To Prince Nadun.|
    T Kavem the Callous|QID|28105|M|59.65,72.05|N|To Prince Nadun.|
    T Budd’s Plan|QID|27924|M|59.68,72.03|N|To Budd.|

    A Escape From the Lost City|QID|28112|M|59.69,72.02|N|From Prince Nadun. Enjoy the Man-o-Taur Movie.|
    T Escape From the Lost City|QID|28112|M|54.90,32.84|N|To King Phaoris. Don’t be silly, do not take the money unless you REALLY need it.|

    A Impending Retribution|QID|28134|M|54.90,32.84|N|From King Phaoris.|

    h Ramkahen|QID|28134|M|54.73,32.94|N|At Kazemde.|

    f Ramkahen|QID|28134|M|56.18,33.66|N|At Kurzel.|

    C Speak with Sun Priest Asaris|QID|28134|M|52.98,27.78|QO|Speak with Sun Priest Asaris: 1/1|N|Speak to Sun Priest Asaris for Impending Retribution quest.|NC|

    A Relics of the Sun King|QID|28141|M|52.98,27.78|N|From Sun Priest Asaris.|
    A Venomblood Antidote|QID|28145|M|52.98,27.78|N|From Sun Priest Asaris.|

    C Relics of the Sun King|QID|28141|S|M|46.39,21.60|N|Kill various camel-riding mobs and loot Relics of the Sun King.|
    C Venomblood Antidote|QID|28145|U|63086|M|46.64,20.64|N|Kill scorpids and use the vial on their corpses.|
    C Relics of the Sun King|QID|28141|US|M|46.39,21.60|N|Finish killing Wastewander outriders.|

    T Relics of the Sun King|QID|28141|M|52.98,27.75|N|To Sun Priest Asaris.|
    T Venomblood Antidote|QID|28145|M|52.98,27.75|N|To Sun Priest Asaris.|

    A The Bandit Warlord|QID|28502|M|52.98,27.75|N|From Sun Priest Asaris.|

    C The Bandit Warlord|QID|28502|M|45.72,16.20|N|Go to the waypoint and kill Warlord Ihsenn.|
    T The Bandit Warlord|QID|28502|M|52.98,27.63|N|To Sun Priest Asaris.|
    C Speak with Asaq|QID|28134|M|49.66,39.13|QO|Speak with Asaq: 1/1|N|Talk to Asaq for Impending Retribution Quest.|NC|
    A Take it to ‘Em!|QID|27993|M|49.68,39.03|N|From Mack.|

    C Impending Retribution|QID|28134|M|60.21,38.33|N|Talk to Nomarch for the Impending Retribution Quest.|
    A Thieving Little Pluckers|QID|28250|M|60.21,38.33|N|From Nomarch Teneth.|
    C Thieving Little Pluckers|QID|28250|U|63351|M|58.60,39.58|N|To the south by the trees.|
    T Thieving Little Pluckers|QID|28250|M|60.25,38.32|N|To Nomarch Teneth.|

    T Impending Retribution|QID|28134|M|54.93,32.80|N|To King Phaoris.|
    A Al’Akir’s Vengeance|QID|28135|M|54.93,32.80|N|From King Phaoris.|

    C Take it to ‘Em!|QID|27993|M|64.21,23.11|N|Head to the waypoint for this quest.|
    T Take it to ‘Em!|QID|27993|M|64.38,22.39|N|To Harrison Jones.|

    A Premature Explosionation|QID|27141|M|64.38,22.39|N|From Harrison Jones.|
    C Premature Explosionation|QID|27141|M|64.35,22.29|N|Right-click the Powder Keg, and enjoy the action.|
    T Premature Explosionation|QID|27141|M|64.59,28.60|N|To Harrison Jones.|

    A Field Work|QID|27179|M|64.59,28.60|N|From Sand Pygmy Corpse.|
    A Just the Tip|QID|27176|M|64.85,29.53|N|From the Elaborate Disc.|
    A Do the World a Favor|QID|27187|M|65.4,30.8|N|Kill a Mangy Hyena or Skarf to be offered this quest.|
    C Do the World a Favor|QID|27187|N|Kill Mangy Hyenas.|S|
    C Field Work|QID|27179|N|Kill Sand Pygmies and loot Ornate Tablet Fragments. You can also find them lying around in this area.|S|
    C Just the Tip|QID|27176|M|68.08,31.51|M|67.91,31.44|U|60859|N|Kill Sultan Oogah and loot the Sultan’s Staff, then click it. If you do not find the Sultan, check for Skarf, he might be riding it.|
    C Field Work|QID|27179|M|63.50,31.33|N|Get the remaining Ornate Tablet Fragments.|US|
    C Do the World a Favor|QID|27187|M|66.78,26.76;63.34,26.99|N|Kill Mangy Hyenas.|US|

    T Do the World a Favor|QID|27187|M|64.60,28.65|N|(UI Alert)|
    T Field Work|QID|27179|M|64.60,28.65|N|To Harrison Jones.|
    T Just the Tip|QID|27176|M|64.60,28.65|N|To Harrison Jones.|

    A On to Something|QID|27196|M|64.60,28.65|N|From Harrison Jones.|
    C On to Something|QID|27196|M|64.25,27.01|N|Follow Harrison Jones, stay on your flying mount to avoid falling damage. Talk to him and tell him you’re ready to start it.|
    T On to Something|QID|27196|M|64.55,27.97|N|To Harrison Jones.|

    A The Thrill of Discovery|QID|27511|M|64.55,27.97|N|From Harrison Jones.|
    C The Thrill of Discovery|QID|27511|M|65.62,25.94|N|Examine the North Hieroglyphs.|QO|Northern Hieroglyphs Examined: 1/1|
    C The Thrill of Discovery|QID|27511|M|64.48,30.27|N|Examine the Ancient Mechanism.|QO|Ancient Mechanism Examined: 1/1|
    C The Thrill of Discovery|QID|27511|M|65.60,34.00|N|Examine the Southern Hieroglyphs.|QO|Southern Hieroglyphs Examined: 1/1|
    T The Thrill of Discovery|QID|27511|M|64.54,28.51|N|(UI Alert)|

    A Be Prepared|QID|27517|M|65.16,33.71|N|From the Decrpit Skeleton.|
    C Be Prepared|QID|27517|S|M|61.81,30.15;67.46,30.05|N|Kill Tormented Tomb-Robbers, they spawn when you walk over the skeletons on the floor. Loot 6 Pieces of Rope.|
    A Lessons From the Past|QID|27541|M|63.46,32.61|N|From the corpse of Schnottz Scout.|

    C Lessons From the Past|QID|27541|M|63.46,32.55|N|Right-click Schottz Scout and get the Broken Spectacles. You don’t need the journal, it’s just for a fun read.|
    C Be Prepared|QID|27517|US|M|61.81,30.15;67.46,30.05|N|Kill Tormented Tomb-Robbers, they spawn when you walk over the skeletons on the floor. Loot 6 Pieces of Rope.|

    T Lessons From the Past|QID|27541|M|64.45,28.00|N|To Harrison Jones.|
    T Be Prepared|QID|27517|M|64.45,28.00|N|To Harrison Jones.|

    A By the Light of the Stars|QID|27549|M|64.45,28.00|N|From Harrison Jones.|
    C By the Light of the Stars|QID|27549|M|62.15,32.93|N|Use the glasses then gather the balls of light floating around the room. The nearby Indentured Protectors will attack when you pick one up.|U|61509|
    T By the Light of the Stars|QID|27549|M|64.48,28.05|N|To Harrison Jones. Prepare for another cinematic experience! Put your normal helm back on.|

    A Tipping the Balance|QID|27431|M|64.49,27.98|N|From Harrison Jones.|
    C Tipping the Balance|QID|27431|M|64.41,27.32|N|Talk to Harrison and click ‘Ask “What can I do to help?”‘ and watch the action.|
    T Tipping the Balance|QID|27431|M|64.50,27.99|N|To Harrison Jones.|
    A After the Fall|QID|27624|M|64.50,27.99|N|From Harrison Jones.|
    A Just A Fancy Cockroach|QID|27627|RANK|2|M|63.77,27.26|N|Kill a Scarab to get this quest.|

    C Just A Fancy Cockroach|QID|27627|RANK|2|M|63.45,27.08|QO|Amethyst Scarabs Slain: 5/5|N|Kill Amethyst Scarabs.|S|
    C After the Fall|QID|27624|M|63.96,26.68|QO|Orb of the Morning Star: 1/1|N|Collect the Orb of the Morning Star from the head of the statue.|
    C Just A Fancy Cockroach|QID|27627|RANK|2|M|63.45,27.08|QO|Amethyst Scarabs Slain: 5/5|N|Kill the remaining Amethyst Scarabs.|US|

    C Just A Fancy Cockroach|QID|27627|RANK|2|M|63.06,32.52|QO|Turquoise Scarabs Slain: 5/5|N|Kill Turquoise Scarabs.|S|
    C After the Fall|QID|27624|M|62.64,31.97|QO|Orb of the North Star: 1/1|N|Collect the Orb of the North Star from the head of the statue.|
    C Just A Fancy Cockroach|QID|27627|RANK|2|M|63.06,32.52|QO|Turquoise Scarabs Slain: 5/5|N|Kill the remaining Turquoise Scarabs.|US|

    C Just A Fancy Cockroach|QID|27627|RANK|2|M|65.85,32.61|QO|Emerald Scarabs Slain: 5/5|N|Kill Emerald Scarabs.|S|
    C After the Fall|QID|27624|M|65.26,32.56|QO|Orb of the Shooting Star: 1/1|N|Collect the Orb of the Shooting Star from the head of the statue.|
    C Just A Fancy Cockroach|QID|27627|RANK|2|M|65.85,32.61|QO|Emerald Scarabs Slain: 5/5|N|Kill the remaining Emerald Scarabs.|US|

    C Just A Fancy Cockroach|QID|27627|RANK|2|M|66.21,27.03|N|Kill Sapphire Scarabs.|S|
    C After the Fall|QID|27624|M|66.78,28.01|QO|Orb of the Evening Star: 1/1|N|Collect the Orb of the Evening Star from the head of the statue.|
    C Just A Fancy Cockroach|QID|27627|RANK|2|M|66.21,27.03|N|Kill the remaining Sapphire Scarabs.|US|

    T Just A Fancy Cockroach|QID|27627|RANK|2|M|63.2,33.1|N|(UI Alert)|
    T After the Fall|QID|27624|M|64.47,28.02|N|To Harrison Jones.|

    A Do the Honors|QID|27669|M|64.47,28.02|N|From Harrison Jones.|
    C Do the Honors|QID|27669|U|62054|M|64.48,31.04|N|Use the Orbs of the Stars. Watch the cinematic and be teleported outside.|
    T Do the Honors|QID|27669|M|63.90,33.90|N|To Harrison Jones.|
    T Impending Retribution|QID|28134|M|54.93,32.80|N|To King Phaoris.|

    A That Gleam in his Eye|QID|27899|M|54.29,35.23|N|From Adarrah.|
    T Al’Akir’s Vengeance|QID|28135|M|45.23,37.92|N|To Prince Nadun.|

    A Minions of Al’Akir|QID|27520|M|45.23,37.92|N|From Prince Nadun.|
    A Under the Choking Sands|QID|27519|M|45.28,37.84|N|From General Ammantep.|

    A The Prophet Hadassi|QID|27595|M|45.28,37.84|N|From General Ammantep.|
    C Under the Choking Sands|QID|27519|M|40.63,39.15|N|Right-click Oasis Survivors to rescue them.|S|
    C Minions of Al’Akir|QID|27520|M|41.07,38.47|S|N|Kill Scions of Al’Akir.|
    T The Prophet Hadassi|QID|27595|M|40.03,40.57|N|To Prophet Hadassi.|

    A The Prophet’s Dying Words|QID|27602|M|40.03,40.57|N|From Prophet Hadassi.|
    T The Prophet’s Dying Words|QID|27602|M|39.66,45.38|N|”Talk” to the Sand-Covered Hieroglyph.|

    A Colossal Guardians|QID|27623|M|39.66,45.38|N|From the Sand-Covered Hieroglyph.|

    C Colossal Guardians|QID|27623|M|41.19,37.73|N|Right-click the Colossus of the Moon, kill it and loot the Stone of the Moon.|QO|Stone of the Moon: 1/1|
    C Colossal Guardians|QID|27623|M|39.60,40.88|N|Right-click the Colossus of the Sun, kill it and loot the Stone of the Sun.|
    C Under the Choking Sands|QID|27519|M|40.63,39.15|N|Right-click Oasis Survivors to rescue them.|US|
    C Minions of Al’Akir|QID|27520|M|41.07,38.47|US|N|Finish killing Scions of Al’Akir.|

    T Colossal Guardians|QID|27623|M|39.65,45.38|N|To the Sand-Covered Hieroglyph.|
    A The Scepter of Orsis|QID|27706|M|39.65,45.38|N|From the Sand-Covered Hieroglyph.|
    C The Scepter of Orsis|QID|27706|M|39.65,45.38|N|Right-click the Sacred Receptable and loot the Scepter of Orsis.|

    T Under the Choking Sands|QID|27519|M|45.27,37.84|N|To General Ammantep.|
    T The Scepter of Orsis|QID|27706|M|45.27,37.84|N|To General Ammantep.|

    A Send Word to Phaoris|QID|27628|M|45.23,37.95|N|From Prince Nadun.|
    T Minions of Al’Akir|QID|27520|M|45.23,37.95|N|To Prince Nadun.|

    A The Vortex Pinnacle|QID|28845|M|45.25,37.79|N|Inside the Instance, if you wish to do it. From General Ammantep.|
    T Send Word to Phaoris|QID|27628|M|54.79,32.72|N|To King Phaoris, and a movie.|

    A The High Priest’s Vote|QID|27630|M|54.97,34.01|N|From Prince Nadun. He’s outside the throne room.|
    A The Vizier’s Vote|QID|27629|M|54.97,34.01|N|From Prince Nadun.|
    A The High Commander’s Vote|QID|27631|M|54.97,34.01|N|From Prince Nadun.|

