Revolution’s Guide to Hellfire Citadel – Ramparts


Hellfire Citadel – Ramparts

Greetings all. This is my first guide on this site, and it definitely won’t be my only one. I am going to make instance guides as I level up and get more experience for the instances. Please note that they probably won’t be as good as Jame’s, but I will try my hardest and help everyone. I am going to start off small, but work at a steady pace to continuously add in more details as days progress. Also note that it might take a few days to a few days. I have a busy schedule, but I will try to squeeze this in. Thanks

This will probably be your first instance you will do when you first enter Outlands. You can start it at 58, but you should be 60 (not much of a problem though, just more preferred in groups). This whole instance won’t take you longer than an hour at most times. It isn’t long, it’s pretty short. Levels – 58-64 at most times. You can certainly do it at higher levels though. 😛

Ramparts is at Hellfire Citadel if you have it explored on your map in Hellfire Peninsula. It is in the center of the map. The instance is on top, where a little path is. There might be some mobs, so be weary of those. Once you see a meeting stone and are right next to it, you should see the instance ahead.



Weaken the Ramparts (Dungeon)

This is pretty much the only quest for this instance.
For Alliance this quest starts in Honor Hold from Lieutenant Chadwick.
For Horde this quest starts in Thrallmar from Stone Guard Stok’ton.
You will have to finish the entire quest chain that starts from Through the Dark Portal for Horde.
For Alliance, I expect the same. I think you have to do Know Your Enemy and Fel Orc Scavengers and III Omens.

Quests Starting Inside Hellfire Ramparts
Ominous Letter. Which starts Dark Tidings. This is a drop from Vazruden.

You will most likely need a Tank, DPS class, Healer, Crowd Controller, and an extra of any. This instance probably can’t be done if everyone is under level 60.


Once you have entered the portal, you will see 2 mobs. They aren’t that hard, but don’t let them aggro additional mobs. This part is pretty simple. The next group is pretty much the same. Now once you get to the group with the Beastmasters, this is where it gets SLIGHTLY harder. You may or may not want to CC one. This is pretty much the same for every fight until you get to the first boss.

Watchkeeper Gargolmar
This boss is pretty easy. Just be sure to clear the area by him before pulling him (who likes extra mobs 😉 ) He’s not that hard, except he has 2 healers. Be sure to keep aggro on the tank and down the healers. Other then that, it’s cake. Did I mention I like cake? Guess not….

Once you’ve downed him, you can probably pass by the next few groups if you stick close to the left side near the equipment stuff. You’ll see a door with 2 mobs guarding it. Kill them and go up the stairs.

Not Finished – Will Continue Soon. Need to make time for this

Things to expect in the future:
A Map of the Instance
Drop Details/Links
More Detail further in the instance

Please note that I did not spend much time on the quest so far, I roughly spent about half an hour. Expect changes soon! 🙂

And also, Snowflake or Jame, you don’t mind making a 60-70 Instances section do ya? Much appreciated 🙂

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