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    Hi, my names Acido and I am a level 80-restoration druid on Bloodhoof Eu,Just a note…you will find no flashy stuff here

    First things first… and first is Minimum stat requirements for Naxrammas 10 man

    Just as a note if you can heal Heroic Halls of Lighting you can Manage Nax 10 man


    Minimum Stats

    Thinking about health is important for certain fights e.g. malygoes but you will get that from your healing gear so don’t gem for stamina etc.

    Spell power: 1300-1500

    (Completely unbuffed)

    14K Mana
    1400 Spell Power
    200MP5 while casting


    * +Healing – 1500 unbuffed
    * Spell Haste – 250ish
    * Spell Crit – 15%

    1600 Spell Power
    250 Mana per five Seconds

    (Special thanks to whiteshade on ghost lands EU for that one)

    Number crunching over…. for now


    Heal bot.

    My personal favourite addon for healing is a bit of a pain to set up but once its working its good, but its by no means the be all and end of all of healing.

    Setting up healbot.

    As a druid I found the default settings easy and efficient with only slight tweaking however I will show the full customization of this great addon aswell (when my wow is fixed -.- damn you blizz!!!)


    Clique is a simple GUI that lets you assign click-casting for any number of unit frames. Click casting allows you to define the behaviour the game takes when you click on a frame. This can be casting spells, running a macro, using an item, or something as simple as changing targets or assisting a unit (alternative healbot).

    To begin with Clique, simply open your spellbook, and click the new tab that exists there. This is the Clique configuration tab, and you can open it anytime you are not in combat to configure your clicks.

    If all you want is simple spell casting, find the spell in your book, and click on it (using the combination of keys and mouse button you would like) and it will be added to the list on the right-hand pane. You can always cast the MAX rank of a spell, by clicking the “Max” button when you have a spellcast selected.

    In addition to basic click-casting, Clique has the concepts of click-sets. There are four different click-sets that can be selected (in the upper right-hand corner):

    Default: These are the fall-through actions that will be used when another action isn’t found.

    Harmful actions: These actions will be taken if you are clicking on a mob that is hostile to you (i.e. it’s attackable). This allows you to define a different set of clicks for enemies.

    Helpful actions: These actions will be taken if you are clicking on a mob that is an ally (i.e. it’s assistable). This allows you to define a different set of clicks for supporting your allies.

    Out-of-combat: These clicks override any other click-set, and only exist when you are out-of-combat (such as buffing your party, etc). This prevents you from say, group buffing in the middle of combat, costing half of your mana bar.

    Clique and dual talent specs
    In addition Clique allows you to set up different profiles, and can automatically switch between them when your character changes talent groups. In order to set this up, simple create the two profiles you would like to use (on the Profiles) button, and then open the Options button to set them to your primary and secondary specs.

    Here are some videos of how to use Clique:

    Healing with Grid and Clique by Bufe\

    * Please note, Clique does not need any of the software downloaded in this video, other than Clique itself. Clique works with the default UI and most unit frame addons. You do NOT need to download WowAceUpdater or Grid in order to use Clique *

    Introduction to Clique

    Rebinding Menu, other Advanced Features

    Creating a custom macro in Clique

    How to use Clique
    1. Install the addon
    2. Open your spellbook
    3. You should see a new tab. This is the Clique configuration UI. Click on this tab to open the Clique UI
    4. You should see a row of buttons at the bottom, but lets ignore them for now.
    5. Navigate to a spell in your spellbook (It can be anything that isn’t passive, including Pet spells)
    6. Click directly on the spell, holding down any of the Alt/Control/Shift keys in combination, or none of them.
    7. This defines a “click-cast” in the CliqueUI. Now anytime you use that combination of modifiers and button on any unit frame which is defined as click-castable, you will cast the spell ON THAT UNIT if it’s able to be a targeted spell.
    8. Click on the Clique tab again, to close the configuration UI

    How do I STOP Clique from click-casting on a specific frame, but leave it active on others

    1. Open the spellbook
    2. Open the Clique UI
    3. Click the “Options” button.

    Any frames that are checked will be managed by Clique. Simply find the frame in the list, and uncheck it. If you don’t know the name of a frame you can use the following script, while putting your mouse over the frame:

    /script ChatFrame1:AddMessage(“You are hovering over frame: ” .. GetMouseFocus():GetName())

    How do I set up common profiles for my priests, for example

    1. Open the spellbook
    2. Open the Clique UI
    3. Click on the “Profiles” button
    4. Click on the “New” button
    5. Type in the name of the profile you’d like to create, say “Priests”
    6. Click “Ok”
    7. You will see confirmation in your main chat frame that Clique has changed to the new profile.