    T The High Priest’s Vote|QID|27630|M|52.81,45.59;54.18,41.83|N|To High Priest Amet. He’s inside the dam.|

    A Stopping the Spread|QID|27836|M|54.18,41.83|N|From High Priest Amet.|
    A Trespassers in the Water|QID|27837|M|54.18,41.83|N|From High Priest Amet.|

    C Trespassers in the Water|QID|27837|M|52.81,45.59;56.36,40.16|N|Kill Stillwater Slitherers, they’re underwater near the dam.|S|
    C Stopping the Spread|QID|27836|M|52.81,45.59;52.58,43.34|N|Destroy Slitherer Eggs, they’re underwater near the dam.|
    C Trespassers in the Water|QID|27837|M|56.36,40.16|N|Kill Stillwater Slitherers, they’re underwater near the dam.|US|

    T Trespassers in the Water|QID|27837|M|52.81,45.59;54.18,41.83|N|To High Priest Amet.|
    T Stopping the Spread|QID|27836|M|54.18,41.83|N|To High Priest Amet.|

    A The Defilers’ Ritual|QID|28611|M|54.16,41.93|N|From High Priest Amet.|
    C The Defilers’ Ritual|QID|28611|M|52.81,45.59;52.18,40.18;49.89,40.11|N|At the 2nd arrow, dive underwater, swim to the Murkdeep Cavern and kill Dark Ritualist Zakahn. Pull his assistants first.|
    T The Defilers’ Ritual|QID|28611|M|52.81,45.59;54.18,41.83|N|To High Priest Amet.|

    A The Root of the Corruption|QID|27838|M|54.20,42.00|N|From High Priest Amet.|
    C The Root of the Corruption|QID|27838|M|58.92,14.13|N|Head to the waypoint and kill Scalemother Hevna.|
    T The Root of the Corruption|QID|27838|M|57.87,42.52;54.16,41.93|N|To High Priest Amet.|
    T The High Commander’s Vote|QID|27631|M|57.87,42.52;58.84,46.14|N|To High Commander Kamses.|

    A The Weakest Link|QID|28198|M|58.84,46.14|N|From High Commander Kamses.|
    A Ploughshares to Swords|QID|28201|M|58.84,46.14|N|From High Commander Kamses.|

    A The Element of Supplies|QID|28200|M|58.91,46.14|N|From Sergeant Mehat.|
    C The Element of Supplies|QID|28200|S|M|54.53,46.47|N|Kill alligators while questing.|
    T The Weakest Link|QID|28198|M|59.56,47.27|N|To Salhet.|

    A Shaping Up|QID|28210|M|59.56,47.27|N|From Salhet.|
    T The Vizier’s Vote|QID|27629|M|56.61,53.45|N|To Vizier Tanotep. He wanders around.|
    A Tanotep’s Son|QID|27632|M|56.61,53.45|N|From Vizier Tanotep.|

    C Ploughshares to Swords|QID|28201|M|54.13,51.38|N|Right-click Ramkahen Laborers. They can be found in the bamboo fields.|
    C Tanotep’s Son|QID|27632|M|58.11,59.81|N|Kill Neferset Guards until one drops the Vir’Naal Delta Map.|
    T Tanotep’s Son|QID|27632|M|58.63,59.88|N|Complete the quest and get the follow up: Neferset Prison.|

    A Neferset Prison|QID|27707|M|58.63,59.88|N|From pop-up quest box.|
    C The Element of Supplies|QID|28200|US|M|58,52.3;54.53,46.47|N|Kill Riverbed Crocolisks until you finish this quest.|
    C Shaping Up|QID|28210|M|53.23,56.50|N|Salhet shows up while you attack Hyenas.|
    T Shaping Up|QID|28210|M|53.23,56.50|N|To Salhet.|

    A Salhet’s Secret|QID|28276|M|53.23,56.50|N|From Salhet.|
    T Salhet’s Secret|QID|28276|M|56.94,62.41|N|To Salhet.|N|Up on the ridge.|

    A Salhet the Tactician|QID|28277|M|56.94,62.41|N|From Salhet.|
    C Salhet the Tactician|QID|28277|M|56.41,62.89|N|Speak to Salhet when you’re ready. Controling the lions is quite easy. Just move them to intercept the incoming hyenas and use the other two abilities at will.|
    T Salhet the Tactician|QID|28277|M|56.94,62.45|N|To Salhet.|

    A Return to Camp|QID|28291|M|56.94,62.45|N|From Salhet.|
    C Neferset Prison|QID|27707|M|71.26,73.71|N|WARNING: When you talk to the Ramhaken Prisoner, it will trigger 3 waves of enemies. The last one contains an elite which hits rather hard. My advice is to let the Ramhaken Prisoner tank the elite as long as possible. Take out the rest of the wave first. Let the prisoner build some aggro and then start attacking. Right-click the Ramhaken Prisoner and talk to him when you’re ready.|
    T Neferset Prison|QID|27707|M|71.26,73.71|N|(UI Alert)|

    A The Pit of Scales|QID|27738|M|71.26,73.71|N|(UI Alert)|
    T The Vortex Pinnacle|QID|28845|M|76.64,84.31|N|Fly to an island up in the sky, it’s quite high so fly up! Enter the portal, turn in the quest to Itesh, then exit the Vortex Pinnacle. You don’t have to take the two follow up quests Itesh gives you, they are Dungeon quests we won’t be doing in the guide. So it’s up to you.|
    C The Pit of Scales|QID|27738|M|58.72,82.76|N|You’ll have to kill a croc, then 2 crocs then an elite to free Tahet. It has a lot of HP so it might be difficult for some classes, to make it easier position yourself so he runs over the eggs. Then move to another spot after he does, this will slow him down for a moment. Make sure to have all your cooldowns ready, or find someone to help you.|

    T The Element of Supplies|QID|28200|M|58.97,46.16|N|To Sergeant Mehat.|
    T Ploughshares to Swords|QID|28201|M|58.94,46.10|N|To High Commander Kamses.|
    A Ancient Weapons|QID|27839|M|58.94,46.10|N|From High Commander Kamses.|
    T Return to Camp|QID|28291|M|58.94,46.10|N|To High Commander Kamses.|
    T The Pit of Scales|QID|27738|M|56.70,54.65|N|To Vizier Tanotep.|

    A The High Council’s Decision|QID|28533|M|56.70,54.65|N|From Vizier Tanotep.|
    C Ancient Weapons|QID|27839|U|62534|M|60.43,58.56|N|Right-click one of the white chests and loot an Ancient Tol’Vir Armaments.|
    T Ancient Weapons|QID|27839|M|58.86,46.16|N|To High Commander Kamses.|
    T The High Council’s Decision|QID|28533|M|55.03,32.76|N|To King Phaoris.|

    A Nahom Must Hold|QID|28561|M|54.93,32.75|N|From King Phaoris.|
    T Nahom Must Hold|QID|28561|M|67.25,42.88|N|To Salhet.|

    A The Secret of Nahom|QID|28498|M|67.25,42.88|N|From Salhet.|
    A Punish the Trespassers|QID|28499|M|67.30,42.82|N|From Sun Prophet Tumet.|

    C Punish the Trespassers|QID|28499|M|72.88,48.16|N|Kill Neferset Looters, Raiders, Scryers.|S|
    C The Secret of Nahom|QID|28498|M|71.72,46.35|N|Loot Atulhet’s Record Fragments, they’re lyring around in this area.|
    C Punish the Trespassers|QID|28499|M|72.88,48.16|N|Kill Neferset Looters, Raiders, Scryers.|US|

    T The Secret of Nahom|QID|28498|M|67.25,42.81|N|To Salhet.|
    T Punish the Trespassers|QID|28499|M|67.28,42.79|N|To Sun Prophet Tumet.|

    A The Cypher of Keset|QID|28500|M|67.26,42.79|N|From Salhet.|
    C The Cypher of Keset|QID|28500|M|78.23,45.77|N|Kill Raider Lord Havat and loot the Cypher of Keset.|
    T The Cypher of Keset|QID|28500|M|67.25,42.82|N|To Salhet.|

    A The Defense of Nahom|QID|28501|M|67.25,42.82|N|From Salhet.|
    C The Defense of Nahom|QID|28501|NC|M|66.60,41.75|N|This quest is similar to the one where we controlled lions earlier. Use ability #1 to position your troops to block the stairs. Use #2 to fire arrows at enemies at will. Use #3 to damage enemies massively AND to heal your troops at the same time, so make sure you target your troops and the enemies at the same time with ability #3. Should be an easy win. Speak with Ramkahen Sergeant when ready. Note: You’ll have to Leave Vehicule when done.|
    T The Defense of Nahom|QID|28501|M|67.25,42.84|N|To Salhet.|

    A The Push Westward|QID|28623|M|67.25,42.84|N|From Salhet.|
    A The Curse of the Tombs|QID|27755|M|67.27,42.82|N|From Sun Prophet Tumet.|

    C The Curse of the Tombs|QID|27755|M|69.58,58.50|N|Kill Crazed Diggers.|S|QO|Crazed Digger slain: 6/6|
    K Mekgineer Mixeltweed|QID|27755|M|69.58,58.50|QO|Mekgineer Mixeltweed slain: 1/1|N|Kill Mekgineer Mixeltweed.|
    C The Curse of the Tombs|QID|27755|M|69.58,58.50|N|Kill Crazed Diggers.|S|QO|Crazed Digger slain: 6/6|

    l A.I.D.A. Communicator|QID|27760|L|62483|M|22.47,64.82|N|If you have not gotten this item yet keep killing and looting Crazed Diggers.|
    A Artificial Intelligence|QID|27760|U|62483|M|22.47,64.82|N|From the A.I.D.A. Communicator.|
    T Artificial Intelligence|QID|27760|M|74.11,64.44|N|To the A.I.D.A. Terminal.|

    A A Disarming Distraction|QID|27761|M|74.11,64.44|N|From the A.I.D.A. Terminal.|
    A Core Access Codes|QID|27777|M|74.11,64.44|N|From the A.I.D.A. Terminal.|

    C Core Access Codes|QID|27777|U|62542|M|73.33,72.69|N|Use the Mech Control Scrambler on Twizzleflux the Insane everytime it’s ready, this will completely stun him for about 6 seconds each time. Kill Twizzleflux and loot the Core Access Codes.|
    C Unstable Bomb Bot deactivated|QID|27761|U|62398|QO|Unstable Bomb Bot deactivated: 4/4|M|79.01,64.05|N|Don’t try to fight the cursed engineers. Use the Holographic Projector to distract them repeatedly. Right-click on the Unstable Bomb Bots to defuse them.|S|
    N Third Bomb Cluster|QID|27761|U|62398|M|78.85,65.06|N|Use the Holographic Projector then right-click on the Third Bomb Cluster to disarm it.|QO|Third Bomb Cluster disarmed: 1/1|
    N Second Bomb Cluster|QID|27761|U|62398|M|79.01,64.05|N|Use the Holographic Projector then right-click on the Second Bomb Cluster to disarm it.|QO|Second Bomb Cluster disarmed: 1/1|
    C A Disarming Distraction|QID|27761|U|62398|M|78.81,61.82|N|Use the Holographic Projector then right-click on the First Bomb Cluster to disarm it.|QO|First Bomb Cluster disarmed: 1/1|
    C Unstable Bomb Bot deactivated|QID|27761|U|62398|QO|Unstable Bomb Bot deactivated: 4/4|M|79.01,64.05|N|Don’t try to fight the cursed engineers. Use the Holographic Projector to distract them repeatedly. Right-click on the Unstable Bomb Bots to defuse them.|US|

    T A Disarming Distraction|QID|27761|M|74.08,64.44|N|To the A.I.D.A. Terminal.|
    T Core Access Codes|QID|27777|M|74.08,64.44|N|To the A.I.D.A. Terminal.|

    A Hacking the Wibson|QID|27778|M|74.08,64.44|N|From the A.I.D.A. Terminal.|
    C Hacking the Wibson|QID|27778|M|76.94,62.96|N|Fly to the top of the M.A.C Diver (That big fish looking vehicule). Right-click the maintenance tools, loot the Maintenance Axe. Right-click the Wibson Mainframe.|
    T Hacking the Wibson|QID|27778|M|77.24,63.23|N|To the Fusion Core.|

    A Gnomebliteration|QID|27779|M|77.25,63.22|N|From the Fusion Core.|
    C Gnomebliteration|QID|27779|M|77.26,63.25;77.45,59.12;81.84,58.71;82.15,54.50;83.28,53.05;84.44,49.44;79.21,52.16;75.91,52.51;76.70,61.41|N|Once you become that ball of fire, simply follow the trail north/northeast of the M.A.C Diver, all the way to the docks, then go through the steps of fate and back to M.A.C Diver. Keep doing this circuit until you’re done. Don’t go to the area with the Bomb Clusters we just disarmed, or you’ll be ejected from the ball. |
    T Gnomebliteration|QID|27779|M|77.24,63.32|N|To Fusion Core.|
    T The Curse of the Tombs|QID|27755|M|67.32,42.79|N|To Sun Prophet Tumet.|

    T The Push Westward|QID|28623|M|52.06,65.43|N|To King Phaoris.|

    A Lieutenants of Darkness|QID|28480|M|52.06,65.43|N|From King Phaoris.|
    A Bleeding the Enemy|QID|28483|M|52.06,65.43|N|From King Phaoris.|

    C Bleeding the Enemy|QID|28483|M|52.42,79.47|N|Kill Nefersets and loot Neferset Insignias.|S|
    K High Priest Sekhemet|QID|28480|M|47.49,77.79|N|Kill High Priest Sekhemet.|QO|High Priest Sekhemet slain: 1/1|
    C Lieutenants of Darkness|QID|28480|M|50.55,87.04|N|Kill Scorpion-Lord Namkhare.|
    C Bleeding the Enemy|QID|28483|M|52.42,79.47|N|Kill Nefersets and loot Neferset Insignias.|US|

