Prö’s Violet Hold Guide.


Hi this is my first guide hope you enjoy it.

– What is Violet Hold and where is it?
Violet Hold is one of the new instances that came in the WotlK content, and is located in Dalaran the new main city.
– What level is this for?
Its for lvl 73-77. There is a heroic mode too for level 80.
– What is good at Voilet Hold?
It’s like BM (Black Morass) You cant stop up and take a break, the battle keeps going on.

Now onto the guide.


– Erekem: Erekem is one of the bosses in Voilet Hold, and has 2 guards with him.
Tactics: It’s pretty much tank and spank, just ignore the guards, if you kill them Erekem will enrage and gain 25% + Damage and Attack Speed.

– Moragg: Is a big looking Elemental/Demon.
Tactics: The easiest way is to tank and spank. He does some Damage over Time, which you cant avoid.

– Ichoron: Is a water elemental that is in the water locked cell at the right.
Tactics: When you engage him, after 15 seconds he gets a shield with 30 Charges which lowers damage by 90% When the 30 charges are gone, he will burst water out to the sides and some small water elemental will appear. The tank should be ready to grab the boss. The small Elemental will try to reach boss, if they do so they heal him. So the DPS’ should nuke the adds and try not to avoid them reaching him.

– Lavanthor: Is a big looking hound like the one in Uber Black Rock Spire.
Tactics: Tank and spank, does some Area of Effect. Fire Resistance can make the fight easier.

– Zuramat the Obliterator: Is a Void looking elemental.
Tactics: He’ll throw up some Void Sentries which will makes mass Shadwobolts every 2 seconds (These cant be avoided). Sometimes he’ll debuff a target member with “Void Shift” Which will deal some damage. When the damage is given you will be given the ability to see the sentries and kill them for 9 seconds. He’ll put up a debuff which lowers heal to you by 20% which is stack able if you reach 40% get away from boss untill they are gone.

– Xevozz: Is a etheral looking dude.
Tactics: Tank should tank this arround the balcony. DPS’ should just keep following him and do their job. When he spawns some Glowing looking balls get away from them or you will get huge damage.

– Cyangingosa: Mage jumping off turning into a big blue dragon.
Tactics: When the dragon is set tank should grab her. After some time he’ll blink everyone into him and deal some damage. She does a blizzard which you should try to avoid.

Some setups
Heroic: Resto druid as for their many HoT which might be needed at Zuramat. Protection Pala, for AoE tanking. Mage for lots of AoE. Enhancement Shaman for high DPS and a Arms warrior for Bladestorm.
Normal: Holy Priest for high single Heal. Feral Druid, for high damage tanking. Rogue for fast DPS. Hunter, pet might be able to tank in case. And a mage for food, and AoE.

That was my guide hope you found it usefull

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    Jan 12, 2009 @ 11:53 am

    Seems like a good start toSeems like a good start to me, unfortunately I have not been to VH so can’t comment on the tactics.

    As far as the guide go though, maybe you could list the loot items as individual items of off wow head, so we can mouse over them and get the items up without having to navigate to another website, just keeps it all in one place =)

    Also, I’m not sure if this

    – Ichoron:
    Tactics: When you enrage him
    should be
    Tactics: When you [b]engage[/b] him

    could be wrong though!


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    Jan 11, 2009 @ 1:45 am

    I do explain it. It’s veryI do explain it. It’s very easy, all you have to do is install the text formatting toolbar addon for firefox and then everything just takes one click.

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    Jan 10, 2009 @ 22:02 pm

    .Hi thanks for saying i am new at doing these stuff, tryed to read Jame’s guide about writing a guide, but doesnt seem to tell about bolds and stuff, sure i can gather more info and some screenshots.

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    Jan 10, 2009 @ 21:48 pm

    Some suggestionsI have some suggestions on how to make your guide better:

    First of all, try to separate the paragraphs more by using text layout. Italics, bolds, underlines etc helps a lot with making the text look better. You can even use color (but not overdoing it).

    Add some more information about the bosses, the order in which they come and about their skills. What’s the best group setup in heroic mode etc? Try to get screenshots of the bosses and post it in the guide so we can see which one is which. Read up more about their abilities on wowhead and use the information in your guide.

    I get the feeling the guide isn’t complete yet.

    Good luck.

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