    How do I select that profile on another character, so they can share?

    1. Open the spellbook
    2. Open the CliqueUI
    3. Click on the “Profiles” button
    4. Select the profile you would like to choose
    5. Click on the “Set” button
    6. You will see confirmation in the main chat frame that Clique has changed to the profile.

    (Yes a mate did right the Clique bit for me as i do not use the addon but it seems easy to use)



    Is a Threat meter download and install self-explanatory.



    This addon lets you visually see who has poisons and curses on them that need to be dispelled and if you click on their name it will decurse for you.

    How To Raid Heal

    Once you’ve got your addons set up it is all about practice, quick thinking, mana conservation and cool downs.

    I have only healed at level 80 as a druid so this is just an overview of what all classes do.

    Step 1. The pull, be ready to throw a heal to the main tank if the tank healer cant keep up.

    Step 2 the aoe… at some point in almost any boss fight there will be a aoe or something that damages the raid when this happens use as many aoe heals you can and use short powerful heals to return the worse affected people to around 75% for every one.

    Step 3. Once every one is on 100% just wash rinse repeat.

    Step 4. Im going oom! When u reach the point where you think you might go oom tell the other healers that your running out of mana (my guild has a special healing channel) and you are inevertaing, potting, or suing any mana regain abilities this will allow the other healers to help out with raid till you’ve got your mana back.

    I’m releasing this as it is as to be honest I keep getting whispered for some advice /tips on raid healing and I need a place to direct them. I will continue updating this guide when I have time /groan exams

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    Sep 26, 2009 @ 0:26 am

    Vuhdo? and rule zero.Vuhdo is one of the nicest healing addons out there, and at this stage although you mention healbot and clique, you haven’t mentioned it. It is highly configurable, EASY to set up. Healbot forgive me 🙂 but once you start using it, imo you won’t go back. In addition, it includes debuff options for all classes, allowing you to use one addon not two. (replaces decursive)

    give you some idea of its versatility.

    I’d highly suggest that if you haven’t seen it you check it out.

    For a guide designed to focus on raid healing for the beginer, it may be useful to include something obvious – step zero: healing assignments.

    Each healer needs to know what it is you are going to do, and what they are going to do. Sure yeah if the tank is going down healers will throw what they can there, but overheal is a waste of mana – underheal is a wipe. Establishing clear guidelines on who heals who, who debuffs what etc keeps the healers out of each others way.

    The other things I’d include (esp for the new) is what to do when you pull threat!!! Various people have various strategies, but no healer = no heals.

    the macro
    /rw HELP THEY ARE KILLING ME (or variations on that theme)

    is hard to ignore. No one can tell you they didn’t hear you scream…
    Different classes have different threat reduction abilites. Run to the tank is a loved or loathed strategy, but there needs to be a plan – even if it is dps to the rescue by gory death if needs be.

    It is a great start, hopefully you will expand it beyond level 80!

    luck with the exams

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    Sep 25, 2009 @ 21:41 pm

    I’m not healer myself, so II’m not healer myself, so I can’t really Judge on the content, though.

    A few suggestions on the layout:

    [color=#cc9933][b]1.[/b] Create links[/color]. it’s actually very simple. instead of just copying the link into the text, like this link for example:
    Make it this way instead:
    [] Link[/url]

    It will show up like this:
    [] Link[/url]

    [color=#cc9933][b]2. [/b][ Hr ] Tags.[/color] you got alot of these tags, you might wanna remove some of them, so you’re not using them in a wrong way.

    [color=#cc9933][b]3.[/b] Spelling Errors[/color]. I know I’m not the best speller myself, but I still see some flaws, some “dont and cant” Which you be don’t and can’t.