    A Salhet’s Gambit|QID|28486|M|52.88,65.55|N|From Salhet.|
    C Salhet’s Gambit|QID|28486|M|54.06,71.17|N|Speak with Ramhaken Ranger Captain when ready to start the escort. At the top, the pack on the right does not engage unless you get too close to them. The NPCs are far enough away to not trigger them.|
    T Salhet’s Gambit|QID|28486|M|52.92,65.55|N|To Salhet.|

    T Lieutenants of Darkness|QID|28480|M|52.07,65.43|N|To King Phaoris.|
    T Bleeding the Enemy|QID|28483|M|52.07,65.43|N|To King Phaoris.|

    A The Fall of Neferset City|QID|28520|M|52.07,65.43|N|From King Phaoris.|
    C The Fall of Neferset City|QID|28520|M|52.04,82.29|N|Defeat Dark Pharaoh Tekahn. NPCs will come to your aid, just make sure you avoid the laser beams from the Colossi.|
    T The Fall of Neferset City|QID|28520|M|54.89,32.82|U|6948|N|Use your Hearthstone. To King Phaoris.|

    A Return to the Lost City|QID|28870|M|54.89,32.82|N|This is a Dungeon quest and is optional. From King Phaoris.|
    T That Gleam in his Eye|QID|27899|M|43.94,57.10|N|To Harrison Jones. On top of the Obelisk of the Sun.|

    A I’ve Got This Guy|QID|27900|M|43.94,57.10|N|From Harrison Jones.|
    A They Don’t Know What They’ve Got Here|QID|27901|M|43.94,57.10|N|From Harrison Jones.|
    C I’ve Got This Guy|QID|27900|M|45.63,54.43|N|Kill Schnottz Air Troopers.|S|
    A Efficient Excavations|QID|28132|U|62768|M|43.51,56.03|N|Kill Schnottz Air Officers until you get Efficient Excavations item. Use it to accept this quest.|T|Schnottz Air Officer|
    l Titan Device Components|QID|27901|M|43.47,55.93|L|62610 6|N|Look for Obelisk of the Sun Coffers and loot 6 Titan Device Components. You can find the keys to open those coffers on Schnottz Air Officers. |
    C They Don’t Know What They’ve Got Here|QID|27901|M|43.47,55.93|U|62610|N|Combine the Titan Device Components into the Titan Activation Device.|
    C I’ve Got This Guy|QID|27900|M|45.63,54.43|N|Kill Schnottz Air Troopers.|US|

    T I’ve Got This Guy|QID|27900|M|44.02,57.05|N|To Harrison Jones.|
    T They Don’t Know What They’ve Got Here|QID|27901|M|44.02,57.05|N|To Harrison Jones.|

    A Ignition|QID|27903|M|44.02,57.05|N|From Harrison Jones.|
    C Ignition|QID|27903|U|62611|M|45.34,59.06|N|Fly down inside the Chamber of the Sun. Go to the Titanic Guardian statue and use the Titan Activation Device. Use meteors thrown at you to hit the Guardian, you need to right-click them to launch them. Kill the Guardian and loot the Lens of the Sun.|
    T Ignition|QID|27903|M|45.57,57.76|N|On the circle platform inside the Chamber of the Sun.|

    A Tailgunner!|QID|27905|M|43.96,57.10|N|From Harrison Jones.|
    C Tailgunner!|QID|27905|M|54.54,42.07|N|Spam ability #1 and #2 while aiming. Easy quest!|

    T Tailgunner!|QID|27905|M|54.65,41.85|N|Turnin to Harrison Jones.|
    T Return to the Lost City|QID|28870|M|60.50,65.50|N|If you did the optional dungeon quest. If not, check this off. To Captain Hadan inside the dungeon portal. You don’t have to take the 2 follow ups, they are dungeon quests and we won’t be doing them in this guide. It’s up to you.|
    T Efficient Excavations|QID|28132|M|24.43,64.46|N|To Belloc Brightblade.|

    A Eastern Hospitality|QID|27926|M|24.43,64.46|N|From Belloc Brightblade.|

    f Schnottz’s Landing|QID|27926|M|22.33,64.82|N|At Evax Oilspark.|

    C Eastern Hospitality|QID|27926|M|22.53,64.58;22.57,64.65;21.95,63.98;22.44,63.21|N|Follow the arrows to mingle with the guests.|
    T Eastern Hospitality|QID|27926|M|24.42,64.53|N|To Belloc Brightblade.|

    A A Favor for the Furrier|QID|27928|M|24.42,64.53|N|From Belloc Brightblade.|
    A The Desert Fox|QID|27939|M|24.45,64.33|N|From Commander Schnottz.|
    A Dirty Birds|QID|27940|M|43.87,72.14|N|Kill a vulture to start the quest.|

    C Dirty Birds|QID|27940|S|M|41,69.6|N|Kill Diseased Vultures. Keep an eye out for the Desert Fox.|
    C A Favor for the Furrier|QID|27928|M|41.3,72.3|N|Kill Desert Coyotes. Keep an eye out for the Desert Fox.|S|
    C The Desert Fox|QID|27939|M|45.13,72.83|T|Desert Fox|N|Find the Desert Fox (friendly NPC running around this area) and capture it.|
    C Dirty Birds|QID|27940|US|M|41,69.6|N|Finish slaying Diseased Vultures.|
    C A Favor for the Furrier|QID|27928|M|41.3,72.3|N|Finish slaying Desert Coyotes.|US|

    T Dirty Birds|QID|27940|US|M|41,69.6|N|When you finish killing them, should pop up.|
    T A Favor for the Furrier|QID|27928|M|24.42,64.56|N|To Belloc Brightblade.|

    A Fashionism|QID|27941|M|24.43,64.55|N|From Belloc Brightblade.|
    T The Desert Fox|QID|27939|M|24.47,64.28|N|To Commander Schnottz.|

    A Idolatry|QID|27942|M|24.47,64.28|N|From Commander Schnottz.|
    A Angered Spirits|QID|27943|M|24.47,64.28|N|From Commander Schnottz.|

    C Fashionism|QID|27941|M|34.47,66.97|N|Look for Dead Troopers in the area, right-click them and loot their uniforms.|S|
    C Idolatry|QID|27942|M|32.98,60.99|N|Loot Well-Preserved Idols. Contained in small sphynx statues on the ground.|S|
    C Angered Spirits|QID|27943|U|62794|M|32.77,65.27|N|Bring down Furious Specters below 50% HP, then use the Licensed Proton Accelerator Cannon.|
    C Fashionism|QID|27941|M|34.47,66.97|N|Look for Dead Troopers in the area, right-click them and loot their uniforms.|US|
    C Idolatry|QID|27942|M|32.98,60.99|N|Loot Well-Preserved Idols. Contained in small sphynx statues on the ground.|US|

    T Fashionism|QID|27941|M|24.43,64.56|N|To Belloc Brightblade.|
    T Idolatry|QID|27942|M|24.45,64.11|N|To Commander Schnottz.|
    T Angered Spirits|QID|27943|M|24.45,64.11|N|From Commander Schnottz.|

    A Gobbles!|QID|27950|M|24.45,64.11|N|From Commander Schnottz.|
    C Gobbles!|QID|27950|M|24.43,64.15|N|Speak with Commander Schnottz and just watch the ritual.|
    T Gobbles!|QID|27950|M|24.43,64.15|N|(UI Alert)|

    A Make Yourself Useful|QID|27969|M|24.42,64.09|N|From Commander Schnottz.|
    C Make Yourself Useful|QID|27969|U|62813|M|22.78,60.27;20.89,59.30;20.94,61.78;20.01,60.86;18.66,62.78|N|Put on the Uniform, then visit the various Schnottz camps, look for Slacking Laborers and talk to them. Sometimes they’ll attack you, just fly away when they do that, no point in killing them.|
    T Make Yourself Useful|QID|27969|M|24.44,64.23|N|To Commander Schnottz.|

    A Crisis Management|QID|28002|M|24.39,64.50|N|From Belloc Brightblade.|
    C Crisis Management|QID|28002|M|22.39,63.85;22.28,63.88;22.30,64.00;21.94,64.25|N|Follow the arrows to the guests.|
    T Crisis Management|QID|28002|M|24.40,64.51|N|To Belloc Brightblade.|

    A Battlezone|QID|27990|M|24.44,64.11|N|From Commander Schnottz.|
    K Decrepit Watchers|QID|27990|M|21.32,64.5|QO|Decrepit Watchers Obliterated: 7/7|N|Get inside a Siege Tank. You can’t drive it, you can just aim the canon and fire at the Decrepit Watchers.|
    C Battlezone|QID|27990|M|24.37,64.08|N|Head back to Commander Schnottz.|
    T Battlezone|QID|27990|M|24.37,64.08|N|To Commander Schnottz.|

    A Missed Me By Zhat Much!|QID|28187|M|24.37,64.08|N|From Commander Schnottz.|
    C Missed Me By Zhat Much!|QID|28187|M|22.51,63.21|N|Speak with Commander Schnottz and escort him.|
    T Missed Me By Zhat Much!|QID|28187|M|22.51,63.21|N|To Commander Schnottz.|

    A Lockdown!|QID|28193|M|22.51,63.21|N|From Commander Schnottz.|
    C Lockdown!|QID|28193|M|21.90,64.13|N|Just head into the building and go to the center to get the completion.

    A The Great Escape|QID|28194|M|21.88,64.05|N|From the Prolific Writer.|
    T Lockdown!|QID|28193|M|22.49,63.21|N|To Commander Schnottz.|
    A Sending a Message|QID|28195|M|22.49,63.21|N|From Commander Schnottz.|

    C The Great Escape|QID|28194|M|25.13,68.24|S|N|Kill Schnottz Sea Troopers until you’ve looted 6 Fresh Sailor Uniforms.|
    K Captain Margun|QID|28195|M|22.29,67.6|N|Kill Captain Margun who is standing on the bridge.|QO|Captain Margun Killed: 1/1|
    K Captain Cork|QID|28195|M|24.88,68.98|N|Kill Captain Cork.|QO|Captain Cork Killed: 1/1|
    C Sending a Message|QID|28195|M|26.05,68.71|N|Finally kill Captain Kronk.|
    C The Great Escape|QID|28194|M|25.13,68.24|US|N|Kill Schnottz Sea Troopers until you’ve looted 6 Fresh Sailor Uniforms.|

    T The Great Escape|QID|28194|M|21.87,64.05|N|To the Prolific Writer.|
    T Sending a Message|QID|28195|M|22.48,63.21|N|To Commander Schnottz.|

    A Firing Squad|QID|28267|M|22.48,63.21|N|From Commander Schnottz.|
    C Firing Squad|QID|28267|M|22.48,63.15;23.52,60.25|N|Speak with Commander Schnottz.|
    T Firing Squad|QID|28267|M|23.52,60.25|N|To Harrison Jones.|

    A Meet Me In Vir’sar|QID|28269|M|23.52,60.25|N|From Harrison Jones.|

    f Oasis of Vir’sar|QID|28269|M|26.63,8.39|N|At Jock Lindsey.|

    T Meet Me In Vir’sar|QID|28269|M|27.02,7.63|N|To Harrison Jones.|

    A Friend of a Friend|QID|28273|M|27.02,7.63|N|From Harrison Jones.|
    T Friend of a Friend|QID|28273|M|26.67,8.06|N|To Sullah.|

    A Two Tents|QID|28274|M|26.67,8.06|N|From Sullah.|
    C Two Tents|QID|28274|M|29.67,22.32|N|Watch the cinematic.|
    T Two Tents|QID|28274|M|29.57,21.90|N|To Sullah.|

    A Master Trapper|QID|28350|M|29.57,21.90|N|From Sullah.|
    A Camel Tow|QID|28352|M|29.57,21.90|N|From Sullah.|
    A Unlimited Potential|QID|28351|M|29.57,21.90|N|From Sullah.|

    C Master Trapper|QID|28350|M|28.50,23.29|N|Kill Wild Camels and loot their Meat Scraps.|S|
    C Camel Tow|QID|28352|U|67241|S|M|29.76,30.26|N|Beat down a Wild Camel down to 35% HP then use Sullah’s Camel Harness. Repeat 3 times.|
    C Unlimited Potential|QID|28351|U|67232|M|28.70,26.77|N|Beat down a Cavorting Pygmy below 20% HP then use the cage. Repeat 5 times.|
    C Camel Tow|QID|28352|U|67241|US|M|29.76,30.26|N|Beat down a Wild Camel down to 35% HP then use Sullah’s Camel Harness. Repeat 3 times.|
    C Master Trapper|QID|28350|M|28.50,23.29|N|Kill Wild Camels and loot their Meat Scraps.|US|

    T Master Trapper|QID|28350|M|29.56,21.92|N|To Sullah.|
    T Camel Tow|QID|28352|M|29.56,21.92|N|To Sullah.|
    T Unlimited Potential|QID|28351|M|29.56,21.92|N|To Sullah.|

    A Jonesy Sent For You|QID|28353|M|29.56,21.92|N|From Sullah.|
    T Jonesy Sent For You|QID|28353|M|27.02,7.62|N|To Harrison Jones.|

    A Reduced Productivity|QID|28271|M|27.02,7.62|N|From Harrison Jones.|
    A Missing Pieces|QID|28272|M|27.02,7.62|N|From Harrison Jones.|

    h Oasis of Vir’sar|QID|28272|M|26.65,7.29|N|At Yasmin.|

    C Missing Pieces|QID|28272|M|39.30,25.55|N|Loot Ancient Copper Scrolls, found Pillaged Loot Sacks on the ground around the Obelisk of the Moon.|S|
    C Reduced Productivity|QID|28271|M|38.86,25.83|N|Kill Schnottz Employees around the Obelisk of the Moon.|
    C Missing Pieces|QID|28272|M|39.30,25.55|N|Loot Ancient Copper Scrolls, found on the ground around the Obelisk of the Moon.|US|

    T Missing Pieces|QID|28272|M|27.02,7.61|N|To Harrison Jones.|
    T Reduced Productivity|QID|28271|M|27.02,7.61|N|To Harrison Jones.|

    A Stirred the Hornet’s Nest|QID|28363|M|27.02,7.61|N|From Harrison Jones.|
    T Stirred the Hornet’s Nest|QID|28363|M|29.55,21.92|N|To Sullah.|

