Previously unlisted changes also going live in 2.0.1


-Environmental sounds play in the background on the Character Creation screen.
-Some newly created characters start out with their racials on their action bar. *IE Nightelves start with shadowmeld, humans don’t start with perception on their bar*
-Moonfire now has a moon in the animation!
-New loading screens.
-Escape artist is now an instant cast.
-Blood Fury also increases spell damage depending on your class. Increases Ranged and Mele damage for Hunters *unconfirmed*.
-The Troll Priest racial “Shadowguard” now has a different graphic for the floaty orbs.
-The Looking For Group Channel has been removed.
-Same faction players in stealth are seeable by any other player of that faction.
-Phase Shift has a new sound effect.
-Added a new Sound Levels option under sound options.
-Spellstone animation is now a green glow around your hands when activated.
-Invisibility now causes the world to become wavy and the sky white, this includes Invisibility Potions and Cloaking Devices.
-When right clicking your portrait there is a Dungeon Difficulty setting. *Has no effect on non-expansion instances*
-There is now a black swirly animation when a spell is resisted.
-The Quest log has been expanded to hold 25 quests.
-The Outlands Map is now available on the map screen.
-The Darnassus Alterac Valley Battlemaster has finally decided to join the other Battlemasters on the left side of the warrior’s terrace.
-All the starting area guards have had their levels increased to 65.
-There is a courtyard door opened in Undercity.
-In order to make room for the new Looking for Group Interface button, the World Map button was moved to the top left of your minimap.
-There is a Silvermoon City teleporter NPC in the Undercity courtyard.
-All hunter’s pets have been normalized to a 2.0 speed. *unconfirmed*
-There is a new ship by Auberdine that takes you to Azuremyst Isle. Players without the expansion are teleported to the nearest graveyard after a certain point.
-Reputation gained from quests appears in your general chat window instead of just in the combat log.
-Paladin Blessings and Seals have new animations!
-Spellstone and Firestone can be equipped in the Wand slot.
-The Netherwind Mantle has a new model, crystallized Banana Sundaes? *bug?*
-Many profession that used to require a recipe, plan, ect, to learn are now trainable by the corresponding profession trainer.
-Spells automatically update on your action bar when new ranks are purchased.
-The graphic on Hunter’s Mark has changed.
-A new sound plays when you are dazed.
-Gouge and Backstab have new sounds.
-Arcane Shot benefits more from ranged attack power. *unconfirmed*
-Four new bank slots! And an extra bag slot that costs 25g to purchase.
-The graphic on Corruption has changed.
-New quests have been added throught the zones. Including various Draenei and Blood elf camps.
-Many new items have been added to various vendors, including Jewelcrafting Plans.
-New Sound effect on Concussion Shot.
-The maximum instanced PvP you can be in queue for at one time is 3. *bug?*
-All class specific spell books that previously dropped in dungeons are now trainable at level 60.
-Players can change their title from a drop down menu to show their highest pvp rank next to their name.

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