    Also, I suggest taking a look on our very high quiality guides here on WoW-Pro, and let you inspire by them.

    Looks like a very promising Guide, hopefully you’ll work on it :)!

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    Jun 25, 2009 @ 20:59 pm

    What the heck’s up with theWhat the heck’s up with the font size of this guide 😐

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    Jun 25, 2009 @ 20:39 pm

    bleh tybleh ty for reading it XD hope someone finds it usfull

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    Jun 25, 2009 @ 20:36 pm

    Things that are halfThings that are half finished but are of low quality still get rated as such – people can change their votes once something is fixed up.

    But don’t be discouraged – there is always possibility for improvement! I’m reading through the guide now and I’ll send you a PM with a list of things I think you might be able to improve.

    It’s important that people rate things honestly, even if it is someone’s first guide. The ratings help keep high quality guides easily accessible on this site, because *anyone* can post a guide, but not all will be high quality. I know it can be a little depressing to initially get a rating lower than you feel you deserve, but like I said, it can always be improved.

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    Jun 25, 2009 @ 20:31 pm

    great 2/5…great someone posted 2/5 on my guide…really makes me wanna contribute to the community when somthing thats not finished yet and the comments say its not finished gets rated poorley…-.- fails

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    Jun 25, 2009 @ 19:06 pm

    Contents and some formatting donedone some contents and formatting need someone to tell me waht else needs to be done please leave a comment XD

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    Jun 25, 2009 @ 10:48 am

    In a class in a class just did some spellchecking will work on formatting asap

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    Jun 24, 2009 @ 19:13 pm

    Thanks for taking my advice!Thanks for taking my advice! The introduction to clique looks pretty good, too, though still needs formatting as you mentioned 😉

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    Jun 24, 2009 @ 18:52 pm

    CliqueClique has been added enjoy. formatting still needs to be changed e.g index etc but iv got to revise /scmrble for text books


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    Jun 24, 2009 @ 13:02 pm

    ok will change :)ok i will change it.

    thank you for all your advice this is my first guide 🙂 im a fan of having people with high stats in my raids jsut for the easy factor but seeing as the title says min i will adujst shortly.

    as to the addons i will change it now but i can not add cliqhue or whatever yet as at the moment i am sitting in a english class supposed to be doing some revison

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    Jun 20, 2009 @ 21:00 pm

    I agree about the numbersI agree about the numbers looking a little high, but I’ll need to look around and try to remember what my numbers actually were when starting Naxx. In particular that health requirement is kinda silly, I never ever check a healers health, except possibly for the Malygos fight. You may be giving beginner healers the idea that they need to actively think about their health, when really they will probably have plenty of health on their gear and should be focusing on throughput and regen.

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    Jun 20, 2009 @ 20:55 pm

    Okay I have not yet lookedOkay I have not yet looked at this in full but I see an issue right away.

    “Healbot – I would not allow any healer in in who does not have this”

    Well you just outlawed my whole guild and we are in Ulduar right now.

    Healbot is a nice tool, but it’s not even the easiest to use for beginners – in fact it’s a pain to set up. Clique is MUCH easier to configure for beginning healers, and I still use it because I can use any raid frame I want with it and I hate healbot’s raid frame. Most healers in my guild use Clique.

    The most experienced healer in my guild doesn’t use either, he has a huge array of macros set up for mouse-over.

    And possibly the best healer I’ve ever known just uses the default UI – no I don’t recommend this, but I am saying that it should not mean he’s excluded from the raid.

    So I would suggest you check out Clique and include it, or at least mention that while Healbot is a helpful tool, it’s by no means the only tool out there.

    /rant off.

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    Jun 20, 2009 @ 12:14 pm

    well, while it’s obviouswell, while it’s obvious that much work is needed on formatting, purely the info on here is useful, although i’d have to say that some of yuor required values are a bit high. will giveproper feedback on formatting etc when i get to a proper comp (on dsi atm). handy guide here 🙂

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    Jun 20, 2009 @ 10:49 am

    why its not donei keep getting whispers asking for advice iv posted this guide unfinished for the moment to give them a place to go for basic advice will be making it more detailed with contents soon 🙂

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