    A Shroud of the Makers|QID|28367|M|29.55,21.92|N|From Sullah.|
    C Shroud of the Makers|QID|28367|U|63699|M|40.57,24.16|N|This time, use the Shroud of the Makers before entering the area around the Obelisk of the Moon. It will make you invisible but Myzerian will STILL see you, so stay away from that Dragon. It’s pretty much like a rogue stealth, so you’re not really invisible, you’ll get detected if you walk too close to enemies, so be stealthy! Right-click 7 Schnottz Powder Kegs.|
    T Shroud of the Makers|QID|28367|M|27.04,7.64|N|To Harrison Jones.|

    A Schnottz So Fast|QID|28402|M|27.04,7.64|N|From Harrison Jones.|
    C Schnottz So Fast|QID|28402|M|30.94,15.47;34.51,18.71|N|Go inside the Chamber of the Moon, to the bottom of it and kill 10 Schnottz Elite Troopers.|
    T Schnottz So Fast|QID|28402|M|36.21,20.31|N|To Harrison Jones.|

    A Bad Datas|QID|28403|M|36.21,20.31|N|From Harrison Jones.|
    C Bad Datas|QID|28403|M|35.97,23.27|N|Spead to Harrison Jones and follow him.|
    T Bad Datas|QID|28403|M|38.98,23.21|N|To Harrison Jones.|

    A I’ll Do It By Hand|QID|28404|M|38.98,23.21|N|From Harrison Jones.|
    C I’ll Do It By Hand|QID|28404|M|39.80,22.91|N|Kill the Lunar Crystals.|
    T I’ll Do It By Hand|QID|28404|M|39.00,23.23|N|To Harrison Jones.|

    A Sullah’s Gift|QID|28482|M|42.11,25.93|N|From Sullah.|
    T Sullah’s Gift|QID|28482|M|41.35,5.57|N|To Harrison Jones.|

    A Fire From the Sky|QID|28497|M|41.35,5.57|N|From Harrison Jones.|
    C Fire From the Sky|QID|28497|M|40.36,9.78|N|Climb on the catapult and use ability #1 to aim and kill Schnottz Infantrymen.|
    T Fire From the Sky|QID|28497|M|41.34,5.58|N|To Harrison Jones.|

    A See You on the Other Side!|QID|28613|M|41.34,5.58|N|From Harrison Jones.|
    T See You on the Other Side!|QID|28613|M|36.14,15.74|N|To Harrison Jones.|

    A Fortune and Glory|QID|27748|M|36.14,15.74|N|From Harrison Jones.|
    C Fortune and Glory|QID|27748|M|35.01,17.43|N|Always stay behind the colossus, and avoid the laser beams and the shadow runes on the ground.|
    T Fortune and Glory|QID|27748|M|33.37,19.65|N|To Harrison Jones.|

    A Harrison Jones and the Temple of Uldum|QID|28612|M|33.37,19.65|N|From Harrison Jones.|
    C Harrison Jones and the Temple of Uldum|QID|28612|M|32.51,30.78|N|Watch the cinematic.|
    T Harrison Jones and the Temple of Uldum|QID|28612|M|32.54,30.89|N|To Brann Bronzebeard.|

    A Put That Baby in the Cradle!|QID|28621|M|32.54,30.89|N|From Brann Bronzebeard.|
    T Put That Baby in the Cradle!|QID|28621|M|32.56,30.67|N|To Harrison Jones.|

    A Three if by Air|QID|28622|M|32.56,30.67|N|From Harrison Jones.|
    C Three if by Air|QID|28622|U|64668|M|32.04,31.66;31.38,30.82;32.01,29.88|N|Click on the Signal Flare Postions.|
    T Three if by Air|QID|28622|M|44.86,67.39|N|To Brann Bronzebeard.|

    A The Coffer of Promise|QID|28633|M|44.86,67.39|N|From Brann Bronzebeard.|
    C The Coffer of Promise|QID|28633|M|44.97,67.36|N|Simply right-click the coffer of promise and loot the Titan Discs.|NC|
    T The Coffer of Promise|QID|28633|M|44.87,67.36|N|To Brann Bronzebeard.|
    A The Heart of the Matter|QID|28654|M|44.87,67.36|N|If you wish to do the Halls of Origination dungeon.|


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    May 3, 2011 @ 1:19 am

    Re: Just In Case ..I noticed!I’ll review and modify my private test copies. 

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    May 2, 2011 @ 13:46 pm

    Neutral Mount Hyjal[i]Here is the Neutral Mount Hyjal.[/i]

    WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide(‘Arihyj8082’, ‘Mount Hyjal’, ‘Arixan’, ’80’, ’82’, ‘AriDee8283’, ‘Neutral’, function()
    return [[

    N Mt. Hyjal|QID|25316|Z|Stormwind City|N|There are places in this guide you will need a flying mount so be sure you have trained flying before you leave Stormwind.|FACTION|Alliance|
    A A Personal Summons|QID|28825|M|71.44,72.32|Z|Stormwind City|N|Should pop up automatically when you enter Stormwind and are level 80.|FACTION|Alliance|
    h Trade District|QID|28825|M|60.36,75.20|Z|Stormwind City|N|At Innkeeper Allison.|FACTION|Alliance|
    A Hero’s Call: Mount Hyjal!|QID|27726|M|62.9,71.7|Z|Stormwind City|N|From the Hero’s Call Board.|FACTION|Alliance|
    T A Personal Summons|QID|28825|M|74.58,18.94|Z|Stormwind City|N|To Naraat the Earthspeaker.|FACTION|Alliance|
    A Eye of the Storm|QID|28826|PRE|28825|M|74.58,18.94|Z|Stormwind City|N|From Naraat the Earthspeaker.|FACTION|Alliance|
    C Eye of the Storm|QID|28826|M|74.43,19.25|Z|Stormwind City|N|Right click the water bowl behind you. Enjoy your first Cataclysm cinematic!|FACTION|Alliance|
    T Eye of the Storm|QID|28826|M|74.56,19.18|Z|Stormwind City|N|To Naraat the Earthspeaker.|FACTION|Alliance|
    C Hero’s Call: Mount Hyjal!|QID|27726|NC|M|82.7,28.36|Z|Stormwind City|N|Talk to Cenarion Emissary Jademoon to get to Moonglade.|FACTION|Alliance|
    T Hero’s Call: Mount Hyjal!|QID|27726|M|45.3,44.8|Z|Moonglade|N|To Emissary Windsong.|FACTION|Alliance|

    N Mt. Hyjal|QID|25316|N|There are places in this guide you will need a flying mount so be sure you have trained flying before you leave Orgrimmar. Close this step.|FACTION|Horde|
    R Orgrimmar|QID|27721|Z|Orgrimmar|N|Make your way to Orgrimmar.|FACTION|Horde|
    A Warchief’s Command: Mount Hyjal|QID|27721|M|49.7,76.7|Z|Orgrimmar|N|Get the quest from the Warchief’s Command Board.|FACTION|Horde|
    N Cenarion Emissary Blackhoof|QID|27721|M|40.0,50.5|Z|Orgrimmar|N|Talk to Cenarion Emissary Blackhoof in the Valley of Wisdom. Ask him to teleport you to Moonglade. Close this step.|FACTION|Horde|
    T Warchief’s Command: Mount Hyjal|QID|27721|M|45.5,44.7|Z|Moonglade|N|At Emissary Windsong.|FACTION|Horde|

    A As Hyjal Burns|QID|25316|PRE|27726|M|45.3,44.8|Z|Moonglade|N|From Emissary Windsong.|
    F Nordrassil|QID|25316|M|46.1,45.51|Z|Moonglade|N|Jump on Aronus to fly to Nordrassil.|
    T As Hyjal Burns|QID|25316|M|62.08,24.89|N|To Ysera.|
    A Protect the World Tree|QID|25317|PRE|25316|M|62.08,24.89|N|From Ysera.|
    f Nordrassil|QID|25317|M|62.14,21.68|N|At Fayran Elthas.|
    A The Earth Rises|QID|25460|PRE|25316|RANK|2|M|64.05,22.58|N|From Anren Shadowseeker.|
    A Inciting the Elements|QID|25370|PRE|25316|RANK|2|M|64.05,22.58|N|From Tholo Whitehoof.|
    C The Earth Rises|QID|25460|RANK|2|M|64.61,22.62|N|Kill Scalding Rock Elementals.|S|
    l Juniper Berries|QID|25370|RANK|2|L|53009 4|M|67.11,22.08|N|Loot 4 Juniper Berries.|
    C Inciting the Elements|QID|25370|RANK|2|U|53009|M|64.8,22.5|N|Use the Berries on Faerie Dragons and kill the Twilight Inciter.|
    C The Earth Rises|QID|25460|RANK|2|M|64.61,22.62|N|Kill Scalding Rock Elementals.|US|
    T The Earth Rises|QID|25460|RANK|2|M|64.03,22.66|N|To Anren Shadowseeker.|
    T Inciting the Elements|QID|25370|RANK|2|M|64.07,22.46|N|To Tholo Whitehoof.|
    A Flames from Above|QID|25574|PRE|25370|RANK|2|M|64.06,22.51|N|From Tholo Whitehoof.|
    C Flames from Above|QID|25574|RANK|2|U|55122|M|55.80,15.33|N|Use Tholo’s Horn in the middle of the Twilight encampment.|
    T Flames from Above|QID|25574|RANK|2|M|64.05,22.50|N|To Tholo Whitehoof.|
    T Protect the World Tree|QID|25317|M|47.68,35.51|N|To Malfurion Stormrage.|
    A War on the Twilight’s Hammer|QID|25319|M|47.68,35.51|N|From Malfurion Stormrage.|
    A The Flameseer’s Staff|QID|25472|M|47.68,35.51|N|From Windspeaker Tamila.|
    C The Flameseer’s Staff|QID|25472|M|43.41,28.80|S|N|Loot the Charred Staff Fragments off of the ground in the charred areas.|
    C War on the Twilight’s Hammer|QID|25319|M|47.09,30.18|N|Kill Twilight Flamecallers and Vanquishers.|
    C The Flameseer’s Staff|QID|25472|M|43.41,28.80|US|N|Loot the Charred Staff Fragments off of the ground in the charred areas.|
    T War on the Twilight’s Hammer|QID|25319|M|47.74,35.43|N|To Malfurion Stormrage.|
    T The Flameseer’s Staff|QID|25472|M|47.74,35.43|N|To Malfurion Stormrage.|
    A Flamebreaker|QID|25323|M|47.74,35.43|N|From Malfurion Stormrage.|
    C Flamebreaker|QID|25323|U|53107|M|43.99,33.22|N|Use the Flameseer’s Staff on the Blazebound Elementals in the charred areas around The Verdant Thicket. This will break up the elementals into 8-10 smaller elementals. Kill these Unbound Flame Spirits.|
    T Flamebreaker|QID|25323|M|47.67,35.47|N|To Malfurion Stormrage.|
    A The Return of Baron Geddon|QID|25464|PRE|25323|M|47.67,35.47|N|From Malfurion Stormrage.|
    C The Return of Baron Geddon|QID|25464|U|54463|M|44.43,26.95|N|Go The Circle of Cinders, where you will find Baron Geddon. You need to use the Flameseer’s Staff on him. Every 10 seconds or so, he will begin to channel an AOE fire effect that will hurt you badly, forcing you to move away. When the fire dies down, run back in and use the staff again.|
    N The Return of Baron Geddon|QID|25464|N|As soon as the quest is complete, Baron Geddon will cast Living Bomb on you. After about 10 seconds, you will blow up, causing you to fly into the air (you will take some falling damage) and dealing damage to anyone around you. So get away from everyone until it goes off.|
    T The Return of Baron Geddon|QID|25464|M|47.75,35.44|N|To Malfurion Stormrage.|
    A Emerald Allies|QID|25430|PRE|25464|M|47.70,35.44|N|From Windspeaker Tamila.|
    T Emerald Allies|QID|25430|M|48.47,19.05|N|To Alysra.|
    A The Captured Scout|QID|25320|PRE|25430|M|48.47,19.05|N|From Alysra.|
    T The Captured Scout|QID|25320|M|44.57,18.88|N|Scout Larandia is located in a cage in the back of the Twilight Command Post.|
    A Twilight Captivity|QID|25321|PRE|25320|M|44.57,18.88|N|From Scout Larandia.|
    C Twilight Captivity|QID|25321|M|44.81,21.97|N|From the Twilight Overseer’s down below.|
    T Twilight Captivity|QID|25321|M|44.46,18.95|N|To Scout Larandia.|
    A Return to Alysra|QID|25424|PRE|25321|M|44.46,18.95|N|From Scout Larandia.|
    T Return to Alysra|QID|25424|M|48.39,18.97|N|To Alysra.|
    A A Prisoner of Interest|QID|25324|PRE|25424|M|48.39,18.97|N|From Alysra.|
    R Hyjal Barrow Dens|QID|25324|M|52.54,17.34|N|Find the Cave entrance to reach Captain Saynna Stormrunner.|
    T A Prisoner of Interest|QID|25324|M|56.71,18.82|N|To Captain Saynna Stormrunner.|
    A Through the Dream|QID|25325|PRE|25324|M|56.71,18.82|N|From Captain Saynna Stormrunner.|
    C Through the Dream|QID|25325|NC|M|52.58,17.31|N|Head to the entrance of the cave.|
    T Through the Dream|QID|25325|M|52.32,17.39|N|To Alysra.|
    A Return to Nordrassil|QID|25578|PRE|25325|M|52.32,17.39|N|From Alysra.|
    T Return to Nordrassil|QID|25578|M|62.04,24.87|N|To Ysera.|
    A The Return of the Ancients|QID|25584|PRE|25578|M|62.04,24.87|N|From Ysera.|
    A Wings Over Mount Hyjal|QID|25985|M|63.27,21.56|N|From Tiala Whitemane.|
    T The Return of the Ancients|QID|25584|M|35.70,19.47|N|To Oomla Whitehorn.|
    A Harrying the Hunters|QID|25255|PRE|25584|RANK|2|M|35.70,19.49|N|From Oomla Whitehorn.|
    A In the Rear With the Gear|QID|25234|PRE|25584|RANK|2|M|35.72,19.69|N|From Jadi Falaryn.|
    A End of the Supply Line|QID|25233|PRE|25584|M|35.72,19.69|N|From Jadi Falaryn.|
    C In the Rear With the Gear|QID|25234|RANK|2|M|31.73,27.97|N|Kill Twilight Slavedrivers then pick up the Twilight Supplies the slaves drop.|S|
    C End of the Supply Line|QID|25233|M|33.55,32.73|N|Kill Twilight Proveditors.|S|
    C Harrying the Hunters|QID|25255|RANK|2|M|33.79,26.14|N|Kill Twilight Hunters.|
    C In the Rear With the Gear|QID|25234|RANK|2|M|31.73,27.97|N|Kill Twilight Slavedrivers then pick up the Twilight Supplies the slaves drop|US|
    C End of the Supply Line|QID|25233|M|33.55,32.73|N|Kill Twilight Proveditors.|US|
    T End of the Supply Line|QID|25233|M|35.70,19.63|N|To Jadi Falaryn.|
    A The Voice of Goldrinn|QID|25268|PRE|25233|M|35.70,19.63|N|From Jadi Falaryn.|
    T In the Rear With the Gear|QID|25234|RANK|2|M|35.70,19.63|N|To Jadi Falaryn.|
    T Harrying the Hunters|QID|25255|RANK|2|M|35.69,19.55|N|To Oomla Whitehorn.|

