New design


The forums have been redesigned and we hope that you like the new looks. It should be easier to navigate around as well now. You might have noticed that the site finally received a theme as well. Of course this is just the very beginning of many more enhancements that you can expect in the coming days.

If you don’t like something or if you have suggestions we strongly encourage you to post them. The next things we’ll focus on will be:

  • The main navigation menu
  • take care of preview bug (posts that are previewed currently appear on white background)
  • Primary links that will appear on top
  • Smileys (need to be redone along with the smiley block)
  • Better explanations (on how to make guides etc, what and how to make news posts)
  • More graphics in general
  • Give people the possibility to edit other peoples’ posts, with moderator approval. This will allow working on guides in a collaborative effort.
  • Make the point system reward badges automatically
  • Setup a todo list on the site where everyone can contribute
  • Structure the front page with several more blocks (maybe)

– Snowflake

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