Recent changes and future projects


Recently we’ve worked hard on cleaning up and implementing several new features:

* ”’Guide Status”’: Guides now have different stati. They can be labeled as ”Work in Progress”, ”Finished” or ”Abandoned”. A guide can remain “Work in Progress” for 1 month (all Work in Progress appears [ here]). If in this period it isn’t updated, it’s status will be changed to “Abandoned” and it will be added to [ this page]. However only if this type of guide is still needed. If it isn’t, the guide will be deleted. Once a guide’s status is changed to “Finished”, it will be added to one of our [ Guide Books] and an email will be sent every month to the author to remind him/her of updating his/her guide. If the author fails to do so or if he changes the status of the guide to abandoned, the guide will be transformed into a [ Wiki Page].

* Our [ Guide Books] have been cleaned up and now guides that essentially talk about the same thing have been merged together.

* [ Wiki Pages] have been added as replacement for projects. Now if you want to make guides where everyone should be able to edit and help you develop your article, make a Wiki Page. You can check the appropriate editing guidelines to indicate editors what needs to be done. Much like Wikipedia. Once finished, Wiki pages will also be added to our [ Guide Books].

* You can now use [ Mediawiki Code] (known from Wikipedia) to write your guides/articles. This input format is more adapted for text editing of long articles and is really easy to learn. You may still use [ bbcode] of course. Please click on “Input Format” right below the body of the guide/article/Wiki Page you are working on to get more information.

* When you click on the revisions tab of a Guide of Wiki Page now, you can see the exact differences between the old version and the revised version. This way editors can keep track of changes that are made on Wiki Pages and can undo vandalism/trolling.

* Upon creation, Guides and Wiki Pages can/will now have their URLs renamed. Instead of, you can now call your article, for example.


”’Changes that are still to come very soon:”’

* A complete FAQ, explaining site functions and features in detail.

* A list of needed guides which people can view before deciding to make a guide/wiki page. This is to limit redundancy and to encourage writing of guides that are actually needed.

* A new, much cleaner theme.

* Possibility to make drafts (only viewable by the user) before publishing.

* Guide creation wizard.

* Comments will have a rating system like on Will possibility to highlight useful comments and bury misinformation.

* More restructuring.

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