    T The Voice of Goldrinn|QID|25268|M|29.99,31.27|N|To Ian Duran.|FACTION|Alliance|
    A Goldrinn’s Ferocity|QID|25271|PRE|25268|M|29.99,31.27|N|From Ian Duran.|FACTION|Alliance|
    C Goldrinn’s Ferocity|QID|25271|M|28.62,31.47|N|Kill and loot Lycanthoth Vandals to get the Polluted Incense.|FACTION|Alliance|
    T Goldrinn’s Ferocity|QID|25271|M|30.05,31.34|N|To Ian Duran.|FACTION|Alliance|
    A Lycanthoth the Corruptor|QID|25273|PRE|25271|M|30.05,31.34|N|From Ian Duran.|FACTION|Alliance|
    C Lycanthoth the Corruptor|QID|25273|U|52682|M|32.46,37.27|N|Head inside the cave and use the Incense, then kill Lycanthoth.|FACTION|Alliance|
    T Lycanthoth the Corruptor|QID|25273|M|32.46,37.30|N|To Spirit of Goldrinn.|FACTION|Alliance|
    A The Shrine Reclaimed|QID|25280|PRE|25273|M|29.63,29.36|N|From Spirit of Goldrinn.|FACTION|Alliance|
    T The Shrine Reclaimed|QID|25280|M|28.28,29.81|N|To Ian Duran.|FACTION|Alliance|
    A Cleaning House|QID|25278|PRE|25280|M|28.21,29.85|N|From Ian Duran.|FACTION|Alliance|

    A The Voice of Lo’Gosh|QID|25269|M|35.7,19.5|N|From Oomla Whitehorn.|FACTION|Horde|
    T The Voice of Lo’Gosh|QID|25269|M|30.1,31.7|N|If you don’t have a flying mount. Follow the road west until it branches. Take the fork to the right, down to a valley. If you are following the road down, continue straight, past the wolf statue. In a cage at the edge of the small pond is Takrik Ragehowl.|FACTION|Horde|
    A Howling Mad|QID|25270|M|30.1,31.7|N|From Takrik Ragehowl.|FACTION|Horde|
    C Howling Mad|QID|25270|N|Kill Lycanthoth Vandals for Polluted Incense.|FACTION|Horde|
    T Howling Mad|QID|25270|M|30.1,31.7|N|Back at Takrik Ragehowl.|FACTION|Horde|
    A Lycanthoth the Corruptor|QID|25272|M|30.1,31.7|N|From Takrik Ragehowl.|FACTION|Horde|
    C Lycanthoth the Corruptor|QID|25272|U|52682|M|32.0,36.6;32.4,37.2|N|Use Lycanthoth’s Incense near the altar inside the cave to summon Lycanthoth.|FACTION|Horde|
    T Lycanthoth the Corruptor|QID|25272|M|32.4,37.2|N|At Spirit of Lo’Gosh.|FACTION|Horde|
    A The Shrine Reclaimed|QID|25279|M|29.6,29.4|N|From Spirit of Lo’Gosh after you dismount.|FACTION|Horde|
    T The Shrine Reclaimed|QID|25279|M|28.4,29.9|N|At Takrik Ragehowl to the west.|FACTION|Horde|
    A Cleaning House|QID|25277|M|28.4,29.9|N|From Takrik Ragehowl.|FACTION|Horde|

    A From the Mouth of Madness|QID|25297|PRE|25280|RANK|2|M|28.27,29.91|N|From Rio Duran.|
    A The Eye of Twilight|QID|25300|PRE|25280|RANK|2|M|28.34,29.97|N|From Royce Duskwhisper.|
    l Bitterblossom|QID|25297|RANK|2|L|52727|M|29.4,31.6|N|Loot Bitterblossom from around the edge of the pond.|

    C Cleaning House|QID|25278|S|M|27.7,34.5|N|Kill Hovel Brutes and Shadowcasters.|FACTION|Alliance|
    C Cleaning House|QID|25277|S|M|27.7,34.5|N|Kill Hovel Brutes.|FACTION|Horde|

    l Stonebloom|QID|25297|RANK|2|L|52726|M|27.5,34.1|N|Search around the base of the rock formations for Stonebloom.|
    C From the Mouth of Madness|QID|25297|RANK|2|L|52728|M|28.4,35.8|N|Collect a Darkflame Ember from the brazier.|
    T From the Mouth of Madness|QID|25297|RANK|2|M|28.4,36.4|N|A small caudlron near the brazier.|
    A Free Your Mind, the Rest Follows|QID|25298|PRE|25297|RANK|2|M|28.39,36.23|N|From the Twilight Cauldron.|
    C Free Your Mind, the Rest Follows|QID|25298|RANK|2|S|M|27.68,38.14|N|Talk to Twilight Servitors.|
    T The Eye of Twilight|QID|25300|RANK|2|M|27.19,35.15|N|To the right of the cave entrance at the Eye of Twilight.|
    A Mastering Puppets|QID|25301|PRE|25300|RANK|2|M|27.19,35.15|N|From the Eye of Twilight.|
    A Gar’gol’s Gotta Go|QID|25328|M|27.26,40.75|N|From Kristoff Manheim.|
    C Gar’gol’s Gotta Go|QID|25328|M|26.39,38.69|N|Kill Gar’gol then loot the Rusty Skull Key from Gar’gol’s Personal Treasure Chest.|
    T Mastering Puppets|QID|25301|RANK|2|M|25.83,41.56|N|From the entrance take your first left and then at the next split take a right. Continue straight until you reach a pedestal with a book on it.|
    A Elementary!|QID|25303|PRE|25301|RANK|2|M|25.81,41.56|N|From The Twilight Apocrypha.|
    C Elementary!|QID|25303|RANK|2|M|25.89,41.58|N|Activate the four orbs in the following order: Crucible of Fire, Crucible of Earth, Crucible of Air, Crucible of Water. This will summon The Manipulator. Kill him to complete the quest.|
    T Elementary!|QID|25303|RANK|2|M|25.84,41.65|N|To The Twilight Apocrypha.|
    A Return to Duskwhisper|QID|25312|PRE|25303|RANK|2|M|25.84,41.65|N|From The Twilight Apocrypha.|

    C Cleaning House|QID|25278|US|N|Kill Hovel Brutes and Shadowcasters.|M|27.7,34.5|FACTION|Alliance|
    C Cleaning House|QID|25277|US|N|Kill Hovel Brutes.|FACTION|Horde|

    T Gar’gol’s Gotta Go|QID|25328|M|27.24,40.74|N|To Kristoff Manheim.|
    A Get Me Outta Here!|QID|25332|M|27.24,40.74|N|From Kristoff Manheim.|
    C Get Me Outta Here!|QID|25332|M|27.19,35.79|N|Head to the cave entrance.|
    C Free Your Mind, the Rest Follows|QID|25298|RANK|2|US|N|Talk to Twilight Servitors.|
    T Get Me Outta Here!|QID|25332|M|28.33,30.00|N|To Royce Duskwhisper.|
    T Return to Duskwhisper|QID|25312|RANK|2|M|28.33,30.00|N|To Royce Duskwhisper.|

    T Cleaning House|QID|25278|M|28.23,29.80|N|To Ian Duran.|FACTION|Alliance|
    A Lightning in a Bottle|QID|25353|PRE|25278|M|28.23,29.80|N|From Ian Duran.|FACTION|Alliance|
    A Sweeping the Shelf|QID|25352|PRE|25278|RANK|2|M|28.20,29.89|N|From Ian Duran.|FACTION|Alliance|

    A Sweeping the Shelf|QID|25354|M|28.4,29.9|N|From Takrik Ragehowl.|FACTION|Horde|
    A Lightning in a Bottle|QID|25355|M|28.4,29.9|N|From Takrik Ragehowl.|FACTION|Horde|

    T Free Your Mind, the Rest Follows|QID|25298|RANK|2|M|28.21,29.90|N|To Rio Duran.|

    C Lightning in a Bottle|QID|25353|U|52834|M|22.85,31.90|N|Use the Condenser Jar.|FACTION|Alliance|
    T Lightning in a Bottle|QID|25353|U|52853|M|22.85,31.93|N|Use the Totem, then turn the quest into the Spirit of Goldrinn.|FACTION|Alliance|
    A Into the Maw!|QID|25618|PRE|25353|M|22.87,31.93|N|From Howling Riftdweller.|FACTION|Alliance|
    C Sweeping the Shelf|QID|25352|RANK|2|M|26.76,40.87|N|Kill Twilight Stormcallers and Howling Riftdwellers.|FACTION|Alliance|
    T Into the Maw!|QID|25618|M|26.24,41.89|N|Enter the portal in the center if the Twilight Cultists camp and turn in at Jordan Olafson.|FACTION|Alliance|

    l Lightning in a Bottle|QID|25355|L|52834|M|22.85,31.90|N|Loot a Charged Condenser Jar from the lightning rods scattered around the area.|FACTION|Horde|
    T Lightning in a Bottle|QID|25355|U|52854|N|Use the Totem of Lo’Gosh to summon the wolf spirit.|FACTION|Horde|
    A Into the Maw!|QID|25617|N|From the summoned Spirit of Lo’Gosh.|FACTION|Horde|
    C Sweeping the Shelf|QID|25354|M|26.5,38.1|N|Kill Twilight Stormcallers and Howling Riftdwellers.|FACTION|Horde|
    T Into the Maw!|QID|25617|M|26.1,41.1|N|Enter the portal in the center if the Twilight Cultists camp and turn in at Jordan Olafson.|FACTION|Horde|

    A Crushing the Cores|QID|25577|PRE|25618|M|26.24,41.89|N|From Jordan Olafson.|
    A Forged of Shadow and Flame|QID|25575|PRE|25618|M|26.27,41.93|N|From Yargra Blackscar.|
    A Rage of the Wolf Ancient|QID|25576|PRE|25618|M|26.29,41.94|N|From Yargra Blackscar.|
    C Forged of Shadow and Flame|QID|25575|S|M|30.11,39.21|N|Destroy Twilight Arms Crates as you come across them.|
    l Crushing the Cores|QID|25577|S|L|55123 8|N|Kill Searing Guardians and loot Smoldering Cores.|
    C Rage of the Wolf Ancient|QID|25576|M|28.51,40.57|N|Kill Dark Iron Laborers.|
    C Forged of Shadow and Flame|QID|25575|US|M|27.0,41.5|N|Finish destroying Twilight Arms Crates.|
    l Crushing the Cores|QID|25577|US|L|55123 8|M|27.0,41.5|N|Kill Searing Guardians and loot Smoldering Cores.|
    C Crushing the Cores|QID|25577|U|55123|N|Find a Twilight Anvil, which is usually around the edges of the cavern, and use the Smoldering Cores while standing next to it.|
    T Rage of the Wolf Ancient|QID|25576|M|26.34,41.95|N|To Yargra Blackscar.|
    T Forged of Shadow and Flame|QID|25575|M|26.30,41.91|N|To Jordan Olafson.|
    T Crushing the Cores|QID|25577|M|26.30,41.91|N|To Jordan Olafson.|
    A Cindermaul, the Portal Master|QID|25599|PRE|25575;25576;25577|M|26.34,41.88|N|From Jordan Olafson.|
    C Cindermaul, the Portal Master|QID|25599|M|30.75,41.61|N|Head west back to the center of the cavern. From the center, follow the path down to the right. In the first cavern to the left, you will find Cindermaul. Kill him, then loot the chest he leaves behind.|
    T Cindermaul, the Portal Master|QID|25599|M|26.30,41.87|N|To Jordan Olafson.|
    A Forgemaster Pyrendius|QID|25600|PRE|25599|M|26.33,41.88|N|From Jordan Olafson.|
    C Forgemaster Pyrendius|QID|25600|M|32.08,45.76|N|Forgemaster Pyrendius is a level 80 elite. He has 154k health, so don’t try to fight him directly. He is standing in a circle of runes. To kill him, make sure you hit him at least once, then drag Pyrendius to one of those runes, click on it to activate the rune, then position Pyrendius so that he is standing on the rune. Repeat that, moving from rune to rune, until he dies.|
    T Forgemaster Pyrendius|QID|25600|M|26.26,41.89|N|To Jordan Olafson.|

    A Return from the Firelands|QID|25611|PRE|25600|M|26.26,41.89|N|From Jordan Olafson.|FACTION|Alliance|
    T Sweeping the Shelf|QID|25352|RANK|2|M|28.19,29.83|N|To Ian Duran.|FACTION|Alliance|
    T Return from the Firelands|QID|25611|M|28.19,29.83|N|To Ian Duran.|FACTION|Alliance|

    A Return from the Firelands|QID|25612|M|26.2,41.9|N|From Jordan Olafson.|FACTION|Horde|
    T Return from the Firelands|QID|25612|M|28.4,29.9|N|Enter the portal behind you. This will return you the Shrine of Goldrinn. Fly back to the camp to Takrik Ragehowl.|FACTION|Horde|
    T Sweeping the Shelf|QID|25354|M|28.4,29.9|N|At Takrik Ragehowl.|FACTION|Horde|

    A Aviana’s Legacy|QID|27874|M|28.4,29.8|N|From Vision of Ysera.|
    A The Fires of Mount Hyjal|QID|25630|PRE|25611|M|28.18,29.87|N|From Rio Duran.|
    f Shrine of Aviana|QID|25630|M|41.14,42.70|N|Fly to the Shrine of Aviana and get the flight point from Dinorae Swiftfeather.|
    T Aviana’s Legacy|QID|27874|M|44.39,46.21|N|Enter the first floor of the building at the base of the tree. Head all the way to the back of the shrine to find Choluna.|
    A An Offering for Aviana|QID|25663|M|39,46.21|N|From Choluna.|
    A The Wormwing Problem|QID|25655|M|42.18,45.40|N|From Thisalee Crow.|
    A Scrambling for Eggs|QID|25656|M|42.18,45.40|N|From Thisalee Crow.|
    C An Offering for Aviana|QID|25663|U|55208|M|40.38,44.31|N|Go to the small circle of stones just outside the shrine. Use the Sacred Nectar while standing near the basin in the center of the stone circle. The Spirit of Aviana will appear.|
    T An Offering for Aviana|QID|25663|M|40.38,44.31|N|To the Mysterious Winged Spirit.|
    A A Plea From Beyond|QID|25665|PRE|25663|M|40.38,44.31|N|From the Mysterious Winged Spirit.|
    C Scrambling for Eggs|QID|25656|S|M|36.58,43.42|N|Loot eggs from around the trees.|
    C The Wormwing Problem|QID|25655|M|39.08,41.53|N|Kill any harpy you see for this quest.|
    C Scrambling for Eggs|QID|25656|US|M|36.58,43.42|N|Finish gathering eggs.|
    T The Wormwing Problem|QID|25655|M|42.18,45.40|N|To Thisalee Crow.|
    T Scrambling for Eggs|QID|25656|M|42.18,45.40|N|To Thisalee Crow.|
    A A Bird in Hand|QID|25731|PRE|25655;25656|M|42.18,45.40|N|From Thisalee Crow.|
    T A Plea From Beyond|QID|25665|M|44.38,46.20|N|To Choluna.|
    A A Prayer and a Wing|QID|25664|PRE|25665|M|44.38,46.20|N|From Choluna.|
    N A Bird in Hand|QID|25731|M|38.50,44.04|N|Find the signal fire just west of the shrine. Use it to summon Marion Wormwing. Fight her until Thisalee Crow sneaks up behind her and captures her.|
    C A Bird in Hand|QID|25731|M|38.50,44.04|N|Once she is captured, talk to Marion Wormwing. Go through the dialogue options until you get the quest complete message for A Bird in Hand.|
    C A Prayer and a Wing|QID|25664|U|55211|M|35.67,42.30|N|Get on your flying mount and fly up to the top of the ridge to the north. You will see several nests. Land in one and use the Enormous Bird Call to summon Blaithe.|
    T A Bird in Hand|QID|25731|M|42.20,45.37|N|To Thisalee Crow.|
    T A Prayer and a Wing|QID|25664|M|44.38,46.21|N|To Choluna.|
    A Fact-Finding Mission|QID|25740|PRE|25664;25731|M|43.55,45.82|N|From Skylord Omnuron. We will be doing this quest later.|
    A Save the Wee Animals|QID|25385|PRE|25630|M|19.25,37.96|N|Mount up and head west, past the Shrine of Goldrinn and the Twilight Cultists camp. Follow the road until you reach the Grove of Aessina. From Mylune.|
    A If You’re Not Against Us…|QID|25404|PRE|25630|M|19.04,36.98|N|From Matoclaw.|
    f Grove of Aessina|QID|25404|M|19.58,36.42|N|At Elizil Wintermoth.|
    C If You’re Not Against Us…|QID|25404|M|22.18,44.91|N|Talk to Tyrus Blackhorn until you get the quest completion.|
    T If You’re Not Against Us…|QID|25404|M|22.18,44.91|N|To Tyrus Blackhorn.|
    A Seeds of Their Demise|QID|25408|PRE|25404|M|22.18,44.91|N|Leave the shrine and go slightly east up the road to a small tower. Find Tyrus Blackhorn at the base of the tower. From Tyrus Blackhorn.|
    C Seeds of Their Demise|QID|25408|M|21.63,43.89|N|Kill Wailing Weeds in the area directly surrounding the tower until you get 8 Bileberry. AE spells and abilities are the most effective method.|
    T Seeds of Their Demise|QID|25408|M|22.18,44.83|N|To Tyrus Blackhorn.|
    A A New Master|QID|25411|PRE|25408|M|22.18,44.83|N|From Tyrus Blackhorn.|
    T The Fires of Mount Hyjal|QID|25630|M|19.02,40.99|N|At Laina Nightsky just outside of the grove.|
    L Level 81|QID|25630|LVL|81|N|You should be around level 81 by this point.|
    A Fighting Fire With … Anything|QID|25381|PRE|25630|RANK|2|M|19.02,40.99|N|From Laina Nightsky.|
    A Disrupting the Rituals|QID|25382|PRE|25630|RANK|2|M|19.02,40.99|N|From Laina Nightsky.|
    C Save the Wee Animals|QID|25385|S|M|13.57,39.83|N|Click on the terrified and panicked critters in the scorched area to save them.|
    C Fighting Fire With … Anything|QID|25381|RANK|2|S|M|13.72,46.89|N|Kill any Raging Firestorm you come across.|
    C A New Master|QID|25411|U|53120|M|14.54,45.26|N|Kill a Twilight Inferno Lord and then use the Bottled Bileberry Brew on him to complete A New Master.|
    T A New Master|QID|25411|M|14.54,45.26|N|To Subjugated Inferno Lord.|
    A The Name Never Spoken|QID|25412|PRE|25411|M|14.54,45.26|N|From Subjugated Inferno Lord.|
    C Disrupting the Rituals|QID|25382|RANK|2|S|M|12.02,38.36|N|Kill Inferno Lords.|
    N The Name Never Spoken|QID|25412|QO|Southern Firestone Examined: 1/1|M|14.33,45.33|N|The first firestone is in the southern end of the charred zoned. Clear the mobs and right-click to examine it.|
    N The Name Never Spoken|QID|25412|QO|Central Firestone Examined: 1/1|M|11.61,41.50|N|The second firestone is just a bit north of the southern stone.|
    C The Name Never Spoken|QID|25412|M|9.63,36.45|N|The last firestone is just north of the central stone.|
    C Save the Wee Animals|QID|25385|US|M|13.57,39.83|N|Finish saving the critters.|
    C Disrupting the Rituals|QID|25382|RANK|2|US|M|12.02,38.36|N|Finish kill Inferno Lords.|
    C Fighting Fire With … Anything|QID|25381|RANK|2|US|M|13.72,46.89|N|Finish killing Raging Firestorms.|
    T Fighting Fire With … Anything|QID|25381|RANK|2|M|18.95,40.99|N|To Laina Nightsky.|
    T Disrupting the Rituals|QID|25382|RANK|2|M|18.95,40.99|N|To Laina Nightsky.|
    T Save the Wee Animals|QID|25385|M|19.25,37.95|N|To Mylune.|
    A Oh, Deer!|QID|25392|PRE|25385|M|19.25,37.95|N|From Mylune.|
    T The Name Never Spoken|QID|25412|M|22.23,44.93|N|To Tyrus Blackhorn.|
    A Black Heart of Flame|QID|25428|PRE|25412|M|22.23,44.93|N|From Tyrus Blackhorn.|
    C Black Heart of Flame|QID|25428|U|53464|M|12.37,44.26|N|Summon Thol’Embaar via the Charred Branch, then kill and loot him.|
    C Oh, Deer!|QID|25392|QO|Injured Fawn Escorted Home: 3/3|M|18.99,37.66|N|Click on an Injured Fawn to have it follow you, do this 3 times. Once you have 3, head back to Mylune. They can die from you fighting things.|
    T Oh, Deer!|QID|25392|M|19.24,37.81|N|To Mylune.|
    T Black Heart of Flame|QID|25428|M|22.18,44.93|N|To Tyrus Blackhorn.|
    T Good News… and Bad News|QID|29066|M|19.08,37.03|N|To Matoclaw.|
    A Last Stand at Whistling Grove|QID|25940|PRE|25428;25392|M|19.10,40.98|N|From Laina Nightsky.|
    T Last Stand at Whistling Grove|QID|25940|M|13.68,32.88|N|To Keeper Taldros.|
    A The Bears Up There|QID|25462|PRE|25940|M|13.68,32.88|N|From Keeper Taldros.|
    C The Bears Up There|QID|25462|M|13.93,34.22|N|Find one of the trees nearby that has small ladders around its base. Click on one of the ladders to climb into the tree. In the tree, Click on one of the bear cubs you are near to grab it. Then use the vehicle controls on your action bar to climb to the top of the tree. Once you are at the top of the tree, you will get a new control: Chuck-a-Bear. Aim for the trampoline in front of Keeper Taldros and toss the bear cub onto it. Then climb to a lower part of the tree to get another bear cub. Repeat 6 times.|
    T The Bears Up There|QID|25462|M|13.66,32.89|N|To Keeper Taldros.|
    A Smashing Through Ashes|QID|25490|PRE|25462|M|13.71,32.87|N|From Keeper Taldros.|
    C Smashing Through Ashes|QID|25490|M|20.07,59.28|N|Kill any Charbringer you see.|
    T Smashing Through Ashes|QID|25490|M|27.08,62.59|N|To Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem.|
    A Durable Seeds|QID|25491|PRE|25490|M|27.08,62.59|N|From Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem.|
    A Fresh Bait|QID|25493|PRE|25490|M|27.08,62.59|N|From Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem.|
    A Firebreak|QID|25492|PRE|25490|M|27.04,62.90|N|From Rayne Feathersong.|
    N Nemesis|QID|25491|N|As you complete the next steps, watch out for Nemesis, a level 80 Elite giant turtle who patrols all over The Flamewake.|
    C Durable Seeds|QID|25491|S|M|35.49,53.51|N|Look for small piles of dirt on the ground. Click on them to get a Hyjal Seedling.|
    C Fresh Bait|QID|25493|S|M|38.92,54.30|N|Kill Core Hounds for Core Hound Entrails.|
    C Firebreak|QID|25492|M|39.11,52.77|N|Kill 10 Lava Surgers.|
    C Durable Seeds|QID|25491|US|M|35.49,53.51|N|Finish collecting Hyjal Seedlings.|
    C Fresh Bait|QID|25493|US|M|35.62,54.29|N|Kill Core Hounds for Core Hound Entrails.|
    T Durable Seeds|QID|25491|M|27.14,62.59|N|To Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem.|
    T Fresh Bait|QID|25493|M|27.14,62.59|N|To Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem.|
    A Hell’s Shells|QID|25507|PRE|25493|M|27.14,62.59|N|From Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem.|
    T Firebreak|QID|25492|M|27.11,62.98|N|To Rayne Feathersong.|
    A Prepping the Soil|QID|25502|PRE|25492|M|27.11,62.98|N|From Rayne Feathersong.|
    C Hell’s Shells|QID|25507|U|54744|M|39.88,54.33|N|Get on your flying mount and fly around The Flamewake until you find Nemesis. Land a safe distance away and place the Heap of Core Hound Innards on the ground so that Nemesis walks near them. Once Nemesis gets in range of the Innards, he will begin to eat them, allowing you to run up to him and collect the shell fragment by clicking on him. As soon as you have the fragment, quickly get on your mount to get away before he attacks you.|
    C Prepping the Soil|QID|25502|M|41.91,56.01|N|Head to a small area in the south part of The Flamewake, almost directly east of the Sanctuary of Malorne. You will be in front of a cave entrance. Find the Flameward. Clear the area of any enemies that might attack you then right-click on the Flameward to activate it. Defend the Flameward from anything that comes out to attack it. After about a minute, the Flameward will be fully activated, which will kill any remaining enemies around it.|
    T Fact-Finding Mission|QID|25740|M|32.82,70.73|N|To Thisalee Crow.|
    A Sethria’s Brood|QID|25746|PRE|25740|M|32.82,70.73|N|From Thisalee Crow.|
    A A Gap in Their Armor|QID|25758|PRE|25740|M|32.86,70.73|N|From Thisalee Crow.|
    C A Gap in Their Armor|QID|25758|S|M|31.54,76.25|N|Pick up the Twilight Armor Pieces you see.|
    C Sethria’s Brood|QID|25746|S|M|31.33,76.40|N|Kill the Twilight Dragonkin. Avoid the Twilight Juggernauts for now.|
    A The Codex of Shadows|QID|25763|PRE|25740|M|31.21,77.08|N|In the center of the camp, you will find a pedestal with a book on it. Click on the book and accept the quest The Codex of Shadows.|
    C A Gap in Their Armor|QID|25758|US|M|31.54,76.25|N|Finish grabbing Twilight Armor Pieces.|
    C Sethria’s Brood|QID|25746|US|M|31.33,76.40|N|Kill the Twilight Dragonkin. Avoid the Twilight Juggernauts for now.|
    T Sethria’s Brood|QID|25746|M|32.80,70.79|N|To Thisalee Crow.|
    T A Gap in Their Armor|QID|25758|M|32.80,70.79|N|To Thisalee Crow.|
    A Disassembly|QID|25761|PRE|25758|M|32.80,70.79|N|From Thisalee Crow.|
    T The Codex of Shadows|QID|25763|M|32.80,70.79|N|To Thisalee Crow.|
    A Egg Hunt|QID|25764|PRE|25763|M|32.80,70.79|N|From Thisalee Crow.|
    C Disassembly|QID|25761|U|55883|S|M|30.70,80.05|N|Find a Twilight Juggernaut. Use Thisalee’s Shiv on him to break his armor, then kill him. You can use the Shiv multiple times to further decrease his armor.|
    C Egg Hunt|QID|25764|M|29.80,76.97|N|Find one of the Shadow Cloak Generators. Click on it to deactivate it. Keep doing this until you find Aviana’s egg. Once you find the egg, you must defend it until the druids come to collect it.|
    C Disassembly|QID|25761|U|55883|US|M|30.70,80.05|N|Find a Twilight Juggernaut. Use Thisalee’s Shiv on him to break his armor, then kill him. You can use the Shiv multiple times to further decrease his armor.|
    T Disassembly|QID|25761|M|32.78,70.74|N|To Thisalee Crow.|
    T Egg Hunt|QID|25764|M|32.78,70.74|N|To Thisalee Crow.|
    A Sethria’s Demise|QID|25776|PRE|25761;25764|M|32.78,70.74|N|From Thisalee Crow.|
    C Sethria’s Demise|QID|25776|U|56003|M|35.46,97.83|N|Attack her until she changes into her dragon form. When she does, use Thisalee’s Signal Rocket to summon the Druids of the Talon to help you defeat her. She will occasionally place a shadow fissure on the ground around. Move out of it as soon as you see it to avoid massive damage.|
    T Sethria’s Demise|QID|25776|M|32.78,70.77|N|To Thisalee Crow.|
    A Return to the Shrine|QID|25795|PRE|25776|M|32.78,70.77|N|From Thisalee Crow.|
    T Hell’s Shells|QID|25507|M|27.16,62.59|N|To Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem.|
    A Tortolla Speaks|QID|25510|PRE|25507|M|27.14,62.75|N|From Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem.|
    T Prepping the Soil|QID|25502|M|27.08,62.99|N|To Rayne Feathersong.|
    T Tortolla Speaks|QID|25510|M|24.84,55.82|N|Fly to Torolla, who is chained on the far side of the lake.|
    A Children of Tortolla|QID|25519|PRE|25510|M|24.84,55.82|N|From Tortolla.|
    A Breaking the Bonds|QID|25514|PRE|25510|M|25.01,55.53|N|From Tortolla.|
    C Children of Tortolla|QID|25519|M|22.66,56.87|N|Jump into the lake and swim down. Kill the Deep Corruptors to rescue the eggs they are near.|
    C Breaking the Bonds|QID|25514|M|24.00,55.88|N|Go back to Tortolla. Use the giant rod to your left to break the chain holding Tortola and summon a Twilight Dominator. Kill him, then repeat on the other rod to the right.|
    T Breaking the Bonds|QID|25514|M|24.45,55.85|N|To Tortolla.|
    T Children of Tortolla|QID|25519|M|24.49,55.81|N|To Tortolla.|
    A An Ancient Awakens|QID|25520|PRE|25514;25519|M|24.49,55.81|N|From Tortolla.|
    T Return to the Shrine|QID|25795|M|44.41,46.24|N|Fly back to the Shrine of Aviana. Find Choluna in the back.|
    A An Ancient Reborn|QID|25807|PRE|25795|M|44.41,46.24|N|From Choluna.|
    C An Ancient Reborn|QID|25807|U|56016|M|44.34,47.89|N|Go up the ramp to your right, into a small room where you will find Aviana’s Egg. Use the Herald’s Incense near the egg to resurrect Aviana.|
    T An Ancient Reborn|QID|25807|M|44.34,47.89|N|To Aviana.|

    A The Hatchery Must Burn|QID|25810|PRE|25807|RANK|2|M|44.09,46.01|N|From Morthis Whisperwing.|
    T An Ancient Awakens|QID|25520|M|27.10,62.57|N|To Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem.|
    A The Last Living Lorekeeper|QID|25830|M|27.03,62.61|N|From Vision of Ysera.|
    F Firelands Hatchery|QID|25810|M|39.20,58.23|N|Fly back down into The Flamewake. Enter the large portal in the center.|
    T The Hatchery Must Burn|QID|25810|RANK|2|M|37.23,56.22|N|To Farden Talonshrike.|
    A Flight in the Firelands|QID|25523|PRE|25810|RANK|2|M|37.23,56.22|N|From Farden Talonshrike.|
    C Flight in the Firelands|QID|25523|RANK|2|M|36.51,53.32|U|52716|N|Loot a Twilight Firelance from one of the weapon ranks behind Farden. Equip it and jump on one of the Aviana’s Guardians nearby. Flight does not work the normal way on these mounts. You must use the Flap ability to make them move forward AND stay in the air. You will move forward and gain altitude the more you use the ability. Fly to one of the flags on any the ledges in the cavern, then fly back to complete the quest.|
    T Flight in the Firelands|QID|25523|RANK|2|M|37.27,56.22|N|To Farden Talonshrike.|
    A Wave One|QID|25525|PRE|25523|RANK|2|M|37.27,56.22|N|From Farden Talonshrike.|
    C Wave One|QID|25525|U|52716|RANK|2|M|37.66,49.68|N|Using the same controls, fly into the center of the cavern. You will see many Twilight Buzzards flying around. “Kill” them by running onto the buzzards with your mount.|
    T Wave One|QID|25525|RANK|2|M|37.25,56.23|N|To Farden Talonshrike.|
    A Wave Two|QID|25544|PRE|25525|RANK|2|M|37.27,56.27|N|From Farden Talonshrike.|
    C Wave Two|QID|25544|U|52716|RANK|2|M|35.08,51.10|N|This quest is exactly the same as the last one, except now there are flaming boulders falling from the sky that you must dodge. If your mount gets killed, there are replacement mounts at the bottom of the cavern.|
    T Wave Two|QID|25544|RANK|2|M|37.26,56.23|N|To Farden Talonshrike.|
    A Egg Wave|QID|25560|PRE|25544|RANK|2|M|37.26,56.23|N|From Farden Talonshrike.|
    C Egg Wave|QID|25560|U|52716|RANK|2|M|33.29,58.5|N|This quest is much easier. Still using the same controls, fly over to the ledges around the room and run over the eggs that are on them.|
    T Egg Wave|QID|25560|RANK|2|M|37.26,56.21|N|To Farden Talonshrike.|
    A Return to Aviana|QID|25832|PRE|25560|RANK|2|M|37.26,56.21|N|From Farden Talonshrike.|
    T The Last Living Lorekeeper|QID|25830|PRE|25807|M|27.62,55.67|N|To Nordu.|
    A Firefight|QID|25842|PRE|25830|M|27.49,55.50|N|From Nordu.|
    C Firefight|QID|25842|M|26.80,52.53|N|Kill 5 Firey Tormentors nearby.|
    T Firefight|QID|25842|M|27.39,55.49|N|To Nordu.|
    A Aessina’s Miracle|QID|25372|PRE|25842|M|27.39,55.49|N|From Nordu.|
    T Aessina’s Miracle|QID|25372|M|19.51,37.83|N|To Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem.|
    A Tortolla’s Revenge|QID|25843|PRE|25372|M|19.60,37.83|N|From Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem.|
    T Tortolla’s Revenge|QID|25843|M|41.56,60.91|N|To Tortolla.|
    A The Hammer and the Key|QID|25904|PRE|25843|M|41.56,60.91|N|From Tortolla.|
    A Lost Wardens|QID|25881|PRE|25843|RANK|2|M|42.20,60.62|N|From Niden.|
    A Breakthrough|QID|25899|PRE|25843|RANK|2|M|42.20,60.62|N|From Niden.|
    C Lost Wardens|QID|25881|RANK|2|S|M|48.98,51.70|N|Talk to the Lost Wardens to rescue them.|
    C Breakthrough|QID|25899|RANK|2|M|49.47,51.54|N|Kill 10 Twilight Scorchlords.|
    C Lost Wardens|QID|25881|RANK|2|US|M|48.98,51.70|N|Finish rescueing Lost Wardens.|
    T Lost Wardens|QID|25881|RANK|2|M|57.15,55.94|N|Continue to follow the road east until you reach a building with nightelves fighting around it. Go inside to find Captain Irontree.|
    A Pressing the Advantage|QID|25886|PRE|25881|RANK|2|M|57.15,55.94|N|From Captain Irontree.|
    T Breakthrough|QID|25899|RANK|2|M|57.15,55.94|N|To Captain Irontree.|
    A Hyjal Recycling Program|QID|25901|PRE|25843|RANK|2|M|56.87,56.01|N|From Logram.|
    C Hyjal Recycling Program|QID|25901|RANK|2|S|M|56.80,52.80;58.66,54.29|N|Collect Arrows.|
    C Pressing the Advantage|QID|25886|RANK|2|M|54.16,54.28|N|Kill Twilight Field Captains.|
    C The Hammer and the Key|QID|25904|M|60.42,58.91|N|Continue killing Twilight Field Captains until the Glyph of Opening drops.|
    C Hyjal Recycling Program|QID|25901|RANK|2|US|M|56.80,52.80|N|Collect Arrows.|
    T The Hammer and the Key|QID|25904|M|42.25,60.80|N|To Tortolla.|
    A The Third Flamegate|QID|25906|PRE|25904|M|42.25,60.80|N|From Tortolla.|
    T Pressing the Advantage|QID|25886|RANK|2|M|57.14,55.96|N|To Captain Irontree.|
    T Hyjal Recycling Program|QID|25901|RANK|2|M|56.86,56.05|N|To Logram.|
    T The Third Flamegate|QID|25906|M|64.30,53.54|N|Go farther down the road, to the east, until you reach another flamegate. Enter it to be teleported to The Crucible of Flame. Speak to Garunda Mountainpeak.|
    A The Time for Mercy has Passed|QID|25910|PRE|25906|RANK|2|M|64.30,53.54|N|From Garunda Mountainpeak.|
    N The Strength of Tortolla|QID|25915|N|If you are a pet class before you accept this quest, ensure that your pet is dismissed, else it can potentially bug out.|
    A The Strength of Tortolla|QID|25915|PRE|25906|M|64.30,53.54|N|From Garunda Mountainpeak.|
    C The Time for Mercy has Passed|QID|25910|RANK|2|S|M|61.17,56.87|N|Kill Molten Tormentors and Shadowflame Masters.|
    C The Strength of Tortolla|QID|25915|M|65.95,58.11|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|Make your way through the cavern until you find a Nemesis Crystal. Move the Cild of Tortolla following you close to the crystal and he will automatically examine it.|
    C The Time for Mercy has Passed|QID|25910|RANK|2|US|M|61.17,56.87|N|Finish killing Molten Tormentors and Shadowflame Masters.|
    T The Time for Mercy has Passed|QID|25910|RANK|2|M|64.34,53.55|N|To Garunda Mountainpeak.|
    T The Strength of Tortolla|QID|25915|M|64.34,53.55|N|To Garunda Mountainpeak.|
    A Finish Nemesis|QID|25923|PRE|25915|M|64.34,53.55|N|From Garunda Mountainpeak.|
    C Finish Nemesis|QID|25923|U|56207|M|63.08,62.60|N|Time to fight the giant turtle we have been dodging all this time. Go all the way to the end of the cave, where you will find Nemesis. Attack him until you get the message “Nemesis is about to erupt!” When you see that, use the Totem of Tortolla to place a shield around yourself, protecting you from damage but also preventing any movement or attacks by you. Nemesis will erupt in flames, damaging himself and everything around him. Repeat this sequence of attacking and shielding until Nemesis is dead.|
    T Finish Nemesis|QID|25923|M|64.31,53.54|N|To Garunda Mountainpeak.|
    A Tortolla’s Triumph|QID|25928|PRE|25923|M|64.31,53.54|N|From Garunda Mountainpeak.|
    T Tortolla’s Triumph|QID|25928|M|42.11,60.86|N|Use the portal nearby to teleport back to The Scorched Plain. Follow the road, heading west, all the way back to Tortolla.|
    A The Ancients are With Us|QID|25653|PRE|25928|M|42.05,60.88|N|From Tortolla.|
    T Return to Aviana|QID|25832|M|44.34,47.89|N|To Aviana.|

    T The Ancients are With Us|QID|25653|M|62.08,24.93|N|To Ysera.|
    A Commander Jarod Shadowsong|QID|25597|PRE|25653|M|62.08,24.93|N|From Ysera.|
    T Commander Jarod Shadowsong|QID|25597|M|71.90,58.10|N|To Elementalist Ortell.|
    A Signed in Blood|QID|25274|PRE|25597|M|71.90,58.10|N|From Elementalist Ortell.|
    C Signed in Blood|QID|25274|U|52683|M|74.82,61.12|N|Follow the road out of the cave until you reach a small group of Twilight Recruits. Speak to one of the recruits to get him to follow you. Lead him out of sight of the rest of the group and use the Blackjack on the recruit. This will kill him. Loot the Twilight Recruitment Papers.|
    T Signed in Blood|QID|25274|M|71.96,58.16|N|To Elementalist Ortell.|
    A Your New Identity|QID|25276|PRE|25274|M|71.96,58.16|N|From Elementalist Ortell.|
    T Your New Identity|QID|25276|M|76.89,62.09|N|To Condenna the Pitiless.|
    A In Bloom|QID|25224|PRE|25276|M|76.89,62.09|N|From Condenna the Pitiless.|
    A Trial By Fire|QID|25223|PRE|25276|M|76.97,62.20|N|From Condenna the Pitiless.|
    A Waste of Flesh|QID|25330|PRE|25276|M|76.99,62.16|N|From Instructor Cargall.|
    C Waste of Flesh|QID|25330|S|U|52819|M|78.95,63.18|N|Use the Frostgale Crystal on them to put out Immolated Supplicants.|
    C Trial By Fire|QID|25223|M|81.81,64.04|N|Kill Fiery Instructors.|S|
    C In Bloom|QID|25224|M|81.02,63.88;78.75,62.28|L|52537 5|N|Collect Flame Blossoms.|
    C Trial By Fire|QID|25223|M|81.81,64.04|N|Kill Fiery Instructors.|US|
    C Waste of Flesh|QID|25330|US|U|52819|M|78.95,63.18|N|Find an Immolated Supplicant that are running around covered in fire. Use the Frostgale Crystal on them to put out the flames.|
    T Waste of Flesh|QID|25330|M|77.09,62.23|N|To Instructor Cargall.|
    T Trial By Fire|QID|25223|M|76.95,62.15|N|To Condenna the Pitiless.|
    T In Bloom|QID|25224|M|76.95,62.15|N|To Condenna the Pitiless.|
    A Twilight Training|QID|25291|PRE|25223;25224;25330|M|76.95,62.15|N|From Condenna the Pitiless.|
    T Twilight Training|QID|25291|M|89.54,59.05|N|To Instructor Mylva.|
    A Physical Training: Forced Labor|QID|25509|PRE|25291|M|89.54,59.05|N|From Instructor Mylva.|
    A Walking the Dog|QID|25294|PRE|25291|M|90.08,56.48|N|From Instructor Devoran.|
    A Gather the Intelligence|QID|25296|PRE|25291|M|88.36,58.57|N|From the Outhouse Hideout.|
    l Twilight Communique|QID|25296|M|88.98,57.01|L|52724|N|Search the camp until you find the Twilight Communique. It can be just about anywhere in the camp so just keep looking around until you find it. Try to grab it when none of the Twilight Guards are close by. If they see you take the communique they will attack.|
    l Charred Basilisk Meat|QID|25294|L|52708 5|S|M|89.55,49.35|N|Kill Spinescale Basilisk and loot 5 Charred Basilisk Meat.|
    C Physical Training: Forced Labor|QID|25509|S|U|54788|M|89.55,49.35|N|Use the Twilight Pick on Darkwhisper Lodestones on your way to the other camp.|
    C Gather the Intelligence|QID|25296|M|91.95,51.60|N|Leave the camp. Head northeast, toward the other camp, Doom’s Vigil. Find the Hyjal Battleplans somewhere in the Doom’s Vigil camp.|
    l Charred Basilisk Meat|QID|25294|L|52708 5|US|M|89.55,49.35|N|Kill Spinescale Basilisk and loot 5 Charred Basilisk Meat.|
    C Physical Training: Forced Labor|QID|25509|US|U|54788|M|89.55,49.35|N|use the Twilight Pick on Darkwhisper Lodestones.|
    N Walking the Dog|QID|25294|U|52717|M|90.11,56.32|N|Once back in the camp, use the Fiery Leash to summon the Spawn of Smolderos.|
    C Walking the Dog|QID|25294|U|52708|M|90.11,56.32|N|Feed him the 5 Charred Basilisk Meat.|
    T Walking the Dog|QID|25294|M|90.11,56.32|N|To Instructor Devoran.|
    A A Champion’s Collar|QID|25494|PRE|25294|M|90.11,56.32|N|From Instructor Devoran.|
    T Gather the Intelligence|QID|25296|M|88.32,58.52|N|To the Outhouse Hideout.|
    A Seeds of Discord|QID|25308|PRE|25296|M|88.32,58.52|N|From the Outhouse Hideout.|
    T Physical Training: Forced Labor|QID|25509|M|89.58,59.06|N|To Instructor Mylva.|
    A Agility Training: Run Like Hell!|QID|25499|PRE|25509|M|89.53,58.98|N|From Instructor Mylva.|
    C Agility Training: Run Like Hell!|QID|25499|M|88.64,57.99|N|Stay away from the Blazing Trainer, and do not leave the camp.|
    L Level 82|QID|25499|LVL|82|N|You should be around level 82 by this point.|
    T Agility Training: Run Like Hell!|QID|25499|M|89.53,59.09|N|To Instructor Mylva.|
    A Mental Training: Speaking the Truth to Power|QID|25299|PRE|25499|M|89.53,59.09|N|From Instructor Mylva.|
    C Mental Training: Speaking the Truth to Power|QID|25299|U|52828|M|89.58,59.03|N|Use the Orb of Ascension. You will be asked 10 yes/no questions. The questions are simple and the answers are VERY obvious. Dismiss the Orb once you get the quest completed message.|
    T Mental Training: Speaking the Truth to Power|QID|25299|M|89.58,59.03|N|To Instructor Mylva.|
    A Spiritual Training: Mercy is for the Weak|QID|25309|PRE|25299|M|89.58,59.03|N|From Instructor Mylva.|
    C Spiritual Training: Mercy is for the Weak|QID|25309|M|92.11,48.36|N|Go back to Doom’s Vigil. To your left as you enter the camp, you will see a group of Failed Supplicants. Kill 5 Failed Supplicants.|
    C A Champion’s Collar|QID|25494|M|84.20,47.31|N|Leave the camp and follow the road when it turns north. You will find the Spinescale Matriarch. Kill her and loot the Spiked Basilisk Hide.|
    T A Champion’s Collar|QID|25494|M|90.14,56.49|N|To Instructor Devoran.|
    A Grudge Match|QID|25496|PRE|25494|M|90.14,56.49|N|From Instructor Devoran.|
    C Grudge Match|QID|25496|M|77.86,51.18|N|Leave the camp and go to the Seat of the Chosen. Go to the first building on your left as you enter the camp. Speak to Gromm’ko to challenge him to a match. Once your core hound pup kills his raptor, Gromm’ko will attack you.|
    N Seeds of Discord|QID|25308|U|55137|M|77.35,48.27|N|Go to the Ogre Outhouse on the right side of the large building. Use the Ogre Disguise near the outhouse to transform into an ogre.|
    C Seeds of Discord|QID|25308|U|55137|M|76.62,48.71|N|Enter the large building. Speak to Karr’gonn to get him to leave the room. As soon as he is outside, kill High Cultist Azennios.|
    T Grudge Match|QID|25496|M|90.12,56.45|N|To Instructor Devoran.|
    T Seeds of Discord|QID|25308|M|88.28,58.51|N|To the Outhouse Hideout.|
    T Spiritual Training: Mercy is for the Weak|QID|25309|M|89.56,59.04|N|To Instructor Mylva.|
    A The Greater of Two Evils|QID|25310|PRE|25309|M|89.59,58.98|N|From Instructor Mylva.|
    A Twilight Territory|QID|25311|PRE|25309|M|89.59,58.98|N|From Instructor Mylva.|
    C Twilight Territory|QID|25311|M|67.00,67.06|N|Kill Horrorguards.|S|
    C The Greater of Two Evils|QID|25310|U|54814|M|64.91,64.82|N|Use the Talisman of Flame Ascendancy and use the abilities you now have to kill Garnoth. Start off the fight by using Flame Shield to protect yourself, the use Ascendant Strike 3 times to attack Garnoth. Repeat this rotation until he is dead.|
    C Twilight Territory|QID|25311|M|67.00,67.06|N|Finish killing Horrorguards.|US|
    T The Greater of Two Evils|QID|25310|M|89.56,59.04|N|To Instructor Mylva.|
    T Twilight Territory|QID|25311|M|89.56,59.04|N|To Instructor Mylva.|
    A Speech Writing for Dummies|QID|25314|PRE|25311;25310;25496;25308|M|88.31,58.53|N|From the Outhouse Hideout.|
    C Speech Writing for Dummies|QID|25314|M|78.87,56.40|N|Search around the roads leading to the Seat of the Chosen until you find Okrog.|
    T Speech Writing for Dummies|QID|25314|M|88.23,58.48|N|To the Outhouse Hideout.|
    A Head of the Class|QID|25601|PRE|25314|M|88.23,58.48|N|From the Outhouse Hideout.|
    T Head of the Class|QID|25601|M|89.53,59.05|N|To Instructor Mylva.|
    A Graduation Speech|QID|25315|PRE|25601|M|89.53,59.05|N|From Instructor Mylva.|
    C Graduation Speech|QID|25315|M|95.22,51.33|N|Fly over to Doom’s Vigil. You will find a podium all the way at the back of the camp. Click on it to start the event. During this event, you will have to use 3 abilities depending on the crowd’s mood. These abilities are: Inspire, Incite, and Pander. The members of the crowd will say different things depending on their mood. Wait until a random crowd member says something, then use the abilities. Once you have made the correct choice 10 times, the crowd will riot, allowing you to rescue Jarod Shadowsong.|
    T Graduation Speech|QID|25315|M|95.31,51.34|N|To Commander Jarod Shadowsong.|
    A Twilight Riot|QID|25531|PRE|25315|M|95.31,51.34|
    T Twilight Riot|QID|25531|M|72.21,74.69|N|To Commander Jarod Shadowsong.|
    A Slash and Burn|QID|25608|PRE|25531|M|72.21,74.69|N|From Commander Jarod Shadowsong.|
    C Slash and Burn|QID|25608|M|80.25,65.47|N|Get on one of the Emerald Drakes nearby. Fly east back into Darkwhisper Gorge. Use the Acid Blast ability on any ground units you see until you have killed 40 Twilight’s Hammer units, and the Aerial Swipe ability on 5 of the Twilight Stormwakers, the twilight dragons flying around.|
    T Slash and Burn|QID|25608|M|72.15,74.03|N|To Commander Jarod Shadowsong.|
    A Might of the Firelord|QID|25548|PRE|25608|M|71.97,73.97|N|From Commander Jarod Shadowsong.|
    A Secrets of the Flame|QID|25554|PRE|25608|M|71.96,74.01|N|From Cenarius.|
    f Gates of Sothann|QID|25554|M|71.57,75.24|N|At Althera.|
    C Might of the Firelord|QID|25548|S|M|58.49,82.53|N|Kill Flame Ascendants and Twilight Subjugators.|
    l Secrets of the Flame|QID|25554|M|59.66,80.81|L|54906|N|Get the The Burning Litanies.|
    l Secrets of the Flame|QID|25554|M|58.13,78.90|L|54905|N|Get the Tome of Flame.|
    C Secrets of the Flame|QID|25554|M|56.84,83.85|N|Get the Ascendant’s Codex.|
    A The Twilight Egg|QID|25644|PRE|25608|M|59.07,83.85|N|From Twilight Subjugator.|
    C Might of the Firelord|QID|25548|US|M|58.49,82.53|N|Finish killing the needed mobs.|
    T Might of the Firelord|QID|25548|M|72.08,74.05|N|To Commander Jarod Shadowsong.|
    A The Sanctum of the Prophets|QID|25549|PRE|25548|M|72.07,74.06|N|From Commander Jarod Shadowsong.|
    T Secrets of the Flame|QID|25554|M|71.90,74.07|N|To Cenarius.|
    A The Gatekeeper|QID|25555|PRE|25554|M|72.03,74.12|N|From Cenarius.|
    T The Twilight Egg|QID|25644|M|72.20,74.00|N|To Aronus.|
    A Brood of Evil|QID|25552|PRE|25644|M|72.11,74.06|N|From Aronus.|
    C Brood of Evil|QID|25552|M|59.46,77.60|N|Fly back to Ascendant’s Circle. Kill a Young Twilight Drake and loot his skull.|
    C The Sanctum of the Prophets|QID|25549|S|M|58.20,68.15|N|Fly to the camp north of Ascendant’s Circle. Kill everything you need.|
    C The Gatekeeper|QID|25555|U|55153|M|57.56,68.55|N|Find Azralon the Gatekeeper in the northwest end of the camp. Make sure you are at full health/mana. Attack him and immediately use the Horn of Cenarius to summon Goldrinn and a group of druids to help you kill him.|
    C The Sanctum of the Prophets|QID|25549|US|M|58.20,68.15|N|Kill anything else you need.|
    T Brood of Evil|QID|25552|M|72.21,74.01|N|To Aronus.|
    A Death to the Broodmother|QID|25553|PRE|25552|M|72.21,74.01|N|From Aronus.|
    T The Sanctum of the Prophets|QID|25549|M|72.07,73.97|N|To Commander Jarod Shadowsong.|
    A Magma Monarch|QID|25550|PRE|25549|M|72.21,74.01|N|From Commander Jarod Shadowsong.|
    T The Gatekeeper|QID|25555|M|71.88,74.00|N|To Cenarius.|
    C Death to the Broodmother|QID|25553|U|55173|M|54.78,85.27|N|Use the Young Twilight Drake Skull to summon Desperiona. Aronus and Aviana come to help so don’t panic when she appears.|
    C Magma Monarch|QID|25550|U|55179|M|43.89,82.83|N|Fly to the charred area southwest of Sulferon Spire. Find King Moltron. Land near him and use the Drums of the Turtle God to summon Tortolla. Kill King Moltron.|
    T Death to the Broodmother|QID|25553|M|72.24,73.91|N|To Aronus.|
    T Magma Monarch|QID|25550|M|72.07,74.00|N|To Commander Jarod Shadowsong.|
    A The Firelord|QID|25551|PRE|25553;25550|M|71.95,73.96|N|From Cenarius.|
    C The Firelord|QID|25551|M|55.45,66.91|N|It’s finally time to fight Ragnaros. Fly to the flamegate just past where you fought Azralon. Enter the portal and speak to Cenarius to start the battle. Malfurion Stormrage and Arch Druid Hamuul some to help out as well. Once the battle starts, Cenarius will hold threat on Ragnaros, while Hamuul and Malfurion cast spells on him that cause Ragnaros to take 2000% increased magic and physical damage. Every 30 secods or so, Ragnaros will submerge and summon a flame wave. Once the flame wave passes, Ragnaros will summon adds that attack Malfurion and Hamuul. Alternate between keeping the adds clear and DPS’ing Ragnaros until he dies.|
    T The Firelord|QID|25551|M|72.09,74.07|N|To Commander Jarod Shadowsong.|

    A The Battle Is Won, The War Goes On|QID|27398|PRE|25551|M|72.09,74.07|N|From Commander Jarod Shadowsong.|FACTION|Alliance|

    A The Battle Is Won, The War Goes On|QID|27399|M|72.05,73.89|N|From Commander Jarod Shadowsong.|FACTION|Horde|
    F Orgrimmar|QID|28790|M|71.67,75.24|N|Fly back to Orgrimmar.|FACTION|Horde|
    T The Battle Is Won, The War Goes On|QID|27399|M|50.38,38.23|Z|Orgrimmar|N|In Orgrimmar. To Farseer Krogar.|FACTION|Horde|

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